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Best Physical Therapist Astoria, NY.

Best Physical Therapist Astoria, NY.

A part of the Astoria community since 2006, Function Enhancing Physical Theraphy and their expert team of physical therapists will get you back in the gym or yoga studio, feeling better than ever before.

The office décor is very Zen, with relaxing colors on the walls and the therapy rooms are spacious and quite comfortable. At Function Enhancing everything is done with the patient's comfort in mind, under the watchfull eye of founder and head therapist Nicolaos Spiratos, MSPT.

Nicolaos emphasized that when you walk out the door after a therapy session, "you will not only feel better physically, but mentally and emotionally as well." Physical therapy can be a great stress reliever explained Nicolaos. A patient's session with us is kind of their me-time. "You put away your smart phone and spend time with your therapist, focusing only on wellness and your therapy."


Nicolaos received his Bachelor's degree from Hofstra University and his Master's in physical therapy from the Touro School of Health Sciences. "Look, I was never the kind of person who wanted to sit in front of a computer all day. Nothing wrong with that. It just wasn't me. I wanted to find a career where I could be active, work with my hands and, hopefully, make a real difference in people's lives. Being a physical therapist allows me to work with men and women of all ages, from all walks of life, and help them overcome pain and physical mobility issues. My greatest satisfaction is watching a patient get their life back. I've had people come in here, almost unable to walk and, by the time that their therapy has ended, they are better able to move around. They now have the freedom to go where they want."


Function Enhancing's staff works with a diverse array of patients. Everyone from hipsters who have suffered a neck or back injury from exercising at the gym or running to people in their fifties who have had hip or knee replacements. They have also done wonders with patients who are suffering from severe neurological disorders like Parkinson's disease. If you've been spending too much time sitting down in your office cubicle, Nicolaos can help with therapy for your stiff joints as well as providing tips on how to break up your work day. He recommends making time to get up every so often and walk around, get the blood pumping and your joints and muscles moving. This activity prevents stiffness and cramping from setting in and it clears the mind.


Other conditions that Nicolaos has encountered and treated are herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis (a sideways curvature of the spine), degenerative disk disease, tendinitis and spinal stenosis. The latter issue has been in the news over the past year. New York Mets team captain David Wright was diagnosed with stenosis of the spine and through a rigid program of exercise and therapy is trying to play through it. So far, so good.

Every patient is different. We are all individuals. And that's the very personal approach that we take. Nicolaos answered when asked what makes Function Enhancing different from the many other physical therapy offices that are out there. In short, one size does not fit all at Function Enhancing. On average a patient may spend around six weeks in therapy, visiting the office twice per week for hourlong sessions. But, again, the time factor depends on what sort of injury or condition Nicolaos and his colleagues are rehabbing.


With more and more men and women coming in for sports-related injuries, patients are happy to know that the staff at Function Enhancing keeps up with the latest cutting-edge techniques in physical therapy. The neuromuscular taping technique utilizes flexible tape that optimizes movement and promotes better functioning of the joints in your body. Nicolaos uses a special instrument to scrape the skin and soft tissue of an injured body part. In order to stimulate the blood flow the therapist will massage the area with this scraper, sometimes in order to achieve the desired effect. Don't worry, though, it doesn't hurt. These therapists know exactly what they are doing.

Patella-Femoral syndrome, also called runner's knee, is a condition where the back surface of the knee cap (the patella) doesn't ride properly in the groove of the bone behind it (femur). Instead, the patella moves in and out of the intended anatomical groove, causing pain and inflammation. There are specific therapies that are designed to deal with this problem.


"I really enjoy interacting with people, so communication is the number one priority for us, here at Function Enhancing," said Nicolaos. "Sometimes I hear from patients that their physician does not explain things enough to them. That won't be a problem here. We are happy to take our time and answer any questions that a patient may have. I explain in detail what we are going to do to them, and why this form of treatment and therapy is necessary. During the initial consultation, you can sense the anxiety and fear that the patient has. Will I be able to walk normally again? Will I ever be rid of this pain in my back? My job and my pleasure is to be able to reassure the patient that by working together we have a very good chance of achieving your goals. The more information that you give the patient, the less there is to fear. It is human nature to be afraid of the unknown."


In a very real sense, one could say that the therapists at Function Enhancing are also educators and teachers. Having a reassuring and kind bedside manner is something of a lost art in this busy, all-business, impersonal world we live in.
Unfortunately, this lack of communication and terseness also applies to the medical profession. But not here at Function Enhancement.

What is most impressive about Nicolaos Spiratos is his sincerity and kindness. You just feel totally at ease talking with him. When you are already worried about dealing with an injury or are attempting to come back from an ACL or MCL ligament tear, these are the intangibles that money just cannot buy. But you can find them, simply by shaking Nicolaos Spirato's hand and telling him your troubles. He will soon enough have you well on the road to recovery.

Function Enhancing Physical Therapy: helping you to move the way that you were born to move!

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