Best Bottomless Brunch Lower East Side, NYC

Best Bottomless Brunch Lower East Side, NYC

Whether you are craving Brunch, Thai, Sushi, Italian or some good old American comfort food, Manhattan's Lower East Side in NYC has options galore.

The Lower East Side has long enjoyed a reputation as being a haven for the avant-garde and hip crowd, dating all the way back to the sixties. Some of the city's trendiest people and celebrities still call the L.E.S. home. The neighborhood's coffee bars and cafes are still second to none, despite being a couple of generations removed from the Folk music  and cafe scene where legendary performers like Bob Dylan got their star


Pardon My French  - Lower East Side

Owner Mario Carta and his team have re-invented classic French comfort food and traditional bistro decor at this cozy and comfortable  LES favorite.
The lighting fixtures recall that Parisian bistro you dined at during last Summer's vacation. Mirrors are strategically placed along the walls, giving the illusion that the restaurant is larger than it actually is.

PardonMyFrench 1
There's ample table service here, but if you can, try to grab the cushy, sofa style seating towards the rear of the bar area.
When Spring  comes and the flowers are in full bloom, you can wine and dine your sweetheart in the beautiful backyard garden.
Pardon My French offers the booziest of bottomless brunches every weekend. Unlimited Bloody Marys and Mimosas plus the entree of your choice are available for only $29.95. But, it's not just ANY Bloody Mary that you'll be imbibing. The bartenders here make this delicious cocktail with house-infused horse radish vodka. This is, indeed, the good stuff.
While you relax and enjoy the weekend, you'll savor brunch selections like Brioche French toast, buttermilk pancakes, a savory Croque Monsieur or Madame as well as a sensational strip steak and Fromage sandwich , with white cheddar, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

PardonMyFrench 2
The kitchen also whips up a tasty and filling oeufs benedict. You may choose between Bayonne ham or smoked salmon to go with the poached eggs and sauteed spinach. Their signature omelette comes with a side of garlic roasted potatoes. They are so good, you could eat them as a meal. But, please, don't forget your veggies! 

Location and Hours

103 Avenue B
New York, NY  10009
(212) 358-9683
Monday to Friday 5:30 PM to 12 AM
Saturday and Sunday  11 AM to 1 AM

Essex - Lower East Side

Housed inside of what once was a warehouse, Essex has an edgy, industrial vibe going for it. But, despite its' rather gritty origins, this  beautiful restaurant has a certain charm  that will seduce you.
There are two dining areas  in this bi-level establishment.  If at all possible, make a reservation for a table in the upper level. It's a bit more secluded and a lot less noisy than the huge dining room downstairs.

Essex 1
But, wherever you end up sitting; rest assured that you are going to have a great brunch here.
This is a restaurant with character. The giant-sized warehouse windows, situated high above the main dining area, let in streams of sunlight.  It's just a very vibrant, open setting. You don't feel all closed in, as happens at many smaller, over crowded brunch spots.
Essex attracts an eclectic neighborhood crowd, ranging from hipsters and young families to celebrities who live down the street. These are the people who are helping to transform LES into one of the most desirable places to live in the city.
As you might expect, the $29.95 bottomless brunch is the big draw here at Essex.
Wash your entree down with either a Bloody Mary, Mimosa or Screwdriver. These potent drinks are the very definition of what an adult beverage is all about. The bartenders do not skimp on ingredients here.
The chef's brunch menu is rather eclectic, with many of the dishes inspired by the east side's immigrant past. After leaving Ellis Island, this neighborhood was the next stop for many of the Italian, German and Jewish immigrants and their families.
But, reflecting contemporary times, there is also a big Hispanic influence on the menu.

Essex 2
The culinary flavors of Mexico are evident when you order the Manchego Mac and cheese with chorizo or the Matzo Brei, a dish that features scrambled eggs, tortilla crisps, black beans, Monterey Jack cheese and avocado pico de gallo.
The signature Essex brunch dish, though, is the Aristocrat. You will enjoy many traditional tastes on your plate including  potato pancakes, house-cured salmon, salmon caviar and sour cream, along with a couple of perfectly poached eggs. Another winner is the Challah French toast in a delightful Bananas Foster sauce with fresh berries.
Chef Adan has recently added a tasty veggie burger to his brunch menu. The burger is a pan-seared blend of chickpeas, tofu and root vegetables accompanied by home-made pickles and hand-cut fries. 

Location and Hours 

120 Essex street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 533-9616
Monday to Wednesday  5 PM to 11:30 PM
Thursday             5 PM to 12:30 AM
Friday               5 PM to 2 AM
Saturday             11 AM to 3 AM
Sunday               11 AM to 12 AM 

Fonda - Lower East Side

In his latest restaurant, Fonda, chef and cook book author Roberto Santibanez has created a relaxed and affordable neighborhood  go-to spot that brings the very best of "grandma's" authentic Mexican home-cooking to the Lower East Side.
While staying true to traditional family recipes, the chef injects a healthy dose of  ingenuity and contemporary flair into the mix. The results have foodies from across the city raving about Fonda's creative and tasty menu.

fonda 1
The decor here is sleek and modern , but not at all ostentatious. After work and also at weekend brunch, a convivial, friendly crowd gathers at Fonda's bar. This is a place to unwind from the cares of your day, while enjoying excellent food and drink.
Their unlimited brunch is priced at a very reasonable $29.95. In addition to choice of entree and the usual suspects, Mimosas, Bloody Marys and beer, you may  choose a classic Margarita or the house signature drink which is a very refreshing frozen hibiscus Rosalita. Dare to be different and give this out of the box cocktail a try. You'll be glad that you did.
The brunch menu is varied. You can go with the road less traveled and  order the eggs queso fresco, served over white rice with diced plantains, pickled red onions and habanero sauce. The open faced spinach and Oaxaca cheese omelet topped with sun-dried tomatoes and drizzled with roasted tomatillo sauce is a wonderful culinary adventure.
One of their more popular dishes, though, is the scrambled eggs with onions, jalapenos and tomatoes, topped with Chihuahua cheese. Salsa verde and tortilla strips complete the dish.
fonda 2
If you are really famished then go for the Texas style breakfast taco. It's a flour tortilla that is filled to the breaking point with eggs, cheese,potatoes and chorizo. A creamy tomatillo sauce envelops  your  tortilla.
At Fonda, everything is made with tender love and care. This is the closest that you'll come to enjoying breakfast in a Mexican grandmother's kitchen. Except here, you don't have to help with cleaning the dishes afterwards. 

Location and Hours 

40 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009
(212) 677-4096
Monday to Friday  5 PM to 11:30 PM
Saturday 11 AM to 11:30 PM
Sunday    12 PM to 9:30 PM

Pig and Khao - Lower East Side

This cute but modestly sized restaurant has a ton of personality, both in the food being served and the decor. But, with former Top Chef contestant  Leah Cohen as the chef and owner here, what else would you expect ?
The cuisine is South east Asian, with strong Thai and Filipino influences. Chef Leah's passion for this type of cuisine is evident in every forkful of food. The colors and flavors of the food before you just explode off of your plate.

PigAndKhao 1
There's a modern, sleek ambiance  that is complemented by a well-curated collection of pottery and artifacts from various Asian countries. It's all very much a feast for the eyes.
Indulging in alcoholic beverages at Pig and Khao takes on a whole new meaning. There's imported canned beer as well as craft cocktails available from the bar. But, you can also partake of the large format beer option which is served "piggie style" , where you drink out of small bowls. During the hot, humid days of Summer, you'll be more than happy to know that there is a self-serve bottomless tap in the backyard patio. Yes, it does not get any better than this as far as quenching your thirst goes.
Bottomless mimosas are $15.00 with a two hour limit. Flavors include orange, mango, lychee and white peach. Once you sip one of Pig and Khao's delightful Mimosas, you will not want to order this drink anywhere else.
Please don't look for eggs Benedict on Chef Leah's menu. You won't find this dish here and you definitely won't miss it, either ! There's way too much other good stuff going on.
What's good ? Well, a great brunch dish is the grilled pork jowl with brussel sprouts, toasted rice, herbs and a lime-chili fish sauce. The traditional smoked sardines platter comes with suka and a refreshing cucumber and tomato salad. Regulars never get bored with the sizzling corned beef hash that is served with a raw egg,garlic,ginger and Thai chili.
On the  lighter side, you can enjoy the Shan noodles ( ground chicken, tumeric, peanuts, fermented mustard greens and rice noodles)  or the  green papaya salad with charred chicken, crispy taro, peanuts and lime juice.
PigAndKhao 2
Chef takes delightfully sinful liberties with the standard brunch classic, Brioche French toast.  Leah decorates the fluffy French toast with bananas, coconut whipped cream, ( you've got to taste this to believe it) and genesee cream syrup. So good.
By the way, as an after dinner treat, you can ( for an additional charge) add whiskey to any tea. You'll sip to your heart's content when you order the flavorful Vietnamese style coffee that is topped off with condensed milk.

Location and Hours

68 Clinton street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 920-4485
Monday to Thursday  5 PM to 11 PM
Friday              5 PM to 12 AM
Saturday            11 AM to 12 AM
Sunday              11 AM to 10 PM

Mezetto - Lower East Side

Chef/owner Bahr Rapaport and co-owner Alon Moskovitch have achieved a tremendous amount of success by introducing the Mediterranean Meze concept of dining to the new York brunch crowd.
Savvy New York foodies are always hungry for something different to tempt their taste buds. They have found all that and more at Mezetto, where  a delicious selection of small plates stream out of the kitchen and the brunch drinks are bottomless.

Together, Bahr and Alon have a wealth of experience in the food and hospitality industry. Before moving to New York, Bahr was an event and VIP services manager for several  Las Vegas casinos.
Alon built his reputation in the industry as the Director of Operations for the Tour de France restaurant group, overseeing their properties in NYC.
Mezetto has a relaxed, rustic vibe. It's a great place in which to spend part of your weekend. Leisure time is more valuable than ever.  When you do brunch, you naturally want to feel  comfortable. At Mezetto, they don't rush you from your table, so that they can move the next party in.  The owners and the staff understand  that eating any meal is a social experience. It's a time to enjoy the company of friends and family over a fantastic meal.

For  only $17 per person, you and your party will be able to enjoy bottomless Mimosas, ranging from Peach, Pomegranate and orange to passion fruit.
Brunch small plates include the Spreadables trio ( Hummus, spicy feta and Sweet eggplant) and kofte kebab meatballs with green tahini, mushrooms and onions.
The acclaimed Mezetto breakfast consists of fried eggs, quinoa, avocado, labane and a beet salad. Another wildly popular dish is the Spanikopita Benedict with spinach, garlic, feta, Harissa and Hollandaise.
Chef's brunch menu also features a collection of " you've  gotta try this"  skillet dishes.  They are all good, but the Duck confit skillet ,with mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, eggs, goat cheese and balsamic reduction, is truly spectacular. The mushroom shakshuka with baked eggs, is a close second .
As chef Bahr likes to say... "Mezzetto is how we do Meze". And they do small plates  better than anyone else in the city. 

Location and Hours

161 East Houston street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 933-4587
Sunday to Thursday  10 AM to 12 AM
Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 2 AM

Cafe Cortadito - Lower East Side 

If you can't enjoy brunch in Havana, then getting together with a group of your friemds at  Cafe Cortadito is definitely the next best thing.
The Cuban people are very hospitable by nature and this kindness  and courtesy shines through at Cafe Cortadito. The wait staff goes out of their way to let customers know that their patronage is deeply appreciated. It's the kind of place  where  servers get to know you by name.

Cafe Cortadito 2
If the friendly ambiance and great food doesn't  make you return, again and again, then the wonderful Brunch certainly will !
Their $29.95 bottomless option  gives you an entree plus your choice of tropical Mimosas, red or white sangria, champagne mojitos, champagne Margaritas, Bloody Marys or house beer.
For $16.95 you can have any entree from the brunch menu together with one drink. Either way, you can't go wrong.
The food is authentically Cuban and delicious. You'll just love the sweet plantain omelette with Spanish chorizo and ham. The huevos a la Cubana consists of two eggs over white rice with creole sauce and black beans.

Cafe Cortadito1
Cafe Cortadito's signature  brunch dish is the Pinar del Rio. Along with mixed greens, sweet plantains and black beans, you get a couple of eggs your way along with chicken or ham croquettes. Unlike the American version, these croquettes are not at all dry, but are moist , tender and packed with protein. Hey that's what brunch is all about, right ? Getting that energy level up! 

Location and Hours

210 East 3rd street
New York, NY 10009
(212) 614-3080
Tuesday to Saturday 12 PM to 11 PM
Sunday              12 PM to 10 PM
Monday              closed

Three of Cups - Lower East Side

This cozy, intimate restaurant, which first opened its' doors in 1992, combines old world Italian charm with  a farm to table philosophy on using only the freshest ingredients. A family owned business, Three of Cups tantalizing cuisine represents the very best  Sicilian and Neapolitan cooking.
Owner Santo Fazio got his start in the business in 1987, when he was hired by Two Boots' founder Phil Hartman, to work on coming up with some innovative pizza recipes.  Now, Santo's style of pizza is famous at Two Boots' locations all over the city.
ThreeCoups 1 
They do a great pie here at Three of Cups, but  pizza takes a back seat to the meat, pasta and fish selections that are on the menu.
Right about now, you are probably wondering if there's a story behind the restaurant's name. There is and it's a good one.
Most Italians love to play cards, especially over a strong cup of espresso or a glass of wine. In the deck of playing cards used for Scopa or Briscola, the three of cups is a wild or trump card. These games date back to the 14th century and the special Modiano deck of cards is similar to the tarot card deck. In the Tarot deck, the three of cups symbolizes abundance, joy and friendship. That's what this restaurant is all about.
As far as their delightful brunch is concerned,  you may order any dish along with a choice of coffee or tea and 2 Bloody Marys or Mimosas for the price of the entree. An additional $8 entitles you to unlimited drinks within a two hour limit.
The polenta d'amore   will entice your taste buds.  Poached eggs are served over soft polenta  accompanied by sauteed peppers, onions and fresh made Italian sausage.
ThreeCoups 2 
There's also Italian style French toast that is made with Foccacia along with a wide variety of omelets.  The con mele omelet is filled with sweet apples and citrus zest with marscappone cheese.  The omelet alla Piedmont dazzles with fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, onions, peppers and prosciutto.
At Three of Cups you will find " Good food. Good wine and good friends." Life  certainly doesn't get any better than that. Buon Appetito

Location and Hours 

85 first Avenue
New York, NY 10003
(212) 388-0059
Monday to Thursday  5 PM to 12 AM
Friday              5 PM to 1 AM
Saturday            11 AM to 1 AM
Sunday              11 AM to 12 AM

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