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Blue Avenue Groove, NYC

Blue Avenue Groove, NYC

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Everything, from food to flowers, has to be absolutely perfect. There's simply no margin for error.

Not when the eyes of the world  (or at least, the attention of hundreds of family and friends) will be focused on you and your partner.

The long-awaited proposal is over and you can both breathe a sigh of relief. You are made for each other and you both cannot wait to get your happily ever after started. But, now the REAL work begins. There are months of planning to do and that entails countless meetings with a variety of different vendors. Arranging all the details for your own nuptials is a lot more involved than simply attending a friends wedding and having fun, isn't it? But, in the end, it will all be so worth it!

Blue Ave 02

Okay, you've booked the reception venue and, after numerous appointments and tastings, you've finally settled on the floral arrangements. You're ahead of the game, but not quite out of the woods, as yet.
What is the one thing that you remember from all of the weddings that you've attended in the past, aside, of course, from the brides' gorgeous dress?  It was those hours you spent dancing up a storm on the dance floor. Great music makes for fantastic memories. So, picking the right wedding band is going to be the key to your guests having the best possible time at YOUR Big Day! You do not want to mess this up.
And, you won't have any regrets, guaranteed. Not if your wedding band of choice is Blue Avenue Groove. Energetic, electric and exhilarating, Blue Avenue Groove is one of the premier wedding bands in the Tri-State area.
Playing a diverse array of tunes, ranging from R&B, Motown Funk, pop standards to all the rock hits you know and love, Blue Avenue Groove has what it takes to get your guests up and moving in no time at all.

Blue Ave 03

Founder and bassist Will Kencel have put together a group of uber talented musicians; men and women who, not only excel at their craft but bring a vibrant energy to the stage. Blue Avenue Groove has as good a time at the weddings that they play at, as do the guests. Your guests will be able to feel the energy emanating from up on that stage.
Blue Avenue Groove is a band that is not afraid to show off their personality.
Blue Avenue Grooves' philosophy is simple and straightforward.  Each couple is unique in their own way, so their wedding should have it's very own style and feel. A band that might be appropriate for your Uncle's second marriage is just not going to cut it for your wedding.
Bandleader, Will Kencel will customize a playlist that reflects your taste in music. A graduate of Skidmore College, with a Bachelor of music degree and specialization in physics, Will is a seasoned professional who has more than paid his dues on the extremely competitive New York music scene.

Blue Ave 04

After finishing up at school, Will played club dates with a group of extremely accomplished friends who had attended schools like the New England Conservatory, the Manhattan School of Music and Berklee. But, much as Will enjoyed working with these bands and improving his skills as a live musician, he felt something was lacking, career-wise.  Will wanted to find his niche, or groove, in the music industry.

It was while working with another band who booked their gigs through the Monte Entertainment agency, that his future and career goals finally came into focus for Will. Thus, the seeds for Blue Avenue Groove were planted. Will Kencel's proposed wedding and event band would forge their own path in a crowded and competitive industry.      
While living in Brooklyn, Will worked as both an in-demand session musician as well as a record producer and sound engineer at a variety of top venues throughout the city.
During this time, Will was privileged to be able to collaborate with artists from American Idol, The Voice, Cage The Elephant as well as Grammy Award winning musicians. All the while, Will was making contacts and developing Blue Avenue Groove.
Much more than " just" a wedding band, Blue Avenue Groove is in demand for high-end celebrations and corporate events. Will and his band have played for firms such as Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Sotheby's, General Electric and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, just to name a few.

Blue Ave 05

In the Summer of 2016, Will's hometown of Greenwich Connecticut invited the band to perform at the prestigious annual Greenwich Town Party.  This was, indeed, a singular honor. Will proposed to the booking committee that Blue Avenue Groove put together a set with former American Idol finalist Elise Testone.
Once the big day arrived, Blue Avenue Groove rocked the stage, bringing the huge crowd to its' feet.  During the town party, Blue Avenue Groove shared the bill with none other than Hall and Oates, the legendary John Fogerty and Tedeschi Trucks band. It was a day that Will and his proud family would not soon forget.
Blue Avenue Groove is far from the usual paint by the numbers "jukebox" wedding band. They breathe a new life and feeling into Top Forty hits. No matter how many times you've listened to these songs before, you have never heard them performed Blue Avenue Groove style.
Right about now, you are probably asking yourself, " What's the booking process like? " Well, no worries here, it's straight to the point and, above all, caring.
A consummate professional, Will Kencel is all about making your wedding or corporate event the very best that it can possibly be. Your satisfaction and happiness come first. He cares. With Will, details mean everything.
Booking a date with Blue Avenue Groove could not be any easier. After promptly replying to your email inquiry, Will's primary mission will be to get to know your musical preferences. You know your guests better than anyone else. What songs will get even the shyest of people out of their chair and onto the dance floor? Pick any tune you like; Will and the Groove will be able to play it!

Blue Ave 06
After the music has been settled on, you'll receive a follow-up phone call from Will, so that all details can be finalized. Once you are comfortable with everything, you'll sign a contract.
But, that won't be the end of your contact with Will. A few weeks prior to your wedding, Will is going to touch base and go over the set list, just to see if there are any last minute changes you want to make.Then, Blue Avenue Groove will arrive at the venue and play their hearts out for you and your guests!
When you hire Blue Avenue Groove, you get the following features:
A live music cocktail hour ( many bands do NOT include this feature as part of their basic package).
Your personal selection of music for the following dances:
First dance as a couple

Father and daughter dance

The mother and son dance

Full instrument and sound back line

Additional features include the services of an experienced sound engineer, lighting professionals and a professional master of ceremonies.
Blue Avenue Groove is available in various configurations, depending on your requirements. You may hire them as a Jazz trio or quartet, a 5 to 10 piece soul and R&B cover band or a 4 to 5 piece rock and pop cover band. A horn section that will really get your guests in a funky groove can also be added to any booking. It's entirely up to you.
Will Kencel works with a core group of singers and musicians. They are very comfortable with one another, both musically and on a personal basis, which translates into a better performance for you. But it gets even better.

Blue Ave 07

Blue Avenue Groove is a "collective", which means that, at any given time, as a bandleader, Will call on the best live gig and studio session musicians to fill out the group and perform at your event.
Will's first call musicians are the ones who are showcased in Blue Avenue Groove's videos, so you are already assured of what you are getting. But depending on what type of music you are looking for, be it Motown, Blues, Jazz or Pop, Will have the option to bring in musicians who specialize in the genre you're interested in.
Will Kencel's journey has taken him from the suburbs of Connecticut and the industrial chic neighborhoods of Brooklyn to Manhattan's trendy Lower East Side. At every step, Will has come into contact with men and women who have helped him grow as both a person and a musician and entertainer.
When he's not making music, Will enjoys the outdoors. An avid conservationist and environmentalist, Will likes to get away from the spotlight,  by hiking the spectacular trails that are to be found amidst the lush greenery of the Lower Hudson Valley.
To achieve the success that Will has earned in the music industry, it helps to be a people person, to know just how to build a bond with everyone from your client to the staff at the wedding hall, you're playing at. However, you also have to have your share of street smarts and business savvy, as well.

Blue Ave 08

Blue Avenue Groove is available to perform at your wedding or corporate event wherever it may be. The band has entertained wedding guests as well as corporate employees and clients at glamorous estates out on Long Island, in some of Manhattans' trendiest clubs and event venues as well as at restaurants and destination weddings at farms and halls throughout the Hudson Valley.
It really doesn't matter what the particular venue is. Rest assured, Blue Avenue Groove will transform even the stuffiest, most formal event hall into a funkadelic wonderland, where your guests will leave their cares behind and just move to the music.
When Blue Avenue Groove hits the stage, you will never, ever want the night to end!
For booking information and queries, please contact founder and manager Will Kencel at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(203) 249-2503

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