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Mexican Restaurants - Hell's Kitchen and Theater District, NYC

Mexican Restaurants - Hell's Kitchen and Theater District, NYC

Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or any other day of the year, these great Mexican restaurants at Hell's Kitchen and the Theater District, in NYC, will quickly become your favorite.

Mamasita   -  Hell's Kitchen

There's no better place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or your friends' birthday than this warm and welcoming bar and grill. The party truly goes all night long at Mamacita's!
And, make no mistake, the happy Hour here is as sizzling as are the mouth watering  Fajitas.
Mamacita 1
Family owned, Mamacita's kitchen crew does their own take on classic Mexican comfort dishes. They also have a full bar that features an amazing array of tequilas and Margarita choices.
Whether you are coming from a Broadway matinee or just strolling around the neighborhood, looking for a place to eat; you can't miss Mamacita's. Over the entrance is a huge sign, that's lit up in neon colors, at night. It depicts the Mamacita logo, complete with cactus plant, a gentleman in a sombrero strumming a guitar and a very nice looking lady, decked out in a cowboy hat, shorts, and boots.
The chefs here take a great deal of pride in how their food is prepared. Ingredients are fresh and locally sourced whenever possible. You'll be glad to know that every dish is completely free of MSG, animal fat and lard.
Mamacita 2
Here's a big plus. If you live within their delivery zone, you can have your meal delivered to you right when you come home from work. Just call ahead from the office, tell Mamacitas' staff what you want and they'll do the rest. How easy is that?
The kitchen is known for their soups including the seafood-vegetable and the Black bean soup. This is one soup that eats like a meal. The black beans and broth are topped with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, cilantro and a slightly spicy chipotle pepper sauce.
Some of their most requested entrees are the chicken that is marinated in lime juice, the carnitas Yucatan, which are tender chunks of pork simmered in an orange sauce and the California chicken burrito.
Mamacita 3
The signature entrée at Mamacita's and one that they are justly quite proud of, is the Pollo Borracho Mexicana.  Your boneless breast of chicken is infused with tequila and then sautéed in the company of a harvest of jalapenos, onions along with hot and sweet peppers. You will definitely get a real " kick" out of this spicy dish. 

Location and Hours

818 Tenth Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10019
(212) 315-9444
Monday to Wednesday  11:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Friday and Saturday  11:30 AM to 11:30 PM
Sunday               11:30 AM to 10:30 PM  

El Centro  -  Hell's Kitchen

This authentic Mexican style café is on the small side, but the drinks and food available here make a huge impact. A neighborhood favorite for over ten years, El Centro attracts its' fair share of celebrities, tourist and savvy business travelers who delight in discovering the city's hidden gems.
ElCentro 1
There's no need to worry if it's crowded inside. When the weather heats up, the management sets up a spacious sidewalk seating area. So, there's always a place for you at El Centro.
But, if you do score a table inside, you'll delight in the visual treats that abound such as the Corona bottle chandeliers as well as the bottle-top tables. Some colorful murals adorn the walls.
Hungry and thirsty revelers flock to El Centro for their luscious Sangrias, Margaritas, and Mojitos.
ElCentro 2
Chef Eusebio Pareja has created a menu that, while it stays true to the traditional, leaves room for quite a few inventive touches in the kitchen.
There are tacos, fajitas, chilaquiles, tamales and burritos galore here. The chef has put a great deal of care and effort into these staple dishes.
However, where Chef Eusebio really excels is with his platos grandes. There are quite a few surprises on the menu that you would not normally expect to find on the menu of a Mexican restaurant. The grilled salmon, with cilantro rice, grilled asparagus and mango pico de gallo is but one of the aforementioned unexpected pleasures.
ElCentro 5
The hanger steak a la Mexicana will also amaze you. Slices of succulent steak are accompanied by grilled tomatoes, onions, create anserrano chiles, rice, beans and fresh corn tortillas.
One dish that even the most devoted regular never gets tired of is the pescado veracruzana.  This delicious meal is made up of wild striped bass, fried plantains, fluffy white rice, sautéed spinach and salsa veracruzana.

Location and Hours

824 Ninth Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10019
(646) 763-6585
Monday-Tuesday 11:30 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday-Thursday 11:30 Am to 12 AM
Friday             11:30 AM to 1 AM
Saturday           11 AM to  1  AM
Sunday             11 AM to 11 PM

Casa Agave - Hell's Kitchen 

Cozy and intimate, Casa Agave hits all the right notes for a romantic date, family night out or as an after work spot to meet your friends and enjoy some fabulous food and drink. When you celebrate Cinco de Mayo here, the holiday takes on an even greater significance.
Casa Agave is a celebration of Mexican culture in so many different ways.
The front windows open up, during the warmer weather creating an outdoor dining effect. The restaurants' walls are decorated with a dazzling array of authentic Mexican artwork and crafts.
Casa Agave's talented chef re-defines traditional Mexican cooking. If you don't have a grandma who was born and raised in Mexico, then dining here is the next best thing.
When your significant other has a birthday, this is the place you want to take the love of your life.
Start the evening with a cocktail or a glass of tequila or Mezcale. Locals have voted Casa Agave's bar as having the best Margarita, bar none, in Hell's Kitchen. Considering just how many bars and restaurants there are in the neighborhood, that is quite a compliment.
They do a great Mole Poblano Tradicional which consists of braised chicken, house made mole poblano sauce together with rice and beans.
Another popular dish is the Enchiladas Suizas. You get an enormous portion of rolled corn tortillas that are stuffed with chicken. The Enchiladas are topped with tomatillo sauce, Mexican crema and onions.
You will want to check out the menu items that are de la parrilla (from the grill).
Choose from a succulent rib-eye, skirt steak, salmon or grilled veggies (red and green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, mushrooms and eggplant).

Grilled options come with one side.  Rice varieties include white, green or red. The sautéed poblano peppers with caramelized onions is another tasty option as are the refried beans with a sprinkling of Cotija cheese. And let's not forget the fried plantains.

Location and Hours

693 Ninth Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10036
(212) 265-2229
Sunday to Thursday   11 AM to 11 PM
Friday and Saturday  11 AM to 12 AM

El Azteca -  Theater District

The tasty cuisine on offer at El Azteca is a delightful blend of authentic Mexican flavors and contemporary Tex-Mex. Just a short walk from the bright lights of Broadway, El Azteca has an ambiance that is both unique and captivating.
el azteca 1
The first things that catches the eye of most customers are the Aztec calendars and indigenous stone masks that decorate the walls. You will also stop to admire recreations of different works by legendary painter Frida Kahlo. Flickering candlelight only adds to the intimate, romantic vibe.
You won't go thirsty here, no matter what special occasion that you happen to be celebrating.  The bar has whatever your pleasure may be; Scotch, Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Vodka and, of course, premium Tequila.
They have a very affordable selection of signature sips, all for the price of only ten dollars.
el azteca 2
You can choose to go with a traditional Mojito or opt for something a bit more creative such as their Cocojito, which is a blend of rum, coco Lopez, mint and lime juice. The Raspberry Mojito is also quite popular with the bar's regular customers.
Martini choices run from a very well made Cosmopolitan to a passion fruit based Cosmo, a Pomegranate Martini and Coffee Pleasure. This particular concoction consists of Pearl coco vodka,  Tia Maria liqueur, coffee liqueur, cacao, and Baileys.
Should you wish to dine on the lighter side, El Azteca has a full line-up of creative salads and appetizers. The standout app has to be the avocado on a bed of lettuce that is filled with sauteed shrimp. That is so satisfying. The ceviche with chilled shrimp and scallops, marinated in fresh lime juice is delicious and very refreshing.
el azteca 4
Hungry ? Then you will want to order one of their combination platters. Choose from Tamales, Tacos, Tostada or Flauta and then pick your main ingredient; Chicken, beef, pork, veggies or Guacamole.
The chef's mildly seasoned chili con carne is also very filling. The signature Chimichanga has everything that you could desire in an authentic Mexican meal; chicken, beef and pork inside a burrito with sour cream, guacamole with a side of rice and beans.
El Azteca's menu has an extensive list of desserts. Come on, when you're out celebrating with friends, you need to have that special sweet ending.
Try the Bunelo, which are crispy Tortillas topped with ice cream and then drizzled with honey and cinnamon.
el azteca 3

The fried banana taquitos are dusted with cinnamon sugar and you can't go wrong with the homemade Flan. There is also fried ice cream and chocolate cake to tempt your taste buds. 

Location and Hours 

783 Ninth Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10019
( 212 ) 307-0616
Monday to Friday  11:30 AM to 12 AM
Saturday          11:30 AM to  1 AM
Sunday            11:30 AM to 1 AM

Patron Mexican Grill - Theater District

This is the place where Mexican and New York traditions come together. Conveniently located near Times Square and numerous subway stations as well as Port Authority Terminal, this is your new happy hour place. Before heading home makes the most of what Patron Mexican Grill has to offer. You'll be glad that you did.
Patron 2The brick walls and wooden tables lend a distinct Mexican or Southwestern feel to this friendly restaurant. The bartenders make everyone who walks through the door feel as if they are a welcome guest in their home.
If you're not already a regular, you will soon become one after you taste the amazing food that comes out of the kitchen. Not to mention one of the potent drinks that you sip at the bar.
Happy hour takes place, Sunday through Thursday between the hours of 12 pm and closing time, whenever that eventually takes place. On Friday and Saturday, the times are 12 pm to 8 pm.
House tequila shots can be had for just $6 while Margaritas, frozen or on the rocks are available for only $8.
You can also order a 22oz Margarita for $18 or a pitcher to share with your work buddies for the very reasonable price of $30. Add a flavor to your individual Margarita for just two bucks. Flavors include Mango, coconut, guava, strawberry, banana and watermelon.
Their signature bar sip  (and it will take many sips to finish this drink), is Patron in a bottle. Your huge 24 ounce Margarita comes with a shot of Patron. That'll make your evening.
Pair your drink of choice up with some above average bar bites. The prices are good and the food is even better!
Patron 3
Chicken Flautas go for $10 while a plate of mini burritos comes in at just $8. Enjoy a plate of Nachos with all the trimmings for twelve dollars. You can add chicken, steak or chili to this feast if you like, for a modest additional charge.
But, whatever you end up ordering, make sure to accompany your dish with Patron's signature Avocado fries. Lightly battered, these fries are bursting with flavor.

Location and Hours 

608 Ninth Avenue ( between 43rd and 44th street)
New York, N.Y. 10036
(212) 957-9050
Lunch- Monday to Friday       12 PM to 5 PM
Dinner - Monday to Friday    5 PM to 12 AM
Saturday-Sunday              5 PM to 1 AM
Brunch - Saturday and Sunday 12 PM to 5 PM

Mexicue Kitchen and Bar - Theater District

Mexicue is one classy place. The turn of the century saloon-like ambiance is amplified by the dark wood interior, hand written menu boards that display the cocktails of the day and some very impressive candlelight chandeliers.
Tucked away in a corner is a cute little bar that has a  sleek, contemporary design to it. Mexicue attracts a friendly crowd of local office workers and the tourists who can always be found in the Times Square and Theater district area. But, no matter where you happen to reside, Mexicue just feels like home.
Mexique 1
There are several things that help Mexicue standout from other similar establishments, aside, of course from the atmosphere.
First of all, their delicious food is a coming together of two of America's most beloved cuisines, Mexican and BBQ.  In this kitchen quality is not just a slogan; it actually matters. All veggies and meats are sourced from local purveyors and farms. And, when it comes to seasoning your food, the chef uses fresh spices that are ground right on the premises.
Better cooking methods make a world of difference. Everything is made from scratch. The kitchen does its' own pickling and many of the meat dishes are slow roasted or wood smoked. The chefs here have an enormous respect for time honored cooking techniques that have been practiced in the homes of Mexicans for generations.
Mexique 2
No matter how fussy an eater you or your companions may be, you'll certainly find a dish that piques your interest at Mexicue.
All salads come with either a citrus vinaigrette or creamy chipotle dressing. The Kale and Brussels sprouts salad contains pepitas, fresh corn, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, cabbage, arugula fresh herbs and sweet potatoes.
The appetizer side of the menu features Mexican street corn,  brisket street tacos with cilantro and salsa verde as well as a good to the last drop Tortilla soup.
Mexique 3
One of the kitchen's delicious innovations is their bowls, which have been acclaimed by local foodies and Mexican business travelers and tourists. Now that's resounding applause.
Bowls range from Mexican Jambalaya and blackened fish to poblano Mac and Cheese and Ancho chili chicken breast.
The Burnt ends chili bowl, though, is better than excellent. It's out of this galaxy!  Your bowl of goodness is filled with chili, brown rice, kale, slow simmered black beans, crispy tortilla strips, lime crema, manchego cheese and house - pickled peppers.
If you are at a table with friends or family ( and you will be on Cinco de Mayo), try one of their shareable sides like the Manchego mashers, the house slaw or the Anson Mills grits and spicy mushrooms.
Enjoy your meal with a drink from the bar and you will be more than good to go.

Location and Hours 

1440 Broadway
New York, N.Y.10018
(212) 302-0385
Monday to Thursday 11 AM to 11 PM
Friday             11 AM to 12 AM
Saturday           12 PM to 12 AM
Sunday             12 PM to  11 PM

Dos Caminos - Theater District

One of the most popular Mexican-themed restaurants in the Hell's Kitchen and Theater District neighborhood, Dos Caminos has been the second home to hungry and thirsty locals and tourists for quite a few years now.
It's no mystery why this stylish and spacious restaurant and bar is so busy night after night. The ambiance is sexy and festive.
DosCaminos 1
The waitstaff here understands a thing or two about hospitality. When you dine at Dos Caminos, you'll feel as though you are visiting with long-time friends who live in Mexico City.
Before you know it, you will be on a first name basis with your server. pay strict attention as your waiter tells you about the day's specials and cocktails. You won't want to miss out.
They offer over 100 different kinds of Tequila and authentic Mexican food. Here, you won't be eating some watered down version of the south of the border cuisine, that was made by a chef who's never even been to Mexico on vacation.
Shareable offerings include chicharrones that are served with house hot sauce and the chorizo fundido, which is a savory blend of melted Mexican cheeses, dark beer, spicy sausage, accompanied by warm tortillas.
The Quesadillas potosinas  is made with fresh corn masa turnovers, roasted pepper rajas, queso requeson and chile mixe salsa. A great menu item is the street veggies for dipping, which consists of jicama, cucumber, radish, pineapple and tajin.
DosCaminos 2
Celebrate the end of the work day at Dos Caminos' sensational happy hour. The best times to be here are Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm and then from 9 pm until closing time. Please note that ALL Happy hour drink and food specials are available in the bar and lounge area only.
Cans of Tecate go for $4 while you can order a Corona or Corona light for just $5. A glass of white or red Sangria is available for the unbelievable price of $6. Their signature El Camino Margarita is priced at $8.
Bocaditos come in at $6, so show up hungry. And, remember liquor always goes down better when it is accompanied by food.
The bar menu has some tasty and fun stuff on it including a personal serving of made fresh to order guacamole, roasted plantains stuffed with black beans and cotija cheese, a combo plate of grilled chicken and roasted pork tacos and the papas discotecas Mexicanas.
Dos Caminos' kitchen  has to double down in order to keep up with the demand for these delectable fries which are topped with salsa mestiza and melted menonita cheese.
DosCaminos 3
They do a fantastic brunch here, so do plan to go, at least once during the week and then again on Saturday or Sunday.
You can go bottomless at brunch for two hours with the purchase of any entree. The additional cost is $18 and that entitles you to unlimited frozen Margaritas, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, screwdrivers or sparkling wine.
The other brunch option includes coffee or tea and choice of ONE of the following, along with your entree; a frozen prickly pear or traditional Margarita, a Mimosa, a glass of sparkling wine or an orange or grapefruit juice.
The brunch entrees are really something else! The Churro pancakes are made with caramelized apples while the Mexican French toast is composed of crispy pan torrejas, rum and caramel roasted bananas.
DosCaminos 4
Possibly the best egg-centric dish is the Chilaquiles Verdes. Your plate is filled with two soft poached eggs, tortilla chips that have been simmered in salsa verde, queso oxaca and crema Mexicana.

Location and Hours

1567 Broadway
New York, N.Y. 10036
(212) 918-1330
Sunday to Tuesday 11:30 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday to Saturday 11:30 AM to 12 AM

Chevy's  - Theater District 

This colorful restaurant is a fiesta for all of your senses.  Chevy's is a great place to refuel and refresh, after a  movie or a show.
The food is surprisingly good for a National chain . Locals rave about the expertly mixed drinks that really take the edge off after a  stressful day at work. Considering the prime location, price points for both food and drink are quite affordable. You won't go broke having a good time at Chevy's.
ChevysFreshMex 2
Take advantage of Chevy's Fresh Mex combos. Build your personal 2-item combo for $18.99 or go big and make it a three item combo for $19.49.
All combos are served with Fresh Mex rice, their signature sweet corn tamalito, as well as your choice of house, made beans: refried, vegetarian black beans or beans a la charra.
For your main dish, choose from Enchiladas, Tacos, Tamales, chile relleno or mini chimichangas.
If you're a serious fan of fresh Mexican cooking then you simply must look into Chevy's super Cinco platter. Your meal consists of a beef and chicken enchilada, a beef taco, a hand-rolled pork tamale and a chile relleno. Who says that you can't have it all?
ChevysFreshMex 3
Chevy's kitchen is now featuring a selection of fish and meats straight from the mesquite grill. This style of cooking is a tremendous flavor enhancer. Everything that comes off the grill just seems to taste better.
The surf and turf option is the one to go for. You will enjoy citrus marinated steak fajitas, a grilled chicken taco and a scrumptious shrimp and crab enchilada with a delightful habanero-pesto cream sauce. The roasted chile de Arbol and garlic marinated Mahi Mahi is another taste treat. This dish comes with rice, grilled veggies and roasted corn salsa.
ChevysFreshMex 4
Whether you are flying solo at the bar or dining with friends and family, make sure that you check out  Chevy's signature desserts. They are awesome. Highlights include the grilled peaches and pineapple that are topped with whipped cream and a Heavenly Chambord sauce.  A must-have is the Chocolate-Tequila bread pudding. Your bread pudding is soaked in a creamy Kahlua and tequila sauce, then baked to perfection.A generous sprinkling of chocolate chips, whipped cream and Grand Marnier sauce complete this indulgent dish.

Location and Hours

259 West 42nd street
New York, N.Y.  10036
( 212 ) 302-4010
Saturday to Wednesday 8 AM to 1 AM
Thursday and Friday   8 AM to 2 AM

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