Brunch In Brooklyn Heights - Best Spots

Brunch In Brooklyn Heights - Best Spots

These Perfect spots for Brunch in Brooklyn Heights offer great alternatives to typical brunch menus.

Sociale - Brooklyn Heights

What makes a neighborhood special? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt to have some really nice bars and restaurants within walking distance of your apartment.

Brooklyn Heights has its' fair share of cool places in which to drink, dine and do brunch. But, few compare to Sociale, an Italian restaurant that is creating a ton of buzz about their innovative cuisine and exciting brunch.

It's been a long and interesting journey for Francesco Nuccitelli the talented and hard-working founder of Sociale.

A native of Italy, Francesco left a rather lucrative job in the financial sector to pursue his love of cooking and dream of, one day, owning his own cafe or restaurant.

Throwing caution to the winds and allowing passion to be his guide, Francesco knocked on one restaurant door after another in his quest to find work. Eventually, the enterprising former financial expert found work as a barista and server, learning the business from the ground up. Upon graduating to a manager of the cafe, Francesco was soon offered a partnership in the business.

In 2007, Francesco felt that he was ready for a new challenge and made the move to New York City.

Once again, Francesco had to start on the bottom, working for a variety of restaurants as a delivery guy. His snazzy yellow bicycle became something of a calling card throughout the neighborhood.

After gaining experience at a series of restaurants in the East Village, Francesco landed a job as a manager at the famed IL Gattopardo.

A few years later, in 2013, the young Italian immigrant used his savings to open Sociale, in the heart of the place he now called home, Brooklyn Heights.

When you dine at Sociale, you will most likely notice a bright yellow bicycle just outside the restaurant's doors. Yes, it's the same yellow bike that the owner rode while making deliveries all those years ago.

But, the bike is not out there just for show. It's still being used to bring delicious food to customers who call from their office or apartment.

At Sociale, brunch has a very welcome and delicious Italian theme. The kitchen offers several dishes that are unique to the restaurant.

The Hanger Benedettine is but one example of Francesco's imaginative approach to food.

This satisfying dish consists of tender steak, poached eggs and freshly baked bread with a red wine Hollandaise sauce.

The Uova in Camicia offers poached eggs with grilled asparagus and crispy pancetta on toasted bread. It's all covered in a luscious Parmesan sauce.The sides are a vibrant mound of mixed greens and roasted breakfast potatoes.

One of the most popular omelets here is the mixed mushroom and roasted pepper dish with grated Parmigiano cheese.

On a sweeter, but no less satisfying note, the menu offers French Toast with Mascarpone cream and blackberry and strawberry topped pancakes.

Risotto of the day, spaghetti carbonara and pasta Pomodoro are also available for brunch.

To elevate your brunch experience, Sociale has one of the finest wine lists in Brooklyn. Their cocktails can hold their own with any other bar's libations. The eclectic Henry and Orange are made with fresh grapes, St.Germain, a sour mix, Citron Vodka and sparkling Rose'.

Grapefruit juice and a blend of Tito's Vodka and Rosemary make for a killer drink that is appropriately named The Parrish Rx.

Location and Contact Info

72 Henry Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 576-3588


Jack The Horse Tavern - Brooklyn Heights

With a name like Jack The Horse, you might expect that this tavern marches to the beat of a different drummer and you'd be right.

Personality-driven with an off the charts brunch menu and drinks, Jack The Horse is a culmination of over ten years of planning and hard work by its' charming and personable owners Tim and Micki.

This husband and wife duo had only one goal in mind; to open a neighborhood gathering place that had the friendliness of a London pub, the culinary sophistication and decor of a French bistro and the kind of food that you'd find in a critically acclaimed Manhattan restaurant. And, oh yes, they wanted to have a ton of fun while doing so!

Originally a mechanical engineer in his native Minnesota, Tim came to the city that never sleeps in order to realize his dream of becoming a chef. Graduating first in his class at the French Culinary Institute, Tim went on to hone his craft in the kitchens of such outstanding chefs as Tom Colicchio and Laurent Tourondel.

A keen student of restaurant management who also has a great sense of wine and its' complexities, Micki has curated the restaurant's wine list and is responsible for the front of the house.

The question, though, that keeps popping into your mind while reading this has to be, "why Jack The Horse Tavern?"

Well, it's no great mystery. The answer, in fact, is surprisingly straightforward. The inspiration came from the days when Tim fished with his father and brothers at a serene and picturesque Northern Minnesota spot called Jack The Horse Lake.


aplez brunch in brooklyn heights best spots jack the horse


Start your brunch off with a basket of their most excellent scones and homemade jams. It's a good thing that they are light because you won't be able to resist having another one.

Chef Tim is known for a lot of things, including being a great conversationalist and cook. But a major claim to fame is Tim's signature brunch smoked trout salad. This plate is filled with a harvest of apples and red grapes, warm fingerling potatoes, toasted almonds all enveloped by a creme' fraiche vinaigrette.

You can find a halfway decent omelet on the menu of just about any bar, cafe or diner in Brooklyn. But you won't be able to find omelets like Tim's organic eggs with spinach pesto, fontina cheese and sun dried tomatoes.

Another egg-centric dish is Tim's, Eggs Orleans. Straight from the Big Easy, this succulent dish gives you oysters and artichokes along with poached eggs and a zesty Hollandaise sauce atop a made from scratch English muffin.

Love corned beef hash? Then you have got to try Tim's Bistro steak hash which consists of a couple of poached eggs, sweet potatoes, beets, roasted potatoes and toast.

Most brunch places offer a tasty Bloody Mary. It's kind of hard not to get that drink right, even if you're a newbie behind the bar.

But, when was the last time you heard of a 16 ounce Bloody Mary? Didn't think so! They not only make them tall, the bar keeps don't stint on the vodka or horseradish. The bar even offers their own version of this classic cocktail. The Bloody Caesar is made with English gin, tomato juice and diced cornichons.

Tim and Micki made their dream a reality. And it doesn't get any sweeter than that... for them or you. The perfect hosts, they are all about making people happy.

Location and Contact Info

66 Hicks Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 852-5084


Caffe Buon Gusto - Brooklyn Heights

Local couples love Caffe Buon Gusto for its' romantic, candle-lit ambiance and authentic Italian food that is prepared using only the freshest ingredients.

In fact, they adore this cozy restaurant so much, the lovebirds frequently make plans to return on the weekend for Caffe Buon Gusto's delicious brunch.

After all, you can't get enough of a good thing! And great, not just good, things abound on the brunch menu here.

The kitchen at Caffe Buon Gusto mixes up traditional brunch classics with dishes that are prepared with a little love and Italian flair.

Now, you wouldn't expect to find potato pancakes, Challah French toast or an authentic bagel, lox and cream cheese platter at an Italian restaurant. But, in every respect, from food to service, the team here exceeds expectations.

They also offer an amazing array of egg dishes that satisfy on so many levels. The visual presentations are stunning and the flavors are molto bene!

The eggs Pescatore are two eggs perched on top of an English muffin. But that's where the similarity to eggs Benedict ends. Hollandaise sauce covers, not the usual Canadian bacon, ham or spinach, but a generous portion of lump crab meat.

They make their own focaccia bread here, so try the eggs Pomodoro. A thick tomato sauce covers the eggs and bread. Guaranteed, you won't leave a morsel of that bread on your plate after you have finished sopping up the sauce.


aplez brunch in brooklyn heights best spots cafe buon gusto


Brooklyn foodies love a great panini when they see one and the Caffe has half a dozen varieties to choose from at brunch.

The Portobello mushroom and smoked mozzarella is a long-time favorite as is grilled vegetables and olive oil panini.

Caffe Buon Gusto has a special option that allows you to mix and match your pasta and sauce. It's fun and delicious.

You can choose a pasta like linguine, Rigatoni, Penne, Fusilli or bow-ties (Farfalle) and then pair it up with any sauce you like from Primavera, Alfredo, Pesto and Vodka to a savory Bolognese or Carbonara. Let your imagination run wild.

And remember, brunch is always better with a refreshing and destressing glass of red or white wine.

Location and Contact Info

151 Montague Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 624-3838

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Heights Cafe - Brooklyn Heights

Located just a short block from the waterfront promenade, the heights cafe is an upscale, cozier version of a traditional Brooklyn diner.

The comforting atmosphere is just what you would find at a diner, as are their seemingly endless breakfast and brunch menu options.

The crowd here is a nice mix of local families with kids, hipster couples and tourists who have come to check out the various sights and sounds of Brooklyn.

During the Summer months, Heights Cafe is great for people watching along fashionable Montague Street, especially from the vantage point of their outdoor patio.

Specializing in new American cuisine, the Heights cafe has been a neighborhood favorite since 1994. That kind of longevity says something about both the food and quality of service that you can expect here.

Their brunch menu features some very intriguing and healthy salad options such as the grilled chicken and mesclun greens in a honey lime vinaigrette and the kale and quinoa bowl with pumpkin seed crusted goat cheese.

As an appetizer, you can pretend that you are in the Greek Islands (hey, remember the cafe is just a stone's throw from the scenic Brooklyn Park waterfront), and order their delicious Mediterranean board with hummus, falafel, marinated feta, olives, roasted peppers and pita chips.


aplez brunch in brooklyn heights best spots heights cafe


Their "baked delights" section of the menu offers alternatives to the usual egg dishes that you have all the time when you do brunch.

The squash and broccoli quiche, with feta cheese and bacon, is served with greens. For a heartier brunch, you can enjoy the classic mac and cheese which has a tasty mix of Parmesan, aged cheddar and Gruyere.

There are also a couple of Frittatas that you absolutely have to check out. The sweet Italian sausage Frittata, with fire roasted bell peppers, onions and Monterey Jack cheese have a substantial kick to it.

You'll also adore the marinated artichoke and mushroom Frittata that contains luscious, melted mozzarella cheese.

A made from scratch tomato salsa sets their steak and scrambled eggs platter apart from any other version of this dish that you've ever tried.

To accompany your meal and add that little extra special touch to your brunch, the Heights Cafe has a full bar that serves wine, beer and an exceptionally delicious Bellini.

Location and Contact Info

84 Montague Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 625-5555


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