Bars & Cool Cocktails in the Lowest East Side, NYC

Bars & Cool Cocktails in the Lowest East Side, NYC

Let's take a look at some of the cocktail bars that are currently trending on the Lower East Side.

As an added bonus, most of the bars on the Lower East Side offer tantalizing bites that are right up there with their cocktails, in terms of taste and quality. From old-fashioned standbys like Vodka, Rye, whiskey and grenadine to fresh fruit juices and garden-grown herbs, the sky's the limit where ingredients for your cocktail are concerned.


Sel Rrose - NYC

The décor at Sel Rrose is industrial chic and the vibe is chill.
A New York drinking and dining institution, Sel Rrose pays tribute to the literary and artistic scene of the Nineteenth century Paris. It was a grand era when luminaries such as Marcel Duchamp would get together with other creative minds and exchange ideas and small talk over a glass of wine or a cocktail.

SelRose 1

This is the understated and glamorous ambiance that Sel Rrose seeks to re-create.
The sleek long marble bar is where your barkeeps do their best work.  They will mix your cocktails with style and a theatrical flourish.
Yes, Sel Rrose's cocktail list may be French-influenced but it is also quite diverse.
Here, every drink on the list has its' share of fans. However, there are three cocktails in particular that will please even the most discerning palate.
The Bowery consists of Rye, sweet vermouth, alpine herbs and a twist of orange. The delectable French 27 blends thyme infused rum with mesquite-honey syrup, lime and a splash of sparkling water.
The Spring and Delancey is the ultimate warm-weather refresher, with just the right mixture of peach-infused vodka, blackberries, simple syrup and lemon.

SelRrose 2

In addition to a small but select menu of bar bites, Sel Rrose features a really nice Oyster Happy Hour, available from 5 pm to 7 pm Monday through Thursday as well as on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, during the hours of 4 to 6 pm.
The house also has a variety of raw par petite plates with oysters, crab, clams, shrimp and house pickled mussels.

Location and Hours 

1 Delancey Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 226-2510

Sunday through Thursday 9 AM to 2 AM
Friday and Saturday     9 AM to 3 AM  


Wassail - NYC 

How very appropriate it is that a cider bar found a home on Orchard Street. Wassail offers a delicious cider based cocktail list as well as a menu of small plates and snacks.
The restaurant's name is derived from the old Norse salutation  "be well" or" good health". Back in the day, in England and colonial America,  wassail was a ritual blessing of the orchards and apple trees. Cider was a big thing for centuries until it went out of fashion.

Wassail 1
Now, cider as a drink of choice is making a huge come-back.  This popularity is, in part, due to the efforts of Wassail's owners Jennifer Lim and Ben Sandler.
If you live in Astoria you may already be familiar with this charming couple as the owners of the Queens Kickshaw. It was at the Kickshaw that Jennifer and Ben developed the most comprehensive list of cider drinks in all of New York. They have stepped it up a notch, cider-wise, at Wassail.
Their LES bar pays homage to the apple orchards that once graced this part of Manhattan Island.
Cider is simply the fermented juice of apples. But at Wassail, it's a lot more than that.
Cider based cocktails that you will want to enjoy include the Hotel California, a heady blend of rum, matcha and cider and the Little Red Corvette which is comprised of  Apple brandy, coconut, beets and pineapple.  The signature cocktail, the Wassail, consists of mulled cider, Madeira and pear brandy.

Wassail 2
The food menu is not as extensive as what you may be used to at Queens Kickshaw, but there are several noteworthy dishes such as the Fava beans and Chorizo, crispy red rice with asparagus and pistachio romesco as well as the bone-in rib eye steak. It is both savory and delicious.
The talented team of Ben and Jennifer have done it again at Wassail. They are always ahead of the trends. 

Location and Hours 

162 Orchard street
New York, NY 10002
(646) 918-6835
Monday to Thursday 5 PM to 12 AM
Friday             5 PM to 2 AM
Saturday           3 PM to 2 AM
Sunday             3 PM to 12 AM 

Verlaine - NYC 

If you're looking for a different sort of cocktail and ambiance, you have found it here at Verlaine, a Vietnamese-themed cocktail bar that is enjoying tremendous popularity with LES residents and cocktail enthusiasts from all over town.
There Hanoi Lychee Martini is one of the most talked about cocktails in New York and, according to the bar, they have proudly served over 1.5 million of these delicious Martinis since  2001.
Verlaine is also the home of New York's most popular Happy Hour.  From  5 to 10 pm, seven days a week, you can enjoy the afore-mentioned Lychee Martini for only $6,  Southeast Asian sangrias and Vietnamese Bloody Marys for just $6 and mixed basic cocktails and house reds and whites are available for just $4. Now THAT's a real Happy Hour.
The décor here is sleek, sexy and modern with 17 foot high ceilings and plenty of couches for lounging and mingling.
Nothing opens a conversation with a soon-to-be new friend like a great cocktail.

VerlaineBar 1
What do we have in mind? Let's start with The Lawnmower, a refreshing blend of fair trade Bolivian quinoa vodka, sake, finely muddled mint and passion fruit puree.
Another conversation ice-breaker is the Saigon Bellini, which is comprised of champagne, Asian pear sake and passion fruit puree.
The St. Verlaine signature drink is made up of St. Germaine elderflower liquor, champagne and lychee. In case you were wondering about the magic behind the Hanoi Lychee Martini, here's the bartender's secret "... vodka, lychee and a splash of pineapple juice.
Verlaine's kitchen turns out some very tasty tapas and small plates.  This is Asian-fusion cooking at its' finest.   Menu highlights include the Verlaine Lo-Mein with broccoli and Thai basil, Coconut curry with rice, Vegetable tempura and an absolutely delicious pan-seared salmon with a honey-ginger glaze and coconut rice.

VerlaineBar 2
If you are looking to impress a first date or your friends from the office, take them to Verlaine. It will be a night that they won't soon forget. 

Location and Hours 

110 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 614-2494
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Monday           5 PM to 1 AM
Tuesday          5 PM to 2 AM
Wednesday        5 PM to 2 AM
Thurs. Fri. Sat. 5 PM to 4 AM
Sunday           5 PM to 1 AM

Bonnie Vee - NYC

A fun place to hang out with friends and neighbors, Bonnie Vee features craft cocktails, delicious bar bites and a patriotic theme that will move your emotions.
The bar is named after the B-24 plane that co-owner Jason Baron's great-uncle, Daniel Abraham flew during World War II. An American hero, Daniel and his squadron were ordered to bomb the Henschel engine and motor factory in Kassel Germany.
However, during their bombing run, the American B-24 bombers were ambushed by over 150 German fighter planes. Twenty-one year old Dan Abrahams, along with over 100 of his comrades were killed in battle over the German skies.
The Bonnie Vee is a world and generations removed from the exploits of Daniel Abraham. But Jason Baron's tribute to his great-uncle reminds us that bravery never goes out of style.
 BonnieVee 1
Ever since opening its' doors in 2014 this congenial bar with a beautiful garden has made a lot of friends in the area.
The Bonnie Vee is serious about their wine, beer and cocktails. Beers on offer range from local brews such as Bushwick Pilsner to Mexican Lagers. Draft selections include Montauk session IPA as well as Ireland's Guinness.
Cocktails change with the seasons. The Flawless Victory blends bourbon and Benedictine with Malbec, lemon, pineapple, ginger, honey and absinthe.
You'll get a real kick out of the Salt and Ash, a cocktail that brings together grapefruit-infused tequila, mescal, maraschino, lapsang infused sweet vermouth, agave, lemon and bitters.

BonnieVee 2
Sandwiches and small bites include truffle grilled cheese, Prosciutto di Parma with roasted red peppers, an olive bowl and deviled eggs along with guacamole and chips.

Location and Hours 

17 Stanton Street
between Chrystie and Bowery
New York, NY 10002
(917) 639-3352
Monday to Friday 5 PM to 2 AM
Saturday         2 PM to 2 AM
Sunday           2 PM to 12 AM

Tiki Tabu Bar at Sixty LES Hotel -  NYC

The Sixty LES Hotel has achieved an enviable reputation as one of the most stylish boutique hotels in the city. The hotel's amenities are second to none and they include a rooftop lounge and patio that has recently had a very creative make-over.
The Tiki Tabu bar  has been designed by the celebrated Misha Kahn. A space that was always welcoming and artsy has now been transformed into a tropical paradise. The walls are adorned with tropically-themed wallpaper and there are planters filled with lush flowers and greenery everywhere. Perhaps the most whimsical touch, though, is the oversized lava lamps that are strategically scattered about the premises.

TickyBar 1
Tiki Tabu has a very special menu of refreshing cocktails that are appropriate for the Summer or really any time that you are in need of respite from the hustle and bustle of New York.
You will, indeed, be transported to the tropics when you take a sip of Heaven's Nice, a soothing concoction of gin, lemon, simple syrup and angostura bitters. The Mai Tai, a blend of rum, lime and creole shrub will also take you to some very cool places.
The bar also offers some delicious frozen drinks including a classic strawberry daiquiri and their signature Mama Colada which is a mixture of rum, lime, pineapple juice and toasted coconut.
TikkyBar 2
While you're at the Sixty LES Hotel, you might want to check out their fabulous sushi restaurant Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya.
Modeled after a traditional Japanese tavern, Blue Ribbon serves up upscale Japanese comfort food as well as family-style dishes and some very unique cocktails.
You definitely won't go hungry or thirsty when you stay or visit Sixty LES Hotel. 

Location and Hours

Sixty LES Hotel
190 Allen street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 460-5300
Hours for Tiki Tabu
Opens daily from 12 pm until close.
Blue Ribbon Sushi
Monday to Saturday 12 PM to 2 AM
Sunday             12 PM to 12 AM

Suffolk Arms - NYC

Crafting a great drink runs in owner  Giuseppe Gonzalez' family. A third generation bartender, Giuseppe has created a cocktail-centric pub that celebrates, not only the art of the cocktail but the service and hospitality that comes along with being behind the bar.
You will feel welcome here at the Suffolk Arms. In addition to a long list of cocktails that really do stretch the boundaries of creativity, Suffolk Arms also features omakase style cocktails that are custom based according to YOUR spirit and flavor preferences. Now, you can't get more warm and welcoming than that!

SuffolcArms 1

Their cocktail list goes against the current trend of re-inventing Prohibition era classics. There is a contemporary flair to everything that Giuseppe and his team does. When you sample one of their signature drinks, you'll know exactly what we mean.
Their Pineapple Martini rocks with a generous pouring of Aylesbury Duck vodka, lime sugar and pineapple.  The Czarine blends Reyka vodka and dry vermouth with apricot liqueur and a hint of bitters.
Need a shot of energy? Then look no further than the Vodka Espresso. This tasty drink consists of Aylesbury vodka, coffee liqueur, sugar and, of course, espresso.
One of their most popular libations is the Silver Monk, a mix of tequila cabeza, lime, yellow charteuse and cucumber.
 SuffolcArms 2
At the Suffolk Arms, every customer is treated as a unique individual and their cocktails reflect this philosophy.
Classic American fare is prepared by Chef Alex Garcia, who you may know from the Food Network and restaurants such as Calle Ocho and Babalu.
Celebrate the good things in life at the Suffolk Arms.

Location and Hours

269 East Houston street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 475-0400
Monday through Sunday  5 PM to 4 AM

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