Best Of Astoria, NY

Best Of Astoria, NY

Inside this article: Tuffino Pizzeria, Mokja, Piccola Venezia, Stamatis Restaurant, Ovelia and Gastroteca.

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If you're a foodie, the diverse neighborhood of Astoria is home to  some of the best restaurants and cafes that New York has to offer. And if you don't reside in the community, several subway lines serve Astoria, including the N, Q/R Trains. So even if you call Brooklyn or Manhattan home, Astoria is just a few minutes away. Here are the signature dishes that Astoria residents have fallen in love with. We are sure that you will as well. This list is but a small sampling of the delights that await you at the restaurants, gastro-pubs and cafes of Astoria.

Tufino Pizzeria Napoletana - Astoria, NY

Everything here is good may be one of the biggest clichés in the restaurant business. But in the case of Tufino, a family-owned restaurant that takes pride in both their food and service, this time-honored phrase just happens to be true.


Genuine Italian passion goes into every slice of pizza and every dish that they prepare. One of Tufino's most popular pies is also just a little bit out-of-the-box. The Pizza Bresaola is a blend of different tastes, with mozzarella, baby arugula, parmesan shavings, olive oil and thin, delicate slices of cured beef being the stars of the show. Their wood-burning oven adds a special touch to this extraordinary pizza. As far as pasta goes, the homemade Fettuccine in a divine walnut pesto sauce with mascarpone is a hit with both new customers and regulars alike.


Meatball sliders have become something of a staple in Italian restaurants all around town. But you have never tasted sliders like Tufino turns out four delectable meatballs topped with melted Provolone, fresh basil and grated Parmesan cheese.

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Location and Hours

36-08 Ditmars Blvd., Astoria NY 11105
718 278-4800

Monday-Friday   5 PM to 10 PM
Saturday        12 PM to 11 PM
Sunday          12 PM to  10 PM


Mokja - Astoria, NY

Mokja's mission is to give their customers Korean cuisine that is both traditional and creative. They certainly deliver on their promise. This chic restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate the hordes of foodies, from all over the city, who have been flocking to Mokja since opening day. Customers are attracted by the wide variety of dishes that are available. But when they get to know the menu, most hungry Astorians opt for one of their hearty stews. The Kimchi stew blends chunks of tender but well-cooked pork, with vegetables, tofu and a side of rice cakes. Running a close second in terms of taste and popularity is the seafood Tofu stew.


Korean barbeque is well represented here with their signature BBQ grilled Kalbi (short ribs). Sauteed onions and lettuce complete this savory dish. By far, though, Mokja's best-sellers are their famous bento box meals. Each meal comes with miso soup, salad and rice as well as your choice of pork dumplings or shrimp tempura. The most popular bento boxes are the chicken teriyaki with vegetables and the salmon teriyaki. For those fried rice lovers out there, the kitchen's rice dishes come with kimchi and are topped with a fried egg. Regulars are in love with the Korean beef stew topping as well as  the spicy pork option.

Location and Hours

35-19 Broadway, Astoria NY 11106
718 721-0654


Mon-Sun 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM


Piccola Venezia - Astoria, NY

Piccola Venezia  has been part of the Astoria dining landscape for many years. Several generations of Astoria's families have  enjoyed the signature dishes that have attracted discerning foodies and restaurant critics to this traditional but always innovative restaurant.

PiccolaVenezia 1

Their menu highlights an amazing array of soups, salads, appetizers and pasta dishes. But it is the chef's special way with meat and fish that really sends customers coming back again and again. The scaloppine di vitella Piccola Venezia is proof of this tender, loving care in the kitchen. The veal is sautéed with eggplant  and melted mozzarella. Osso Buco is braised veal shank, a traditional dish in Venice. Their signature Osso Buco is served with your choice of risotto or  gnocchi. Either way it is delicious.

PiccolaVenezia 2

The Adriatic region of Italy and Croatia is famous for its delectable seafood dishes. Piccola Venezia has a duo of signature Pesce dishes that are worthy of your attention. Regulars adore their Scampi Adriatico, which consists of shrimp with white wine, garlic and lemon. And when we say garlic, we mean just the right amount. They don't overdo it. The other customer favorite is the Sogliola alla Piccola Venezia, which is broiled filet of sole topped with diced shrimp in a light cream sauce. Feeling a little adventurous? Then try the calf's liver sautéed with onions and white wine. It's a meal that the Doges of the old Venetian empire enjoyed and the restaurant is proud to continue this culinary tradition.

Location and Hours

42-01 28th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
718 721-8470


Mon-Thur  12 PM to 10 PM
Fri            12 PM to 11 PM
Sat           4:30  PM to 11 PM
Sun          2 PM to   9 PM


Stamatis Restaurant - Astoria, NY

One of the premier Greek restaurants in Astoria, Stamatis is known for a duo of dishes that regular customers never get tired of ordering. Their signature grilled meatballs are unmatched anywhere. They are simply grilled with a sprinkling of herbs and spices and that's all you need for an unforgettable meal. The grill's fire brings out the best in any kind of meat. Why not combine the best of Stamatis and do a surf and turf.? Order the meatballs as an appetizer and as your entrée, enjoy their grilled octopus.

Stamatis 1

At Stamatis, they practically invented the Gyro. The chefs here, most certainly perfected it and that's why their Gyro platter with pita, onions, tomatoes and that fabulous tzatziki sauce is the go-to meal for many hungry Ditmars residents.
By the way, all of their food is prepared with pure Greek olive oil. A touch of that nectar from the land of Plato, makes all the difference in your meal. As the Greeks say, "kali orexi" or good appetite!

Location and Hours

29-09 23rd Avenue, Astoria NY 11105
(718) 932-8596


Open seven days a week 11 AM to 12 AM


Ovelia - Astoria NY

Ovelia is a contemporary, trendy take on a traditional Greek tavern. Even though the family that owns Ovelia are proud Greeks, this restaurant and its food is different from what you have come to expect from your standard Hellenic café or restaurant. Ask any regular what they enjoy the most at Ovelia and the reply that you'll get a plate of Loukaniko, made lovingly from the family's generations old sausage recipe. All you need to make the meal complete is a side of Pita and a dish of tzatziki or their signature almond skordalia (whipped potatoes, garlic and almonds).

ovelia 5

As far as entrees go, the kitchen has to go into overdrive to keep up with the demand for the chef's Pasticio (the Greek version of baked ziti) and Mousakas, which consists of baked layers of potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, Greek style Bolognese sauce and béchamel cream. Both dishes are served with a hearty and delicious Greek salad.

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Location and Hours

34-01 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
718 721-7217


Mon-Thur  12 PM to 1 AM
Friday       11 AM to 2 AM
Sat- Sun   10 AM to 1 AM


Gastroteca - Astoria, NY

Open for a relatively short time, Gastroteca is creating a tremendous buzz with foodies from all over the neighborhood. A lot of the popular acclaim has to do with their very Italian and oh so trendy Aperitivo Hour, which takes place Monday through Friday from 4-8 PM. Aperitivo hour is a great excuse to come in after work, purchase a cocktail and socialize with your neighbors. Oh, and it's nice to know that the house serves complimentary small bites, like salami and cheese to go with your drink.


Gastrotecas menu highlights a variety of scrumptious, made in-house pasta dishes. The most popular pasta presentations are the crispy gnocchi (with an outrageous pistachio pesto and spinach), the kale ricotta ravioli as well as the spaghetti with shallots, roasted corn, blue crab and chives. The antipasto dish that has customers raving is the stacked crispy eggplant with Mozzarella in a root vegetable tomato sauce. As far as signature and wildly popular dolci or desserts go, it's a tie between the Nutella French toast bread pudding and the Tuscan dark chocolate cake with vanilla gelato! We'll let you choose.

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Location and Hours

33-02 34th Avenue
Astoria NY 11106
(718) 729-9080


Mon-Fri   10:30 AM to 11 PM
Sat-Sun  11:30 AM to 11 PM


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