Best Restaurants in Bryant Park, NYC

Best Restaurants in Bryant Park, NYC

Over the past few years, the neighborhood surrounding Bryant Park has become a magnet for foodies. Destination dining is the name of the game, with dozens of casual cafes, fine dining restaurants and cocktail bars popping up all over the place.

If you are a foodie, then you feel like a kid in a candy store, every time that you visit Bryant Park and the surrounding community.

Bryant Park has contributed greatly to the revitalization of this part of Mid-Town. Only a couple of decades ago, few bothered to venture to this part of town unless they worked or lived in the neighborhood.

The folks who run the park, however, changed all of that. Now, Bryant Park is visited by over six million people a year.

Bryant Park has become a year-round attraction for tourists, local residents and office workers. It's a wonderfully peaceful and zen place to restore one's sanity in the middle of a hectic workday. Just take a stroll amidst the lush greenery on your lunch hour and you are good to go.

For many years, the park was the scene of New York Fashion Week, an event that featured the world's top designers and models.

Every Summer, you can come bring a blanket and sit on the vast green lawn and watch a movie, after dark, as part of the park's weekly cinema series.

During lunch-time, the park frequently hosts free concerts including performances by stars from the latest Broadway hit shows.

There is always something fun to do here, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

The activities available are really too numerous to mention. You can take a yoga or Tai Chi class. If you've ever visited the park, you have probably seen a pair of jugglers doing their thing. Well, why not try your hand at it? Juggling lessons are available.

Bryant Park also has a regularly scheduled program of bird watching and nature walks as well as tours about the history of the park and neighborhood.

Children of all ages love the magnificent carousel with its' hand-painted animals. The moms and dads who ride the Carousel with their little ones get as big a kick out of it as do the kids.

During the warmer months, there is a game section tucked away amidst the trees, where you can get a game of chess or backgammon going. There's even an outdoor reading room that is stocked with dozens of newspapers and magazines, as well as a very diverse collection of books.

The Bank of America Winter Village is something that families from all over the city (and international visitors, as well), look forward to and mark on their calendars.

Straight out of the North Pole, this colorful village is home to dozens of artisanal vendors, boutiques and pop-up eateries.

Over the Winter, the great lawn is transformed into a magnificent ice-skating rink. It is the only rink in the city, by the way, with free admission!

With nearly ten full acres of fun to be had, it's no wonder that Bryant Park has been referred to as Manhattan's town square.

Calle Dao - Midtown

This thoroughly captivating and colorful restaurant takes you back to the glamorous days of pre-Castro Havana when Cuba's gorgeous beaches and Casinos were one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

Featuring mouth-watering Cuban/Chinese fusion cuisine. Calle Dao pays homage to Havana's once-thriving China town community, El Barrio Chino.

At one time, this interesting neighborhood was the largest Chinese community in Latin America, occupying forty-four square blocks in Cuba's capital city. Today, however, El Barrio Chino consists of only a small sliver of this once proud neighborhood; the narrow Calle Cuchillo (knife street).

Once inside Calle Dao, you will feel as though you have traveled in a time machine back to old Havana. The mood is set with beautiful white-washed walls, distressed wood and tropical-style ceiling fans. Chinese artwork, old world spice containers and a pastel of bright, vibrant colors provide some very sexy accents.

Lively Cuban and Brazilian music plays in the background, making you want to get on your feet and dance. You can even sip a delicious cocktail while sitting on an actual conga drum that serves as a bar stool.


calle dao


Calle Dao is a labor of love from owner Marco Britti. Born and raised in Naples, Marco was originally a musician by trade. He traveled the world as a drummer with several high-profile bands and singers, spending a great deal of time in both Cuba and Brazil.

While there, Marco immersed himself in the music and culinary traditions of each country.

After settling down in New York, Marco decided to pursue his dreams of, one day, opening a restaurant, while still keeping his hand in the music business.

Together with his business partners, Marco has, over the past decade, opened four critically acclaimed restaurants including Favela Cubana in Greenwich Village. Calle Dao, though, is the culmination of Marco's years of experience. Nothing here is left to chance. Yet, there is an air of spontaneity and fun that is palpable.

One of the most respected members of Marco's talented team is mixologist Joy Daniel. A creative soul, Joy utilizes various infusions such as vodka, rum and simple syrup to build a memorable flavor base for her cocktails.

She then adds kitchen ingredients and spices like Tamarind and sesame oil to finish each drink.

You can taste this ingenuity and attention to detail in The Revolucion, a drink that blends Habanero-infused tequila, ginger liqueur, absinthe, pineapple juice, agave and lemon with sweet corn kernels.

Joy's recipe for the signature Calle dao Mojito consists of just the right amount of rum, shiso leaves, lemongrass, lime and sparkling sake.

The 1847 is a bold drink that commemorates the year that the first ship carrying Chinese laborers made port in Cuba.

It took considerable trial and error behind the bar for joy to come up with this satisfying cocktail but the end result is well worth it. The ingredients are Amaretto, fresh lime juice, ground ginger and sesame oil. But, it is the enthralling orange-infused vodka that really makes the cocktail a resounding success.

The menu is a mix of small plates, done tapas-style and hearty entrees.

A slathering of Mojo lime mustard elevates the taste factor of the Cuban sandwich spring rolls.

Other appetizer offerings range from steamed pork dumplings and oxtail croquetas with saffron aioli to the fabulous market fish ceviche. This amazing dish is made with the catch of the day which is then lovingly dressed in a basil mojito marinade accompanied by avocado slices and crispy plantains.

For your main, you can go pure Cubano and order the chicken with yellow rice and chorizo or sample the chef's fusion cooking with a dish of mushrooms and Chinese broccoli with Lo Mein noodles in garlic hoisin.

You can also try the spiced goat neck, a surprisingly tasty Cuban delicacy, that is served with baby Bok Choy.

One of the restaurant's most popular dishes is the five-spice skirt steak that comes with authentic Cuban black beans and rice.

Busy at work and can't get away for awhile? No problem. Enjoy a Caribbean style staycation at Calle Dao.

Location and Contact Info

38 West 39th Street

New York, NY 10018

(212) 221-9002


L'Adresse American Bistro - Midtown

Although relatively new on the Bryant Park neighborhood dining scene, L'Adresse has had little problem generating buzz and customer loyalty.

Both tourists who are visiting the park, as well as local office workers and residents, love their delicious coffee drinks and cocktails. Not to mention the cafe's menu of savory and sweet American and International dishes.

Recently re-branded, L'Adresse is an offshoot of a famous Russian-based chain of upscale cafes named Coffeemania.

In Moscow, models, actors, politicos and celebrities of all types flock to Coffeemania, which has been an established brand for many years. The company decided to change the name of their New York location, back in November of 2017, in order to better reflect the diverse selection of dishes being served.

However, some similarities between the New York and Russian locations still exist. And that's a good thing. All pasta and baked goods are made fresh, every day, in-house.

The rebrand has also brought a new face into the kitchen at L'Adresse. Chef Issac Correa has a ton of experience in the restaurant business and is very familiar to the Coffeemania executives back in Russia.

Chef Correa moved to Moscow back in the early nineties and found an unlikely career bringing Western-style food and dining experiences into the mainstream of post-Soviet Russia.

He started working with Coffeemania in 2002 and remained with the company until 2015 when Isaac moved back to the States.

You cannot go wrong with any meal here, be it dinner, a light snack or brunch. Their burgers and other meat dishes have a unique flavor and depth, thanks to chef Isaac's use of the Josper grill. Used in the kitchens of many European restaurants, the Josper is an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine.

The brunch menu is varied and contains some of the chef's signature dishes in addition to more breakfast type of fare.

Pelmeni are traditional beef and pork dumplings that are served with salsa and creme fraiche. Another amazing signature creation is the Duck and Waffles with a fried egg and cranberry sauce; homemade, of course.

Straight out of the Josper oven is the L'Adresse brunch burger. The savory and juicy Black Angus beef blend is topped with American cheese, bacon, fried egg and relish. It comes with fries and bone marrow bearnaise.

The Yolks and Whites portion of the menu contains a delectable Puff Croque Madame that is made with Filo dough, Gruyere cheese, ham and eggs.

The healthy green omelet is composed of all the greens that your mom always wanted you to eat like spinach broccoli and avocado with some cilantro and parsley thrown in for good measure. The chef also makes a shrimp skillet baked eggs dish with burrata and roasted tomatoes that you're sure to enjoy.

One of the taste sensations from the Moscow menu can be found right here at L'Adresse. The Draniki Potato Pancake is made with smoked salmon and eggs. It is off the charts delicious.

On the sweeter side are the Syrniki, pancakes that contain cottage cheese, a little mint and creme fraiche.

L'Adresse's brunch menu offers a couple of nice brunch soups that will warm you up on even the most frigid of Winter days. Along with a poached egg, the cauliflower soup has a touch of chili garlic oil that will kick-start your day.

Borscht is a traditional favorite in Eastern Europe. When you taste it, you'll know why. This hearty soup is comprised of beets, beef and creme fraiche.

You can make up a complete meal by ordering the kitchen's superb bread basket to pair up with your soup. The basket holds a treasure trove of fresh baked goodies including Russian black bread, sourdough bread, butter and homemade jam.

Coffee selections are bountiful. Choose a pour over or Forest Berry Kenya. Or you can go with an Espresso, Irish coffee or Cappuccino.

Exclusive to L'Adresse are two of Moscow's premier coffees. RAF Coffee is the bestseller in their Moscow cafe. It is coffee with the taste and texture of melted ice cream. Now, that's something to look forward to.

The Latte Halva is another Moscow customer go-to, with a home-made sauce of halva and sesame.

And let's not forget that brunch is never complete without a cocktail. they have everything your heart could desire from a Dry Martini and a Moscow Mule to a classic Whiskey Sour, Mimosa and Aperol Spritz.

L'Adresse, your home in the city.

Location and Contact Info

1065 Sixth Avenue

New York, NY 10018

(212) 221-2510


Gabriel Kreuther - Midtown

With all manner of casual dining eateries and tapas bars taking up residence throughout our fair city, many foodies have lamented the demise of the fine dining restaurant. Their concern, however, has proven to be more than a little premature.

While less expensive and less formal restaurants will always have their place in New York, there is still room for a more upscale dining experience. We're talking about the kind of establishment where, for one night, at any rate, the service, food and ambiance will make you feel so very special, like Hollywood royalty.

There is such a place, after all, and it doesn't just exist in the movies that celebrate a bygone, more glamorous era. Nestled on the ground floor of an office tower that overlooks Bryant Park is chef Gabriel Kreuther's eponymous restaurant that offers an unapologetic return to luxurious dining.

From the moment that you walk or rather, glide through the door, you'll be enveloped in an atmosphere that will transport you far, far away from the cars and crowds that are just a few feet from the restaurant.

Inspired by the timber homes of chef Kreuther's native Alsace, the main dining room is decorated with reclaimed wood beams, hand-painted wall coverings and forty-two crystal storks that hang gently from a curved, platinum colored ceiling.

Chef Kreuther and his team work inside of a glass-enclosed kitchen that is visible from the main dining room.


gabriel kreuther


The menu reflects the chef's Alsatian heritage and classical French training. During the first decade of his career, Gabriel refined his skills by working in the kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants in France, Germany and Switzerland.

After coming to New York Gabriel joined the team at La Caravelle and Restaurant Jean-George. He went on to become executive chef at Atelier in the Ritz-Carlton and also enjoyed a successful run at The Modern.

The servers here know their stuff and are as refined and civilized as is the chef's outstanding food. It's a pleasure to be waited on by professionals who take pride in their work.

As you have probably figured out by now, dining at Gabriel Kreuther is by no means, cheap. But you get what you pay for. Yes, Chef Gabriel may not be as famous as celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, but his skills in the kitchen, as well as his considerable charm, are on a par with anyone.

Lunch and dinner are both pre-fixe menus. But, even so, the choices are considerable and inviting.

If you wish to dine a la carte then the lounge and bar area is a wonderful option. A bit less stuffy than the dining room, no reservations are required for parties of six or fewer and walk-ins are welcome. So, if you have been hanging out at the park with your love and it's time for dinner, go for it!

The bar and lounge are elegant in its' simplicity. The scene is illuminated by Alsatian cathedral lamps with cream-colored seating and a copper-colored back bar with contemporary pewter colored finishes. The bar chairs are decorated with a keyhole heart which is a symbol of hospitality in Alsace.

If you want to elevate your snack experience from the usual.mundane bar bites, then order chef's Maine lobster croquettes or crispy potatoes in a Harissa Aioli. The Alsatian beer soup with lamb sausage will certainly appeal to craft suds fans.

And, by the way, should you really want to splurge and impress your date, the snack menu offers Siberian or Kaluga sturgeon caviar in either a half or full ounce portion.

Even amidst such resplendent surroundings, there's some good old Alsatian country cooking going on in the kitchen here. The comforting dishes include red wine braised tripe, truffled country pate' and house made sausage and sauerkraut.

One of the chef's standout entrees is the Berkshire pork chop with pumpkin spaetzle. A very popular main dish is the Niman Ranch beef cheeks with polenta and napa cabbage.

For dessert, the chef's apple strudel with caramel sauce is a must-try as is his divine chocolate tart with a pecan and chocolate sorbet.

Location and Contact Info

41 West 42nd Street

New York, NY 10036

(212) 257-5826


Bryant Park Grill - Midtown

The lush greenery of Bryant Park serves as a stunning backdrop for this gorgeous, one of a kind restaurant that is nestled behind the New York Public Library.

The Bryant Park Grill is pure magic when it comes to turning an evening out on the town into something very extraordinary, indeed.

This spectacular spot is one of the reasons why the Bryant Park neighborhood occupies a prime position on the map for foodies and tourists alike. Like Rockefeller Center and the Empire State building, you simply can't leave town without visiting Bryant Park at least once.

During the Autumn and Winter, you can dine inside the grill's sophisticated dining room, which is decorated to match the seasons. At night, during the Holidays, there is no finer sight in the city, than the festive lights that illuminate the Grill. And, the restaurant just happens to be a few yards away from the Bryant Park Skating Rink.

To accommodate the Holiday crowds, the grill sets up a heated tent that adjoins the restaurant. It's also a perfect setting for private parties and corporate affairs.

When the leaves start to bloom on the trees and temperatures rise, The Bryant Park Grill offers alfresco dining on their large patio as well as the rooftop. Brunch on the Grill's roof is truly an event to be treasured. What better way to enjoy your cocktails and eggs than perched high atop the oasis that is Bryant Park. Or, perhaps, enveloped in the hedges, bushes and flowers that decorate the patio? You can't lose either way.

All too often, restaurants that possess a unique atmosphere are content to let that be their selling point while the actual food itself is barely average. that's not the case here at the Bryant Park Grill.

One of their most sought-after dishes is the Poached farm eggs with avocado and heirloom tomatoes. Seasoned with Saffron sea salt and white Truffle oil, your eggs are served with artichokes and Parmesan bruschetta.

The menu also offers a savory grilled artisanal sausage trio with scrambled eggs, baby arugula, vine-ripened tomatoes and truffled fingerling potatoes with Gruyere cheese.

The signature brunch dish here, though, is the hearty Mediterranean breakfast. this delicious meal consists of several small plates of delights such as garden vegetable salad, imported Ricotta cheese with dates and honey, herbed cream cheese, olives and a mushroom and fontina frittata.

Come evening, there is no better spot in which to unwind from the day's stress than this welcoming environment.

The dinner menu is fresh and vibrant, focusing on local produce and the freshest of fish.

They have a daily selection of succulent oysters as well as a jumbo lump Blue Crab and shrimp cocktail.

But, the dish that all seafood-lovers crave here is the seafood salad parfait. It is layer upon layer of goodness including sashimi tuna, smoked salmon, shrimp, crab, smoked tomatoes, avocado, English cucumber and spicy tartar sauce, together with a grilled baguette. The parfait is almost too pretty to eat. but, don't worry; you'll devour every morsel... after, of course, you've sent a photo of the dish to your Instagram account!

A favorite of the after-work crowd are the Peking style crispy Pork Belly Sliders with steamed buns, scallions and sweet potato puree.

They also go crazy for the wild mushroom ravioli and the black ink risotto with grilled octopus and fava beans.

The perfect antidote to a bad day at work is usually a stiff drink. They've got some great libations here, no doubt. But, if you're in need of a mood facelift, then you might want to consider one of the Grill's scrumptious desserts.

How about the chocolate coconut pot de creme with, get this, coconut whipped cream and dulce de leche ice cream. if that doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth, then nothing will!

Other delectable choices range from a sinfully tasty chocolate peanut butter s'more to creamy ( and we do mean creamy) vanilla New York cheesecake with an oatmeal pecan crumble.

The Grill has, for a limited time only, a very nifty wedding promotion going on, in partnership with The Knot and the Bryant Park Grill's catering team Ark Events.

Got a wedding in your future? Then you should look into this promotion before it disappears forever! Book your wedding now and you can receive two complimentary wedding suites at the renowned Bryant Park Hotel and the services of a dedicated on-site wedding manager for the duration of your wedding. All you have to do is contact Ark events for further details at (212) 206-8815. Book on or before may 22nd, 2018.

Location and Contact Info

25 West 40th Street

New York NY 10018

(212) 840-6500


Croton Reservoir Tavern - Midtown

When passing through Mid-Town Manhattan and you're feeling hungry, thirsty or just in need of a welcoming place to relax for awhile and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then stop by the delightful Croton Reservoir Tavern.

A throwback to the quaint, inviting taverns of old New York, The Croton Reservoir Tavern was named after the long-forgotten Fortress Reservoir which used to stand on the land currently occupied by the Public Library and Bryant Park.

This artful blend of a restaurant and pub has a fifty foot, solid oak bar, brass studded leather chairs and leather banquette seating along with an imposing 150 square foot mural depicting the reservoir in all its' glory.

Completed in 1842, the reservoir was a huge man-made lake, four acres in area, that supplied the city with drinking water throughout most of the nineteenth century. The reservoir was enclosed by majestic thick granite walls that were fifty feet high.

This was a favorite spot for the city's high society who enjoyed strolling along the public promenade that was located high atop the reservoir. From this vantage point, you could see all the way over to the Hudson River and the battery, to the South.

None other than Edgar Allan Poe loved to take walks here, all the while ruminating on plots for one of his short stories.

The reservoir was torn down around the turn of the century.But, its memory lives on at this friendly tavern.


croton reservoir tavern


Whatever your pleasure may be, the bar most certainly stocks it. they have one of the best selections of whiskey, Bourbon and single malts in the city. Plus all of the wine and craft beer you can drink. However, it is always wise to drink responsibly!

Speaking of being responsible; the bar has some very nice non-alcoholic Mocktail options. The Passion Chiller is super refreshing with its' blend of passion fruit, basil, fresh lime juice and OJ. The Croton Cold Brew mixes freshly brewed coffee with caramel, mint and chocolate infused syrup.

The menu has a great deal to choose from. The authentic Bavarian soft pretzels with beer cheese sauce is a popular staple with Croton Reservoir's happy hour regulars, as are the steamed mussels.

If you are watching what you eat and have vowed to stick to a healthy diet, then you will definitely want to try one of their salads. These entree sized bowls of delight will satisfy no end. Go for either the Quinoa and avocado salad or the carrot and Burrata, which includes arugula, sunflower seeds and a carrot-butterscotch puree.

On a Saturday night, before taking in a Broadway show or a movie, why not plan to have dinner here at the Tavern?

The entrees are affordably priced and this is not just "bar food". Not by a long shot!

The kitchen's tuna burger is accompanied by Asian slaw, sliced tomatoes and a miso aioli. You might also enjoy the pan-seared chicken breast with a side of sauteed escarole and a parsnip puree.

Also on the menu is a creamy and ultra cheesy mac and cheese and the tortellini with braised beef short ribs.

Location and Contact Info

108 West 40th Street

New York, NY 10018

(212) 997-6835


Parker and Quinn - Midtown

Located in the distinctly artistic environs of the Refinery Hotel, Parker and Quinn cater to an intriguing clientele that ranges from models and designers from the nearby Fashion District to local office workers as well as well-seasoned business travelers and tourists.

A quintessential New York experience, Parker and Quinn deliver big-time on high-quality food, expertly mixed drinks and an ambiance that channels Manhattan's unique combination of grit and glamour.

The decor is timeless in its' appeal, with design touches that span the decades from the Rip Roaring twenties through the present day.

The management likes to say that they provide "over the top" hospitality that is as big as the city itself. And, they're not wrong. You will feel very welcome here.

The high energy starts with a seat at the bar or the chef's counter. From this vantage point, you can indulge in all of your food voyeur fantasies while you watch executive chef Jeff Haskell put together some tasty dishes that have strong visual appeal.

All you need to do to get the party started is phone a couple of food snapshots to your office pals nearby and they will soon be streaming in through the door.

The bill of fare at Parker and Quinn is diverse and approachable, yet it doesn't go all over the place. Like too many cooks, an endless array of menu items can sometimes lead to chaos in the kitchen.

Ramen spiced Shishito peppers, butcher's meatballs with Ricotta and fried chicken buttermilk sliders are appetizers that will satisfy your hunger while encouraging you and your friends to stay awhile and see what else is good.

There are also some excellent flatbreads coming out of Chef Haskell's kitchen. The PQ Cacio E Pepe has four very flavorful kinds of cheese and a sprinkling of black pepper. Pickled chiles honey and smoked mozzarella are great complements to the spicy slices of pepperoni that crown the Italian style flatbread. The heat is ON!!!

One of the more expensive items is the juicy rack of lamb with mustard and a black vinegar butter. But, the price is well worth it. The sea scallops are always tender and a joy to eat. The saffron dusted cauliflower, olives and small potatoes that accompany the scallops only enhances their flavor.

Even the sides here have their own little twists and turns that will delight your palate. The made from scratch mashed potatoes are infused with truffle butter while the french fries are made with eggplant instead of spuds.

The bar at Parker and Quinn has just the potion you're seeking to alleviate the day's stress and gently glide into a wonderful evening. The Eldridge Manhattan is the very definition of what a great cocktail should be. The cranberry tea-infused Woodford Reserve bourbon plays well with Montenegro Amaro and Angostura bitters.

Forget about competing with your peers at the office and just kick back and relish the night with Peer Pressure, a delicious mix of Partida Tequila, Thatcher's Prickly Pear, lime juice and simple syrup.

Location and Contact Info

64 West 39th Street

New York, NY 10018

(212) 729-0277


Koi Bryant Park - Midtown

One of the most beautiful restaurants in the city, Koi's delicious contemporary Japanese cuisine and innovative sushi are as captivating as their sake-based cocktails.

Sophisticated dining at its' finest, Koi has attracted foodies the world over with outposts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi. With impeccable service and the highest of standards, nothing is ever left to chance.

Koi's Bryant Park location is no exception. The interior has a definite wow factor that is both understated yet impressive. Dark, rustic wood and sleek lines create a sexy, modern effect.

If you've walked over from the park to have dinner here, you really won't feel as though you have left the greenery behind. Koi's dining room and bar area are filled with all manner of gorgeous Japanese plants and flowers. It's all very Zen and calming.

But, we are just getting started on the sensual pleasures that await you here.

Koi boasts its' very own brand of sake on tap. In addition, the bar has a selection of premium wines, both domestic and European, as well as imported Japanese beer to quench your thirst.

Their cocktails, however, pair extremely well with the menus' never-ending sushi and sashimi options. The Saketini consists of crop cucumber vodka, sake and cucumber juice. You won't find any drink that is more refreshing to beat the heat of a typical New York Summer.


koi restaurant


The Koi-Tini mixes sparkling Rose' and Cointreau with Orange and Pomegranate juice.

Almost all of the sushi chef's signature rolls are in the can't miss category. But, the crown jewel here has to be the Sunfire Roll. Luscious lobster, snow crab, cucumber and cilantro is topped with mango, avocado and Ichimi.

The Double Tuna gives you a generous portion of tuna sashimi on a spicy tuna roll with wasabi tobiko and a wasabi aioli. The flavor is out of this world. If you like tuna, forget the canned stuff. Spend some green here and enjoy the real deal.

Although seafood does dominate the menu the kitchen turns out quite a few dishes that hold appeal for just about everyone.

Tofu and fresh veggies come with a sweet and spicy ginger sauce. Their succulent grilled skirt steak is cooked to order and is served with an amazing side of ginger Shiitake fried rice.

The Kobe style pot stickers with scallion Ponzu and the organic chicken breast with a Soba noodle stir fry are also quite good.

Location and Contact Info

40 West 40th Street

New York, NY 10019

(212) 921-3330


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