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Romantic Restaurants In Manhattan, NY

Romantic Restaurants In Manhattan, NY

Here are some super romantics restaurants in Manhattan, NYC, offering one-of-a-kind dinner and drinks experience.

The View Restaurant and Lounge - Times Square

The View Restaurant and Lounge located at the top the 48th floor at the Marriott Marquis hotel certainly lives up to its' name. Your evening begins when you board the all-glass express elevator in the hotel lobby. At almost lightning speed, you will be whisked up to the crown jewel of the Marriott Hotel brand.

As you step off the elevator, you'll enter a world of glamour and luxury; one that you thought was only available for the rich and famous. Pause for a moment and take it all in. The decor is sleek and modern. Choose between soft, plush circular banquette seating or a cozy table for two right next to the windows that wrap around the length of the restaurant.

You are, quite literally, on top of the world. There's nothing more romantic than New York at night when the city is lit up like a gorgeous Christmas tree.

The only revolving rooftop restaurant in town, The View Restaurant affords you an eagle eyes' view of everything from the bright lights of the theater district to the colorful neon advertisements that dot Times Square.
Every hour, the entire restaurant does a 360-degree turn that is simply amazing. Whether you're a native New Yorker or a business traveler or tourist who is visiting the city for the first time, you have got to put this restaurant on your bucket list.

And, you know what? This unparalleled view is just as sexy during Sunday brunch as it is after dark. The bright blue sky opens up a panoramic vista that stretches all the way past the Hudson River and into New Jersey. It's a different, but welcoming, perspective to be sure.

Their Sunday Mimosa Brunch comes in a $62 per person. Now, at first glance, that price tag may seem rather steep. But it is well worth splurging on the love of your life. You will both be talking about your brunch here for many years to come.

Brunch includes two Champagne Mimosas as well as an almost unlimited selection of brunch favorites from the chefs' delectable buffet.

Freshly baked treats include assorted loaves of bread, bagels (what could be more New York than that?), Croissants and muffins.

The cold section of the buffet features lobster Mojito shooters, Italian Charcuterie boards, Artisanal cheeses direct from Murrays' as well as almost a dozen salads from which to choose. And we're not just talking mixed greens and tomato, either, but premium salads like Farro and their signature bacon, lettuce and tomato pasta salad with citrus dressing.

Be an omelet artist and design your very own breakfast at their omelet bar. The chefs will also be happy to whip up your favorite pancakes and french toast with toppings ranging from berries and powdered sugar to shaved chocolate.

If you and your date don't happen to be feeling eggs and griddle cakes, well, that's no problem! There's also some very tasty non-breakfast items available like Swiss Chard filled ravioli, frilled Salmon with melon salsa, A savory Ricotta cheese blintz and BBQ roasted beef with Chimichurri.

The View offers a fantastic Prix-Fixe three-course dinner for $89 per person. It's worth every penny. The service is impeccable while the ambiance and food are second to none.
They have an extensive list of both imported and domestic wine. You are sure to find a nice bottle of wine that both you and your sweetheart can agree on.

Cumin-scented jumbo Prawns, chilled octopus and a delightful Foie Gras Mousse with caramelized nectarines are among the many appetizers that will tempt your palate.

Two of the kitchens' most requested entrees' are the roasted chicken breast with beet potato hash and the slow-braised lamb shank accompanied by creamy polenta.

Desserts are sinful and plentiful. The raspberry sorbet and various Gelatos are good, but for something really different, go for the outrageous Tangerine and chocolate pudding. they also do a wonderful deconstructed cheesecake with strawberries, lime and English cucumbers.

The perfect evening awaits you at The View. From up here, you can see forever.

Location and Hours

1535 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
212) 704-8900


Monday to Thursday 5:30 PM to 10 PM
Friday and Saturday 5:30 PM to 11 PM
Sunday Brunch 10 AM to 1:30 PM
Dinner 5:30 PM to 10 PM

Cafe Dei Fiori - Upper East Side

With a refined, cozy and intimate ambiance, Cafe Dei Fiori is both a neighborhood local, beloved by one and all, as well as a destination restaurant that has foodies throughout the city buzzing.

Hailing from what some would consider being the gastronomic capital of Italy, Bologna, Chef Daliso Gulmini has created a romantic restaurant without peer.
Located inside of a beautiful townhouse, Cafe Dei Fiori has three floors. The decor and furniture in each space look great. Most of the restaurant's unique architectural and design elements were imported from Italy.

The main dining room, on the first floor, is decorated with modern art. French windows look out on a small but inviting backyard that is enclosed by white stucco walls and shrubbery.
Near the front entrance, one can ascend up an elegant staircase to reach a small dining area, comprised of four or five tables. The third floor also houses a nook-like dining room. Romance is always in the air, whether you and your date choose to dine inside or al fresco.

Three core principles encompass chef Daliso's philosophy on hospitality... authenticity, clean and pure flavors that are sourced from fresh, local ingredients and a warm, gracious atmosphere.

The cooking here is relatively light and always flavorful. The food is perfect for a date because it's not heavy and there is a varied selection. Chef's signature creations also contain a mix of unusual ingredients, from spices and herbs to veggies and sauces, so that alone, makes for a great conversation-starter.

All pasta are handcrafted in-house and gluten-free options are available.
The black pepper spaghetti, done Carbonara-style, will certainly spice up your night. Chef's ravioli with duck meat and julienned vegetables, in a sauce of herbs and duck gravy, will delight all of your senses.
Be sure to check out the delectable asparagus risotto with Parmesan cheese. The perfectly cooked rice is always fluffy and the notes of Saffron make this dish a must-have.

Meat-lovers will enjoy every savory bite of the pork loin stuffed with prosciutto, leeks and fontina cheese. Other menu highlights include grilled branzino in a luscious herb based sauce and a striped bass filet that is enveloped in anchovies with a touch of garlic.

A romantic dinner is not complete without a memorable finish. Chef Daliso excels at some very inventive sweet endings. The Panna Cotta in fruit sauce and the off the charts chocolate fondant with house-made Gelato and fresh cream are two of his very best creations.

Pair up your Espresso or American coffee with a small glass of Sambuca or Prosecco. At Cafe Dei Fiori, the night is forever young, so why not toast your love to the fullest and have an extra glass of imported Italian wine? You won't regret it and, after all, there are no deadlines to meet or emails to check.
The night belongs to the both of you!

Location and Hours

973 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10021
(212) 327-3400


Monday to Friday 11:45 AM to 10:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday 11 AM to 10:30 PM

Robert - Upper West Side

Situated atop the Museum of Art and Design in Columbus Circle, Robert doesn't follow trends. It sets them when it comes to both delicious food and eye-popping decor.

Almost an extension of the Museum that it calls home, Robert offers contemporary art installations and exhibitions throughout the year. You never know just what amazing artwork or sculptures you'll find set amidst the restaurants' main dining room and lounge. But you can be sure that you will be enthralled by the incredible colors and designs.

Currently on exhibit is "Tangerines". Designed by renowned artist Johanna Grawunder, "Tangerines" encompasses a series of orange lucite boxes that are suspended high above the restaurants' floor to ceiling windows.

Aside from the various art installations, Roberts' furniture and decor are also visually striking.
In the futuristic lounge, you can sip a cocktail while you recline on a bubble chair.
In the main dining room, chairs of red, orange and purple are set against tables, draped in pure white linen.

Robert offers panoramic views of Central Park and the surrounding city. From one section of the restaurant, the view stretches from Columbus Circle, almost all the way to Times Square.
If you come here for drinks after work, you will be treated to an absolutely gorgeous sunset view of the city. Hold hands with your date as the colors of the sky change with the onset of night.

By all means, bring your love here to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Want to just get away from the mundane every day, for a few hours? Robert is the place to escape to! You both deserve this mini-vacation from your hectic, busy lives. Take time to small the roses and savor the moment.
Live music is an integral part of the ambiance here. There's usually a talented pianist playing in the lounge. And, on weekends, the duo of Can Olgun and Dave Baron will entertain you with some lively, toe-tapping jazz.

You will surely find your new favorite cocktail here. It could be the delicious Mad Manhattan, which consists of Woodford Reserve, orange bitters, Vermouth and Amarena. Or, on the other hand, you might very well be seduced by the Venetian Sparkler, a blend of Prosecco and Aperol.
Most regulars, however, agree that the Olmsted, made with Hendrick's gin, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and honey, is one of the most refreshing cocktails in town.

On the non-alcoholic front, there are a couple of drinks that you simply must try such as their strawberry lemonade and the Belvoir Elder Flower presse'.

Chef Gonzalo Colin and his team have come up with some very intriguing culinary delights.The parsnip and leek soup works in both Summer and Winter time. It is light, yet filling. The blend of these underappreciated veggies creates a very satisfying flavor.

Another special appetizer is the wild mushroom strudel with creamy Burrata and petit greens in a Cremini and Shallot sauce. The Blue Bay Mussels with zesty Chorizo in a tomato confit are a great way to start your evening meal.

The kitchen makes magic with fish. you'll adore the Maine Lobster with Avocado mousse and the Alaskan Halibut in an artichoke sauce.
The chef's Creekstone farms Filet Mignon is a somewhat larger portion than you might get elsewhere when you order this succulent cut of meat. That's great news. But what's even better are the baby kale, fingerling potatoes and signature Robert sauce that accompanies your steak.

Artisanal, local ricotta, the likes of which you've never tasted before, raises the game of Chef Gonzalo's Rigatoni in Pomodoro sauce.

For dessert, there is an extensive list of treats to choose from including Mango cheesecake and pineapple meringue cake. But the star of the sweet endings show has to be chef's peach upside down cake with Greek yogurt Chantilly. That is so good!

Location and Hours

2 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019
(212) 299-7730


Sunday to Tuesday 5 PM to 10 PM
Wednesday to Saturday 5 PM to 11 PM

Monday to Friday 1:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM

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