The Manhattan Vegan and Vegetarian Food Scene, NYC

The Manhattan Vegan and Vegetarian Food Scene, NYC

The culinary flair for the dramatic is particularly evident in the kitchens' of Manhattan's vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes in New York City. Let's see what vegetarian wonders these one-of-a-kind restaurants have in store for us.

Peacefood - Lower East Side

This charming vegan cafe has been heartily embraced by local residents of the vibrant Union Square neighborhood where it is located. And with very good reason.
Peacefood proves that eating vegan can, not only be better for you and the planet but a whole lot of fun, as well. Healthy eating does not have to be bland and boring. The delicious menu at Peacefood is proof of that.
Founded in 2009 by Eric and Peter, Peacefood is inspired by the simple idea that peace begins on your plate.
Eric, a former antique dealer and Peter, an interior designer both did a career 180 and decided to devote themselves to sharing the joys of the vegan experience with one and all. They strongly believe that awareness of non-violence can be spread through feeding people with delectable Vegan food.

A Vegan lifestyle can transform both the lives of farm animals and one's personal health. Any pre-conceived notions that you may have about Vegan food will be cast aside once you taste what's in store for you at Peacefood.
Eric and Peter's first cafe, on Manhattan's Upper West Side, was such a rousing success that they opened a second location in one of the city's most trend-setting neighborhoods, LES.
The ambiance is quite comfortable and inviting. Elegant yet contemporary chandeliers and colorful sketches and modern art work decorate the premises.
The cafe is spacious and works on several levels; as a place to chow down and catch up with friends, for a casual date or for a relaxed family dinner. Come to Peacefood and show your kids that eating healthy can be quite the enjoyable experience. Guaranteed, your little ones will tell their friends at school, the next day, about their trip to Peacefood.

You'll be surprised by the diversity of the menu here and will have to remind yourself that this is Vegan food that you're eating.

From salads and sandwiches to raw food, soups, focaccia and pizza, they've got it all!

The mushroom duxelle pizza comes with roasted sweet peppers, onions and zucchini. They've also got a roasted potato pie with sauteed mushrooms, arugula , oil-cured black olives and pesto. You have the option to add Daiya vegan cheese (made with tapioca and arrowroot flours) to any pie for a small additional charge.

All sandwiches are served on toasted whole spelt rye sourdough bread. Each of these hearty sandwiches is better than the last. You'll want to try them all. The mashed and seasoned roasted Japanese pumpkin is topped with caramelized onions, ground walnuts, cashew cheese and greens.
The tempting tempeh avocado sandwich is made with baked, marinated tempeh, creamy avocado, pickled radishes, shredded carrots and cilantro.

Even if you love juicy, beef burgers, give Peacefood's vegan cheeseburger a test drive. You'll love the heartiness and flavors of this garden protein, soy and wheat patty served on house-made focaccia bread. Your most unusual but delicious burger is topped with Daiya cheese, avocado, garden blend sprouts, jalapeno, lettuce, pickles and caramelized onions.

Salad selections include Fluffy Quinoa, with baby greens and their signature Other Caesar salad, comprised of crisp Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, smoked Tempeh, red onions and crostini, all dressed up in the chef's secret dressing.

Also available are heaping plates of roasted or sauteed vegetables. You can go large (four veggies) or small (choice of two). Selections include Chinese eggplant, Japanese pumpkin, Brussel sprouts, zucchini, baby bok choy, kale or broccoli.

Right now, Peacefood is offering a really sweet deal where you can get two veggies and one of their warming soups for only $12.95!

When you dine here, you've definitely got to have their award-winning chickpea fries. These unique fries are seasoned with Indian spices and come with the chef's tantalizing dipping sauce.

To wash everything down, may we suggest that you order their pineapple, beet, lime and cucumber juice drink or the green lemonade with ginger root and mixed greens.

Location and Hours

41 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 979-2288


Monday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM
Franchia Vegan Cafe - Midtown East

A casual take on refined Asian fusion Vegan dining, Franchia is a cafe whose food even non-vegans can get excited about.
There are just so many tasty items to choose from that, within minutes of sitting down at your table, you'll forget that you are eating healthy. The chefs here know how to bring out the flavor of vegetables which, if you're cooking Vegan and want to make your customers happy, is of the utmost importance.
Setting a proper vegan table is about so much more than just knowing how to cook Tofu.

To begin with, space will wow you. A multi-level restaurant, Franchia is a smart and sexy blend of traditional Korean decor and modern simplicity. One of the highlights of the space (and there are many), is a spectacular ceiling mural of a medieval Korean palace. Each level has its' very own character or personality, although many regulars say that the second floor is their favorite of all the dining spaces that are available.

The ambiance is zen and tranquil, but with a lot of great energy. The positive vibes start with the staff who are excellent hosts and hostesses with a strong knowledge of the cuisine that's being served. That is so very important, because every evening, there are customers who have never eaten Vegan before, particularly when it comes to Korean cuisine.
You've got questions? They have the answers.
Needless to say, this is a fantastic date spot. When looking at the striking decor or deciding just what to order, you will never be at a loss for words. The atmosphere draws you in, allowing the night to take off in style.

Widely celebrated for their dumplings, you can order them steamed or fried. Options include Kale or mixed veggie dumplings, spicy Kimchi-style, that are stuffed with preserved Korean pickles as well as soy and grain "meat" dumplings.

Try their signature Korean pancakes, which come in three delicious varieties, sweet corn cilantro, scallion and Kimchi.

The kitchen has a Korean "tapas" thing going with an amazing array of small plates including Vegetarian rice wraps with peppers, mint, mango, basil, red cabbage and tofu accompanied by peanut sauce.
A very savory item are the steamed Peking buns, stuffed with crispy vegetarian "duck" and scallions. This dish satisfies on so many levels. as do the various soups and porridges.

Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish that consists of rice with a host of different, delectable toppings.
When ordering this specialty of the house, you can go with either a basic Bibimbap bowl or go big with a stone bowl. Then choose either white or brown rice and proceed to your sauce. Choices include Korean chili sauce, bean paste sauce, ginger soy sauce or chili garlic sauce.

Popular Bibimbap offerings range from soy "beef" cutlet, curry soy "chicken" or Hainan "chicken", which features a mound of rice cooked with ginger and pandan leaves.
The Mediterranean bowl consists of crispy eggplant, tomatoes, avocado, basil and couscous over rice, topped with soy "chicken" sticks. And, yes, they DO taste just like chicken!

Of course, Franchia is not lacking when a tasty glass of adult liquid refreshment. is the order of the day. Everyone who comes here raves about the wonderful sake cocktails. So, make a note to try one of these authentic Korean sips out. You won't be sorry.
Tea is the beverage of choice in Korea and at Franchia they are committed to bringing you the finest teas from some of the leading tea plantations in Asia.

Their signature offering is wild green tea which comes from the slopes of Mount Jilee. One hundred percent natural, this is one of the tastiest teas that you will ever drink and is an excellent way to end a meal.
Because it's not cultivated, this tea draws richer nutrients and minerals from the earth. What differentiates Franchia's wild green tea from other green teas is that everything is completely natural. The entire process, from picking the tea leaves by hand and twice-roasting them to packaging is done within 24 hours.

Just like your entire dining experience at Franchia, the cup of tea that you have will soothe your inner core but, at the same time, excite your palate.

Location and Hours

12 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 213-1001


Monday to Thursday 12 PM to 9:45 PM
Friday 12 PM to 10:15 PM
Saturday 1 PM to 10:15 PM
Sunday 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Dirt Candy - Lower East Side

"Anyone can cook a hamburger. leave the vegetables to the professionals." The words may be tongue-in-cheek, but there is a serious culinary philosophy behind them.
Amanda Cohen is the chef and owner of Dirt Candy, which was the first vegetable-focused restaurant in the city and the leader of the vegetable-forward movement.

Amanda's original version of Dirt Candy had only 18 seats but it made a tremendous impact on New York's culinary scene. Critics said that Amanda's vision would never achieve any kind of lasting success. That there was only a tiny, niche market for Vegan and vegetarian food. But, this talented chef and her team soon proved all the naysayers wrong.

Dirt Candy became the first vegetarian restaurant, in almost two decades, to receive two coveted stars from the New York Times and was recognized by the Michelin Guide five years in a row.

The first ever vegetarian chef to compete on Iron Chef America, Amanda Cohen is also the author of "Dirt Candy: A Cook Book", which is now in its' sixth printing. And this is no ordinary, run of the mill cookbook, either. It's a comic book-style tome; as colorful as it is entertaining and informative. But, then, that's just Amanda being Amanda. Her personality is as intriguing as is her cooking.

In 2005, Amanda decided to re-boot Dirt Candy. After months of planning and hard work, she opened the bigger and better version of her ground-breaking restaurant on Allen Street.

Besides a revamped menu, which also kept some popular dishes, Amanda was not afraid to court controversy. Dirt Candy became the first restaurant in NYC to eliminate tipping and share profits with its' employees.
Every team member at Dirt Candy, from the dishwashers and busboys to the cooks and servers benefits from this forward-thinking policy.

The decor is a cross between tastefully-done Las Vegas lounge style and hip cafe. White leather chairs and red banquettes abound throughout the expansive dining room. Even if you've never been here before, you won't have any trouble locating Dirt Candy, once you are in immediate vicinity. The colorful, glittering sign above the door can be seen for "miles and miles", so to speak.

Amanda's menu is vegetarian, but all dishes that are on the menu can be made vegan. If you eat gluten-free, simply inform your server and the kitchen will take good care of you. Many of the dishes that are available, from appetizers to entrees, can be done gluten-free.

Brunch is still a la carte, but, that's not the case for dinner, any longer. But as is always true with Dirt Candy, change is good.

Now, guests can choose from two delicious and exciting options. The vegetable patch, which goes for $57, tip included consists of five mouth-watering courses and is made up of a selection of the kitchen's greatest hits.
The second choice is the Vegetable Garden. $83 gets you a veritable feast with up to ten courses. Yes, you had better come hungry for this option. This is one heck of a veggie party for your table.

The menu changes based on what the seasons offer. Be assured, however, that Amanda uses only the freshest ingredients. Dining at Dirt Candy is just like you were enjoying a meal in the home of a farmer, upstate.

Amanda's snacks and sides portion of her new menu represent a rainbow of seasonal produce, done up in ways that defy the imagination.

Just wait till you taste the jalapeno hush puppies with maple butter, the popcorn beets (salt-roasted with Thai green curry) or the Shangai shoots with fermented black beans and creme' fraiche.

You'll also adore the Whatever Pickle plate which is comprised of whatever pickles they have that week, from Dirt Candy's pickle purveyor.

Shareables include Amanda's signature cabbage Hot Pot and the Brussels Sprout tacos. These delicious veggies are served on a sizzling stone with lettuce wrappers and accompaniments that can change daily. The presentation is otherworldly!

We don't even know just where to start as far as describing the entree side of the menu. But let's go with the Pumpkin Pad Thai and the carrot sliders that are served on carrot buns. Yes, you heard that right!

One of Amanda's most timeless offerings is the tomato cake with smoked feta. The blend of flavors and textures is amazing. Your taste buds will dance with delight.
Broccoli is not everybody's fave when we're talking vegetables. That opinion, however, only applies to folks who've never had the pleasure of enjoying Amanda's grilled and smoked broccoli dogs with broccoli kraut and mustard barbecue sauce.

One of the newer items on the menu is the Portobello mousse with sauteed Asian pears, cherries and Truffle toast. This dish is destined to become your new food crush.

To accompany your meal, Dirt candy's bar has a magnificent selection of natural wines from boutique vineyards as well as some excellent cocktails.

Refresh your evening with the Poolside Breeze, a smooth as silk blend of Prosecco, cucumbers and cilantro.
The Celery Rickey mixes fresh celery juice with Beef Eater gin and seltzer. The Radish Gibson gives imbibers their choice of gin or vodka in a glass, together with a pickled radish.

A nice shot of dark rum, blended with kale, spinach, pineapple and lime juice gives the Kale Jungle Bird a real kick.

Location and Hours

86 Allen Street
New York NY 10002
(212) 228-7732


Monday Closed
Tuesday to Friday 5:30 PM to 11 PM
Saturday 11 AM to 11 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 3 PM
Nix - West Village

One of the shining stars of the trendy Union Square neighborhood, Nix provides hungry Greenwich Village residents with meatless meals that are packed with veggies and are full of flavor. If you've ever thought about trying out vegetarian or vegan dining, this is the place to do it.

One thing is for sure. The owners, who take their food very seriously, also have quite a sense of humor and a flair for the whimsical.
The restaurant is named after the celebrated nineteenth-century Supreme Court case that legally classified the tomato as a vegetable rather than a fruit.
Back in 1883, President Chester A. Arthur (you remember him, don't you?) signed into law a very controversial Tariff Act that required a tax to be paid on imported vegetables but not fruit.

At that time, the John Nix Company, based out of New York City, was the largest seller of produce in the state, shipping all kinds of fruits and veggies in from Florida, Virginia and Bermuda.
In protest against President Arthur's tariff, John Nix and his attorneys filed suit against the Collector of the Port of New York, to recover back duties that were paid against their will.
The more things change, the more they remain the same, right?

But politics aside, Nix is not just a tribute to a man who was not afraid to stand up for what he believed was right, it is also one of the best restaurants of any type of cuisine in our fair city.

The chef believes that eating healthy should feel more like a celebration than a sacrifice. Michelin-starred chef John Fraser has been making culinary magic at restaurants all over town, for over a decade and he has come up with a real gem in Nix.

Nix has a welcoming and hip Greenwich Village atmosphere.The dining room is painted in virginal white, which offsets the black chairs at each of the tables. It's an interesting contrast.
The dining room is divided by a wall that contains a window complete with Venetian blinds. Lush, green plants line the wall's ledge. The lighting is soft but not too dark. here, you want to be able to see exactly what you are eating. That's how beautifully arranged the plates are. Instagram-worthy, for certain.

Some of the tables are situated under mini skylights in the ceiling, which allows natural light to illuminate the dining room. It's quite a visual experience.

The menu is more vegetarian than strictly vegan, but hard-core vegans will not be disappointed at all.

Brunch items include a succulent tofu scramble with black lentils, vadouvan curry and squash. The famous Nix Benedict is comprised of a homemade Thyme muffin, kale sofrito and charred tomatoes.
Go against the usual brunch "grain" and order something that is deliciously unique like the Monastery Breakfast; a plate filled with sweet potato miso, steamed veggies, rice and pickles.
The aptly named mad hatter Pie will turn brunch as you know it upside down. This savory pie is made with eggs, cranberry beans, cheese, pico de gallo and avocado.

For brunch or lunch, you might also be interested in Chef Fraser's beet burger with horseradish cream, apples and cucumbers.

They've got some captivating brunch drinks here, as well. The Shiso Cool consists of Aloe Vera juice, vodka, a Shiso leaf and Chartreuse.
You'll find the Nix Mimosa, made with Mandarin orange juice and cava, to be everything you desire in a great brunch sip. Fresh blackberries and cava make a welcome change from peach juice and Prosecco in the bar's Bellini Royale.

Brunch sides include twice-fried fingerling potatoes, vegetarian sausage and Tandoor bread that is baked in-house. Also on offer is an heirloom melon plate and cashew-nut yogurt with toasted coconut granola, berries and agave.

Chef Fraser's dinner menu is just as enticing with dishes such as cauliflower tempura, pan roasted potato gnocchi with zucchini and corn as well as Blue foot mushrooms with bulgur risotto and edamame. On the more spicy side is his signature tofu and chanterelle mushrooms with kale and Szechuan pepper.

Chef Fraser's flavor combinations are incredible. His menu will open up a whole new world of enjoyment for you. Nix is a restaurant where out of the ordinary is the new normal.

Location and hours

72 University Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 498-9393


Monday to Friday 11:30 AM to 11 PM
Saturday 10:30 AM to 11 PM
Sunday 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Mother of Pearl - Lower East Side

A trend-setting Polynesian restaurant and cocktail bar, Mother of Pearl features an off the charts innovative plant-based menu along with delicious cocktails and cold-pressed juice mocktails by legendary New York mixologist Jane Danger.

Owner Ravi DeRossi is a former artist and painter. The captivating decor of Mother of Pearl reflects his creative nature.
No stranger to the New York nightlife scene, Ravi was the driving force behind renowned cocktail lounges and restaurants like The Bourgeois Pig, Cienfuegos and Desnuda.

A life-long animal lover, it was only a matter of time until Ravi turned his attention to opening
a vegan restaurant. As it turned out, Ravi and his amazing team launched two of them, Avant Garden and Mother of Pearl. Also on Ravi's overflowing plate is his non-profit, BEAST, (Benefits to End Animal Suffering Today), which holds fundraisers for various animal rights organizations.

You have got to love a bartender with the name Jane Danger. It's so rock and roll. It's no surprise that Jane launched her career at the famed punk rock music club, CBGB's.
From there, Jane went on to tend bar at Little Branch, Please Don't Tell and the NoMad
Hotel. Jane finds total joy in serving her customers bespoke cocktails and giving them an experience that encompasses the finer things in life.

Jane and Ravi have most certainly achieved that goal here at Mother of Pearl. Upscale without being intimidating, the restaurant is a feast for the eyes. It's traditional Pacific Islands decor with an edgy, contemporary twist.
Your date won't leave hungry and neither will you after you both enjoy the Pupu Platter for two. At only $44 it's a real deal steal.
Here's what you get; pickled vegetable spring rolls, char sui buns with green goddess dipping sauce, edamame and pea dumplings, plantain chips with guacamole and, to top things off, mushroom pot stickers.

While not every dish is strictly vegan, most of them are or can be prepared gluten or soy-free.

A very popular choice, indeed, is the Drunken Fried Rice, which is a delicious bowl of rum rice, pineapple, edamame, cilantro and coconut flakes. The Tofu Pad Thai consists of rice noodles, carrots, bell peppers, cilantro, bean sprouts and tamarind sauce.

The Togarashi fries are dressed up in saffron, black garlic and sriracha aioli. The portion is large enough for sharing, so go ahead and make all of your friends happy. Sriracha also comes into play with the avocado and ricotta toast, which is seasoned with black lava salt and sriracha maple syrup. That is quite a combination of flavors. Bring on the heat.

And, by the way, be sure to have one of Jane's refreshing cocktails on hand. Quench your thirst with taste The Rainbow, an enthralling blend of pisco, overproof rum, cognac and kiwi, watermelon, pineapple juice along with banana and a lime wedge. This drink is powerfully potent and delicious.
If your day isn't what you'd like it to be, then go for some Sugar Cane Magik and turn your mood around. A blend of coconut cream, pineapple, lime juice, almonds and Ron Zacapa Solera 23 will do it every time. The Botanical berry features cucumber water, lime juice, ginger, aquavit, Branca Menta and club soda.

Jane's menu also offers some very big and bold drinks that are made for 2 to 3 people. Don't worry; there are plenty of straws on hand.
One of these larger than life potions is the Regents Royal, which is made with three kinds of fruit juice (strawberry, pineapple and lime), Smith and Cross rum, dry curacao, green tea cachaca and sparkling wine.

Among the non-alcoholic, but equally, addicting drink options, are the Forbidden Fruit, which features orange, grapefruit and lemon juice, turmeric, ginger and oregano.
Green apple juice, lemongrass and coconut puree are the ingredients that make the Orchard island such a delight to drink.

Location and Hours

95 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
(212) 614-6818
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monday to Wednesday 5 PM to 1 AM
Thursday and Friday 5 PM to 2 AM
Saturday 3 PM to 2 AM
Sunday 3 PM to 1 AM

Le Botaniste - Upper East Side

A plant-based organic food and wine bar, Le Botaniste was created by none other than Alain Coumont, the brains behind Le Pain Quotidien and a long-time healthy eating advocate.

Alain wanted to bring to the Upper East Side neighborhood a warm and welcoming place where one could indulge and still keep to a healthy lifestyle. Alain's delicious menu is botanically based and gluten-free.
Dining here is surprisingly affordable, as well. The price points are more than wallet-friendly, which goes against the popular assumption that one has to be rather wealthy in order to plan an evening out at a vegan or vegetarian restaurant.

Le Botaniste's slogan is "Let food be thy medicine". The theme here is Victorian-era apothecary shop. The décor is cute, out of the box and it works!
From the moment that you enter the premises, you are drawn into a world that is both whimsical and captivating.

Most of the botanical ingredients (herbs and plants), that are used to prepare the food you will eat, are displayed in old-fashioned glass bottles that line medicine cabinets that would be at home in a Sherlock Holmes novel.

Taking the apothecary theme one step further, the chefs all wear vintage lab coats. But worry not; they are all Doctor Jekyll. You won't find any Mr. Hydes here in the kitchen. Each chef has an extensive knowledge of herbs and plants as well as their health benefits.

At Le Botaniste the small bowls or plates are called healthy mezze. And they are not only great tasting, they are good for you. Mother always advised you to eat your greens. When you dine here, you can't help but do so.

Healthy mezze selections include a light and flavorful coconut ceviche, seaweed tartare and green pea mint hummus.

One of their best-sellers is the Dirty Noodle soup which contains miso broth, gluten-free noodles, tofu, leeks and seaweed. A hearty tummy warmer on a cold winter's night is the vegetable Tajine, which is a Moroccan-style spicy vegetable stew with lemon harissa dressing, served over quinoa and potatoes.

A nice, healthy dollop of peanut butter sauce and coconut curry over brown rice makes the Tibetan Mama rice bowl a must-have. And, oh, did we mention that this bountiful dish also comes with Kimchi and steamed veggies?

What's a great meal without a fantastic dessert? Well, if you're eating healthy, you probably gave up on dessert a long time ago. But, at Le Botaniste it's safe to return to your indulgences and guilty pleasures.

Their delectable chia seed pudding makes for a tasty but not at all sweet ending to your meal. Other indulgent creations include the omega 3 brownies, key lime pie and chocolate chia mud pie. You just know that you want a slice!

Location and Hours

833 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10065
(917) 262-0766
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monday to Sunday 11 AM to 9 PM
The Little Beet - Midtown West

Founded by a former Subway sandwich artist by the name of Andy Duddleston, The Little Beet is making fast inroads on the New York healthy eating scene.

From a single, humble café to a rapidly-growing collection of casual restaurants, The Little Beet's mission is to serve wholesome food that makes you feel really good about eating it.

Andy and chef Gabe Kennedy have created a veggie-forward menu that is void of any refined sugar and, as their saying goes, is one hundred percent gluten-free. Behind that cute marketable phrase, though, is some serious food philosophy.

The Little Beet is a place where everyone who loves food, from vegans and vegetarians to carnivores, can come together and enjoy better for you meals that are made with local and seasonal ingredients. After all, what grows together, goes together. The culinary team here are experts at pairing up just the right blend of ingredients with which to tantalize your taste buds.

But your dining experience isn't just limited to what's on your plate. The entire restaurant is a sight to behold.

The open kitchen is crowned by their colorful red beet logo. The room's polished wood and concrete are reminiscent of a garden path. A menu wall, made of hand-painted wood, multi-colored chalkboards and butcher paper graphic panels announce the specials of the day.

But that's not all! A carefully constructed hand-crafted grid system suspends lush plants and foliage along the walls and onto the ceiling. There's simply no forgetting that The Little Beet is all about nature and its' delicious bounty.

Proteins on offer here are a cut above what you'll find even at most health-conscious restaurants or cafes.

For example, Chef Gabe's tofu is extra firm, organic and marinated in ponzu sauce and ginger. All of the chicken served at Little Beet is from Coleman Farms, antibiotic-free and is marinated in kaffir lime, chile, citrus and olive oil.
Hands down, Chef Gabe makes one of, if not THE best, veggie patties in the city. Little Beets' is made with, what else, but roasted beets, black beans, brown rice, quinoa, tahini, coriander, cumin, carrots, onions and chickpea flour. Now, that's a laundry list of ingredients, but, when you take a bite out of this veggie burger from heaven, you'll know that the effort is worth it.

If you're extra hungry choose from either a warm or cool side to pair up with your protein. Or just make a meal out of two or three of these delicious side dishes.

Warm selections range from charred broccoli with sweet piquillo peppers and sweet potatoes with sea salt and evoo to green beans in a garlic confit.

Way cool sides include white beans that have been marinated in a herb salsa verde and their signature happy slaw, which is comprised of cabbage, apples, carrots, goji berries, red onions and cilantro in a Sherry vinaigrette.

They've got quite a few tempting and original salads on the menu like the Cardini Salad bowl with romaine lettuce, kale, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, watermelon radish and avocado in a garlic-chickpea dressing.

The kitchen has a tremendous variety of beverages for you to quench your thirst. Cold-pressed juices are a specialty, but, you might also wish to look into the strawberry and basil infusion, the turmeric almond tea or the almond and banana cold brew.

Location and Hours

135 West 50th Street
New York, NY 10020
(212) 459-2338


Monday to Friday 7 AM to 9 PM
Saturday and Sunday 12 PM to 9 PM
Urban Vegan Kitchen - West Village

The atmosphere here is almost too cool for school. You almost feel as though you've taken a wrong turn and wandered into a rock club instead of a healthy, good for you eatery. But that's part of the appeal here at Urban Vegan Kitchen.

The walls are decorated with photos and montages of musical icons like Joan Jett and Bob Marley. The basement level dining area has a hip lounge-like vibe and there's a disc jockey spinning some classics and contemporary beats, each and every night.

Urban Vegan Kitchen is a sister restaurant to the famed Blossom Du Jour, which was founded by noted restaurateur Pamela Elizabeth in 2010. It is her belief that eating should be fun, healthy and hold no negative consequences for the animals who we share our world with.
This rich legacy continues with Urban Vegan Kitchen.
There's absolutely no reason to deny yourself the foods that you enjoy. They've got you covered here.
Like Mac and cheese? We bet you do. If you did a blind taste test, you would never suspect that the macaroni and cheese you are eating is vegan. Layers of elbow macaroni are enveloped in cashew cheese sauce, numu mozzarella, smoked paprika and a herbed breadcrumb topping. You can add shiitake bacon for a modest additional charge.

Another dish that will make you re-think just what constitutes a vegan dish is the check-in and waffles which are comprised of southern fried seitan, sautéed garlic kale, a crispy Belgian waffle and maple mustard aioli.
People come from far and wide to get a nice big portion of lasagna, here. Made with brown rice noodles, house made marinara sauce, sunflower tofu ricotta, and numu mozzarella, the chef throws in a healthy dose of zucchini, carrots and kale to make Urban Vegan Kitchen's lasagna among the best you'll ever have.

The kitchen's green curry dish is coconut milk infused and made with lemongrass, galangal, makrut lime leaves and Thai basil with green peas, sweet peppers, Japanese eggplant, crispy fried tofu and jasmine rice. The menu notes that the chef can, upon request, make this dish spicy as hell. So, be forewarned.

Cocktails at Urban vegan are designed by mixologist LaLa Austin. Each drink is inspired by a movie or pop icon. Inspired by the classic 1977 movie of the same name, Smokey and the bandit is a mix of mescal, orange bitters, lemon juice and raspberries.

Songstress Kate Bush serves as the inspiration for Delius (Song of Summer), a delicious cocktail that consists of dark rum, pineapple shrub, tonic water, lemon juice and rhubarb bitters.

The menu also has a nifty choose your own adventure lemonade option. Flavors include Elderflower, rose', lavender, rosemary or hibiscus.
If you like, you can even get your lemonade spiked with vermouth and prosecco. Go ahead, live a little!

Location and Hours

41 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014
(646) 438-9939


Monday to Wednesday 11 AM to 11 PM
Thursday and Friday 11 AM to 11:30 PM
Saturday 10 AM to 11:30 PM
Sunday 10 AM to 10:30 PM

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