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Best Bars in Bushwick - Brooklyn NY

Best Bars in Bushwick - Brooklyn NY

Formerly a working class and industrial neighborhood, Bushwick is now known for some of the best art galleries, bars, cafes and restaurants in Brooklyn and the entire city.

It's only fitting that this eclectic community is home to some of the best bars in Brooklyn. It's a little known fact, but, from the late 1800's through  around 1915, Bushwick  was celebrated as the beer capitol of America. Bushwick is also known for its' street art. This isn't graffiti that we're talking about. The Bushwick collective is an organization that encourages commercial building owners to donate a wall on their warehouse or factory to be used as a canvas for one of the collectives' professional artists. 

Skytown  -  Bushwick

This charming bar may be a touch on the small side but it makes a big impact in terms of  delicious food, great drinks and genuine hospitality.
The vibe here is Brooklyn cool and the friendly staff takes good care of their customers. If you're not already a regular, you'll soon become one when you sample the warm and welcoming ambiance and take your first sip of their hand crafted cocktails.
Skytown truly is where the party starts.
A  very nice ice-breaker is the luscious Yours Truly cocktail, with a smooth blend of bourbon, amaretto and cider.  You can kick the buzz factor up a notch or two with the Manzanita , a  lively mixture of tequila, applejack, lemon and cinnamon.
The Newman is a classy drink that wold have been at home in any of the classic New York bars of the forties or fifties.  You will absolutely love the way that Skytowns' bartender mixes just the right amount of whiskey and dry vermouth with luxardo and orange bitters.
As inviting as the after work scene is here, Skytown is equally celebrated for their scrumptious brunch.
The fifteen dollar Pre-Fixe brunch includes a Bloody Mary, Mimosa or craft beer of your choice with entree'.
Their signature brunch dish is the Eggs In Hell. You will enjoy two eggs baked in siracha, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese accompanied by fresh sourdough bread.
The kitchen also turns out one of the best egg sandwiches in Brooklyn. You have GOT to taste this! A couple of eggs, your way, topped with caramelized onions, avocado and cheddar, rest lightly on fresh from the oven ciabatta bread.
Fried chicken with waffles, French Toast and  a juicy Morning Burger with roasted tomato aioli and a sunny-side up egg complete the brunch menu. 

Location and Hours 

921 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(347) 435-3252
Monday to Friday    11 AM to 4 AM
Saturday and Sunday    10 AM to 4 AM

The Rookery Bar  -  Bushwick

One of Bushwick's most popular watering holes, The Rookery is a modern, hip take on a traditional English pub. Elements of old-school pub decor blend very nicely with more than a little bit of industrial chic.
You can enjoy your drink  at their stunning 16 foot horseshoe bar or, when weather permits, outside in the picture postcard perfect beer garden. The garden is a hidden oasis that gives Bushwick residents a respite from the concrete and grime of the city. An ice-cold craft beer or cocktail  puts an exclamation point on your evening at The Rookery.
By the way, in case you were wondering, a rookery is  a place, usually a tree, where Ravens go to commune with each other and just hang out. The owners use  the word rookery as a cute metaphor for their bar where locals flock to drink and  socialize.
The bar mixes a much loved and requested drink called the Chelsea Smile. This blend of New Amsterdam, elderflower, lemon, ginger beer and bitters will certainly put a huge grin on your face.
The Blackwatch consists of Johnny Black, Becherovka, sweet vermouth, creme de cassis and bitters. Green chartreuse, lime juice, Luxardo maraschino and casamigos all come together in one delicious cocktail, the Final Word.
Their wine list is rather limited but it's well curated. This is quality stuff, not cheap wine from the local supermarket.
The chef has christened their food menu as being "pub grub". But it is a great deal more than just that.
If you've never tasted British-West Indian fusion, then you will receive an unforgettable introduction to this cuisine when you dine at The Rookery.
Their curry vegetable pie is made with roasted root vegetables that are slowly stewed in garam masala curry. Like a good shepherds' pie? Then you must try the tender goat simmered in a savory West Indian curry topped with whipped parsnip potatoes. It's adventurous eating to be sure, but so worth it. Absolutely delicious.
Other notable dishes include the beef and ale pie with veggies, that's simmered in Malbec and stout; the portobello mushroom "burger" and the Rookery scotch egg, swaddled in sausage.
If you are drinking with a group of office buddies or neighbors, go for a couple of large plates of Mums' Chips.  You won't be able to stop eating these slowly roasted potato wedges. These golden brown goodies are served with house made Jamaican dipping sauce and Scotch bonnet infused mayo. The West Indian street corn, with jerk mayo and toasted coconut, is another delicious shareable. 

Location and Hours 

425 Troutman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(718) 483-8048
Monday to Friday    12 PM to 4 AM
Saturday and Sunday    12 PM to 4 AM

Yours Sincerely  -  Bushwick

At Yours Sincerely, a prim and proper British ambiance blends nicely with Bushwicks' vibrant energy.
Master mixologist Darren Grenia has created a bar program that isn't afraid to take chances with ingredients, yet has something for everyone.
Except for the mix it yourself option, which we will get to in just a moment, all rotating cocktails are on tap.  Yours Sincerely is one of the few bars in the borough that does this. And, by the way, with most cocktails in the very reasonable price range of between eight and eleven dollars, your night out on the town is highly affordable.
The theme here is a cocktail laboratory where tasty experimentation is always going on. The bartenders have, very helpfully, divided their drink list into several sections such as no bubbles, carbonated cocktails and featured drinks.
If you are not in a bubbly mood ( at least as far as your tummy is concerned), then order the Swipe Right, which is their version of an old fashioned. The ingredients are bourbon, organic dates, orange, and bitters.
The Lab Rat ( Daquiri ) is made with denizen white rum, lime and simple syrup.  If you like a bit of fizz with your cocktail, then you won't do any better than the  Folsom Fizz, which features whiskey, cherry coke and bourbon.
One of their signature or featured cocktails and far and away, the most popular is the H-Bomb, inspired by the old British standby drink, The East India cocktail. It 's made with cognac,  pineapple juice, 5 spice agave, nut meg and orange juice.
The mixers and Elixers portion of the menu allow you to get into the lab and create your own drink. Just pick your spirit ( whiskey, peated scotch, rum, gin, vodka or tequila) add ginger or grapefruit soda and then a splash of house tonic water.
The friendly bartenders will follow your instructions and make suggestions as to which ingredients to add if you like your cocktail to be herbal based, fruity, fizzy, tropical or refreshing.
A nice variety of craft beers and wine is also available. 

Location and Hours 

41 Wilson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
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Monday to Friday    5 PM to 2 AM
Saturday            5 PM to  2 AM
Sunday                5 PM to 12 AM  

Tradesman  -  Bushwick

This very interesting bar celebrates the builder, those men and women who work with their hands. It's kind of a tribute, if you will, to Brooklyn's industrial, working class roots.
The interior was, in fact, designed by the owners, Larissa Varges and Marek Gregorski. Marek and his friends actually built the bar themselves from scratch. Talk about a hands-on approach to owning a business!
The space makes use of various materials that were found on the premises. The end walls make use of wooden foundry mould parts, the bar is made from white oak and the taps were crafted from pipe fittings. The table tops are old, reclaimed work shop tables. One of the walls is decorated with a collection of workmen's tools such as monkey wrenches. The decorating scheme, at first glance, may seem to be a bit odd, but it works visually... big time!
Tradesman has a very welcoming happy hour which goes from 5 PM to 9 PM, every day except Saturday.
On offer are $4 drafts, $5 well drinks and a fine selection of specialty cocktails for only six dollars. During the nicer, warm weather months, you can take advantage of their 2,500 square foot patio. It is a really gorgeous space. One of the cocktails that you can enjoy out here, amidst the greenery is the Smoky and Spice, with Cortes mezcal, Fuji apple juice, jalapeno, mint and lemon.
At any one time, there are at least a dozen craft beers on rotation. Variety is the spice of life here at Tradesman.
The bar strongly believes in supporting local start-up businesses so they will host the occasional pop-up or other events, featuring Brooklyn artists, designers or chefs.
Most regulars who love the after-work scene here, also make time in their schedule to do brunch at Tradesman.
Their eggs are cage-free and natural and all pork served here is heritage. Produce, whenever possible, is from local farms.
Brunch highlights include the herb scrambled eggs, challah French toast, deviled eggs and their signature salmon plate. This meal consisting of acme salmon, a pumpernickel bagel with herb cream cheese, a house salad, cole slaw, onion slices and pickles, will keep you happy and satisfied until dinner time rolls around. 

Location and Hours 

222 Bushwick Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 386-5300
Monday to Thursday    5 PM to 2 AM
Friday                2 PM to 4 AM
Saturday            12 PM to 4 AM
Sunday                12 PM to 2 AM

Miles  -  Bushwick [closed]

Beautifully refurbished wood walls, dim lighting and a cozy, intimate ambiance make this bar a great date night spot. The photos of various breeds of show dogs that line the walls add a homespun and slightly eccentric touch.
Miles is the kind of bar that locals recommend to their friends who live in other parts of the city. People just love coming here. Sure, the sincere and friendly service has something to do with the show of affection. But, the amazing cocktails being mixed here are the big lure at Miles.
Have a sip or two of the fabulous Oolong Island Tea and you will know what the fuss is all about. Oolong whiskey, orchard peach liqueur, lemon, simple syrup and bitters all come together in your glass for a refreshingly delicious experience.
Another adult beverage that will make you glad you are old enough to drink is the Yacht Rock, a blend of mezcal, Aperol, denizen white rum, lemon, demerara and Aphrodite bitters.
The James Henry cocktail consists of bourbon, house-made Drambuie, ginger and lemon.
There's always something happening at Miles including great deals and special offers.  Happy Hour extends throughout the entire week, from 6 to 8 PM. Well drinks come in at only five dollars and you get $1 off all draft beers.
Foodie alert! Mac Mondays presents all patrons who purchase a drink with a complimentary serving of Mac and Cheese.  On Wino Wednesdays, you and your date can take 20% off any bottle of wine, all night.
Besides the addicting macaroni and cheese, the kitchen has turned out some delectable small plates and shares.  The cheese and charcuterie plates are substantial and worth the money.
But, if cheese is your downfall, then opt for one of their award winning grilled cheese plates.  The Tony baloney gives you gobs of melted Swiss and Vermont cheddar, together with Mortadella. A slathering of whole grain mustard on sourdough completes your sandwich. The Barbarella is a warm ciabatta topped with herb butter, tomato, basil, garlic and melted mozzarella. Fantastico doesn't even begin to describe how good this is !
Location and Hours
101 Wilson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(718) 483-9172
Monday through Sunday    6 PM to 2 AM

Left Hand Path - Bushwick

A casual, laid back bar, Left Hand Path is your go-to comfort zone whenever things are not going right in your life.   It doesn't matter whether you've just gone through a break-up in a relationship or your boss chewed you out, earlier that day. The friendly barkeeps at Left Hand are good listeners and they Know how to mix and pour a drink.
No worries; you'll be back on your feet in no time.
Their wine list is highlighted by imported reds and whites from France. And at just $8 a glass, indulging your inner wine god has never been easier or more delicious.
The bar also has some excellent local craft beers as well the bottled and canned variety.
LeftHandPath Bushwick
The cocktail list is steadfast. You can't miss with any of the offerings. But, the must-tries are the Hemingway Daiquiri (aged white rum, lime and grapefruit juice and maraschino liqueur) and Tea Time, a cocktail worth the name. The ingredients are Hibiscus mint iced tea, gin, lemon juice and sparkling wine.
They don't really have what you would call a proper food menu here. Left Hand features only one kind of snack, but it's a good one though; dumplings!
These savory dumplings are served every day until midnight ( Two AM on Friday and Saturday) and you can get 6 pieces for only eight bucks.
Fillings include mushrooms and cabbage, pork with chives, lamb and green squash as well as carrot with ginger and scallion. 

Location and Hours

89 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11237
(718) 417-1262
Monday to Friday     5 PM to 4 AM
Saturday and Sunday  2 PM to 4 AM

Heavy Woods  -  Bushwick

You certainly won't have to navigate any forest greenery or winding paths to find this totally charming, rustic bar. Heavy Woods is conveniently located in the heart of Bushwick. Even if you're visiting from another neighborhood, just ask a local to point you in the right direction. Everybody knows Heavy Woods, whose bartenders have been quenching the thirst of Bushwick residents since 2012.
They've got so many special offers on tap here, you are going to want to stop here, at least a couple of nights per week after your workday is done.
Their Happy Hour goes from Monday through Friday, 2 to 7 PM. You can grab a frozen drink for the unbelievable price of $5 and get a buck off all draft beers. $4 well drinks are available during this time and you can always order a glass of beer and a shot for $6!
But the insane prices and happiness don't stop there. On Tuesdays, they have a late night (12 to 4 AM),  deal where all well drinks and drafts are 2 for 1. On wine night Wednesdays a mere $25 gets you a bottle of rose'.
We know that many of Aplez.com's readers work shifts in the hospitality business, as servers, barkeeps, front of the house hosts and chefs. Industry Night Mondays at Heavy Woods are meant for you.
Altos and Jameson ring up at the register for just $5. You can enjoy a Fernet/High Life combo for $8.
The bar staff has assembled a nifty list of cocktails, each one deserving of being referred to as a signature drink.
The way that the Toy Soldier tastes is quite incredible.  The blend of Dewar's scotch, cherry heering, simple syrup and lemon is topped off with oh so luscious cherries.
For somewhat of a different flavor and buzz, try the Smoke Bomb, which is made with makers mark, coffee infused Antica and vanilla de Madagascar.
Their dinner menu features some very cool Cajun grub.  The Nola style BBQ shrimp always keeps hungry Bushwick locals coming back for more.  As does the savory pork-porcini meatballs and grits.
Small plates that go great with your cocktail include the collard greens with slab bacon and the butter beans with smoked pork necks.
Hey, if you've already had a meal elsewhere and just came to Heavy Woods to close out the night with a couple of drinks, no problem. But save room for dessert because sweet endings are done right in THIS bars' kitchen.
Highlights are the warm pecan praline bread pudding with bourbon caramel sauce and the cornmeal custard chess pie. Th is as good as you'll get down in the Big Easy.
Location and Hours
50 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(929) 234-3500
Monday through Sunday    11 AM to 4 AM

Terra Firma  -  Bushwick

This rustic-chic bar and restaurant have gained a huge and loyal following since it first opened its' doors in 2015.
Bushwick foodies and cocktail enthusiasts know a good thing when they see it...and taste it!

The decor is very welcoming. There are comfy banquettes specifically designed for groups of friends as well as tables, tucked away in a corner of the restaurant, which is ideal for those who are out on a date.
Orange lanterns bring a unique and romantic glow to the surroundings and they have a beautiful back patio. You can enjoy a cocktail under a charming pergola! What more could you desire? Well, how about a nice happy hour, for starters?
Happy Hour reigns supreme from Tuesday through Saturday from 4 until 8 PM.  Drafts, well drinks and wine are available for only $5.  If you are meeting a group of friends, after work, then you'll want to know about Terra Firma's' $18 draft beer pitcher special.
Brunch is a really big deal here and rightly so. With any entree, you can make your Bloody Mary or Mimosa bottomless for just $15.
And, they've got some very nice stuff on the Brunch menu, as well.  Choose from an avocado or crab cake Benedict or their signature pork and Brussels sprouts hash.
The Elvis French toast, with whiskey whip, bacon, honey, sliced bananas and peanut butter is also very popular. On a much lighter note, you may want to try the Grapefruit and Avocado salad with kale and goat cheese.

Location and Hours

119 Ingraham Street
 Brooklyn, NY  (between Morgan and Porter avenues)
(718)  36-4375
Monday                     Closed
Tuesday to Saturday   11 AM to 12 AM
Sunday                     11 AM to 5 PM

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