El Porron - Upper East Side, NYC

El Porron - Upper East Side, NYC

An authentic Spanish restaurant located on Manhattans fashionable Upper East Side, El Porron has long been celebrated for its delicious Paella and reasonable prices.

Made from scratch, this savory blend of chicken, country sausage, veggies, shellfish and secret seasonings takes over forty minutes to prepare. But as El Porron regulars will gladly tell you, the wait is well worth it. Every luscious forkful of their Paella will transport you to Spain. For generations, the family that is behind El Porron have cooked and enjoyed Paella in their own home. You could say that they have perfected the recipe. When the Paella is brought over to your table, a seductive aroma fills the air. You just can't wait to dig-in.

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But as good as the Paella is,  El Porron is equally as famous for their superb, mouth-watering tapas. The Tapas Calientes  section of the menu, features traditional standbys that never seem to lose their flavor and appeal such as Chorizo, Gambas Alajillo (Shrimp sauteed in garlic, lemon and EVOO or Pulpo A La  Gallega, which  is boiled octopus in red wine vinegar, EVOO, Spanish paprika and sea salt.)
Tapas Frias selections are taste-tempting in the extreme. The Corazones De Alcachofas are market fresh artichoke hearts in a delightful Chardonnay vinaigrette. One of their most requested tapas plates is the Ensaladilla De Patata y Atun, a Spanish style salad comprised of Potatoes, carrots, green peas and chunks of fresh Albacore Tuna. It's all tossed in El Porrons homemade Mayo.

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Top off your evening with one of their uniquely Spanish and decadent desserts, or, as they say in the Catalan region, Postres. A dessert that is beloved by Spanish families everywhere is the chilled egg custard, flavored with Colombian mocha coffee and a very light caramel sauce. Slices of fresh fruit complete the dish. Another great choice are the Torrijas, spiked strips of  caramelized french toast, which have been soaked in Rioja red wine. The French toast is topped off with premium Vanilla bean Ice Cream.
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When you dine here, please don't miss the opportunity to converse with Diego, El Porrons manager and wine director. Diego will be happy to recommend Spanish wines, that will pair up perfectly with your meal. He will even tell you the story of how the restaurant got its name. For centuries, the Porron has been used by Spaniards in the Catalan region, to quench their thirst. A very unusually shaped glass vessel, the Porron looks like a combination of a wine carafe and watering can, complete with a spout. Pitchers of Sangria and wine are served here at the restaurant, in a Porron. If you like, you can skip the glass and drink directly from the Porron... if you dare. Diego will demonstrate just how it's done.

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El Porron is tapas, Paella and fun. When you walk out the door of this charming restaurant, you will carry a little bit of Spain in your heart. 


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Location and Hours : 

1123 First Avenue
New York, NY 10065
(212) 207-8349
Hours :  
Mon-Thurs: 3-10:30 PM
Fri-Sat:       3 PM to 12 AM
Sunday:      3 PM to 10:30 PM

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