Best Bars in Williamsburg

Best Bars in Williamsburg

The trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, is home to some of the most interesting bars in the entire borough.

In 2016, most bars have elevated their game considerably, in terms of decor as well as food and drink selection. Many local watering holes even offer game and trivia nights, poetry readings and live music ranging from jazz, folk and blues to independent rock bands. In the kitchen, culinary school trained chefs have, for the most part, replaced part-time cooks whose culinary expertise was usually limited to greasy burgers, fries and dirty water dogs.
If you hang your hat in another part of Brooklyn or even in nearby Queens, that's no problem. These buzz-worthy Williamsburg watering holes are well worth an Uber or Lyft ride or a quick trip on the subway. 

Radegast Hall and Biergarten - Williamsburg 

Radegast Hall is a little bit of Bavaria located smack dab in the middle of bustling Williamsburg. In a neighborhood where everyone has a hustle and works hard to pay their bills, the Radegast provides a much-needed source of relaxation and fun.
If the mood moves you you can enjoy your glass or mug of  authentic German beer in their gorgeous garden. The good news is that, when Autumn leaves start to bloom, you can still use the garden. It's fully heated. Of course, when you look around you won't see the green forests and hill tops of Bavaria. But you will feel happy, that's for sure.
RadegastHallBiergarten 2
There is a lot to like about this friendly, traditional beer garden, starting with their no cover charge policy for live music. And we are not talking about accordion-driven polka bands, either. Radegast features sophisticated performers such as the Koran Agan trio (guitars and stand-up bass). This talented trio entertains brunch-goers every Sunday from 1:30 to 4:30 PM. They are also extremely mindful of your fun and food budget here. Wednesday and Thursday specials include a free Bratwurst with every liter that you order of the special beer of the day.

RadegastHallBiergarten 1
The menu is fairly standard for a German and beer themed  establishment. They've got your typical, but well-made, brats, currywurst, smoked keilbasa and pretzel rolls along with delicious house-made sauerkraut. However, the menu does contain a few non-meat items for your enjoyment like the divine Portobello sandwich with arugula, tomato, goat cheese and aioli. Their turkey burger is really good and not dry at all. So that's an excellent option if sausage isn't  your thing.
Radegast's on-the-mark bartenders mix  up some very innovative liquor and beer-based cocktails. Foremost among these sips is the Black Forest cooler, a blend of greenhook beach plum gin, blackberry Schnapps, cocci rosso, rosemary and cranberry bitters. One of the more popular beer cocktails is the Blanche DuBois, which mixes Blanche De Bruxelles Helbing Kummel. ginger and pineapple with Bitterman's orange. The Mother Nora is simple but effective, drawing on Baladin Nora, Aperol, grapefruit and saffron to quench your thirst.
RadegastHallBiergarten 3
Even if you've never danced the polka before, you won't need much practice to get into the swing of things at Williamsburg's premier beer garden... Radegast Hall .

Location and Hours

113 North 3rd Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
Monday - Thursday       12 PM to 2 AM
Friday                          12 PM to 3 AM
Saturday & Sunday       11 AM to 3 AM

The Commodore - Williamsburg

From all outward appearances, the Commodore looks like a typical dive bar. Nothing screams out at you, upon first entering, that this is the place where you just have to spend a few hours of your valuable time. But when you dig a little deeper and taste the offerings that are available at the bar and from the kitchen, you will find that looks can, indeed, be deceiving.
Commodore 2
The co-owner and chef, Stephen Tanner brings the cuisine of his native Georgia to Williamsburg. And he does things with flair and pizzazz. Stephen honed his craft in restaurants all over his adopted city. But Williamsburg is where  the chef's heart is. Foodies from across town and beyond have discovered the pure and simple joy of  his fried oyster po'boy, grilled chicken club sandwich and chef's signature fried chicken. The meat is tender and juicy. The coating and crispy skin ,though, is what makes this dish a must-have.
Drink selections include Pimms Cup, the  trail-ways, a delicious frozen mojito, a superbly mixed Tom Collins, a refreshing aperol spritzer as well as the bar's well-regarded Michelada and Chelada. However, do yourself a big favor. Don't leave without ordering the mint julep. It is outstanding.
Commodore 1
The Commodore doen't have the fanciest decor in the world. So what! What counts is the liquid in your glass and the food that appears on your plate.

Location and Hours

366 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-7632
Monday - Friday        4 PM to 4 AM
Saturday & Sunday   11 AM to 4 AM

Hotel Delmano - Williamsburg

This bar and lounge is just made for first dates. No matter how hard your date is to please, he or she will be knocked out by the upscale ambiance and intriguing decor.
HotelDelmano 3
The Hotel Delmano is one of the best places that you can find to get away from the modern office towers and concrete of the city. Here, amidst  the surroundings of another era, you will find your after work escape. There's a bit of a speakeasy atmosphere going on here. Any moment, you expect the Mayor of Roaring Twenties New York, Gentleman Jimmy Walker, to waltz through the front door, with a showgirl from the Ziegfeld follies on his arm.
In addition to some fantastic handcrafted cocktails, Hotel Delmano has a hundred label wine list that focuses on small, boutique vineyards. They also have a fabulous raw bar with a delicious and inviting array of oysters, shrimp, crab, clams and caviar at your disposal.
HotelDelmano 1
If you are serious about wine, then this is the place for you. The Hotel holds monthly wine classes hosted by wine director Alex Alan. You can tour their wine cellar, which is an event in itself. Each class revolves around a different them, from exploring the wine-producing regions of upstate New York or Italy to the proper cultivation of grapes. The Hotel Delmano's cocktail list is chock full of premium spirits and seasonal ingredients.
The aptly named Moonshiner is comprised of white whiskey, fresh lemon juice, honey and peychaud's bitters. The Alibi, (don't worry you won't need an excuse to drink here), is comprised of pineapple infused tequila, cinnamon-vanilla syrup, fresh lime and mole' bitters. The Brooklyn Beauty is one heck of a drink. It's made from local gin, St. Germaine and fresh lemon juice. This drink is shaken and served up tall. You'll savor every sip. The Hotel's bites menu is comprised mainly of charcuterie and cheese boards as well as a few delectable small plates. You will have no trouble finishing off the steak tartare, anchovy toast plate or the fresh ricotta with olive oil, sea salt and thyme. Their signature item, though ,is the country-style pork pate that's served with house-made pickles and grainy mustard.
HotelDelmano 2
For a really sweet ending to your date, finish the evening off with the chocolate and Sherry tasting for two. This is the dessert of your dreams. You will enjoy a flight of Amano chocolate, candied citrus peel and  a crisp crepe dentelle. The butterscotch pudding made with Islay single malt Scotch whisky is out of this world good!

Location and Hours

82 Berry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-1945
Monday - Thursday  5 PM to 2 AM
Friday                      5 PM to 3 AM
Saturday                  2 PM to 3 AM
Sunday                    2 PM to 2 AM

Dram - Williamsburg 

The lights are low but the vibe is electric at Dram, one of Williamsburg's trendiest bars.
Dram 2
The bar has a rustic charm with wood paneling from floor to ceiling. The tables that are situated just off the bar  bask in the glow of candlelight. If romance is not in the air when you walk in, it soon will be after you and your significant other spend  an hour or two within these cozy environs. For the moment, their food options are limited to snacks like herb marinated olives and cinnamon and curry popcorn. Very, very tasty. In the coming weeks, though, Dram plans to expand their menu with some very special pop-ups curated by local, note-worthy chefs. This will be a chance  for the bar's regulars and you to sample delicious dishes from Brooklyn's culinary masters. Check their website for further details.
In the meantime, head bartender Tonia Guffey has got you covered with some great sips. With names like Dawn Vibration, Bride of a Rain Dog and Tango Til They're Sore, you just know that you're in for a good time.
Dram 1
For example, Born Toulouse is an expertly prepared potion consisting of Dudognon 10 year reserve cognac, pueblo Viejo reposado tequila, antica bianco vermouth and a dash of salt. The ingredients that make Some Velvet Morning the fun drink that it is, are pineapple rum, Borghetti coffee liqueur, lime, orgeat, orange curacao and crushed ice.
There's also a very nice Bartender's choice option if you are not sure what you  are in the mood for. Just step up to the bar, catch the eye of the bartender and name your spirit, then choose stirred and spirit forward or shaken and refreshing. You're in the hands of mixology artistes here at Dram.

Location and Hours

177 south 4th Street
Brooklyn NY 11249
(718) 486-3726
Monday - Thursday  5 PM to 2 AM
Friday & Saturday    4 PM to 4 AM
Sunday                   4 PM to 2 AM

Night of Joy - Williamsburg 

The cocktails here are so over the top theatrical, in terms of both  visual appeal and taste, that you're almost tempted to say that the bartenders here don't just mix their drinks, they produce and direct them, as well. But that's a good thing, since having a truly memorable cocktail in this city is not as simple as one might think.
NightOfJoy 1
Here's a question for all of our Aplez.com readers who feel that décor is just as important to your overall bar experience as is a great pour and sip. Can a fireplace and a bunch of antiques be cool and sexy? Well, the furnishings over at Night of Joy certainly qualify as being all that and more.
A fireplace sits at the center of a lounge that is filled with plush, comfy vintage couches and chairs. Unusual, turn of the century lighting fixtures cast a romantic, soft glow on the room. The windows are framed by luxurious drapes. All in all, it's quite a scene. Just sink into one of the sofas, sip your cocktail and let the good vibes flow. For a change of scenery, you can always take your drink up to their roof patio which remains open through the Spring, Summer and Fall.
Cocktails here emphasize botanical ingredients and herbal infusions, making for some very different flavors. Night of Joy hosts a really nice happy hour, everyday, from 5 PM to 8 PM. You may quench your thirst with $6 frozen Margaritas that are made with premium tequila and fresh lime juice. Flavors range from mango and peach to pomergranate-blueberry.
NightOfJoy 2
Signature cocktails are also available for only six dollars. Options include a basil-lime gin gimlet, a cilantro bloody Mary, their signature orange blossom rum lemonade and a power-packed rosemary and ginger bourbon cocktail. If you're a beer lover, don't feel left out. Selected beers can be purchased for just $4 during Happy Hour .
The food menu here features a delicious line-up of crepes, which are gluten-free. The crepes are generously stuffed and make for a perfect companion to your cocktail of  choice. The baby artichoke, truffled poached egg or the charred fennel with Cremini mushroom are all excellent choices. The mixed berry with lavender and lemon cream is a fantastic, light dessert. The kitchen uses organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible.

Location and Hours

667 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-8693
Open Monday through Sunday  5 PM to 4 AM

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