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Best Cocktail Bars In Brooklyn

Best Cocktail Bars In Brooklyn

Cool Cocktails Bars in Gowanus and Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn. Halyards, Hunter's, Grand Army, Dirty Precious and Leyenda are featured on this article.

Being creative is the name of the game in the trendy borough of Brooklyn, especially in the hip and happening neighborhood of Gowanus. Once an industrial hub, Gowanus is now home to a thriving artistic community. It seems as though there are art galleries and studios on almost every street. Young professionals and entrepreneurs are also moving into the neighborhood in droves. Together with their fellow residents, gallery owners, sculptors and musicians, these young men and women all share a vision of what their neighborhood should be, diverse and multi-cultural. For such a relatively new community, Gowanus has more than its fair share of great cocktail bars to choose from.

Halyards - Brooklyn

Halyards is the quintessential neighborhood watering hole. It's a great place in which to shoot pool, get a game of darts going or indulge in one of their decadent and delicious cocktails. A classic English pub, in both decor and atmosphere, halyards has been re-invented as a hip cocktail bar. But there's no pretensions going on here. You needn't dress up to hang at Halyards. Come as you are and enjoy the friendly vibe.
Halyards 1
There may be a classic pub-like feel to the place but the cocktail list is definitely 2016, in terms of ingenuity and a passion for using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Drink list selections include the perennially popular Dark and Stormy, a classic Whiskey Sour, a most intoxicating Rosemary Gimlet, an Aperol Spritz as well as Halyard's very special version of the Negroni. The food options are rather limited, but they do have some excellent personal pizzas. The mushroom with white truffle oil is really tasty as is their Margherita. Halyards features a weekly line-up of live music as well as stand-up comedy nights. Please check their website for the weekly calendar of events.

Location and Hours

406 Third Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11215
(718) 532-8787


Monday to Friday 4 PM to 2 AM
Saturday            2 PM to 4 AM
Sunday              12 Pm to 2 AM

Hunter's - Brooklyn

There's a warm, rustic vibe here at Hunter's. It's not just the decor, but the warmth that is exuded by the bartenders and wait staff. They act as hosts, not just people doing their jobs. That is an important difference when you are going out for a special evening and want to be spoiled a little. When your bartender greets you with a smile and asks "How is it going?" and genuinely seems to mean it, you can't put a price on that kind of hospitality. That is what keeps the neighborhood crowd coming back to Hunter's.
Hunters 1
You'll also adore their bar creations like the Handsome Hound, which mixes rye whiskey, orange and barrel-aged bitters with sweet vermouth and brandied cherries. The quaintly-named Duneagle Castle consists of Junipero Gin, Lillet Blanc,fresh grapefruit juice, basil and tonic. The Redhead and the Cowboy is hot romance in a glass. This cocktail consists of cherry jam, fresh-squeezed lemon juice Camarena 100% agave and a touch of pepper. Their menu is diverse and delicious. Mains include mint and minced Gnocchi with shredded Angus beef and Miso butter, Quinoa Risotto and a whole brook trout dressed in a lime aioli. You could and should make a meal with a couple of their fabulous sides. Highly delightful are the crispy smashed potatoes, creamed kale and the grilled Summer squash and Romesco.

Location and Hours

213 Smith Street
Brooklyn New York 11211
(718) 246-2221


Tuesday to Friday       5 PM to 12 AM
Saturday and Sunday 10 AM to 12 AM
Monday                     Closed 

Grand Army - Brooklyn

Date night at Grand Army cocktail bar is no ordinary evening. There is an air of casual sophistication and romance about this charming place. If you are celebrating a special anniversary with the one you love, Grand Army is your preferred destination. Want to impress a first-time date? You cannot do better than this cozy and warm bar. When the lights get low, let their delicious cocktails flow.
GrandArmy 2

They do have a sense of humor here, though. The Summer cocktail menu is dedicated to the celebration of "hot nights of debauchery." Why not start off with A Night to Remember, a cocktail comprised of bonded bourbon, Contratto bitters, Amontillado sherry and orange bitters. The Magic Carpet Ride consists of vida mescal, blanco tequilas, cocchi Torino and grapefruit bitters. The Enchanted Forest blends Greenhook Old Yom gin and blood orange amaro with Suze, lime and a hint of mint. The food that is served here is as elevated as are the drinks and ambiance. The kitchen's fare is on the light side, but it's very tasty and everything on the menu goes well with the cocktail list. Seafood lovers rejoice! Grand Army's lobster roll is as good as what you would get at one of the city's top seafood restaurants. The crab cake comes with pickled ramp remoulade and a delightful watercress salad. Steamed mussels are served with a green garlic aioli and toasted bread to sop up the juices. They do a nice Summer squash gratin with tomatoes, Parmesan and olives as well as deviled eggs topped with crab, capers and breadcrumbs.

GrandArmy 1
At Grand Army cocktail bar, charm and old-world sophistication never goes out of style.

Location and Hours

336 State Street
Brooklyn NY 11217
(718) 422-7867


Monday        5 PM to 12 AM
Tues-Thurs   5 PM to 1 AM
Friday          5 PM to 2 AM
Saturday      12 PM to 2 AM
Sunday        12 PM to 12 AM

Dirty Precious - Brooklyn

This is one cocktail bar that has tons of personality. The ambiance is decidedly casual but the cocktails are high-end in terms of creativity, ingredients and overall satisfaction. In short, you won't be disappointed.


A lovely touch is the skylight, which contributes a great deal to the atmosphere. When dusk falls, some serious moonlight casts its glow. The bar is dedicated to New Yorkers who work hard and play hard. And, of course, to those who appreciate a really, really well-made cocktail. That, most likely, speaks to you or you probably would not be reading this. The question of the day is "what's behind the name Dirty Precious?". The story is fairly straightforward yet interesting. Owners Katipai Richardson-Wilson and Shana used to work together, many years ago, at another Brooklyn bar, as, respectively a bartender and cocktail server. One day, a mutual friend asked Katipai what Shana's story was. Katipai and Shana had been doing a little friendly bickering that day, so Katipai replied... "She's cool but Shana can be a little precious at times. "
Their mutual pal said "Yes, Pai, but you can be more than a little precious too, when the mood strikes you." To which Katipai retorted " Yes, but I'm more dirty precious!" The phrase stuck in Shana and Katipai's mind when they began to brainstorm for a name to christen their new bar. Shana, by the way, designed the entire bar.


The bar's menu is divided up into various sections such as snacks, toasties, salads, boards (antipasto and fish) and bowls. Their most popular items would have to be the Meatballs with Pomodoro sauce and the Mac and Cheese. Cocktail must-haves include The Kindness of Strangers (rye, amaro and Amontillado) and the Cheeky Finish which consists of gin, dry vermouth and Ba'sik tonic water. They also mix up a selection of mocktails. The best of these refreshers is Hommert's Helper, which is made with black currant, rosewater lime and spritz.

Location and Hours

317 Third Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11215
(646) 685-4481


Monday-Sunday 5 PM to 2 AM 

Leyenda - Carroll Garden

Brooklyn is the perfect setting for the Latin-fusion flavors and tropical cocktails that are on offer at Leyenda, a cocktail bar which is led by Julie Reiner of the famed Clover Club, her protege Ivy Mix and acclaimed chef Sue Torres. Leyenda is a unique and inviting establishment in a one-of-a-kind neighborhood.

Leyenda 2

The decor invites you to stay awhile and relax. The bar and restaurant area is warm with a contemporary Hacienda-style ambiance. The drinks are out of this world. You cannot get these tasty cocktails anywhere else but here at Leyenda. Dive in with the luscious Captain Ahab, a glass filled with all kinds of good stuff; Chilean Pisco, aquavit, velvet Falernum, macademia nut orgeat, lemon, lime, egg white and tiki bitters. The Say Anything contains jalapeno infused blanco tequila, cachaca, aperol, lime, a pinch of salt and watermelon juice. The romantically named Feelings Catcher consists of Jamaican rum, Spanish brandy, bourbon, guava, grapefruit, lemon, cinnamon and Peychaud's bitters.

Leyenda's signature drink, though, is the Brooklyn Burro, a blend of Guyanese white rum, pineapple, ginger, lime, soda and aromatic bitters. The comida (food) is exquisite. As you go through both the cocktail list and the comida menu you'll constantly discover new, favorite tastes and flavors. That is the joy of dining at a place like Leyenda. Chef Torres does a beautifully presented Peruvian Ceviche with Ahi tuna, watermelon and cucumber in a salsa of habanero, orange and lime with plantain chips. Be warned, those chips are addicting.

Leyenda 1

Chef's Spinach and Manchego Empanadas are served over an artichoke and orange escabeche. One of her signature dishes is the delightful tequila flamed shrimp arepa. White corn is topped with chipotle-lime shrimp and a pineapple salsa. If you're really ravenous, get the Colombian papas rellenas. This dish consists of fried mashed potatoes stuffed with braised beef, chipotle and chihuaha cheese over a scrumptious avocado salsa verde. There is no place like Leyenda to celebrate all that is sweet about life, friends, family and special occasions.

Location and Hours

221 Smith street
Brooklyn NY 11201
(347) 987-3260

Monday to Thursday  5 PM to 2 AM
Friday                      5 Pm to 3 AM
Saturday                  11 AM to 3 AM
Sunday                    11 AM to 1 AM

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