Coffee Bars In Astoria

Coffee Bars In Astoria

Astoria's best coffee bars and cafes are serving superb coffee and drinks, becoming widely popular any time of the day.

These coffee bars and cafes reflect the multi-cultural make-up of the community. Some even have live music, game nights and stand-up comedy. One thing's for certain you won't get bored visiting any of these very special places. Their superb coffee and drinks menus and incredible eclectic décor will keep you more than entertained.

Caffino - Astoria

At Caffino, a small but charming coffee bar located in the heart of Astoria, your hosts are Husko and Sija Celic. This warm and genuine couple enjoy welcoming customers into the shop as if it were their home. This is the first business venture for Husko and Sija who, between the two of them, have more than twenty years of experience in the café and hospitality industry. One of the best things about Caffino is that they don't try to do too much here or go overboard with the menu offerings. The Celics have found a niche here and feedback from the neighborhood indicates that they must be doing something right. The coffee is on point which is the most important thing if you are going to bill yourself as a coffee bar. The Celics proudly serve La Colombe coffee for several reasons. First of all, Husko and Sija have loved drinking this brand for many years and they thought that their customers would enjoy it, too. La Colombe is very smooth. There's no bitter aftertaste.


Husko and Sija also appreciate La Colombe's fair treatment of coffee farmers as well as the company's earth-conscious ethics and green policies. Their delicious breakfast pastries are exclusively from Balthazar, so you know they are top shelf. The neighborhood can't stop raving about Caffino's scrumptious sandwiches. Every one of these hand-crafted sandwiches deserves to be a signature creation. Selections include the smoked turkey and avocado on 7-grain bread, fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil on a tasty baguette and the Veggie, which is comprised of hummus, carrots, cucumbers and arugula. However, it is the Tuna sandwich on sourdough that will captivate your taste buds every time out. Luscious chunks of tuna are blended with celery, onions, capers, parsley and cottage cheese for a one of a kind texture and taste.

Location and Hours

29-18 Crescent street
Astoria, NY 11102
(917) 832-6961


Monday to Friday  7 AM to 7 PM
Saturday             8 AM to 7 PM
Sunday               8 AM to 6 PM

OK Café - Astoria

Nestled on a quiet side street, just off Ditmars Blvd., Ok Café offers organic coffee, tea and milk as well as a surprising variety of vegan and gluten-free treats. If you love coffee along with a tasty pastry that is better for you, then you have got to check out this tiny but vibrant café. There's not a whole lot of table space here, but there are a few seats along the window front as well as a couple of communal tables.

OK cafe 3

They do mostly take-out, but that's more than okay since there is not a better place anywhere to pick up your morning, let's get-it-going shot of caffeine. Service is quick and professional, without sacrificing any quality. Your cup of Java, mocha or latte will be made just as you requested. Their signature drink, by the way, is the maple almond latte.

The café was lovingly put together by husband and wife Predrag and Giselle Grncarski. Reflecting the wonderful diversity that is Astoria, Giselle originally comes from Minneapolis while Predrag was born in Belgrade. They both love coffee as well as interacting with the community. The couple has two daughters who asked that mom and dad serve ice cream in the shop, besides coffee and pastries. Who says that little children can't be smarter than adults?

OK cafe 1

Counter Culture Coffee roasts their beans specifically to order for OK Café. Your tea selections come from Rishi, an artisanal, organic company that strongly believes in fair trade practices. Trickling Springs Creamery supplies organic milk and cream that is sourced from small, family-owned farms. The baked goods that delight your palate every AM are made by Colson's Patisserie while This Chick Bakes bring Okay Café the vegan and gluten-free options that you can't do without.

Location and Hours

22-04 33rd Street
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 440-8789


Monday to Thursday  7 AM to 9 PM
Friday                      7 AM to 10 PM
Saturday                 8 AM to 10 PM
Sunday                   8 AM to 9 PM

New York City Bagel and Coffee House - Astoria

With a very rustic and welcoming vibe, the New York City Bagel and Coffee House is gaining quite a reputation with craft-coffee lovers from, not only the surrounding neighborhood but all over Astoria. It's definitely worth the walk or even a quick five-minute ride on the train so that you can enjoy the special, bagels, coffees, soups, spreads and pastries that they have to offer. The wood-paneled, rustic ambiance is extremely inviting. It's cozy, yet fairly spacious. Long mirrors line the exposed brickwork on one side of the café. The barista station and counter are next to refrigerator cases that display a tempting variety of house-made flavored cream cheese, delicious pastries and muffins as well as Greek specialties such as Spinach Pie. The lighting fixtures are very chic, definitely worth a look from the Property Brothers for the next house that they plan to remodel.

NewYorkCityBagerAndCofeeHouse 2

The owners, John Loukas and Mike Lagudis are always interacting with customers or are behind the counter making sure that things are running smoothly. Whether you are a regular here or a first-time customer, you will appreciate the effort that John and Mike have put into their bagel and coffee house. When it's nice out and the sun is showing off its best shine, the staff opens up the entire front of the café, transforming it into a sidewalk café. You can either grab a high top table near the entrance or sit at one of the tables out on the sidewalk.

NewYorkCityBagerAndCofeeHouse 1

Their always fresh hand-made bagels range from the usual poppy and sesame to egg, onion, blueberry and everything. Mini-bagels are also available. Flavored cream cheese options include vegetable, strawberry, sun-dried tomato, bacon scallion, cannoli, wasabi as well as garlic and herb. They are justly proud of both their lox and whitefish spread. Cream cheese selections and spreads are lathered onto your bagel. You get your money's worth, not just a schmear. The friendly baristas can make just about any kind of hot or iced coffee drink you want. But if the mood suits you, ask for an Americano or a Mochaccino. Both are really good. Having a frappe at NYC Bagel and Coffeehouse should be on every foodie's bucket list. particularly the toffee coffee and coconut cream selections. The soups here are so good, you'll become a soup person, even if you're not one already. Selections change daily. These are gourmet soups we're talking about like the Hungarian mushroom, Maryland crab and chicken coconut curry to their savory chicken and dumplings.

Location and Hours

29-08 23rd Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 728-9500


Monday through Sunday 6 am to 10 pm

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