Top French Restaurants NYC

Top French Restaurants NYC

NYC's popular and trendy nouvelle French restaurants.

Inside this article: Le Parisien, Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro, Deux Amis, La Mangeoire and Jubilee.

French cuisine encompasses so many different healthy, farm-to-table ingredients, from fish and chicken, to fresh veggies and creative, tasty, light sauces. French cuisine is the ultimate comfort food. And as with all traditional cuisines it is constantly evolving thanks in part to the talented young chefs at the helm of these cool, chic restaurants. These young chefs are busy re-inventing Gallic food, while they put a contemporary twist on dishes that have stood the test of time for countless generations. Whatever you may have thought French food was like, allow these Francophile master chefs to introduce you to the new wave of French cooking.


Le Parisien - Midtown Manhattan, NYC

There is a lot to like when you dine at Murray Hill's go-to French Bistro, Le Parisien. The charming owner, Christian Merand, previously worked at the celebrated eatery Jean-Claude in Soho. Now, Christian has brought his own brand of restaurant magic over to Le Parisien. The delicious French flavors that are whipped up in the kitchen by noted chef, Jonathan Masse, will seduce your appetite and taste buds. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting France, you'll know that this is authentic Gallic comfort food. Should you be looking to try something different, be assured that you will become a convert to French cuisine and, by extension, their way of life.


At Le Parisien, you will savor life to the fullest. Chef Jonathan uses the different seasons as inspiration for many of his soups and entrees. His artful use of herbs and seasonings will elevate even the most basic dish. But at Le Parisien, that's not something you'll have to worry about. Each item on the menu is well worth your time. The Duck country pate' with cornichons is authentically French and has an excellent flavor. Any bistro in Paris would be proud to serve Chef Jonathan's Escargots with herbs and garlic butter.

Of course, it wouldn't be a French bistro without Mussels on the menu. Here, you can order your P.E.I. mussels four different ways. There's the classic Marinieres version with garlic and white wine, a really different and inventive Thai-style plate with coconut milk, lemongrass and lime leaf and the signature Parisienne style with saffron and mustard cream as well as the totally edgy mussels Espagnole with chorizo and tomato confit. Entrees range from pan roasted chicken with mushrooms and a heavenly potato puree, steak frites with a red wine thyme sauce and duck confit with crispy potatoes to steak tartare with, what else, French fries.

LeParisien 2

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Location and Hours:

163 East 33rd Street, New York NY 10016
(212) 889-5489


Mon-Thu   12 PM to 9:30 PM
Fri-Sat      12 PM to 10:30 PM
Sun          12 PM to 9:30 PM

Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro - Midtown Manhattan, NYC

If you love Fondue, then this is your place. Fondue is a dish that is in the blood of every French man and woman. Yet it's not easy to perfect. From the blend of the cheeses involved to the temperature of the dish, everything has to be just right. You'll be glad to know that all is right with the world at artisanal Fromagerie.

Artisanal Formagerie 1.jpeg

You may choose between the artisanal blend of gouda and stout, the Truffle fondue or the fondue Du Jour. These luscious bowls of creamy goodness come in petite and grande size and are served with hearty chunks of country bread. Les Baigneuses (accompaniments) include pears and apples, a dish of fingerling potatoes, Keilbasa and crudites or beef tips and chicken tenders. Taste-tempting, indeed. You may, if you wish, put together your own, personal flight of cheese, by ordering from their extensive list. A trained Fromager is always on hand to assist you with your selections. Sheep, goat and cow's cheese are available, imported from Italy, Spain, Holland, Great Britain, Switzerland and of course, France. The United States is also well represented with some really good local cheeses.

Artisanal Formagerie 2

Order a la carte or indulge in a Cheese and wine pairing. A section of the menu is also devoted to fromage a la truffle Noir. The young gouda that is full of black Italian truffles is simply outstanding. Artisanal's dinner menu has several noteworthy dishes: the foremost being the delectable and juicy beef fondue burger. The seven-hour braised lamb shank is served with goat cheese polenta and ratatouille. Absolutely scrumptious. The kitchen does bouillabaisse Provencal-style. Everything that you have come to expect from this savory stew is here, lots  of shrimp, mussels, cod, scallops and lobster in a broth that calls for extra bread for sopping up every last drop. Artisanal's onion soup gratinee is made with a three cheese blend. It is the best French onion soup ever, anywhere, period. They also do a great brunch here, so get some good friends together and be French for at least, a few hours out of your busy New York day.

Location and Hours:

2 Park Avenue, New  York NY 10016
(212) 725-8585


Mon-Fri: 10 AM to 1 AM
Sat-SuN  9:30 AM to 1 AM

Deux Amis - Midtown Manhattan, NYC

In the language of love, Deux Amis simply means two friends. And that's exactly what this charming, cozy restaurant is all about a warm atmosphere, friendly service and some very tasty French cuisine. The warm welcome starts with the genial, ever-smiling Bucky, your host and the owner of Deux Amis. Bucky knows all of his regular customers by name Bucky wants one and all to feel at home when they visit his restaurant, as though they are part of the family. There is an intimate, romantic ambiance in the room at Deux Amis. It is a perfect date night place. And when Summer is in full bloom, Deux Amis turns into a typical Parisian sidewalk cafe with comfortable outdoor seating. Begin your meal with a delicious appetizer or, as the French say, Hors D'oeuvres. An excellent choice would be the Vol Au Vent, a savory puff pastry stuffed with shrimp, mushrooms and chicken in a cream sauce. The terrine de foie gras and the colorful endive salad,with walnuts, sliced apples, shallots and Roquefort cheese are other can't miss options.

Deux Amis 1

Bucky takes good care of his chefs, who are among the best on the New York restaurant scene. The pan-seared Monk fish always hits the spot. This dish is served with string beans and yellow squash. The fish itself is cooked in a white wine, lemon tomato sauce. A duo of meat dishes really take center stage here. The steak au poivre comes with peppercorn sauce and a side of French Fries. There is no way that you will ever mistake Bucky's potatoes for fast food fries. The kitchen's short ribs are dressed in a port wine sauce. Steamed broccoli and blue cheese infused mashed potatoes complete the dish. One of the specialties of the house is couscous. The chef prepares it in a variety of ways including couscous aux Legumes, aux Merguez, au Poulet Roti and A L'Agneau. At Deux Amis, the menu is diverse enough so that you can visit as often as you like and still eat something different every time.

Deux Amis 2

Deux Amis is unabashedly French and proud of it .

Location and Hours:

356 51st Street, New York NY 10022
(212) 230-1117

Mon-Thur 5 PM to 11 PM
Fri-Sat     5 PM to 12 AM
Sunday    4PM to 11 PM

Brunch: Sat-Sun 12 PM to 4 PM

La Mangeoire - Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Extremely picturesque and rustic, La Mangeoire makes you feel as though you are dining at a quaint Country Inn, in the heart of France. Everything, from the paintings that adorn the walls to the lanterns that hang from the high, farmhouse-like ceiling adds to the charming ambiance. The decor alone is worth the price of admission. But when the food arrives at your table the Wow factor is off the charts.

La Mangeoire 1

La Mangeoire has an extremely delicious and value-minded Prix Fixe Lunch and Dinner. The Lunch option is only $25 and it includes a cup of their seasonal soup, an entree as well as your choice of coffee or tea. The Croque Madame and steamed Prince Edward Island mussels with Creme Fraiche are lunch highlights. The Prix Fixe dinner is available for $45. A nice bowl of soup serves as your appetizer. Afterwards, you may choose from selections like rigatoni pasta with vegetable ratatouille, Coq au Vin, farm raised roasted chicken or sauteed calf's liver.

Dessert is included. The lemon tart with red berry coulis is a great choice as is a Bosc Pear that is poached in spiced red wine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, on the side. When a restaurant has been around for over 35 years, like La Mangeoire has, then you know that they are doing something right.

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Location and Hours

1008 Second Avenue, New York NY  10022
(212) 759-7086


Mon-Thur  12 PM to 10 PM
Fri            12 PM to 10:30 PM
Sat           5:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Sunday Brunch 11 AM to 4 PM
Dinner    5:30 PM to 9 PM


Jubilee - Midtown Manhattan, NYC

A hip, trendy neighborhood like Beekman and Sutton Place, deserves a trend setting restaurant. Jubilee is a perfect match for the neighborhood. The decor is chic and oh so cool, while the kitchen continues to excel in terms of quality and sheer creativity. Jubilee is casual dining in an elegant atmosphere. You can relax and just be yourself, yet feel special and pampered at the same time.

jubilee 1

Appetizers like Chef Luc's broiled snails cassolette, fish soup, and Frisee salad (with a fried poached egg, duck prosciutto and hazelnut vinaigrette), add to the buzz, from local residents and foodies alike, that surrounds Jubilee. Seafood is a big thing here at Jubilee, with roasted sea scallops, broiled Atlantic salmon and a classic Dover sole meuniere highlighting the menu. Meat selections range from a beautifully done pork chop with Brussels sprouts to duck leg confit and an organic Wagyu beef burger. Really, it comes down to this no matter what you order at Jubilee, you will not be disappointed.

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Location and Hours

948 First Avenue, New York NY 10022
(212) 888-3569


Mon-Thur 12 PM to 10:30 PM
Fri-Sat     12 PM to 11 PM

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