Best Steakhouses in NYC

Best Steakhouses in NYC

Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, NYC, are known for having some of the best steakhouses in America.

Restaurants such as Peter Lugar, Keens Steakhouse, Ben Benson and many more enjoy a world-class reputation. Diets and fads come and go, but the concept of a great steakhouse never seems to go out of style. Every generation of New Yorkers has their favorite place where they can indulge in the pleasure of eating a perfectly cooked porterhouse steak or filet mignon. 

Christos Steakhouse - Astoria, New York

Often referred to as the Peter Lugar of Astoria, one steakhouse that has done a remarkable job of staying true to the classic steakhouse menu, while adding some very innovative and contemporary dishes is Christos Steakhouse in Astoria.


As you would expect, the steaks served at Christos are only prime cuts. Their beef is very tender and full of flavor because it is aged for a minimum of 21 days in a temperature controlled room. Your steak is then charbroiled at 1,200 degrees and finished with a simple, loving touch of sea salt and dried oregano. Ah, that is, indeed the good life, sharing a signature porterhouse for two, along with a glass of wine amidst Christos romantic and cozy indoor or outdoor surroundings.

Sauce and crust choices for your steak include shallot au Poivre as well as Roquefort cheese and red wine with garlic. What you might not be expecting are the extremely creative ways that the chef here can cook your meat or their unique Greek accented sides. One bite of their famous creamed spinach and you'll know that the chefs at Christos have worked their magic. 


Why not go with a Prime Hanger steak in an aged red wine oregano marinade? It's a modern spin on a classic piece of meat. The prime skirt steak is marinated with white wine, garlic and smoked salt. The seasoning really brings out the flavor and natural juices of the steak. This is why foodies throughout the city are calling to reserve a table at Christos.

Steakhouses are usually not known for their chicken dishes. Christos though is an exception to the rule. Outstanding is the only way to describe their organic half chicken, dressed in a lemon thyme brine. The fresh, lemony aroma hits you long before the chicken is placed upon your table.


Your mom and dad or grandparents probably raved about the steak tartar that they ate at a fancy Manhattan restaurant. Christos presents your generation's version of this classic dish. Their tartar consists of prime sirloin, Dijon, scallion oil, quail egg yolk and Szechuan peppers. What would a meal be without a side or two? Gotta have that balanced diet. You will fall in culinary love with the way Christos elevates a vegetable to sheer bliss. Choices include wild mushrooms, grilled asparagus with basil, sauteed spinach with feta, roasted butternut squash and that yummy Hellenic side, lemon potatoes. Christos does classic creamed spinach, creamy cauliflower, mashed potatoes and french fries like nobody else. Their hand-cut fries are available several different ways, with feta or parmesan cheese, topped with rosemary herb, sea salt or salt and vinegar. Mashed potatoes styles are both basic and exotic; ranging from classic fluffy to basil pesto, sour cream and chives, blue cheese with bacon and smoked feta together with parsley. Want something different? Try the whole lobster mashed potatoes and you may never order plain mashed potatoes again.


In Greece, they call it pasta macaronia. As far as pasta goes, Christos is definitely in the conversation with their Italian counterparts, when it comes to rigatoni and vodka sauce, linguini Fra Diablo or spaghetti with marinara sauce and olive oil. Yes, it seems like they do everything well here, but Christos's main focus never waivers from their memorable meats or the warm hospitality that is in the DNA of all Greeks.

Christos makes quite an impression visually. From the outside, Christos has the appearance of someone's home, rather than a contemporary restaurant. The front of Christos is adorned with greenery. Small trees and planters decorate the sidewalk area. Inside, the decor is upscale, with dark wood and a rustic feel. The tables are comfortably spaced, allowing for privacy and quiet conversation. Christos is the type of restaurant where you will impress your guests. Unpretentious yet classy, it is the perfect venue for any occasion, be it a business meeting, a birthday celebration or a memorable date night for just the two of you.

Location and Hours

41-08 23rd Ave. Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 777-8400
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Hours: Mon-Sat 4 PM-11 PM
Sunday 3 PM-10 PM 

Harry's Cafe & Steak Restaurant - New York City, NY

Harry's has been a wall street institution since 1972. The steakhouse was founded by one of the financial districts genuine American success stories, Harry Poulakakos. Born and raised in Sparta, Greece, Harry came to NY in 1956. Harry's outgoing personality, street smarts and strong work ethic eventually landed him a job at one of the most famous restaurants in the city, Oscars Delmonicos.


Over the years, Harry saved his money, got married to a wonderful woman Adrienne, and opened his very own restaurant, Harry's at Hanover Square. The great food and drinks as well as Harry's charismatic personality made the new steakhouse and bar a big draw for neighborhood residents as well as Wall Street financiers. Harry's became a hang out for local celebrities like author Tom Wolfe, who immortalized the bar in his novel, Bonfire of the Vanities.

In its original form, Harry's enjoyed more than a thirty-year run. After Adrienne's demise, Harry closed the restaurant, temporarily. Harry's at Hanover Square, however, was reborn in 2006, when his son Peter took over the business. Peter Poulakakos and his partners decided to renovate the old restaurant, giving Harry's a completely new makeover. The result exceeded all expectations. Harry's had a new lease on life with a fresh contemporary feel. Peter was able to retain the loyalty of most of his old customers while attracting a new generation of men and women, who worked in the surrounding office buildings. The Martini became Harry's signature drink. The house wine list was second to none. Almost as popular as their Martini was Harry's premium selection of Single Malt Scotch. Once again, the bar was alive with the sound of voices, happy to celebrate the end of yet another workday. Enjoying a drink and a steak at Harry's was one heck of a way to kick off the evening.


Harry's meat locker dry ages those succulent steaks for 28 days. They call it an artisanal meat experience. Whether you order the bone in NY strip, the rib eye or porterhouse, all steaks are accompanied by Harry's house-made steak sauce. Harry's also offers a really substantial Colorado Rack of Lamb with homemade mint jelly. The lamb is cooked and seasoned perfectly. Other outstanding offerings are 14 oz. Kobe beef burger with oven dried tomato and mushrooms and Berkshire pork chop. Haricot Vert, cheddar mac and cheese and garlic jus provide textures and flavors that complement the pork. Lobster is a specialty of the house. Harry's Maine lobsters may be ordered broiled or steamed. You may even get them stuffed with jumbo shrimp or Maine crabmeat. The classic lobster roll has to be one of the best sandwiches ever invented. At Harry's, they layer the lobster meat onto brioche bread.


You might want to create your own version of surf and turf. Order up the lobster stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail or tuna tartar as an appetizer and pair it up with a nice filet mignon. Harry's means many things to many people. It is a bar, a great steakhouse and a casual cafe all in one. Everyone will agree, however, that there's no place quite like Harry's anywhere in Manhattan.

When Peter Poulakakos reinvented the concept of what a steakhouse should be, he revolutionized the industry. Here's to, at least, another thirty years of resounding success at Harry's.

Location & Hours

One Hanover Square, New York, NY 1004
(212) 785-9200
Hours: Mon-Fri Kitchen 11:30-12 AM
Bar 11:30-1 AM
Saturday Kitchen 11:00 AM- 12 AM
Bar 11:00 AM- 2 AM 

S Prime Steakhouse - Long Island City, NY

As king of his own realm, Chef Joel Reiss brings decades of experience to the kitchen at S Prime, in Long Island City, Queens. Born and bred in Queens, S Prime executive chef, Joel Reiss, has come full circle in his culinary career. Chef Reiss's extensive travels and years of experience working in some of Americas leading restaurants, has all led up to this moment in time. After finishing college, Joel continued his on the job training with stints as a sous chef and head chef at Orsay, Smith and Wollensky, Park Avenue Cafe, Moloney and Porcelli as well as the Post House. Chef Reiss has also had the privilege of working with established Luminaries of the kitchen such as David Burke and Terrance Brennan. These superstar chefs taught Joel never to compromise on one's standards. As team captain at S Prime Steakhouse, chef Reiss makes certain that his staff lives up to his exacting standards, each and every day.


S Prime is, indeed, the picture perfect setting in which to showcase the vision and talents of one of New York's most creative and personable chefs. The menu appeals to foodies who love to discover dishes that are prepared in new and exciting ways. If you've never been a fan of steakhouse food in the past, give S Prime a chance. Chef Reiss' menu will convert you.

The BLT Wedge salad, with Blue cheese, is a filling and refreshing choice for summertime dining, as are the delectables oysters Rockefeller. On the menu, side dishes are divided up into Good Sides, (broccoli, spinach, Brussel sprouts) and Bad, which includes devilish temptations like hash browns, onions rings, lap Cheong fried rice, Monster baked potato with bacon, sour cream and butter, lobster mac and cheese.


The chef and his butchers are constantly in the state of the art S Prime meat locker, picking out the choicest cuts of steak and making sure that the aging process for the meat is on point. The little details have to be taken care of in any restaurant. They are the foundation upon which the big picture is built.

S Prime also has a carefully crafted cocktail menu. The drinks are on an equal footing with the amazing steaks. One sip of the S Prime Daiquiri will tell you why. This Daiquiri is liquid gold. The drink consists of Cruzan single barrel rum, fresh grapefruit juice, maple syrup and Angostura bitters. The bar's most requested cocktail is the bittersweet breeze. Refreshing and fruity, this cocktail blends pear liquor, Campari, lime juice, simple syrup and cranberry juice with fresh strawberries. If you've got any room at all left, after polishing off your steak dinner, treat yourself to a slice of key lime pie with raspberry sauce or chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, accompanied by Caramel sauce and caramel ice cream.


The decor at S Prime is modern with a hip, sleek flair to it. You could describe the space as industrial chic, with gorgeous banquets along one of the walls. The seating is so cushy, you feel as though you could just sink into the banquets. The restaurants' centerpiece is an eye-catching staircase, which leads to the second level. Everywhere you look at S Prime, there's something special to capture your imagination.

Location and Hours

35-15 36th Street
Long Island City, NY 11106
(718) 707-0660
Hours: Tue-Sat 5 PM-12 AM
Closed Sun & Mon 

Ricardo Steakhouse - NYC

Get your steak groove on with a side of party hearty at Ricardo steakhouse in Harlem NY. Showtime starts from the moment that you're seated at one of Ricardo's intimate candlelit tables. While you pursue the menu your toes will be tapping to the bounce and beats spun by the house disc jockey. The DJ's here play an eclectic mix of music, so there's sure to be something coming over the sound system that gets you dancing on the ceiling. Yes, between the contemporary beats and Motown hits, you might even catch a Lionel Richie song or two.


But the party doesn't end there. Ricardo's has an open kitchen and the chefs put on quite a performance while preparing your meal. If you have ever watched shows with an open kitchen, like Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen and were intrigued by the concept, now is your chance to see it in person. There's nothing quite like actually watching Ricardo's chef throw your steak on the grill and sear the meat to perfection.

The visual treats continue with the artwork that decorates the restaurants exposed brick walls. There's even a very nice outdoor patio dining area at the back of the restaurant. The tables and foliage are enclosed by walls, so the patio has a private and intimate ambiance and you can still hear the music from inside. There is a young and hip, urban vibe going at Ricardo's steakhouse.


But when all is said and done, the show would mean nothing without great food to move the engine. Guaranteed, you will fondly recall your meal. The delights start with delicious Angus Beef Empanadas. These juicy beef patty Empanadas are served with mixed greens in lemon dressing, along with a side of marinara sauce for your dipping delight. Ricardo's steakhouse Stroganoff is a dish that will satisfy even the hungriest appetite. Tender strips of steak are blended with a Gorgonzola cheese sauce and mushrooms. Your side is a savory sun-dried tomato polenta.

The raw bar features both Bluepoint oysters and Little Neck clams on ice. Da Meats are highlighted by sirloin steak, skirt steak, the uptown ribeye and a truly majestic T bone steak, served with basil tomatoes and golden french fries. The Fish N' Chicks portion of the menu features the Oh Snap! Snapper, the 2nd avenue special (sauteed shrimp and clams) and a really on point chicken Marsala. Steakhouse staples include creamed spinach, Uptown sides (the sweet plantains, rice and black beans and asparagus Parmesan) will raise the bar on any meal.

Open since the summer of 2004, Ricardo steakhouse has long been a neighborhood favorite. They are proud to be part of the new renaissance in Harlem.

Location and Hours

2145 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10029
(212) 289-5895
Hour: Mon-Thu 4 PM TO 11 PM
Fri-Sat 12:30PM-12AM
Sun 12:30PM-11PM 

Keens Steakhouse - NYC

Take a trip back in time to the New York Victorian-era world at Keen's Steakhouse. Founded in 1885 by Albert Keen, the restaurant was once the site of the lambs club, a celebrated theater and literary group. Well connected in the theater district, Albert Keen opened his chophouse (as steakhouses were called back in the day), as a comfortable place where actors could hang out and have something to eat.

Keens-Steakhouse - NYC-1

Keen's was a refuge where celebrities of the era could enjoy a meal without their privacy being disturbed. Pipe smoking within the confines of Keens was a tradition that started at the turn of the century. A pipe club was founded and it was very exclusive. Members included Teddy Roosevelt, George M. Cohan, John Barrymore, Babe Ruth and General Douglas Mac Arthur.

This clubby atmosphere was changed in 1905 when actress Lillie Langtry, won women the right to dine at Keens. But as interesting as Keen's history is, their menu is even more so. Let's start with the House' Signature dish which Keen's has been known for since 1885, The Mutton Chop. This traditional English dish is a hearty cut of young lamb meat and tastes quite different from the kind of lamb you may be used to. At Keen's, they will roast you a Mutton Chop so huge, it easily takes up half your plate. With a side of parsley potatoes or pan roasted veggies, you are good to go.


For red meat lovers, you can't go wrong with the prime rib of beef, English or King cut. The kitchen does a wonderful Chateaubriand steak, which you don't find on too many steakhouse menus anymore. Prime porterhouse and T-bone steaks are always cooked exactly to your liking. For those rare times when you feel that a whole steak is too much, turn your attention to Keen's braised short rib salad with Sherry mustard vinaigrette. Keen's cobb salad is the best of both worlds (red and white meat plus seafood). The salad contains shrimp, steak and smoked chicken. Another salad of choice is the sirloin steak salad.


There are several rooms at Keen's and each one has something special about it, from an antique bar to dark wood panels, vintage chandeliers and a fireplace. Sometimes, there's nothing wrong with being a little old-fashioned, particularly when it comes to a soothing romantic atmosphere, old world polite and professional service and comforting dishes that make you feel good inside.

Location and Hours

72 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018
(212) 947-3636
Hours: Mon-Fri
Lunch 11:45-3PM
Dinner 5:30 PM-10:30 PM
Saturday 5PM-10:30 PM
Sunday 5PM-9:30 PM

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