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Best Wine Stores in New York, NY

Best Wine Stores in New York, NY

Almost all the neighborhoods in Manhattan, New York, have more than their fair share of top-quality wine and liquor shops.

No matter whether you are seeking a name brand or a boutique vineyard label, you will find a superior selection of wines and spirits as well as outstanding customer service at any of these locations.

Astor Wine & Spirits - East Village, NYC

Astor Wine and Spirits is the address in Noho for the finest selection of liquor and all things related. In business, since 1946, Astor is very much a part of the New York landscape. People come here from as far afield as Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx to shop for spirits and attend the store's weekly wine tastings and special events. Astor is certainly not your average liquor emporium, that's for sure. After years at their old location, Astor recently moved to the historic Devine Press building. This remarkable edifice has stood at the corner of fourth and Lafayette Street since 1885. The old world period charm has been left intact outside the building's façade, for all to see and admire.

Astor Wines

But inside the huge 11,000 square foot store, everything is modern and state of the art. Astor specializes in bringing you organic, bio-dynamic and natural wines. The buyers here just love to work with grape farmers who respect our environment. When you shop for wine, spirits or sake here, you will see for yourself what the Astor difference really is. Delicate wines that are sensitive to wide swings in temperature are stored at 57 degrees in the cool room. This gentle handling and attention to detail gives you better-tasting wines. Most of the shop's organic selections are also kept in the cool room. If sake is your guilty pleasure, then Astor is definitely your place to shop. They carry nearly 200 of the world's finest artisanal sakes. These delicate brews are kept at a comfortably cold forty degrees, both inside chillers as well as the, you have got to see it to believe it, storage cellar.

Astor Wines 2

Astor has quality product available at every price point. Don't forget to check out their monthly specials, "Astor's top 12 under $12" wine selections. When you attend one of their wine tasting events you'll also enjoy a 15% discount on any wine that is poured  that evening. Simply too busy to stop by the store? Astor has a superb "no doorman, no problem" PM delivery service. It will bring welcome convenience to your day.

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Location and Hours

399 Lafayette Street, New York NY 10003
(212) 674-7500


Hours :

Mon-Sat  9 AM to 9 PM
Sunday   12 PM to 6 PM


The New York Wine Exchange - New York, NY

It doesn't matter if you are a captain of industry, a Wall Street bond trader, a young professional who is new to the city or a blue-collar working family looking to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. If you live or work in the Financial district, then your one-stop shop for any bottle of wine, is The New York Wine Exchange.


The New York Wine Exchange is a family run business, founded in 1995 by two visionary brothers and big-time wine fans, Paul and Worrell Couto. Worrell and Paul are all about the sheer joy of discovering new labels and vineyards that will dazzle your palate. Just about every wine producing region in the world is represented on the Exchange's shelves. From New York, California and the state of Washington, along with Brazil, Chile and Australia to France and Italy, you'll find exactly what you're seeking. Their knowledgeable staff is always happy to recommend specific wines that can be paired up with whatever meal you are planning. These savvy tips are not to be underestimated when planning a romantic dinner for two. This is consumer education at its most delightful.

NYWineExchange 2

On both their website and at the store, Paul and Worrell run an ever-changing list of specials. The Couto family want wine to be affordable to everyone without sacrificing quality. You will also want to stop by the store's expansive gift shop where you may purchase wine related accessories as well as gift baskets. You will be proud to give these amazing baskets to a friend, loved one or business associate. The store carries upwards of 150 single-malt Scotches, over 30 varieties of Tequila and, literally, thousands of domestic as well as foreign still and sparkling wines. At the new York Wine Exchange they can satisfy even the most discerning palate.

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Location and Hours

9 Broadway, New York NY 10004
(212) 422-2222


Mon-Sun  9 AM to 9 PM


Chambers Street Wines, Tribeca, NY

At Chambers Street Wines the friendly and knowledgeable staff tastes, re-tastes and debates every label that they sell. No matter how well established the vineyard may be, owners David Lillie and Jamie Wolff want to be sure that the aroma, taste and quality you expect in a bottle of wine is always there. This lovely and quaint little shop, was born out of David and Jamie's love for naturally-made wines from small, artisan producers. Say goodbye to the convenient but oh so pedestrian selection of wine that you may be used to at your local supermarket or big-box retail liquor store.


David and Jamie's store stocks some surprisingly tasty and affordable wines from the Loire Valley, Burgundy and the Rhone as well as Italy's relatively unknown Piedmont region's vineyards. After returning from an eight years of living in France's central Loire Valley, Jamie returned to New York. He met David when they found themselves working at the same wine shop. Discovering that they had a great deal in common, Jamie and David decided to go into business together and create the type of wine store that they would feel comfortable shopping in.

One of their more interesting product choices is the sampler case. Case selections range from $150 to $ 250, and they're well worth it! The red sampler for example, features 12 wines from all over the world, with the emphasis on wines that are organic.

ChamberWines 2

A less expensive and always fun to drink option is the Tribeca six-pack, which is a mix of reds, whites sparkling and Rose selections, all personally selected by the Chambers Street staff. By the way, they don't just do tastings here, you can attend wine lab, Chambers Street Wine's version of a workshop. These seminars feature best selling authors, wine critics and wine-makers. Each wine lab session is forty-five minutes in length and there is always time for questions to be answered. You might just get some hands-on wine-making experience, as well. At Chambers Street Wines, the vibe is warm and the wine flows freely.

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Location and Hours

148 Chambers Street, New York NY 10007
(212) 227-1434


Mon-Sat  10 AM to 9 PM
Sun      12 PM to 7 PM


Union Square Wines and Spirits, NYC

From grape to the glasses that you drink from, they've got you covered at Union Square Wines and Spirits. The Union Square team will help you to fill your glass with every kind of adult beverage one could imagine, from bourbon and rye, cognac, cordials and gin to rum, scotch whiskey, vermouth and bitters, along with the best selection of vodka in town.

Union Square Wines And Spirits

The shelves are always stocked with the brands you love, Absolut, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Patron, Smirnoff and Tanqueray among others. Sake selections include Junmai Shiboritate and Goku Ginjo from the famed Aiyu brewery. Their accessories department features items like the Govino wine glass collection, (set of four), which is recyclable and shatterproof. Union Square will also surprise you with the unexpected. On sale are books for the wine enthusiast as well as some eclectic and intriguing knick-knacks .

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Location and Hours

140 Fourth Avenue, New York NY 10003
(212) 675-8100



Mon-Sat  9 AM to 10 PM
Sun        12 PM to  9 PM


Rosetta Wines, NYC

When you walk into Rosetta Wines, the smell in the air and upscale, but never stuffy ambiance and décor, tells you that you're in a real liquor store. There's no bargain bin atmosphere going on here. Everything about Rosetta Wines is traditional, from the customer service, the easy to browse shelf display and unmatched selection. The lighting is soft and sedate, making for a relaxing browse, yet, you can read the labels quite easily.


For a shop that's not really on the large side, Rosetta's wine inventory is impressive, indeed. Chilled options are rather limited since they only have one refrigerator display case, but the overall selection is so good, that's  merely a side note. Rosetta is your store for whites, reds, sparkling wines and champagne. You'll find exactly what you need to toast those special moments in life from birthdays, anniversaries and graduations, to finding the perfect bottle of red for date night.

Location and Hours

40 Exchange Place, New York NY 10005
(212) 361-0007



Mon-Sat  9 AM to 10 PM
Sunday   12 PM to 10 PM


September Wines and Spirits, Lower East Side, NYC

Want to shop where industry professionals like Claire Paparazzo, wine director for Blue Hill Restaurant, gets her wine? Then head on over to September Wines and Spirits. This boutique store specializes in small production, earth friendly wines from family-run vineyards where generations of pride and hard work go into giving you the very best bottle of wine.


You can also navigate the sometimes perplexing and often confusing, but always delicious world of wine, with a membership in the September Wine Club. This intriguing service is well worth taking advantage of. No other wine shop offers anything like this. The club introduces both novice and educated palates to boutique wineries and hand crafted labels. Each month the club will have a special theme, designed to captivate the wine-lover in you. Depending on which option you choose, every month, you will receive at least two bottles of wine, together with tasting notes and food pairing suggestions. Wine club members receive special perks like exclusive store discounts and invitations to tastings and workshops. You'll definitely want to get in on this.

Location and Hours

100 Stanton Street (at Ludlow), New York NY 10002
(212) 388-0770


Mon to Thu  11 AM to 10 PM
Friday         11 AM to 11 PM
Saturday     12  PM to 11 PM
Sunday       1  PM to  8 PM


Frankly Wines - Tribeca, NYC

Frankly Wine is a shop that just about everyone can feel comfortable in. You don't have to be the wine critic for the New York Times to be able to get something good out of your visit. Taking a few minutes out of your day to chat with owner Christy Frank is time well spent. The personable Christy brings a great deal of wine experience to the table, having  worked for seven years at Moet Hennessy USA, the wine and spirits division of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton.


Christy put in many years traveling across the country to visit scores of vineyards and wine stores. It was always in the back of Christy's mind to open a retail shop. In 2007, Christy finally gave in to temptation and Frankly Wines made its debut. The cute motto for her shop is "Fine Wine. No attitude." At Frankly Wine, you don't need to know a secret code word to be treated with respect. If you're not conversant in wine geek talk, that's more than okay. Christy and her team will not only educate you, they will also show you just how much fun, wine can really be.

FranklyWines 2

At Frankly Wines, they offer their own version of the well-stocked wine closet. Their inventory is carefully curated, representing name brands, quirky finds, great values as well as higher-end treasures. Christy likes to call her more expensive bottles, Fancy Pants wine. You've got to love it!

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Location and Hours

66 West Broadway, New York NY 10007
(212) 346-9544


Mon-Sat  11 AM to 8 PM
Sunday   12 PM to 7 PM

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