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Brooklyn Tapas Bars

Brooklyn Tapas Bars

Brooklyn's tapas bars offer a variety of diverse decors and ambiances. Tapas-style dining encourages both sharing and socializing. The one thing that all Brooklyn tapas bars have in common is an intimate and cozy romantic setting.

They are your urban oasis away from the noisy Brooklyn streets and the never-ending hours that you spend on the job.

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It didn't take long for most restaurants to pick up on this trend. After all, the customer is always right. Elements of the famed Mediterranean diet have found their way onto the menus of restaurants from Manhattan and Brooklyn to Queens. What was once a fad is now business as usual. Foodies delight in the tapas and small plate dining concept because it is not only a healthier way to eat, but it allows you to sample various dishes without walking away from the table feeling heavy and bloated. And tapas or small plate dining incorporates some of the best elements and ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, from fresh veggies to good-for-you seasonings and fish.

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You could say that tapas bars in Spain originated the small plate culinary style of lighter dining. Tapas bars are about more than just food. They create a social atmosphere that encourages conversation and interaction among friends and family. In Madrid or Barcelona and all points in between, people go out to their neighborhood tapas place to have a good time. Food and drink (hey, you've got to have at least one glass of red or white) is only part of the equation. Brooklyn is proud to boast an eclectic array of diverse restaurants and cuisines.

Naïve - Brooklyn

Naïve is one stylish place. Located on the corner of a bustling Williamsburg street, Naïve is absolutely gorgeous. The vintage décor transports you into another world all of its own. On nice days the doors are thrown wide open, creating a sidewalk café type of ambiance, even if you are at a table indoors.

Naive 1

The bar is situated right near the  front of the place, so you can enjoy both your cocktail and  tapas plate along with the cool evening breeze. On selected evenings, Naïve presents live folk and jazz. Local artists are also invited to showcase their artwork on the premises. They even host the occasional poetry reading. There's a lot going on here. But the spotlight belongs, as it should, to some delicious small plates of delectable food. Their tapas menu consists of a rainbow of international flavors and delights. Tapas standbys like Jamon Iberico and ham croquettes are available, as is chorizo with shallots. But where the kitchen really excels is with their signature small plates. Nowhere else in Brooklyn can you enjoy a plate of zucchini noodles in a creamy avocado pesto sauce that tastes as good as this.

Naive 2

The baked sweet potato rounds with housemade ricotta, walnuts and cranberries certainly qualifies as elevated tapas bar food, as does the burrata with grilled peaches and basil. In the best traditions of a typical Spanish tapas place, Naïve has a great selection of reds, whites and sparkling wines. They also have a short and sweet cocktail list. Two cocktails that deserve your attention include the Edison Light (gin, Campari and absinthe) and As Cool as a Cucumber, a light and refreshing concoction of gin, muddled cucumber and mint.

Location and Hours

299 South 4th street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 583-9961
Monday to Thursday 5 PM to 12 AM
Friday                     5 PM to 2 AM
Saturday                11 AM to 2 AM
Sunday                  11 AM to 12 AM

D.O.C. Wine Bar - Brooklyn

Owners Claudio Coronas and Rossana Patteri have come up with a one-of-a-kind menu at D.O.C. Wine Bar. Their beautiful enoteca is the Italian version of a traditional Spanish tapas bar. The twist here, though, is that the kitchen features Sardinian small plates and  bites.

DOC Wine Bar 1

Décor is rustic with a Sardinian Country Inn theme. Although not on the radar as a popular tourist destination, Sardinia is one of the most scenic islands in the Mediterranean and their cuisine is second to none. The extensive menu was designed by Claudio and Rossana together with executive chef Stefano Baldantoni, who hails from Italy. With years of experience to his credit, Stefano has previously worked in the kitchen at Harry's Bar and Annabel's Club in London as well as Acquario and Fiorello Café in Manhattan. Stefano has been at D.O.C. since 2002 and had the singular honor of cooking for none other than Giorgio Armani, during the fashion icon's vacations in New York. Stefano's bites or tapas menu has many must-try dishes. Foremost among them would be the polpette, which are meatballs stewed in tomato sauce and Pecorino Romano cheese. The pane carasau is a Sardinian flatbread. This large, cracker-like bread is served hot off the grill and is dressed up with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sea salt and fresh rosemary. In Sardinia, the shepherds wives would bake mounds of pane carasau in the family's  brick oven. Their husbands and sons would then pack up this delicious bread and go up into the mountains to tend to their herds. The shepherds lived on their pane for days at a time.

DOC Wine Bar 2

Another version of carasau that's being served here is toast. These are grilled slices of country bread that are topped up with a mouth-watering selection of ingredients. Whatever your taste runs to, Chef Stefano has a topping that will entice and delight you. Choices include olive pate that's made with Gaeta olives, marinated white anchovies, melted Sardinian sheep's milk cheese with salami and Pistachio pesto spread with mascarpone. You may also order small plates like Fregola, a Sardinian pasta that is similar in texture and appearance to couscous. The signature tapas for two platter is comprised of delicious imported Italian cheeses and cold cuts such as Mortadella and Prosciutto along with grilled eggplant and Zucchini.

Location and Hours

83 North 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 963-1925
Sunday  to Thursday    6 PM to 11 PM
Friday and Saturday 6 PM to 12 AM

The Saint Austere - Brooklyn

This place has soul! There's really no other way to describe the feeling that one gets when dining here. Love and passion is evident in everything that the Pirolo family does, from greeting you at the door to preparing your meal in their small but state-of-the-art kitchen.


With care and commitment the Pirolo siblings have made the Saint Austere one of Williamsburg's most buzzed-about restaurants. And that is no small feat in a neighborhood like this, which is crowded with all manner of bars, cafes and eateries.
Whether you are hungry for a full meal or just want to snack on a small plate or two, you will find what you need to satisfy those cravings. Their tapas selections are an intriguing mix of both Italian and Spanish cuisine. Good old Spanish stalwarts such as octopus and patatas bravas share the menu with broccoli rabe (accompanied by anchovies and boiled eggs), grilled prawns with pesto risotto as well as ricotta crostino with wild mushrooms, arugula and grilled onions. The Pirolos have also crafted an amazing polenta board consisting of creamy, perfectly executed polenta (not too mushy), spicy sausage, meatballs, balsamic-braised cipollini and mushrooms, all in a savory pork ragu. All pasta is made in-house. The Spaghetti alla scoglio, with clams, rock shrimp and Calabrese chilies for a little extra kick, is off-the-charts popular with the Williamsburg late-night dining crowd.


They have a diverse beverage program which emphasizes small, boutique, family-owned vineyards. If a glass of wine just isn't your go-to drink, then you'll be happy to know that  the bar will quench your thirst and help you celebrate the night with a variety of  craft spirits, beers and superb cocktails. The Saint Austere doesn't attempt to be hip or trendy. They have succeeded by building a solid foundation based on warm hospitality, unforgettable food that is reasonably priced, together with a cozy, friendly, unpretentious atmosphere. 

Location and Hours

613 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-0012
Sunday through Thursday  6 PM to 11 PM
Friday and Saturday          6 PM to 12 AM

33 Lafayette Tapas Wine Bar and Lounge - Brooklyn

Located just across the street from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, 33 Lafayette Wine Bar and Lounge is only a couple of blocks from the Barclays Center. They have got you covered if you are in need of a drink or snack after taking in a basketball game or concert.

33Lafayette 1

The ambiance is very cool and chic. They have a comfy lounge area tucked away to the side, complete with sofas, couches and soft pillows lining the banquettes. There's an interesting collection of artwork strategically placed around the lounge area as well as small cocktail tables and a large communal table for socializing, whenever you are in the mood. Local bands and solo performers are featured on select evenings. 33 Lafayette has an extensive list of wines (sparkling, domestic and imported) together with draft and bottled beers. Their tapas menu is concise but that doesn't mean it is limited. Their range of small plates will accommodate everyone from carnivores to vegetarians. Their deconstructed wings (Teriyaki or BBQ) are outrageous, as is the macaroni and cheese with truffle oil. One of their most popular tapas plates is the classic hummus served with warm pita bread, olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

33Lafayette 2

A most unusual but tasty choice is the cassava supreme with salted peanut butter, sliced tomatoes and watercress. The kitchen also offers a soup and pasta selection of the day.

Location and Hours

33 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(347) 987-4073

Thursday through Sunday  6 PM to 2 AM 

The Topaz - Brooklyn

There are two rooms in this stylish lounge and each one is a gem. Both spaces are welcoming with a sleek, hip, modern aesthetic. There are intriguing accents and touches such as lilies, marble and blemished wood that will keep you looking around, wanting to see what's next. As an added bonus, you can even enjoy your sips and bites in their outdoor patio. Forget your days of going to a dive bar just because it was down the block. Go a little out of your way to  discover what the Topaz experience is all about.


A great night out means delicious drinks and food. Along with a fantastic ambiance. You get all three at the Topaz. They even have an uber cool music soundtrack which runs from Classic Motown to Drake and other contemporary artists. General Manager Brandon Davey has put together a great team here, from head bartender James Angelos to chef Katy Severson. They know that it's the not so little things that count: courtesy, kindness and professionalism. Classic drinks include the Sidecar, Negroni, Manhattan and a delightful Moscow Mule. One of their tastiest cocktails is the Safe Word, a blend of poppy gin, lime, yellow chartreuse, maraschino liqueur and orange bitters. Everyone raves about the kitchen's savory Bao Buns, which are stuffed with your choice of Shiitake mushrooms or braised heritage pork. Chef Katy's grilled cheese is a cut above the usual fare. This elevated sandwich is filled with ooey-gooey aged cheddar and Swiss along with a slightly spicy compote.


Other great options are the Japanese cucumber plate, potato fries with sriracha Wasabi and the king crab rolls. Chef Katy's small plates and tapas change with the seasons and her ingredients are locally sourced, which makes for a fresh, vibrant culinary experience.

Location and Hours

251 Bushwick Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(347) 770-7217
Monday to Friday       5 PM to 4 AM
Saturday and Sunday 3 PM to 4 AM

Salud - Bay Ridge

Delicious cocktails that are mixed with house-made fruit purees compete with innovative tapas delights for your attention at Salud, a sexy and stylish tapas bar that is adding to the diversity of the Bay Ridge nightlife scene.

An intimate and cozy, fine dining experience, Salud features live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. While you certainly don't need a tux or evening wear to enjoy an evening at Salud; flip-flops and shorts are most definitely out of place.
The vibe is chill and the ambiance, very classy.

Executive chefs and owners Andres Hernandez and Nestor Barrera bring to you a menu of classic Spanish tapas and entrees with a lively Dominican personality.

All meats are antibiotic-free and open-range. The chefs deal only with farms who use humane and sustainable practices.
Ingredients such as fish, veggies and fruits are hand-picked daily by chefs Nestor and Andres at trusted, local purveyors and farmer's markets. They believe that no matter how creative the recipe is, a quality dish that will astound your palate depends on the freshness of the ingredients.

One of the most traditional of Spanish tapas, Bacalaitos are salted cod fritters. The chefs here, though, dress the succulent pieces of cod with cilantro, tomatoes, onions and a green aji sauce.

Salud's empanadas stay true to form with a savory beef filling and a classic sauce that's not overly spicy.
A real sense of daring, however, is shown in their wild mushroom croquetas that are served with bechamel sauce, scallions, goat cheese and a herb spread that is "can I please have seconds?" good.

The Dominican influence is on full display when you taste the Platano Asado, which are baked sweet plantains that are stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and beef with a pink sauce.

Besides a great selection of tapas, the kitchen is well-known for their delicious Paellas. You can choose from free-range chicken with chorizo and veggies, Seafood with Lobster, clams, mussels and shrimp, an all-vegetarian paella or the chef's special paella of the day.

Date night at a tapas bar takes on a whole new meaning when your evening is enhanced by a delicious cocktail. They make a great drink here!

Their signature libation is the Rose' Champagne Mojito with Vodka, lime juice, champagne and rose'. Their version of the Brazilian elixir, Caipirinha, isn't bad either. But it is very strong, so come ready with your drinking game face on.

Margaritas are available in exotic flavors like Guava, passion fruit, mango or spicy jalapeno. The watermelon or coconut martini is a refreshing vacation in a glass.

Location and Hours

7204 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 333-5228


Monday closed
Tuesday to Thursday 4 PM to 11 PM
Friday and Saturday 4 PM to 12 AM
Sunday 4 PM to


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