Best Rooftop Bars in Brooklyn, NY

Best Rooftop Bars in Brooklyn, NY

As far as trendsetting and colorful rooftop bars go, Brooklyn takes a back seat to no one.

One of the most sought-after nightlife experiences around, Brooklyn has quite a few rooftop bars and lounges that you will want to put on your must-do list.  

Zona Rosa -  Williamsburg

Whether you are here for Happy Hour to celebrate the end of the workday, a delicious dinner or brunch, Zona Rosa has the perfect recipe for a memorable day or night.
Chef Ivan Garcia has created an inviting restaurant that is quickly becoming a neighborhood staple.  
At Zona Rosa, you will be treated to traditional Mexican comfort food, the way that it's meant to be served.  The chef developed his reverence for classical  Mexican cooking, as a small boy, while watching his mom and grandmother at work in their kitchen. In a very small space, they worked magic with fresh veggies, herbs, poultry and meats from nearby farms.
Chef Ivan believes that the creative use of fresh, wholesome ingredients is what really contributes to a delicious dish. It seems that local residents agree wholeheartedly. Zona Rosa has been consistently voted as being one of the top Mexican restaurants in Brooklyn. Chef Ivan has got to be doing something right.
A delightful ambiance also is a huge factor in Zona Rosa's popularity. The main dining room, located on the first floor of the establishment ,is warm and welcoming. Some people might find it to be a little bit on the plain side. But the room has the atmosphere of a typical Mexican family-run cafe; the kind of which you would find while traveling through the rural areas.
The wow factor increases, though, when you enter the restaurant's impressive second-floor bar and dining area.

zona rosa

You'll find yourself inside of a gorgeous, glass-enclosed lounge and dining room. There are greenery and colorful lighting. This is their all-weather "outdoor" rooftop.
But, right next door is Zona Rosa's Al Fresco lounge, complete with a very nice view of the surrounding neighborhood.
There is no more of a beautiful sight than when the rooftop bar and lounge are aglow with light after dusk falls.
Take advantage of their fantastic happy hour, which runs Monday through Friday, from 5 to 7 PM. The bar's exceptional Margaritas are only $6 and house shots are available for the same very reasonable price.
Zona Rosa is known for their artisanal Margaritas, which are prepared using Jimador 100% Agave Tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice, orange liqueur and fresh fruit. Flavors include watermelon, Pina Colada, Lime and Tamarindo.
Even if you've only come for drinks, once you get a look at the menu, you will definitely want to stay for dinner. There is some serious cooking going on in Chef Ivan's kitchen.
One of his most popular appetizers is the elote asado which is roasted Mexican style corn with fresh cheese, spicy mayo, a touch of lime and chile piquin.
The kitchen works in overdrive to keep up with the demand for main dishes such as the fish stew with shrimp, mussels, scallops, octopus and fish of the day in a savory chipotle tomato sauce. Another popular plate is Chef Ivan's spiced lamb shank that is steamed inside of a banana leaf. It's served with a generous portion of fresh made rice and beans along with pickled habanero red onions.
While some chefs may view desserts as a necessary " evil" or after thought, that's not the case here.
The goat milk flan is delicious. But to really satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, go for the coconut churros with both chocolate and caramel sauce or the pastel tres leches.  Made from a generations old family recipe, this dessert is made with reposed tequila, mango and strawberries. Delicious does not do justice to this one of a kind sweet ending.

Location and Hours 

571 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(917) 324-7423
Monday to Thursday    5 PM to 12 AM
Friday               12 PM to 1 AM
Saturday and Sunday  11 AM to 1 AM

Berry Park - Williamsburg 

This spacious, friendly German beer garden themed bar is the absolute best place to watch sports in Brooklyn.  The downstairs main bar and dining room have a bunch of huge flat screen TV's, making it oh so easy for you to root for your favorite soccer, baseball, basketball and football teams.
The look is rustic, with lots of tables made out of repurposed old wooden roof beams. On Friday and Saturday nights there house DJ gets the crowd up on its' feet, with popular oldies and current beats.
But, as you can imagine, during the warmer months, the big draw here is the 3,000 square foot rooftop bar area. The energy up here is incredible.
There are rows of picnic tables where you can enjoy a selection of imported German, Belgian and Irish beers, as well as some delicious dining options. You can also delight in some amazing views of the Manhattan skyline.  Really, nights in New York were made for venues like Berry Park. Wash your cares away with a glass or two of beer while enjoying the company of friends or the one that you love. One way or another, you can't miss on having the time of your life!
You won't go hungry here. However, the fare is limited to mostly snacks and small plates like Frickles, bratwurst with fries, schnitzel and artichoke dip.
The menu, though, does offer a few gourmet-type surprises such as their celebrated macaroni and cheese, a wonderful cucumber and avocado gazpacho along with spicy grilled shrimp skewers.
Their drink list also contains some really nice cocktails, in addition to the suds. Berry Parks' signature drink is the Huckleberry lemonade with vodka, lemonade and club soda.
A go-to option for regulars is the tap dance, which blends Pimm's No.1, IPA syrup, lemon and mint with Banana liqueur. The aptly named staycation consists of  Anejo rum, light rum, mango, ginger liqueur, lime and bitters.
Aside from the Huckleberry, the most refreshing drink, by far, is the east side, which is made with Tanqueray gin, lime, mint, rosemary and cucumbers. 

Location and Hours 

4 Berry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 782-2829
Monday to Thursday  5 PM to 2 AM
Friday              5 PM to 4 AM
Saturday           11 AM to 4 AM
Sunday             11 AM to 2 AM

Alma  -  Carroll Gardens 

Located close to the Brooklyn waterfront this casual Mexican restaurant and bar offers unparalleled views of the East River and the majestic Manhattan skyline.
What could be better on a sunny Summer day, than enjoying a delicious brunch along with a couple of Margaritas while watching leisure craft, ferries and other boats glide across the water? Well, you could be dining here at night, when the city's office towers are illuminated against a star filled sky.  Hey, why not make time for both options?
Their roof deck is in use all year round. It's heated during the winter, but Summer time is when this welcoming outdoor bar and dining room really shines brightest.
Thanks to the food, drinks and overall atmosphere, every day is special at Alma. But things really kick into high gear on Taco Tuesdays. That's when you can score a refreshing Margarita together with a couple of tacos for only $13, between the hours of 5:30 and 10 PM.
The bar has a full and thirst-quenching line-up of various domestic and imported beer and wine. Don't sleep, though, on their delightful cocktail offerings.
The cucumber margarita, made with triple sec,cucumber-infused tequila, lime juice and a touch of salsa Picante has to be one of the best drinks of its' kind in the city. Right up there with it is the El Padrino, which is a mix of muddled oranges, angostura bitters and chocolate with mezcal Blanco.

Alma Restaurant

The bar also does a classic Michelada that is shaken with sangrita and mezcal.
Chef Francisco Lopez continues the culinary tradition that was set by Gary Jacobson, the chef who opened Alma, back in 2002.  Those are not easy footsteps to follow, but chef Lopez knows his way around a kitchen.
The menu has considerable variety with a wide selection of salads and entrees but it's the fajitas and tacos that keep hungry Brooklyn residents coming back for more.
You'll wipe your plate clean after you take one bite of the tacos de camaron. Your corn tortilla is filled with sauteed rock shrimp, shallots, garlic, a touch of coconut milk and red cabbage, dressed with a chipotle aioli. Also on the menu is another seafood taco. This one is stuffed with lightly fried haddock and roasted tomatoes.
Chef Francisco does wonders with what, in most kitchens, would simply be a plain but healthy vegetable taco. The chef puts more than a little sizzle, together with some tasty seasonings, in this delectable taco that is filled with fried avocado, jalapenos, black beans, cheddar cheese and pico de gallo. A true taste sensation, indeed. 

Location and Hours

187 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 643-5400
 Monday to Thursday   5:30 PM to 10 PM
 Friday               5 PM to 11 PM
 Saturday             11 AM to  11 PM
 Sunday               11 AM to 10 PM

Bia  -  Williamsburg

Situated at the foot of the  Williamsburg Bridge, Bia is a family owned and operated bar and restaurant that specializes in Northern Vietnamese cuisine based on family recipes that have been passed down through several generations.
Bia is a noun, which means beer in Vietnamese. They certainly do have a great brew menu here. All the popular brand name beers are available, as well as craft suds and a few imported Vietnamese beers. If you are not a beer person, fear not. They carry some very interesting and tasty wines, as well.
And the rooftop is the perfect spot in which to enjoy a draft beer or a nice, refreshing and relaxing glass of wine. Space is not that big but it's well organized and there are plenty of communal picnic tables. As far as rooftops go, you could describe Bia's as being intimate and cozy.
The downstairs bar and dining area are tremendous. There is a rather chic and intriguing industrial-warehouse vibe to the place. But, then again, this is Brooklyn, after all. There's a long set of old fashioned stairs that lead up to the roof top. Better be sure that you are sober when you try to navigate them.
The food is well crafted and the menu is literally worlds away from the standard fare that you'll find in a typical bar, rooftop or not.

A nice introduction to Vietnamese cuisine would be the kitchen's classic and filling Vietnamese style sandwich. This baby's got everything in it, from ham, pork belly and minced meat to pickled carrots, cucumber slices, cilantro, butter, a dab of mayo and sriracha.
The Ga Chien (lollipop wings with a spicy ginger sauce), pair well with just about any of the beers on offer, particularly the Asian imports.
At first glance, you might think that the oxtail stew with noodles is not for you, but give it a try. This savory dish is the ultimate in Vietnamese comfort food. They also do a great Dim Sum. The steamed pork and shrimp dumplings are particularly good. 

Location and Hours

67 South 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718)  388-0908
Monday to Friday      5 PM to 11 PM
Saturday and Sunday  12 PM to 11 PM

Westlight  -  Williamsburg

If you are out on a first date and really want to make a lasting impression, then bring your date to Westlight, a dynamic and exciting rooftop bar that's perched atop the 22nd floor of the William Vale Hotel.
A night out on the town doesn't get any better than this.
The outdoor terrace and adjoining indoor lounge both have a very cool, sophisticated look and vibe. The crowd that Westlight attracts is on always on trend. Yet, despite the decidedly upscale ambiance, you can feel totally at ease here. Stuff that tie, that you wore all day at the office, right into your pocket! And prepare to kick back with the great company, delightful drinks, and great bites.
Plexi glass walls and not much else provide unobstructed, breathtaking views of parts of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. You can get even more up close and personal with the Empire State Building and other landmarks by utilizing the complimentary canary yellow binoculars that are strategically situated around the roof.
Westlight's bar program is curated by Anne Robinson. Available for your imbibing pleasure are both original and classic cocktails as well as beer, wine and premium spirits.


The Billy V is a cocktail that will enthrall even the purists among us. Consisting of Bison Grass vodka, Dolin Blanc vermouth, pineapple and absinthe, this drink is a treasure in a glass.
The Viking Shandy incorporates dill and coriander with grapefruit Saison beer, lemon, Strega, gin and Aquavit. For a refreshing change of pace, order the Delores Royale, a heady portion that consists of  Vida mezcal, Amontillado sherry,  Mandarin vodka, Apricot juice, lime and Cava.
Chef Andrew Carmellini's menu is inspired by Global street food. Highlights include Tempura bass buns, charred eggplant dumplings, spiced chicken empanadas, roasted carrot hummus and crispy potato skins that are accompanied by Kaluga caviar and a tasty Yuzu Hollandaise.
One of the more popular dishes, though, is the savory and succulent Westlight burger. A patty of dry-aged beef is topped with mushrooms and onion jam, Gouda cheese and a " secret schmear" of something or other that tastes really good!
Chefs' signature dessert is the warm apple hand pie with bourbon caramel and creme' fraiche. The warm chocolate mousse is also well worthy of mention. 

Location and Hours

The William Vale Hotel, 22nd floor
111 North 12th street
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(718) 307-7100
Sunday to Wednesday    4 PM to 12 AM
Thursday to Saturday   4 PM to  2 AM
Sunday                 4 PM to 12 AM

Kimoto Rooftop Bar and Lounge  -  Williamsburg 

From the respected team behind such popular New York city hot spots as Mira Sushi and Izakaya,  Kimoto  Rooftop bar and lounge has brought a rush of new energy and excitement to the  Brooklyn cocktail and dining scene.
If you are looking for a place that has a distinctly different sort of vibe to spend the evening, then Kimoto is worth checking out. It's the kind of night spot that will have your friends asking just how you discovered such a cool lounge and restaurant.
In Japan, the word Kimoto is often used as a surname that means "one who lives beneath the trees". Here, you will certainly feel at one with nature. It's like a tranquil oasis in the middle of Brooklyn.
The outdoor terrace area boasts a Zen-style design, as well as unmatched views of Barclays Center, the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River.  And, do you know what? When Brooklyn is all lit up at night, it takes on a very different personality. Dare we say, romantic?
Wood paneling and a wide variety of interesting plants make this a very chill space in which to decompress from your busy day.
There are over 300 varieties of sublime plants on the premises including such varieties as Jade, Ming Aralias and Ginseng Ficus Bonsai.  The lounge also has a truly spectacular indoor rock garden.
The sips and bites on offer here certainly do justice, and then some, to the beautiful surroundings.
Both hot and cold sake are available, as are a variety of imported Asian beers, domestic wines and local craft beer.
Signature cocktails range from the smooth and refreshing Sensei, with Bayberry lychee infused liqueur, Mizu shochu, plum wine and lemon juice to the exciting Spring Fling, which blends Bombay Sapphire East, St. Germaine, pomegranate and lemon juice with fresh blackberries and raspberries.
Feeling adventurous? Then try the Forbidden Fruit. You will savor every drop of this nectar, which consists of Hennessy, muddled Asian pears, Vermont maple syrup and lemon juice.
Kimoto's delicious food is both sophisticated yet approachable. The plating is so stylish and Insta-worthy, you may be, at first, hesitant to disturb what's on your plate. So, just click away on your phone, before those hunger pangs overwhelm you.
This is elevated high-end restaurant quality cuisine. They have a large selection of salads such as a superb seaweed offering and a spicy chicken teriyaki salad.
Small bites and appetizers will all hit the spot, especially the Edamame, which you can order spicy or with sea salt: the delectable Yuzu shrimp ceviche and a tuna tartar composed of spicy tuna and guacamole.
The kitchen turns out a few hearty "big plates" that are sure to satisfy any appetite. You can choose from a juicy Kobe burger, Kung Pao chicken or the Jap Chae glass noodles that are sauteed with sweet potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, red cabbage, onions, sesame seeds and scallions. There's also a tasty skirt steak with Thai chimichurri on the menu. 

Location and Hours

216 Duffield Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 858-8940
Monday to Thursday   12 PM to 12 AM
Friday               12 PM to 2 AM
Saturday             4 PM to 2 AM
Sunday               Closed

The Ides Bar  - Williamsburg 

Located on the sixth floor of the beautiful Wythe Hotel, The Ides bar plays host to a trendy, eclectic crowd. When you grab a drink along with a stunning view, on the spacious terrace, you'll be joined by local hipsters and trendy cocktail fans who have come all the way in from Manhattan, as well as European tourists and business executives.
You are in for some interesting conversations, to be sure.
With red banquettes and an artfully designed bar, the Ides blends a cool retro-feel with a sleek and modern vibe. When you join your friends here, do please leave those flip-flops or well-worn sneakers for when you go to that dive bar down the street from your place. You know; the one that you spend more time in than you do in your own space-challenged apartment.


They do have a nice line-up of draft beer, wine and champagne. But the cocktails are almost as pretty to look at as is the view.  The Sixth Floor Sling is the perfect antidote to whatever happens to ail you. Ingredients like Plymouth gin, Allspice, apricot juice and cherries form the foundation for, get this; lime sherbet. Now, that's uber refreshing.

The provocatively named Bordello Glow, whose ingredients are Maker's Mark Bourbon, lemon, and bitters, is a simple but effective drink, designed to chase all of your blues away.
Mr. October may or may not be named after Yankee legend Reggie Jackson, but one thing's for certain. This is one delicious cocktail. You'll love how the bourbon and Prosecco blend so well with blackberry and pineapple juice.
One of the only drawbacks to this magical establishment is that the kitchen is only open until 10 PM.  So, be sure to order your snacks and bar bites before the witching hour strikes ten and the curtain closes, for the night on treats like ham or lobster sliders, deviled eggs, bread with fresh ricotta and salted caramel popcorn. 

Location and Hours

80 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(718)  460-8006
Monday to Thursday     4 PM to 11 PM
Friday                         2 PM to 11 PM
Saturday and Sunday   12 PM to 11 PM

The Roof  -  Gowanus 

In Brooklyn and throughout the entire city, for that matter, most rooftop bars are located in trendy new hotels or restaurants.  The Roof, which is one of the most buzzed about rooftops in the borough of  Brooklyn, however, calls the local Whole Foods market home.
Yes, that's right. Now you can do your weekly shopping and stock up on all the organic and natural produce and products you want and then take a much-needed break up on their rooftop bar.
True, The Roof may not be the sexiest bar you can go to, but, as far as great drinks, food and ambiance go; it gets the job done.
With an indoor bar/dining room and a well-appointed hip patio-like terrace, The Roof provides some very nice views of both Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline.
They have 16 rotating craft beers on tap with local Brooklyn and New York State breweries being well represented. The bar also offers an unexpectedly great variety of reds, whites and sparkling wine as well as delicious sangria.
The menu is very extensive with choices for everyone from carnivores to vegetarians. And, since The Roof is part of the Whole Foods family, you just know that all of the ingredients are going to be absolutely fresh and, well, wholesome!
The kitchens' talented chefs give customers their creative take on pub fares such as a classic fish and chips, triple mac and cheese, rosemary and garlic tater tots as well as their signature burger, a savory blend of beef brisket and chuck that is ground in-house every morning.
One of their most popular dishes, though, is the pan-seared cauliflower steak with a delectable saffron aioli. The meat and cheese boards go well with the craft beers on tap. All boards are served with cranberry chutney, candied nuts, beer mustard and flat bread. 

Location and Hours

214 Third Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 907-3622
Monday to Sunday   11 AM to 11 PM  

Northern Territory  -  Greenpoint 

A little bit of Australia in the heart of Greenpoint, Northern Territory is one of the friendliest and most unpretentious bars in Brooklyn.  There's no attitude at all going on here; just typical Aussie hospitality as well as a great food menu and drink list.
Most rooftop bars work best only at night. Sure, that might be the best time to catch a romantic glimpse of the city. But even when the sun is out, Northern Territory has so much to recommend it. There's nothing quite like enjoying some authentic Australian BBQ with a cold beer in hand while gazing at the postcard perfect blue sky and snow white clouds that form a backdrop over Manhattan.
The outdoor terrace rocks. There are plenty of blue and white high top stools and tables as well as booth seating for two, situated along one side of the roof top deck.  The long wood paneled bar has a distinctly rustic Aussie charm about it.
And, you can even get your wellness fix in here at Northern Territory. Every Sunday, they host a sunrise yoga class.  You can replenish your inner spirit and core at the yoga class and then return, a few hours later, for their amazing brunch.
The bar has quite a few choices available when it comes to craft beers, both on tap and bottled or canned. There's a great selection, as well of wine, ranging from a rose', Cabernet, Riesling and Prosecco to Sauvignon Blanc.


Ask your bartender for the frozen drink of the day, when you are in need of relief from the heat and humidity.  Most of the bars' cocktails are also quite refreshing. The Territory Tea, with its' blend of nectarine vodka, Kiwi puree' and fresh brewed iced tea, will certainly quench even the most raging thirst.

The Rose Dawson, which is made with Lillet rose', grapefruit juice, grapefruit bitters, and  Prosecco delivers on both taste and buzz.
Deliciously different is the Lavender Brown, a delicate cocktail composed of Knob Creek rye,  lemon juice, simple syrup and lavender bitters.
The food here is expertly prepared with many creative touches. The Aussie meat pie is satisfying, yet light on the stomach than you might think. You can get this savory pie with either mashed potatoes or mushy peas.
Lamb Lollies are accompanied by an amazing rosemary and honey-mint yogurt. The Aussie beef burger features their custom blend along with lettuce and tomato, onion and beet root.
There is a strong and proud Greek community in Australia. It goes back several generations. So, don't be surprised when you see a traditional Greek salad or grilled Cypriot Halloumi cheese on Northern Territory's menu. 

Location and Hours 

12 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Monday to Thursday 4 PM to 12 AM
Friday             4 PM to 2 AM
Saturday          11 AM to 2 AM
Sunday            11 AM to 12 AM

McCarren Hotel and Rooftop Pool  - Williamsburg 

The McCarren Hotel is bringing " sexy" back to Brooklyn. An edgy, trendsetting urban retreat, the McCarren is all about providing luxury amenities and first-class service.
You work hard, every day, to make rent on the tiny NYC apartment that you call home. Why not treat yourself to a "resort" day at the McCarren, which includes their fabulous rooftop bar and lounge as well as spending some quality time sunning yourself by the pool? It's a decision that you will never, ever regret.
There are so many compelling reasons why The McCarren Hotel is the hottest address in Brooklyn, right now.
The rooftop bar is not huge, but it has a cozy and intimate feel going for it. There's even space for a small dance floor. And the place does get rocking with live music and DJ sets being presented on most evenings.
Cocktails are made with locally sourced herbs and fruits. Spirits are provided by New York area craft distillers. These delicious and head-turning drinks are crafted with care. There are a great many fine options on the bars' menu but the one drink that you have got to try is their signature McCarren margarita.
On Friday and Saturday evenings the bar offers a sunset happy hour from 5 to 7 PM.
If you are not a guest of the hotel, you can purchase a day pass to the pool area 48 hours in advance. The demand is tremendous, especially during the hot months of July and August, so don't wait.
Waiter service is provided at the pool, so you can purchase some exceptional sips and bites without moving a muscle. Just soak up the sun while laying on one of their comfy poolside beds.
The hotel is currently offering a very nifty weekend getaway package that includes a fifty dollar per day credit towards food and beverages. The word staycation is overused a lot. But, in this case,  a weekend spent at the McCarren is really what a stay at home vacation is all about. 

Location and Hours 

160 North 12th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(718)  218-7500
Monday through Sunday       11 AM to 6 PM
Rooftop bar
Wednesday through Saturday  5 PM to 2 AM

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