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Skylar Arden Wedding, Event Planning and Design, NY

Skylar Arden Wedding, Event Planning and Design, NY

The love of your life has just proposed to you. You are floating on cloud nine.

Magic is in the air and you are the happiest that you've ever been! It doesn't get any better than this. This amazing moment will live in your heart forever.

You've called and texted everyone you can think of to let them know the good news. It's been one heck of a busy day. As the whirlwind of emotion subsides and this exciting day is done, your head finally hits the pillow. Thankfully, you'll sleep like a baby.

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But as giddy as you still are, the morning light brings a whole new perspective to those three beautiful words, "I'm getting married!"
There's a lot of work in store for you over the next five or six months. Planning a wedding is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of determination, effort, organization and imagination. Not to mention tact and diplomacy. After all, two unique people are tying the knot, so there is going to have to be a little bit of compromise along the way.
You think that you have exactly what it takes to manage the daunting task that lays ahead of you. And you could very well be right. But the question of the day is; do you have the time?
Hey, you've already got a full-time job that leaves you with precious little free time as it is. Do you really need another one?
Sure, it's nice that your mom, first cousin and best friend want to help out. They mean well. But their taste in food, music or floral arrangements may be 180 degrees removed from what you envision for your nuptials. And, no matter how well-meaning everyone from friends to family may be; they've got busy lives too. They can only do so much. There's so much more involved in planning a wedding than simply calling a caterer and saying yes to the dress.
In the end, it is your wedding. And while you're at it, candid  communicationseek the help of a seasoned wedding and event professional who really knows what she is doing when it comes to creating moments that will live in your heart (and that of your guests) forever.
If you are interested in working with a wedding planner who brings heart and passion to the table, as well as a keen eye for design, then Dawn Ferris is the professional who you want by your side, every step of the way.
Dawn Ferris is the founder of Skylar Arden, one of the most sought after wedding and event design companies in the city.
This talented professional is all about bringing a touch of understated elegance together with a ton of character and personality, to your wedding. You are the undisputed star of the show. Think of Dawn as a super talented director who will bring your wedding day vision to life.
A New England native who grew up in Plymouth Massachusetts, Dawn, like so many of us, moved to New York in order to realize her dreams.
Falling in love with her adopted city, particularly its' fashion scene, Dawn attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Majoring in Illustration, Dawn graduated with a B.F.A. From there, Dawn went on to work in the fashion industry, immersing herself in color concepting, color theory, sketching, fashion and graphic design as well as styling.
In every sense of the word, Dawn can help you to design the perfect wedding.
A certified wedding and event planner who studied with the Longevity Wedding Planning Institute candid communication with her clients is the key to success. It all starts with getting to know the client. When planning a wedding one size never fits all. Yet, some planners do try to impose their tastes on the bride and groom.
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That will never happen with Dawn. With a gentle guiding touch, Dawn is there to make life as easy as possible and relieve the stress that comes with planning the big day.
The process starts with a phone call, that will soon be followed up by an in person meeting. Chemistry is vital between bride and wedding planner.
"I want to learn all about the bride and groom". explains Dawn. "How did you guys, meet? What are your hobbies? Where do you like to shop? The more details that I have, the better I can get a true vibe of who you are as individuals and as a couple.  Along with that I will also review all the major elements of the wedding in order to learn the clients' general style and vision."
You'll find that Dawn favors antique markets and vintage shops over party supply stores. With a keen artistic eye for style, Dawn strives to balance the glamorous with the humble and the refined with a touch of gypsy. And it all makes for a lasting impression.
Finding just the right accent piece for your wedding is part of Dawn's signature style. That's what makes a wedding so very personal.
During your in-depth consultation, Dawn will ask questions about your family. Are there any mementos that touch you emotionally? Perhaps it's something that's been handed down through the generations.
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"I like to create special moments for each wedding or event." said Dawn. "Maybe it's incorporating linens from a grandmother who passed to honor her. It could be glassware from a vacation spot that the couple would go to over the years. One time, I arranged to have the tables at the reception venue decorated with the same type of roses that the groom presented his bride-to-be with, on the night he proposed to her."
"In general, to me, accent pieces are special when it conveys a memory. For the more classic client, it could mean using a pop of cobalt for linen napkins, instead of your standard white. It makes the event standout. I think in this life, it's important to be unique, even if it's just a whisper of a difference."
These accent pieces will make your wedding an authentic reflection of who you are. Dawn's very special set of skills can enhance just about any event from corporate to charity fund raisers. For a recent baby shower, Dawn curated the dessert table with flowers, antique suitcases and a vintage globe. The parents loved to travel and had decided on a travel theme for the baby's room.
One of the things that couples love about Skylar Arden is that Dawn's prices are affordable, considering the tremendous value that you get. But when it comes to your  special fairy tale day, you really can't put a price on happiness.
Earlier in the article, we talked about just how time consuming and stressful arranging a wedding can be. Allow Dawn to take the weight of the world right off your shoulders.
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Finances are important to everyone. So, in order to create a solid foundation for your wedding or event, Dawn will work with you to create a realistic budget. You won't have to sacrifice your vision when you are working with a professional who knows how to get things done.
One of the most organized people who you will ever want to meet, Dawn will create a planning checklist and will assist you in finding the perfect vendor team to match your style, budget and personality. Dawn will attend all vendor meetings, if you wish and review the contracts. Now, how cool is that?
If you haven't already selected  your reception venue and the hotel for your guests, Dawn has an extensive network of contacts at some of the New York area's  most desirable hotels, resorts, private estates, reception halls and open-spaces. Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular and Dawn has got you covered in that respect, as well.
Skylar Arden will manage all rental items including specialty linens, fine china, flatware and lighting. Dawn will also create a production schedule for the big day and make sure that your wedding weekend goes off smoothly.
On the day of your wedding, Dawn and her team will deal with the vendors and make sure that your guests go from their hotel to the wedding venue without a hitch. If something unexpected comes up, Dawn will take care of it. All you have to do is enjoy your day and leave the worries and work to Skylar Arden.
Dawn has various packages available, depending on how much help you need. Some clients will hire Dawn to do full planning services where she finds the space and in collaboration with the client, hires everyone from the photographer and wedding band to the caterer and florist.
Other clients will use Dawn to style and design their wedding. Dawn's talent for design is what separates Skylar Arden from 99% of the other wedding and event planners that are out there.
"I'm very good at visualizing and bringing different colors together. What enhances one setting or wedding venue, might  be entirely different in another." Dawn told Aplez.com.
"I've been an artist my entire life. If someone needs me to mock up a sketch of how a design would look in a particular room, I am more than happy to do that. I love designing escort and table cards.One of my favorite things is using touches of water color on a basic, simple name card. It makes for a special moment."
One of Dawn's favorite things to do is to create a mood board for her clients when planning an event.
"Typically, when I meet with a client and they decide to hire me for event design, I create a mood board based on their initial thoughts and feelings."
"Each event should incorporate all of the senses. Touch could be special fabrics like accent velvet chairs or a linen couch. Maybe it reminds the client of one of their favorite rooms in the house or apartment where they grew up."
"Smell could be a lavender candle which would be a nod to past trip to Paris. Hearing would, of course, be a music choice. Something low key like jazz for a corporate event; violins or a harpist as the bride walks down the aisle. Or, perhaps, a light hearted  guitar jam as a couple walks out for their grand entrance at the reception hall and are introduced for the first time."
Planning a wedding or other event is very personal as far as Dawn is concerned. There are feelings that need to be respected.
"Sure, it is a business but I am also building friendships as well. Many of my clients do stay in touch long after the wedding and update me on what's happening in their lives."
What's important for potential clients to know is that Skylar Arden is a boutique style wedding and event design service. Dawn will not take on too many clients at once. When you hire Skylar Arden, you will be working with the founder and lead designer, not just a staff member. Some wedding planning companies are so big, a client can easily get lost in the shuffle and rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to speak with the owner.
Dawn does her very best to accommodate each client's busy schedule. Some clients prefer most of their contact with dawn to be through emails or texts, after the first in person meeting. Other like to chat over the phone.
"Every once in awhile a client will have a vent session over the phone if something is not going right, like they are having a hard time deciding on the wedding dress or, perhaps, the groom's family is interfering with the menu for the reception. I want to be there for them. And, you know what; it's good to have an outside perspective from someone who isn't a close friend or member of the brides' family."
Dawn and her husband have lived in Astoria for many years and they just adore the neighborhood. Skylar Arden has taken Dawn to some very interesting places throughout the country, but there's no place like Astoria. Dawn very succinctly puts her feelings into words when she describes her adopted home.
"Astoria gives you  a "small town" type of feeling. You are part of a real community. And that's rare in any large city. Manhattan may be just a few minutes across the water by train, but it feels a million miles away, if you live here."
7Dawn  loves the eclectic mix of cultures and cuisine that you find walking down just about any street in Astoria.
Dawn is addicted to Diwine for brunch on the weekends with her friends. She has even gotten one or two decorating ideas from their furnishings and overall ambiance. Another go-to is Doyles' Irish Pub over on Broadway. And there is a very personal reason for that.
"When my husband and I first moved in together we went to Doyle's and had a few Bloody Marys to celebrate a hard, long day of unpacking our lives. Since then, I've gone there with my hubby and friends for countless football games or just to relax and unwind. That bar will always have a special place in my heart."
As with many Astoria residents, Astoria park is a place that Dawn cannot do without. She runs there several times per week and also loves taking romantic walks around the lush greenery with, who else, but her husband.
When a bride and groom decides to hire Skylar Arden, they don't really get just a wedding planner but a design artist, savvy business woman, psychologist and confidant all rolled into one. As well as a sincere, warm, down to earth person who really and truly does have your best interests at heart.
Skylar Arden Weddings... a special day designed specifically for you.
Contact Information
32-74 45th Street
Long Island City, NY 11103
(508) 789-4276

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