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UTOG Car Service, New York, NY

UTOG Car Service, New York, NY

UTOG Car and Limo Service in NYC serves all types of customers, from the family down the block to Fortune 500 executives and celebrities.

They make everyone feel right at home. In fact, UTOG is the preferred mode of  transportation, every Summer, for the athletes who compete at the US Tennis Open in Queens. The trust that US Open officials place in UTOG, speaks volumes about their ability to deliver premium service year after year. You can't miss UTOGs' shiny black luxury cars and limos parked outside Arthur Ashe stadium, in Flushing Meadows Park, waiting to ferry the tennis players to a restaurant, function or back to their hotel.


UTOG has a proud tradition of excellence having been in business since 1969, while still offering some of the most competitive fares in the industry. That says a great deal about a company that has stood the test of time in a field of competitors where new taxi and  black car services seem to come and go on a weekly basis. Family-owned, Michael Psarros and his sons are justifiably proud of the sterling reputation that UTOG has earned throughout the city. When it comes to reliable service as well as safe and clean luxurious vehicles, the name UTOG says it all.

UTOGs' drivers are top-notch and they also have a share in the corporation. The drivers benefit from an owner/driver profit sharing plan, which is unprecedented in the industry. When a UTOG car arrives at your door, you are in a very real sense, being picked up by one of the owners. Moreover, every new driver goes through a month-long training course that focuses on customer safety, rules of the road, dress code and deportment. Nothing is left to chance. At UTOG, everyone, from dispatcher to driver, is on the same page. And that kind of teamwork and professionalism is why clients return, again and again, to UTOG for all of their transportation needs.


When you ride with UTOG, you will feel like a VIP. Their fleet of 450 late model sedans, stretch limos and vans are the very definition of luxury. The service is impeccable and the cars are first class. UTOGs' garage houses the extended version of the SUV Cadillac Escalade. These magnificent vehicles are fully loaded with room for 5 to 6 passengers as well as luggage. And let's not forget about the fleet of pristine Lincoln Town cars. UTOGs' cars are so spacious, you will feel as though you're in the living room of your home. You can stretch your legs while feeling just a bit pampered. Their fleet of hybrid cars is as green as it gets. Like we all do, the Psarros family cares deeply about the environment.

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UTOG is the safest, most luxurious way to travel to the airport or to your next business meeting, sporting event, the theater or a wedding. When you want more than just a ride, experience the difference that UTOG and its team of loyal, professional drivers, can make in your busy day.

Location and Hours

25-20 39th Avenue, Long Island City NY 11101
(718) 361-2370
email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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