Best Bars In Willliamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

Best Bars In Willliamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

There is a lot to be said about Williamsburg's bar and cocktail scene in Brooklyn, NY.

In this neighborhood, the local bartenders don't waste their time keeping up with trends. They set them.

Maison Premiere - Williamsburg 

If you are looking for a bar with a little style and pizzazz to it, look no further than Maison Premiere. Rated by none other than Conde' Nast Traveler as being one of the best bars in New York; Maison Premiere transports its' patrons down to New Orleans for some great drinks and enticing bar bites.
Inspired by the cafes of both Paris and the Big Easy, Maison Premiere has on display a working replica of the Absinthe fountain which once flowed in the celebrated Olde Absinthe House of New Orleans.
The decor is reminiscent of classy hotel lobbies and cafes from the turn of the century. Maison has personality plus and a great deal of character. You cannot mistake this place for any other bar in Brooklyn.

Maison Premiere also boasts one of the most beautiful outdoor drinking spaces you will ever want to see. Their patio is filled with lush greenery. Some of the patios' tables are situated under a charming Pegoda, whose roof is covered with plants and flowers. When you sip your drink here, you will feel that you're a million miles removed from the streets of  Brooklyn.
MaisonPremier 01
They do an excellent brunch here.  As you enjoy a brunch cocktail and some fine food, all your cares will just melt away.
Their menu is quite inventive. Regulars always seem to go for the Duck confit hash, the not too sweet Brioche French Toast and the scrumptious creamy baked eggs.
You will also delight in the poached egg and caviar dish, which is accompanied by leeks, potatoes and oysters. Talk about being good to yourself.
You certainly won't go thirsty at Maison Premier, no matter what time of the day or night you choose to visit.
The bar has a bountiful selection of quality spirits, ranging from Gin, Cognac, rum, vodka and bourbon to both Irish and Japanese whiskey. They even carry various herbal liqueurs.
Wine, beer and deliciously different cocktails are available, as well. The Old King Cole Martini, which consists of Old Raj gin, Dolin dry, orange bitters and Castelvetrano olives, is stirred table side. Another great choice is the super refreshing Light Green Fellow,  with cognac, almond, coffee and cream inside.
You will definitely find your happy place, along with a touch of class at Maison Premiere.

Location and Hours 

298 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(347) 335-0446
Monday to Wednesday  4 PM to 2 AM
Thursday and Friday  4 PM to 4 AM
Saturday             11 AM to 4 AM
Sunday               11 AM to 2 AM

Iona - Williamsburg 

What's not to like about a really cool bar that offers you great drinks at reasonable prices, friendly bartenders and a ping-pong table out on their patio?
You get all that and a whole lot more at Iona, a Scottish-themed neighborhood bar.
Spend a romantic evening with your date amidst the lush green shrubbery and trees in their backyard garden. The soft glow of lantern light adds to the spectacular ambiance.
Raise a glass with your love and toast to your future together.  Enjoy a spicy cucumber Margarita or a delicious glass of red or white wine.
IonaBar 02
Inside, the atmosphere is just as nice.  The decor evokes a turn of the century saloon, complete with vintage furnishings and dark wood. Yet, the vibe is distinctly contemporary. There is nothing at all old-fashioned about the bar or the crowd that flocks here after the work day is done.
The bar takes its' name from an ancient and historic Island, which, in days gone by, was a burial place for the Kings of Scotland.
Founded sixteen years ago, Iona occupies the premises of what once was a candy store, of all things!
On Monday evenings you can enjoy live traditional Scottish music courtesy of some very talented musicians.  Utilizing a blend of fiddle, guitar and pipes, the musicians will get you tapping your toes and singing along in no time. The program starts at 8:30 pm and features folk songs and melodies not only from Scotland but the Shetland Islands and the Hebrides, as well.
Happy Hour runs daily from 1 PM to 7 PM. Special offers include $4 Yuengling drafts or $4 cans of Modelo, Tiger Beer or Montauk Summer. Twenty-ounce drafts of Stella, Carlsberg or Smithwicks are available for just $5.
Six Dollars will get you a Modelo and a well shot or a Miller High Life plus a well shot.
If you are serious about your drinking then look into their Single Malt Whisky tasting program. Do a little exploring with your taste buds. Iona offers special pricing for tastings of single malts and top shelf liquors. Tastings run from$5 and pours from $8. Just ask the barkeep for further details and he or she will be happy to oblige.
iona bar
Now, just because this is a Scottish bar doesn't mean that you are going to be washing your drinks down with pub food. Far from it.  In fact, you will be enjoying a tasty array of Venezuelan street food courtesy of " Grill by Santa Salsa".
Menu high spots include hot dogs with all the fixings, Latin American style as well as their signature Angus burger, that comes with a mound of onions, melty cheese, lettuce and special house sauce.
Big-screen TVs are strategically placed all around the place, ( there's even one in the backyard), so you can catch all the soccer, Basketball or football that you like. 

Location and Hours 

180 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-5008
Sunday and Monday   12 PM to 2 AM
Tuesday to Saturday 12 PM to 4 AM

Huckleberry Bar - Williamsburg 

During its' eight exciting years on the scene, Huckleberry Bar has made quite an impression on local foodies and cocktail devotees. There are some serious sips and bar bites going on here. That's another reason why Huckleberry Bar is also becoming something of a destination watering hole, for people outside of Williamsburg.
HuckleberryBar 02
The staff is committed, not just to serving great drinks, but in providing genuine hospitality. With a few simple words and gestures, they make you feel welcome. That counts for a great deal when you've just gotten off a crowded, impersonal subway and are seeking a friendly face and a stiff drink.
Should you require a little assistance in choosing your libation fro the evening, the staff will be more than happy to make suggestions and point you in the right direction. Everyone who works here, whether they are behind the bar or not, knows what makes a great, not just a good, drink.
Candles decorate the tables and there is a warm vibe about the place. But, on weekends the excitement level kicks into high gear when some of Brooklyn's most in-demand DJs spin their beats.
Their cocktail menu is divided into several helpful categories that range from boozy and refreshing to classic or adventurous. The Pimm's Cup is among the best of the classics as is the Moscow Mule which contains Vodka, lime juice, simple syrup and Pickett's ginger beer.
In a particularly adventurous state of mind? Then Drinking at the Gym, has your name on the glass. This turns your night around cocktail blends Bourbon, lemon juice, bell pepper syrup, honey syrup, Peychaud's bitters and hot sauce for quite a lift.

The aptly named Levitate Me, a mix of banana liqueur, Singani Rugero, walnut liqueur and orange bitters will elevate your mood in a flash.
Purple Rain is probably the most refreshing drink on the menu. This cocktail consists of Ford's gin, aperol, sloe gin, hibiscus syrup, lemon juice and grapefruit bitters.
Their food menu is not extensive, but there is considerable variety and just about everything is good, depending, of course, on what strikes your fancy.
HuckleberryBar HappyHourSandwich selections include a delicious Focaccia grilled cheese with shallot marmalade and a savory braised short rib with Fontina cheese.
Vittles range from bacon wrapped dates that are stuffed with Gouda cheese, Mac and cheese, Hot Italian sausage pigs in a blanket to various meat and cheese boards. 

Location and Hours 

588 Grand Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211
(718) 218-8555
Monday to Thursday  5 PM to 2 AM
Friday and Saturday 5 PM to 4 AM
Sunday              5 PM to 2 AM

Dram - Williamsburg

This chic and stylish "dive bar" is a cocktail lover's paradise. You know that you're in good hands because the establishment's owners are none other than Tom Chadwick and Tonia Guffey.
If you've been around the New York bar scene for even a short amount of time, you have to be more than familiar with Tom's expertise at crafting a magical cocktail. The drinks that Tom created at places like Rye, will live forever in the memories of thirsty New Yorkers.
Tonia Guffey's resume includes stints tending bar at legendary watering holes like Flatiron Lounge, Gin Palace and The Monkey Bar.
Personable and charming, Tonia's passion is crafting an unforgettable cocktail and watching the smile on her customers' face after taking the first sip. A down to earth woman, Tonia disdains the term "mixologist" and would rather be referred to, old-school style, as a bartender.
The guys and gals who work here are proud to be bar nerds and it shows in the carefully curated drink list. You won't find many big-name brands behind the bar at Dram. But, that's not such a bad thing. Your palate will be treated to eclectic and inspired wines, craft beers from breweries you may never have heard of and a collection of small batch spirits.
Dram 01
However, where Dram really shines is in their superb cocktails.
Selections rotate seasonally so there's always something neat to discover.  One of the better introductions to Dram's talented bartenders is the Love Vigilantes cocktail.  This dream of a drink consists of Mizu Shochu, fresh pineapple and lime, passion fruit and homemade grenadine topped with 151 rum.
Another powerful concoction is Some Velvet Morning, a blend of pineapple rum, Borghetti coffee liqueur, lime, orgeat and orange curacao. The Bizarre Love Triangle's components include three peppered gin, aloe, fresh lemon juice, cucumber, mint tea, ginger and soda water.
Most regulars order the Bartender's Choice, from time to time. They KNOW that they're in for something really cool. Just put some trust in your bartender to make magic happen.
It's an easy peasy option. All you have to do is step up to the bar, name your spirit and then choose either stirred and spirit forward or shaken and refreshing.  The bartender will do the rest!
Their food menu is straightforward but far from basic or simple.  There's more than a little imagination going on in their small but crafty kitchen. The goat cheese stuffed olives with Thyme and lemon zest are but one example of the kitchen's culinary talent. The truffle Mac and cheese is but another. This dish, which can be a bit on the heavy side in many restaurants and bars feels almost light as a feather as it goes down.
A big time favorite of regulars is the Avocado toast with cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning.
The decor is almost as interesting as are the cocktails.  You'll adore the comfy lounge area with overstuffed couches to relax and recline on. But the centerpiece is a long neon yellow kayak type of boat that hangs over the bar. Now, that's a conversation starter if there ever was one. 

Location and Hours 

177 South 4th street
Brooklyn, NY11211
(718) 486-3726
Monday to Thursday 5 PM to 2 AM
Friday             5 PM to 4 AM
Saturday           4 PM to 4 AM
Sunday             4 PM to 2 AM  

Noorman's Kil - Williamsburg 

With a selection of over 400 whiskeys and a delectable line-up of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, it's easy to see why Noorman's Kil is one of the most popular bars in the borough.
This charming, comfortable bar is named after a creek that once flowed through northern Brooklyn in the mists of time. Noorman's Kil also references the importance of water in the whiskey distillation process. You may be interested to know that whiskey, beers when translated from the old Gaelic term usquebaugh, means  "water of life".
Norman Kil 01
The bar offers premium whiskeys from all over the world including Canada, Ireland and Scotland. The good old USA is well represented with over fifteen selections including  Hudson Single Malt, 77 Whiskey out of Brooklyn and Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey.
On a regular basis, the bar also offers various events such as whiskey tastings that are not to be missed. In a very real sense, the owners have built a community here where neighborhood residents can re-connect with their neighbors over a nice drink and delicious food. The ambiance promotes good fellowship and great conversation.

Noorman's is about so much more than just whiskey if you are in the mood to imbibe. They offer a variety of 12 rotating beers, excellent wine choices and creative cocktails.
Start your evening off on the right foot with a sip or two of the Orange Manhattan, a blend of rye, sweet vermouth, Hella bitters and an orange twist.
The Limestone Cowboy gives you an eclectic mix of ingredients with a generous pour of bourbon, fresh lime juice and sour mix. One of their most requested drinks is Blood and Sand. To say that this blend of scotch, Herring cherry liqueur, sweet vermouth and orange juice, is refreshing does not do this wonderful cocktail justice.
Most of us grew up eating grilled cheese sandwiches. And, as adults not much has changed. We still love this gooey, cheesy comforting sandwich.
You just know that the bar's owners grew up eating the very best grilled cheese sandwiches. Some of their menu offerings are named after the grandmothers of the four owners.
Norman Kil 02
The Maria is a distinctly Italian take on this all-American classic.  Sandwiched between two slices of Ciabatta bread are melted slices of mozzarella and provolone cheese plus Parmesan, sliced tomatoes, basil and marinara sauce.

Gruyere cheese, NY sharp cheddar, Havarti and fromage blanc on sourdough make up the Karen.  Barbara's sandwich creation  consists of sharp cheddar, Gruyere , Mike's hot honey and bacon on grilled sourdough.
There's even a dessert style grilled cheese on the menu, courtesy of Vernice. This delight consists of fresh ricotta , seasonal fruit preserves and Nutella on sourdough bread.
You can enjoy your drinks inside the bar or outdoors in the garden. Whatever the setting may be, the spotlight will always shine the brightest on your adult beverage of choice and those addicting grilled cheese sandwiches !

Location and Hours

609 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 384-2526
Monday to Friday  5 PM to 4 AM
Saturday         12 PM to 4 AM
Sunday            2 PM to 4 AM

Donna - Williamsburg 

Hitting all the right notes, this  charming bar is Williamsburg personified. A great deal of thought and ingenuity went into everything from the decor and drink list to the amazing food. The space has a vibrant artistic feel to it. Your surroundings are as hip as is the neighborhood.
If location is everything, according to the real estate crowd, then Donna occupies some very prime  space. The bar is right underneath the iconic Williamsburg bridge.
One of the driving forces behind this destination bar is Leif Young Huckman, a hospitality industry veteran. Leif's credits on the New York bar scene include Freemans, Marlow and Sons, 5 Leaves and Santos Party House.
Donna Happyhour 
Noted mixologist Jeremy Oertel  has come up with a rum-driven cocktail list that  will transport your taste buds to another planet.
The third member of the team is chef Eduardo Sandoval of Mission Cantina fame. chef Eduardo has curated a menu of delicious tacos and Latin American fare for Donna's clientele.
Management likes to say that an evening spent at Donna is the best mini-vacation you'll ever take during your work week. They are right on target.

The Monday through Friday Happy Hour features draft beers for just five bucks as well as a couple of tasty tacos for only $6.  Draft and Frozen cocktails go for the unheard of price of  $9. So, there's a lot to get excited about.
Live music and DJ sets  are yet another reason why Donna is an escape from your ordinary everyday.
Donna Happyhou2
When it's time for a cocktail, get down with the Sun Down Swizzle. The varied ingredients ( sherry, tequila, Hibiscus honey, jalapeno, lime, ginger and mint), really pop out of your glass.
You can also ride the " waves" with the Surfin' Safari . A blast in a glass, this drink contains El Dorado three year rum, Cappelletti apertivo , watermelon juice, Aloe Vera and lime juice.

One of Donna's most memorable drinks is the frozen Jungle Blizz-ird.  Fasten your seatbelt, because this blend of Cruzan Blackstraap and Appleton rums, Campari, Pineapple, Orange and cinnamon delivers a potent kick.
Celebrating with friends ?  Then order up a 32 ounce pitcher so that everyone can enjoy the good times. All draft cocktails are available by the pitcher and there are some interesting choices for you to ponder on. The Paloma blends tequila and grapefruit soda while the Japanese Daisy highlights Sun Tory Toki whiskey, lemon grass mizu shochu , sherry, lime juice and orange blossom. 

Location and Hours

27 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(646) 568-6622
Monday to Thursday 5 PM to 1 AM
Friday             5 PM to 3 AM
Saturday           4 PM to 3 AM
Sunday             4 PM to 1 AM

Baby's All Right - Williamsburg

This spacious, trendy bar is celebrated by one and all for having an incredible line-up of live music and other fun events. When you want to plan your night out, it's always smart to check  with Baby's All Right and see what's happening on their stage. No matter what your taste in music is, you're sure to find something on their schedule that will get you moving.
When you visit Baby's All Right, there's no need to find a nearby restaurant to complete your evening. Their menu spans the globe with a veritable rainbow of international influences from Mexico, Thailand, France and, of course, America. You will be sure to find your new favorite dish or guilty pleasure right  here.
BabysAllRight 01
Brunch is the perfect introduction to Baby's drink list and menu. Their bottomless brunch special comes in at a very reasonable $34.99. You can order any entree from the brunch menu  and receive your choice of unlimited Mimosas, Greyhounds or Bloody Marys for  ninety minutes. Please check with your server for further details.

When you read over the menu, the only problem you will have is deciding just what to order.
Wake and Bake is more of a traditional brunch dish with two poached eggs, spinach, smoked Gouda , home fries and Hollandaise sauce. Just about everybody likes French toast and here, this staple brunch favorite is dressed up with candied pecans, fresh fruit and Vermont maple syrup.
A Mexican-style dish that you will love is the  Chilaquiles Verdes with eggs your way, cotija cheese, avocado and crema. They also do a nice Croque Madame. For something that's super duper refreshing, try  Things in a Bowl, a dish that is made with Thai tea, coconut chia pudding, fresh fruit and muesli. You may also be interested by The risky chicken, a Thai fried chicken sandwich accompanied by papaya salad.
By all means do brunch on the weekend, but, don't forget all of the excitement that's in store for you during the rest of the week.
BabysAllRight 02
One of Baby's signature drinks is the Pink Baby. This frozen  cocktail is comprised of grapefruit, lemonade, mate and vodka. One of Baby's self-styled new classics is  the Mezcal Negroni , with Mezcal Union, Campari and sweet vermouth. When you're really thirsty, you might want to check out the whimsical Long Thaisland Iced Tea with bourbon, iced tea and condensed milk.
Having the time of your life has never tasted so good! Discover life's simple pleasures at Baby's All Right .

Location and Hours 

146 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 599-5800
Monday to Friday     6 PM to 4 AM
Saturday and Sunday 12 PM to 4 AM

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