Chuta  Madre NYC - Long Island City

Chuta Madre NYC - Long Island City

In 2015, you won’t find some of the most young, dynamic and exciting chefs in New York at a traditional café, bar or restaurant.

Many professional and self-taught chefs are choosing to practice their craft at pop-up events, the multitude of street fairs that dot the city landscape and, of course, at the LIC Flea Food and Market. Among the chefs and home cooks who are riding this culinary marketing wave are the talented ladies of Chuta Madre. When Florita Hidalgo, Maluli Andrade and Maria Christina Andrade decided to share their delicious Ecuadorian cuisine with the world, it was a no-brainer to set up shop at the LIC Flea.

Over the past two years, many talented and ambitious chefs have launched their brand at the Flea. Why not? The crowds are big every weekend and visitors at the Flea are always open to discovering new sips, bites and flavors. You have never tasted a sandwich quite like the Ecuadorian feast on bread that the Chuta Madre chefs will prepare and serve up. A family affair, Chuta Madre’s recipes are inspired by their mother’s traditional dishes. You will taste South America in every bite and enjoy a hand-crafted Ecuadorian street-fare style sandwich.

ChutaMadre1The sandwich consists of pork leg or turkey, Ecua onions, chopped lettuce and a side of crispy chicharron. You may also top your choice of marinated meat with one of Chuta Madre’s go ahead and smother it on sauces. The Salsa Mechu is a blend of limes, tomatoes and cilantro. Their delicious Salsa El Gordo is a... secret family recipe... but ingredients do include tomatoes and a touch of garlic.
Their bread is always fresh, delivered from the local artisans of dough, Tom Kat Bakery. So don’t feel guilty about indulging. Chuta Madre does not skimp on the sandwich fillings and you get value for money.


Besides being great chefs Maria, Maluli and Florita care about what you put in your body. As far as Chuta Madre is concerned, it’s not enough that the sandwich tastes fantastic. The meats they use are all natural. That means no antibiotics, zero hormones and the animals are raised cage-free. There are no shortcuts taken here. The pork is from Arcadian Farms in upstate New York, while the turkeys are raised at Di Paulo Farms.


Over one weekend at the Flea, Chuta Madre will typically go throughout an entire pig. The pork and turkey is marinated for at least 4 hours for flavor and tenderness. While sampling their delicious food, we asked Maria and Maluli just what the story was behind the brand name. Well, it turns out that it’s not complicated at all. Chuta Madre is a common Ecuadorian expression of strong emotion or enthusiasm. If something really pleases a person, they will exclaim, Chuta Madre!

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Location & Hours

5-25 46th Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101
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LIC Flea/Hours: Sat/Sun: 10AM-6PM

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