New York City Organic Restaurants

New York City Organic Restaurants

Best of the new breed of artisan, organic, healthy, farm-to-table restaurants in New York City, NY.

Taim - West Village

Recently, the humble Falafel has been growing in popularity with both foodies and families who are looking to satisfy their hunger for something that is fresh, vibrant and, above all, vegetarian-focused.
You might already be familiar with the Falafel, from trying this Middle Eastern specialty, on your lunch hour, from street cart vendors or food trucks.
But, the odds are that you have never really experienced the total enjoyment of eating an authentic, Israeli-style, gourmet Falafel. Unless that is, you have stopped by Taim, an exciting new counter service cafe from chef Einat Admony.
Chef Einat's crunchy on the outside and moist in the center Falafel is fine dining packed inside a pita pocket.
The Falafel has been around for centuries. No one is certain just who invented this vegetarian delight that is the ultimate food on the go. But, every culture, from the Egyptians and Palestinians to the Lebanese and Israelis have put their own personal spin on it.
However, chef Einat has taken the art of the Falafel to a whole other galaxy. A veteran of the New York restaurant scene, Einat Admony has worked in several very high profile kitchens including a stint at Bobby Flay's bistro Bolo.
Einat even competed against her former employer in a Falafel challenge on the Food Network. Guess who won this competition?
In Hebrew, the word taim is used to describe something that is tasty and delicious.  As a restaurant, Taim is a place where chef Einat can share her love for the Falafel, along with a strong passion for healthy, natural ingredients, with the world.
At Taim, the delectable menu consists of a variety of different Falafel options as well as mezze plates. Taim was created for vegetarians but meat-lovers are always welcome! Sure, the typical carnivore may think, going in, that this food is going to be boring. However, it's anything but!
Everything is made from scratch and cooked to order. The food tastes fresh because it is, pure and simple.
When it comes to chef's fabulous Falafels, chickpeas, onions, garlic, cumin, coriander, salt and pepper are the ingredients of choice. There are absolutely no fillers of any kind; no bread crumbs, baking soda or baking powder.
You can choose to go traditional with your Falafel pita sandwich. This option adds cilantro, hummus and fresh parsley as toppings. It's served with an Israeli salad that includes pickled cabbage.
Chef Einat's signature Falafel and the most popular item here incorporates Harissa and several Tunisian spices into the mix. The Sabich Falafel Pita is packed with fresh eggplant, a boiled cage-free egg and all the fixings.
Last but certainly not least, is the Cauliflower and Falafel pita, which is tossed in Shawarma spices. It comes with a salad and pickled onions. Since everything is made specifically to order, you will get your Falafel sandwich (or platter) nice and hot, just like it is served from a food stall in Tel Aviv.
As a line cook for Bobby Flay, chef Einat always enjoyed working on appetizers and small plates. That's one reason why her Mezze at Taim is so good. Small plates range from a healthy, power-packed Quinoa and kale salad to Tabouli, Moroccan carrots, marinated beets and her outstanding french fried potatoes with Saffron Aioli and Harissa ketchup.
Taim also serves up an amazing selection of better for you drinks such as a divinely delicious date, lime and banana smoothie as well as a strawberry, raspberry and Thai basil shake.
On a hot Summer day, nothing says refreshment like Chef Einat's fresh ginger mint lemonade or mint green iced tea.
Location and Contact Info
222 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10014
(212) 691-1287


Bobo, New York, New York City 

Elegance and casual French sophistication will enhance your dining pleasure when you reserve a table at Bobo. Located inside a century-old Greenwich Village townhouse, Bobo spans several stylish floors. There is also a beautiful garden to provide you with one of the most romantic al fresco dining experiences in the City.

Owner Carlos Suarez wanted to re-create a typical French townhouse. Bobo is inspired by the joy Carlos feels when he invites close friends over for dinner. Chef Cedric Tovar delights in taking standard French classics that you thought you knew and reintroduces them into unforgettable meals. Chef Cedric likes to say that he re-imagines French cuisine. Tradition is respected as it should be, but the kitchen's contemporary approach focuses on lighter dishes, innovation and healthy ingredients.

pic bobo 1

Carlos and his chef make certain that everything on your plate is locally sourced. Your fromage selections come from artisans such as Lakes Edge in Vermont (goat cheese), Boucher Blue in Green Mountain Vermont (raw cow) and Cabot clothbound cheddar. Fish is freshly caught from the waters off Long Island. The duck served at Bobo, as well as the produce, are from farms in the Hudson Valley.

Outside the Majestic townhouse, a small discreet sign lets you know that you have arrived at your destination... a slice of French culinary heaven in Greenwich Village. Just walk down a few steps from the sidewalk, open the door and you'll find yourself in the main dining room.

pic bobo 2

The tables are set with fine china and glassware. Vintage chandeliers cast a warm glow on the cozy room. Near the entrance, shelves display bottles of imported French wine adding a quaint touch to the decor. Look over the dinner menu slowly and make sure you take your time. Remember that you are, for a few hours at any rate, no longer a prisoner of New York's rush hustle and bustle. A good place to start would be with one of the chef's glorious appetizers such as the ravioles Du Royan Aux Champignons. Your plate holds a portion of Comte cheese Raviolini, creamy mushroom broth and parmesan cheese. The Foie Gras Au Torchon is accompanied by seasonal garnish and toasted Brioche. Huitres are also on the menu. Six luscious, fresh oysters come with mignonette and cocktail sauce.

pic bobo 3

A classic re-invented is the Duo de Canard. The dish consists of spiced hazelnut crusted breast and confit leg of duck, orange braised endive, raspberry along with a soft herb salad. The meat is dressed with raspberry duck jus. Another excellent choice is the Jarret D'Agneau Braise', Au Vin Blanc. Yes, it is Colorado Lamb Shank, but you have never had this dish the way Bobo's kitchen prepares your meat. The shank of lamb is braised with Chardonnay and is accompanied by house-cured lamb bacon, foraged ramps and mushrooms with the centerpiece being melt-in-your-mouth Parmesan Polenta.

pic bobo 4

As is the case with a typical French restaurant, you will find mussels on the menu at Bobo. Not so typical, however, is the white wine, parsley, garlic and shallot broth that the Moules Marinieres are gently bathed in. Hand-cut fries complete the dish. Forget the ketchup. If there's any broth left, just dip your fries in that savory liquid.

From the dessert menu, depending on your taste, choose from the Beignets Au Chocolate, Creme Brulee with pistachio cookies, a divine combo of cookies Et Nutella or a splendid Pommes Caramelises (caramel poached honey crisp apple, vanilla cream, cobbler crumble and a bourbon cider sorbet).

pic bobo 5

In the French tradition, Bobo has a fine selection of wine and after-dinner drinks. Bobo's beverage list has been carefully curated. From dessert wines, Single Malt and Ports to Cognac, Calvados and Grappa, you are certain to find something suitable to fill your glass. Close out your magical evening at Bobo with a toast to love and life.

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Location & Hours

181 West 10th Street
(212) 488-2626


Dinner: Nightly from 6 PM
Happy Hour: Mon.-Fri. 5-7 PM
Brunch: Sat-Sun-11 AM-3 PM 

Claudette, New York, New York City

It was a trip through the South of France that inspired noted restaurateur Carlos Suarez and longtime friend and business partner Mark Barak, to open a French Meditteranean restaurant at one of the world's most iconic locations, New York's glamorous Fifth Avenue.

From Provence, Carlos and Mark have imported a unique menu that blends French country cuisine with North African dishes and spices, a superb wine list as well as a certain sense of style. On that never to be forgotten French holiday, Carlos and Mark stopped at a restaurant by the name of La Ferniere. The restaurant was founded back in the fifties, by a resourceful immigrant from Tunisia, Claudette Sammut.

Claudette 1

Now, at the age of 91, Claudette has left the day-to-day managing of the restaurant to her son Guy and his lovely wife, Reine. In addition to La Ferniere, the Summut family owns another restaurant and a small hotel. They are all about hospitality.

Tired after a long day of traveling; Carlos and mark were quite impressed by Reine's incredible food and her husbands' warmth and personality. The Americans stayed at the comfortable restaurant longer than they had planned captivated by the stories Guy told them about his mother Claudette. Carlos and Mark, who owned Rosemary's in Greenwich Village, had been thinking about opening another restaurant. Now, in a remote part of France, they found their inspiration. On the spot, before finishing dessert, Carlos asked Guy if he could name his new restaurant Claudette.

Claudette 2

Carlos and his chef, Wade Moises, would translate Claudette Sammut's recipes for an eager New York audience hungry for something new and different. Just steps away from historic Washington Square Park, you can enjoy dishes like chicken Tagine, grilled lamb, Tabouleh and Bouillabaisse in a stylish, rustic atmosphere that is warm and inviting.

The main dining room is open and well lit, providing a welcoming ambiance. Tall cabinets with shelves line the walls artfully displaying various books and interesting knick-knacks. Wicker chairs are placed around sturdy country tables. A long cushiony Banquette with soft throw pillows is set against one of the walls. You could easily be inside a Provencal farmhouse ready to practice your French between bites of steak tartare. Though each one of Carlos Suarez's restaurants retains a distinct personality, Rosemary's, Bobo and Claudette, all share a basic farm-to-table philosophy: only the best meats, fish and produce will make it to your table without excuse, without compromise! You the customer stands to benefit from the relationships with local farms that Carlos has carefully cultivated over the years.

Claudette 3

Now, let's dig in and find out just what this Tunisian -influenced French food is all about. Les Pains Tunisiens are as intriguing as they are delicious. The truffle Hummus is a popular Claudette classic, as is the chicken liver mousse. Small plates Du Jardin, include charred snap peas, cucumber radish and baby Yukon potatoes.

A new definition of sweetness graces your plate with Claudette's signature beets with honey spiced yogurt and, you won't believe this, bee pollen. The North African staple, Tabouleh is served with cherry tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, scallions, mint and parsley.

Claudette 4

Les Entrees include American favorites with a French touch, such as the pan-roasted Fazio Farms chicken with roasted garlic and pearl onion confit, and the Hanger Steak in a four-peppercorn rub, with persillade and shoestring parsley root.

Claudette's savory Bouillabaisse is all that you'd want it to be. A hearty stew of lobster, mussels, fluke, shrimp, scallops, octopus, fennel and tarragon. This is one of the world's great dishes and despite their penchant for creativity, the kitchen allows the ingredients to speak for themselves.

Claudette 5

Claudette Sammut was by all accounts, a remarkable woman who blazed a trail for her peers to follow. An immigrant, she worked hard to realize her dreams. Claudette's in New York is a fitting tribute to Chef Sammut's legacy.

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Location & Hours

24 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011
(212) 868-2424


Lunch 11:30 AM-3 PM
Dinner 5:30 PM-11 PM
Brunch 10:30 AM-3 PM

Rosemary's, New York, New York City

The trendy-farm-to-table dining experience takes on a whole new meaning when you sit down to enjoy a meal at West Village hotspot Rosemary's. While many quality restaurants can boast about the freshness of their locally sourced produce, Rosemary's is definitely one-upping the competition. At this Trattoria, located on a historic street in Greenwich Village, the chef doesn't have to purchase his veggies from a farm in the Hudson Valley. All chef Wade Moises has to do is pick all the tomatoes, herbs, zucchini and other veggies he wants from the garden.

pic rosemary 1

The large, beautiful rooftop garden is a source of visual and culinary delight. Amidst the quaint, urban landscape of West Village, this state-of-the-art mini-farm and green space, is a totally unexpected but welcome surprise. In fact, the entire community takes pride in Rosemary's rooftop farm. Owner Carlos Suarez is very involved in neighborhood charities and community organizations. That is another aspect that separates Rosemary's from most other restaurants. Carlos and his team don't just drive in and out to take care of business at the restaurants. They are a part of the community.

pic rosemary 2

The large, beautiful rooftop farm complements the rustic, Italian farmhouse atmosphere of the Trattoria. Planters filled with greenery and herbs are scattered throughout the spacious room. When the front windows and doors are open, in the warm weather, the tables near the entrance become a sidewalk cafe, as sunlight and a pleasant breeze wafts through the room.

Rosemary's is named after Carlos Suarez's mother, who came to America from Tuscany. The restaurant's decor is inspired by her family home in Lucca. As is the case with most households in Tuscany and just about anywhere in Italy, the pasta and Focaccia served at Rosemary's are homemade. Standouts are the fig and prosciutto Focaccia and the Caprese with a simple but effective blend of tomato, mozzarella and basil.

pic rosemary 3

There are usually five pasta selections on the menu. Each pasta is dressed with a variety of ingredients, some traditional, others a bit out-of-the-box. These are definitely not your grandparents' Sunday pasta platters, but everything works well together. Chef Moise's culinary creations include tender Cavatelli with English pea puree, fresh garden peas and mint ricotta, Orecchiette pasta blends broccoli rabe and Fresno chili with housemade sauce. Linguine is flavored with preserved lemon and pickled chili. Fusilli Alla Napolitano is dressed with Pomodoro tomatoes, pine nuts and basil puree.

pic rosemary 4

It's incredible to think that many of the ingredients on your plate might have been gathered from the upstairs garden, only an hour before. Just like the meals offered to friends and family at his mom's home in Lucca, with its bountiful vegetable garden, Carlos Suarez's Trattoria serves dishes and ingredients that are seasonal. The house Minestra Di Stagione is the ultimate vegetable soup. Bragging rights, indeed, this is the best minestrone soup you can have in New York or Florence, for that matter. Rosemary's salmon is cooked in a spring garlic puree with snap peas and dandelion. Adventurous, yes, but also very tasty.

pic rosemary 5

Their most popular meat dishes are Rosemary's herb-dressed chicken, smoked lamb with poached carrots, onions, ricotta and brown butter, and the porcini-rubbed N.Y. Strip steak. Verdure choices include eggplant Caponata, beets with dandelion and hazelnuts and radishes with butter, thyme and a touch of salt. Antipasto selections include Salumi and Formaggi. Eight fresh kinds of cheese are available from local purveyors as well as Italian imports. The Parmigiano Reggiano is great on its own with a chunk of bread. No pasta needed.

Rosemary's has curated a varied list of wines from every region of Italy. Each glass of vino is delicious and the price points will make you feel good as well. In Italy, many rural households have a special relationship with their local Fattoria or vineyard. Rosemary's also does business with a local boutique winemaker, giving you access to some undiscovered brands.

pic rosemary 6

At Rosemary's, you can brunch or do breakfast the Italian way. Go ahead and indulge in La Dolce Vita, whenever the mood takes you. You'll love the Uovo in Purgatorio, but be sure to have plenty of orange juice or water on hand. Your sunny-side-up eggs are slathered with Fresno chili and Pomodoro tomatoes. A less heated but just as delicious choice is the Frittata made with vegetables, herbs and Stracchint cheese. The creamy scrambled egg and cheese on a brioche bun comes with tomato and a choice of homemade sausage, bacon or prosciutto. For the table, you can order a basket of pastry. Mix it up with a blueberry or carrot muffin, raisin walnut bread, Focaccia or Cornetto Cioccolato or a plain but still yummy Cornetto.

pic rosemary 7

In Italy, as far as owner Carlos Suarez is concerned, the family is what life revolves around and nothing is more important. So it's no surprise that Rosemary's is extremely kid friendly and they even have a special menu for your bambino. Piatti selections run from so very healthy Insalata Di Frutta to Italian cookies and Gelato or Sorbetto for dessert. Situated at the center of the dining room is a large, wooden 16 seat communal table, straight out of an Italian country house. Reserve the table to celebrate Nonna's birthday, your child's high school graduation, or any family occasion that calls for a special celebration.

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Location & Hours

18 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 647-1818


Hours: Mon-Fri
Breakfast: 8-11:30 AM
Lunch: 11:30-4:30 PM
Dinner: 5 PM-12 AM

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