Barbara Rubin - Life Coach

Barbara Rubin - Life Coach

Helping to find your way from where you are to where you want to be, on the road less traveled.

The music of rock and roll icon David Bowie never really goes out of fashion. A charismatic performer who set trends rather than follow them, the immortal Ziggy Stardust's timeless songs may, in many ways, be even more relevant now than they were back in the '70s, 80's and '90s.

Whether they are sitting in Starbucks sipping a cold brew or communing with nature in Astoria Park while listening to the man's music on their earbuds; today's hipsters get as much out of Bowie's thought-provoking lyrics and catchy, sing-along melodies, as their parents did. One of the song smith's most popular hits was "Changes", which first appeared on the 1971 album, Hunky Dory.

Bowie's intriguing words asked a whole generation to look at themselves and..." Turn and face the strange. Ch-ch-changes. Pretty soon now, you're gonna get older."

"And so, the days float through my eyes. But still, the days seem the same. Ah, changes are taking the pace I'm going through. Time may change me. But I can't trace time."

Was Bowie asking us to embrace change and find a different path whenever life throws a curveball at us? Bowie's lyrics can be interpreted in many ways. That's part of the joy that one derives from listening to his music.


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But one thing's for sure. During the course of his lifetime, David Bowie continuously re-invented himself, both musically and as a person. If you're not entirely happy with your love life, career or you just may be feeling kind of burned out and are hoping that there HAS to be something better out there for you, give a listen to "Changes" and get motivated.

But better yet, though, take some real action, whip out your smartphone and schedule a chat with LIFE COACH extraordinaire Barbara Rubin, Life Motivator, goal setter and dream planner, Barbara Rubin will empower you to lead the kind of authentic life that you aspire to.

When anxiety and uncertainty are stopping you from exploring all that life has to offer, count on Barbara to add some freshness and vibrancy to the equation. Armed with a wealth of life experience that includes being a teacher in the city of Newburgh public school system for over 25 years, plus an Advanced Diploma in Coaching from New York University; Barbara will work side by side with you to instill a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Barbara's style of coaching is tailored to the real world. This is no pie in the sky approach. Barb firmly believes that YOU are your most valuable resource. Her action-plans will re-energize you and change-up how you look at life. When you first meet with Barbara, plan on the two of you have an open and direct conversation about where you are in your life right now; where you want to be and, most importantly, what may be holding you back from achieving those goals!

Warm, funny, engaging and direct, Barbara will make you feel so very at ease. But, be aware, Barb is not averse to lighting a fire under her clients, if need be. Don't worry about thinking too hard regarding what you're going to say at the initial consultation. Simply be ready to share and let your feelings and thoughts flow. Barb is a great listener. It's like chatting with an old friend.


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With Barbara's expert advice, compassion and down to earth common sense to call upon; you will enjoy the journey itself, just as much as the results. A woman who was born to motivate, Barbara knows what it's like to walk in your shoes.

After successful but ultimately unsatisfying stints in banking, brokerage as well as managing a large dental practice, Barbara found her true calling as an educator, working with high school students.

And then, in her early sixties, when retirement came calling and most people are looking to "take things easy", Barbara stared down all of her inner doubts and decided to do a career-180 and become a professional life coach.

At NYU, Barbara had the privilege of studying under one of America's leading corporate coaches, Paulette Rao. A member of the NYU faculty for over a decade, Paulette is in-demand all over the world, for motivational speaking engagements and one-on-one coaching. As far as Barb is concerned, challenges are made to be conquered. Sure, it's never easy. But nothing worth doing is ever the proverbial piece of cake.

"As a coach, I'm here to listen and assist you in resolving any issues that can impede you from being happy and fulfilled."

Whether you are the parents of a high-school student who is feeling overwhelmed by the looming college admission process; a mother who's thinking about returning to the workforce; a couple facing the changes that married life can bring, or a professional who is wondering just what their second act in life will be, Barb Rubin can help you to help yourself!

Broaden your thinking.

Assess your goals.

Renew your sense of purpose.

Become the person you want to be.

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There's no doubt about it; in this hustle and bustle age that we live in, we all lead busy lives with not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that's on our to-do list. Life Coaching, though, can assist the client in sharpening their focus and organizational skills, leaving you more time for the things you love to do.

In addition to in-person sessions, Barb does Face-Time and Skype. So, you can obtain all the benefits of her coaching without having to leave the comfort of your house or apartment. Now, that is VERY cool, indeed, and super-convenient.

Are you unsure of how to make a major LIFE CHANGE? Deciding what to do usually entails a leap of faith and the first steps are never painless. That's where Barbara comes in. She will assist you in identifying your dreams and goals, setting up a plan for you to follow along with scheduled check-ins and follow-up sessions. You will never feel alone.

Besides a free exchange of ideas, part of Barbara's hands-on guidance enables the client to VISUALIZE their actual life changes. "I use something called a DREAM BOARD". explained Barb." It achieves one purpose and that's for the client to realize and see just what he or she has been missing in their life. My clients really get a kick out of this project! The DREAM BOARD takes you back to those third-grade projects that you loved putting together as a child."

Continuing on, Barbara said, "All that the client needs is a poster board, glue sticks, scissors magazines and markers. Clients are encouraged to discover their passions using the most basic of educational tenets... visual and auditory learning."

"In other words, if a client happens to be a stockbroker but they have been daydreaming about traveling the world or becoming a travel agent; they should cut out an AD for a cruise or something similar and post it up on their board where it has PRIORITY STATUS. This enables the client to FOCUS on where they should be going in life, rather than dwelling on the job or situation that they are currently in, which is making them unhappy."

Case in point; one of Barbara's clients was a woman in her fifties who had worked for the State of New York whose husband was about to retire. Their financial situation was not ideal and she had no clue what was next for her in life's grand scheme of things.

We'll let Barb tell the rest of this lady's story. "This very nice woman hadn't really been happy at her old job for quite some time and wanted to do something else, but didn't know exactly what. Her dream board eventually showed me that she had a terrific passion for clothes and shopping! The next step was encouraging her to seek employment at various boutiques and department stores. Long story short, my client ended up working at Nordstrom's and she is as happy as can be."


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If you've ever watched the hit reality show "Say Yes to the Dress" , you already know that drama and tension between couples and their respective in-laws all too often can put a damper on the marriage-planning process.

And, truly, not being able to decide on which wedding dress to wear at the ceremony can be the least of a couple's problems in the lead up to exchange vows. That's where COUPLES TO BE COACHING can be invaluable in restoring a sense of calmness and sanity to what is an extremely stressful time.

Couples to be coaching is not really about the wedding itself, but more about the marriage. As you and your significant other transition from the single life to a hopefully blissful union, numerous issues will come up that may overwhelm you including finances, deciding where to live as well as planning for a family.

Barb will help you to answer questions such as, "Can we afford a house or condo? I love my guy immensely, but he can be such a slob! How can I get him to clean up after himself, or Should we concentrate on solidifying our careers and enjoying our time together before having a family? Some couples have no clue what it takes to make a marriage work and be ready, willing and able to deal with life's hiccups."

"I got married a little bit later in life", revealed Barb. I changed from a carefree New York City single woman who came and went as she pleased into someone who ended up with a wonderful husband together with his two kids and a house in the suburbs, where his wife and mother had passed away. It was a lot to handle, at once! I didn't have a coach. I learned by living day to day and making a ton of mistakes along the way."

Smiling, Barbara added, "Thirty years later, my life is absolute bliss with two adult children and four precious grandkids."

The high school years can be just as hard on mom and dad, in many respects, as they are on the student.

Teenagers begin the, often awkward, social transition from childhood to being adults and a great deal, maybe too much, is expected of them. One of the most difficult challenges, though, facing families nowadays is the college admissions process. Parents have likened the whole deal to being something akin to an enigma wrapped inside of a riddle. However, you look at it, helping your teen prepare for college can be both frustrating and overwhelming.

Never fear! It's Barb Rubin to the rescue; once again!

Barb can be a valuable asset when it comes to COLLEGE PREP and SELECTION. Offering emotional support and practical solutions, Barb and her coaching takes on the college admissions process with vim and vigor.

"Guidance counselors are fantastic educators and the ones who I worked with for twenty-five years have all been terrific" stated Barbara. "However, as times have changed, counselors have been overburdened with reams of paperwork, graduation requirements and deadlines," explained Barb. " These dedicated men and women are up against it, time-wise. And, that's where I come in. I have ALL the time in the world! I love to sit down with parents and their kids to talk about the child's passions in life. What is it that drives you? Is it math, music, the arts? If I can get to the bottom of what a kid might want his or her life to look like, the parents and I can focus on the most appropriate college for the child. Whatever the child's desire is, they are encouraged to GO FOR IT and BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE!"


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With a plethora of professional contacts made during her time as a teacher, Barb can connect you with tutors for almost every subject if your teen's grades or SAT's are an issue. As a coach, her main task is to make the entire college prep process less stressful while encouraging both parents and kids to embrace the challenge. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Through the years, Barbara has developed a unique practice that is designed to get people "unstuck" while boosting career advancement, goal attainment and, above all, personal satisfaction.

Join Barbara Rubin on, what will turn out to be, one of the most thrilling journeys you will ever undertake! Get to know yourself as never before!

With Barbara Rubin coaching you up, anything and everything is POSSIBLE!

Contact Information

320 Robinson Avenue

Suite# 201A

Newburgh, N.Y. 12550

(845) 202-1792

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