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Best Bagels in Astoria

Best Bagels in Astoria

These best bagels and coffee places in Astoria are guaranteed to get your day off to a sensational start.

Compared to Manhattan, the neighborhood of Astoria may have come a little late to the bagel party, but this community is more than holding its own with a wide selection of bagel houses and specialty stores. Lighter than a hard roll and packed with flavor, bagels are an important part of culinary tradition here in New York.

Toast and Roast Bagels and Coffee - Astoria

Only a couple of short blocks from the elevated N and W Broadway station, the recently renovated Toast and Roast is rapidly gaining a loyal following of devotees who can't do without their old-fashioned, water-boiled bagels. Every bagel is baked fresh on site.

ToastAndRoastBagel AndCoffee 1

The store is super clean with sharp, modern decor. There are a few tables, should you want to settle in with your breakfast and smartphone, but it is mainly to-go. And that's not a problem because the guys behind the counter know how to get an order out fast and efficiently.
The friendly counter staff knows the names and orders of their regular customers. Their smiles and genuinely friendly greetings will make you want to become a familiar face here, as well.

Toast and Roast features a special baker's dozen offer, where you get 14 bagels for only $12. Bring them to your office for the break room and be a bagel hero!
In addition to plain or low-fat cream cheese, Toast and Roast offers a wide variety of spreads including cranberry, strawberry, olive and sun-dried tomato.

They also have a very popular all-day breakfast. You can enjoy two eggs on a roll for only $2.75 or satisfy those lunchtime cravings with a platter of eggs and home fries, accompanied by your choice of bagel or toast. for the very reasonable price of $5.95.

ToastandRoastBagelsandCoffee 2

If a great sandwich is part of your daily routine, then make sure to stop in. All combo sandwiches are served on either a bagel or roll with a pickle and macaroni or potato salad. A free soda is included!
A fairly healthy choice that just so happens to be one of their most popular sandwiches is the Iron Man. This feast inside of a sliced bagel consists of portobello mushrooms, avocado, alfalfa sprouts and provolone cheese.

Location and Hours

32-07 Broadway

Astoria, NY 11106
(718) 777-0997

Monday to Saturday  6 AM to 9 PM
Sunday              6 AM to 5 PM

Bagelberry - Astoria

Want something really different for breakfast or lunch? Well, the good folks over at Bagelberry have got you covered and then some. The decor is very colorful. You can't miss this place. It really stands out on 30th Avenue, which is home to some of the best cafes and restaurants in the city.

BagelBerry 1

The staff is real pros. Rush hour doesn't faze them at all. They will have you out the door, carrying your order and headed to work, in no time.

Bagelberry has been in the people-pleasing business for over 20 years, crafting all-natural, hand-rolled bagels and so much more. The team here pride themselves on the fact that they offer many delicious menu items that you just can't find in any other bagel shop. That and their passion for what they do and commitment to using only quality, local ingredients is what sets Bagelberry apart.

Take advantage of their great deals. Purchase a half-dozen bagels and get one free. Buy 12 and you'll receive two complimentary bagels.

BagelBerry 2

Best sellers here are the classic peanut butter and jelly-topped bagel as well as the Nutella spread. The cream cheese and jelly blend, though, is not far behind.
Nova on a bagel combinations include lox, bacon scallion spread, plain cream cheese or tofu.  
When it's time for a break from your everyday bagel routine, try their Korean cuisine menu items.
You will adore the Korean-style vegetable or seafood pancakes. For lunch, do your taste buds a favor and discover the tangy, saucy delights of Korean marinated BBQ beef short ribs. Other popular items are pork bulgogi and the light and fluffy rice omelet.

Location and Hours

31-13 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 932-1425

Monday to Wednesday      5:30 AM to 7 PM
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 5:30 AM to 11 PM
Sunday                           6 AM to 6 PM

Bagels and Brew - Astoria

This long-time Astoria favorite is known for three very important things: great customer service, delicious hand-rolled bagels and the incredible spreads and cream cheese varieties that are all made in-house.

BagelsAndBrew 1

The premises are clean and the decor is simple. There's nothing fancy going on here, except in the kitchen, which is as it should be.
Deliveries are on time and on point. When you order online or call your order in, they get things right the first time. The staff pays attention to even the smallest details. So whether you are at work or home, don't be afraid to tell the guys to scoop out your bagel. You will get exactly what you asked for.

Bagel sandwiches which merit your consideration are the spinach and mushroom omelet, the Avocado omelet and the hungry man, which loads up your bagel with eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese. They also do an authentic Greek-style omelet sandwich with lots of feta. Their signature bagel sandwich, though is Lulu's omelet with egg whites, out  freshtomatoes, onions and mushrooms as well as a slice of Provolone.

BagelsAndBrew 3

Bagels and Brew are justly famous throughout the neighborhood for their veggie cream cheese and the olive and pimento creation. As fast as they place a tub of this delicious cream cheese in the cold case, it sells out. Customers can't get enough of it.

In addition to bagels, the kitchen turns out fresh and tasty muffins, chocolate and plain croissants, brownies and crumb cakes. You can order something different every day to go with your coffee.
At Bagels and Brew, they know that your morning beverage is extremely important. That's why  Bagels and Brew has an enticing drink list, which ranges from House Arabica coffee, flavored coffees, Cappuccino and Frappe to hot chocolate and Celestial Seasonings tea.

Location and Hours

43-05 Broadway
Astoria NY 11103
(718) 545-4440

Monday to Saturday 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Sunday                  7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Bagels on the Avenue - Astoria

Recently remodeled, Bagels on the Avenue established its reputation as being the go-to place for fresh bagels as well as an unforgettable cup of coffee. Now they have added a barista station, a tasty line-up of pastries and a menu of Greek specialties for lunch.

BagelsOnTheAvenue 1

Best-selling items include the Greek yogurt parfait with seasonal fruit and the signature Bagel on the Avenue sandwich with fresh lox, cream cheese, tomato, green, leafy lettuce, capers and a Bermuda onion.

They also have something called the Elvis bagel, which is patterned after the King's favorite breakfast. The Elvis consists of peanut butter and jelly and sliced bananas on a toasted multigrain bagel. Another really awesome bagel sandwich, good any time of the day, is the Wake Up, which contains three egg whites, pepper jack cheese, spinach and grilled chicken.

The old-school Greek bagel is drizzled with imported olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper and a splash of lemon juice. Their heavenly match creation pairs slices of crispy bacon with a schmeer of cream cheese.

Their bakery now features jumbo yogurt muffins, pound cake, scones, cinnamon buns, the in-demand Nutella croissant and a very delectable cream cheese croissant.

BagelsOnTheAvenue 2

The barista station has expanded their beverage list to include cafι mocha, a scrumptious Nutella latte, the sweet and delightful caramel cappuccino, macchiato and espresso. By the way, their house-blend coffee is as good as it ever was.

Bagels on the Avenue is so easy to spot, even from a distance. The long, multicolored canopy that displays their logo tells you that great things are waiting for you inside.

Location and Hours

33-15 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 721-0600

Monday through Sunday 6 AM to 6 PM

Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company - Astoria

At this fast and friendly neighborhood favorite, there's euphoria in every bite of their bagels, which have a nice crunch on the outside and are chewy on the inside. Just what you want from a great bagel.

At Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company they make their bagels with your health in mind. Sure, their bagels taste good, but they are better for you, as well.

BrooklynBageAndCoffee Company 1
To start with, their bakers use only unbleached and un-bromated flour, which eliminates unwanted toxins from your diet. They offer several gluten-free options and have a nice selection of delicious spelt bagels.

Why choose spelt? Well, they are made with 100% organic flour which is good news for people with sensitive digestive systems or has a wheat intolerance.
Spelt bagels have a nutty flavor and have a high protein and nutrient content. So there's absolutely no reason to eliminate your much-loved bagel from your morning commute, after all.

They get started very early in the morning (or late at night depending on your view), making their hand-rolled, kettle boiled bagels. Every day there are at least 14 options to choose from, including the oats and raisin, onion, sesame, salt, pumpernickel and egg bagels.

BrooklynBageAndCoffee Company 2

All bagels come in either big or mini and there is a plethora of spreads and cream cheese flavors available to decorate your bagel with.
Expect the unexpected (and delicious) with Brooklyn Bagel's cream cheese flavor of the week. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to receive your weekly flavor alerts. It will be well worth it.

Popular cream cheeses range from vegetable, pumpkin, apple cinnamon and garlic with herbs to chipotle and asiago. The strawberry-flavored cream cheese also has its share of fans.

If you're into low-fat cream cheese, then try the cucumber dill. It is simply outrageous.

BrooklynBageAndCoffee Company 3

We all know that as much as we love them, man and woman does not live on bagels alone. That's why Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee has such a varied menu. They make a great sandwich here and have a wide array of salads, including seasonal garden, pasta and a create-your-own-salad option.

You can also grab a cup of their warming soup to go or order one of the kitchen's signature flatbread paninis. The Italian pesto panini contains grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes, muenster cheese and a generous dollop of pesto sauce. The bread is freshly baked, too. All paninis come with pickles and Cape Cod reduced-fat potato chips.

If you live just about anywhere in Astoria, there's sure to be a Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company shop near you. They have locations on 30th Avenue, Broadway and Ditmars Blvd.

BrooklynBageAndCoffee Company 4
Get your bagel on at Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee. And don't forget to grab a fresh-squeezed orange juice to energize your day.

Location and Hours

36-14 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 777-1121

Monday through Sunday  6 AM to 6:30 PM

NYC Bagel and Coffee House - Astoria

When you ask Astoria foodies just what makes for a perfect bagel, you are sure to get a variety of answers.

For some of us, it's all about the crunch. The bagel has to have a nice, consistent crust. As far as other bagel-lovers are concerned, their bagel has to be well toasted. All the better to warm you up on a cold winter morning.

NewYorkCityBagelAndCoffeeHouse 1

Most of us, though, would agree that some butter or a schmeer of cream cheese elevates the bagel-noshing experience to a whole other level.
However, the one topic that rarely enters the bagel debate is the atmosphere of the store or cafι where you purchased your bagel. Let's be real. Most commuters get their bagel to go and are too busy running to catch their train to notice what the decor is like.

The amazing ambiance, though, that you'll find at NYC Bagel and Coffee House just might change the conversation.The atmosphere does matter, big-time.

Warm and welcoming, NYC Bagel and Coffee House has an inviting, rustic charm to it. There is dark wood everywhere, exposed brick and  wooden seats and iron stools that are made from repurposed material. The furniture here looks as though it might have come straight from a quaint country inn, barn or bed and breakfast up in the Hudson Valley.
 NewYorkCityBagelAndCoffeeHouse 2

Owners, John Loukas and Mike Lagudis are very hands-on. This dynamic duo is almost always on the premises seeing to your needs as a customer. They want you to have the best possible customer experience.

The inside is quite spacious, and during the nice weather, John and Mike open up a sidewalk seating area for your enjoyment.
Usually, one would never dream of taking their significant other to a bagel place on a date. But the unique ambiance makes NYC Bagel and Coffee House the perfect location for a casual date or brunch.

Coffee is provided by Brooklyn-based roasters Stone Street Coffee Company, so you know that you're in for a great, fresh-brewed cup of Java.

NewYorkCityBagelAndCoffeeHouse 3

All bagels are made on the premises, as are a fantastic and tasty array of cream cheeses. Astoria residents adore the tomato and basil, scallion, olive, canoli and wasabi-flavored cream cheeses. Far and away, the most popular flavored tofu cream cheese is the spinach and artichoke.

You can also pair up a bagel with one of their home-made soups. Change things up from the usual dinner roll or crackers. Soup's always on at NYC Bagel and Coffee House. The kitchen whips up at least three delightful soups every day, depending on what ingredients are available from local markets and farms. The soup menu is seasonal, so you can always expect a surprise or two.

So the next time a friend or neighbor asks you just what  makes for the perfect bagel experience, the answer is no longer up for debate. You will experience bagel nirvana when you dine at NYC Bagel and Coffee House.

Location and Hours

29-08 23rd Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 728-9500

Monday to Sunday 6 AM to 10 PM

Lots-O-Bagels - Astoria

This quintessential neighborhood bagel place has been around seemingly forever, and with good reason.
The bagels are delicious, so good that they barely need any butter or spread. And they have lots of brew choices available, whether you like a nice hot or iced cup of coffee or tea with your commuter or brunch bagel. The guys and gals behind the counter do a terrific espresso and Americano as well as drip coffees, macchiatos and lattes.

Lots o bagels

They have a fairly decent variety of flavored cream cheese here. But the great thing is that they also sell cream cheese by the pound. Make your sleepy Sunday mornings a little more relaxing. Just swing by the store, order up a pound of your favorite cream cheese, grab a bag of bagels for the family and you are good to go.

One of the many specialties here at Lot-O-Bagels are  their egg sandwiches on a bagel. Most people don't really think of ordering eggs on a bagel but they should. The bagel makes things more substantial and tastier than just an average roll. Love meats or cheese with your eggs? Great! They've got a full line-up of fresh-cooked bacon, ham and sausage as well as cheeses ranging from Muenster and American to Swiss and Pepper Jack.

Lots O Bagels 2 
Conveniently located in the heart of bustling Broadway, Lots-O-Bagels is close to the N and W train station. Their prices are good and it's small, independent bagel shops like this that present a real, budget friendly alternative  to the big name, expensive coffee bars that abound in the neighborhood.

Location and Hours

30-05 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106
(718) 267-7777

Monday to Sunday 7 AM to 4 PM

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