Best Bars and Restaurants - West Village, NYC

Best Bars and Restaurants - West Village, NYC

Tourists and international business travelers, as well as foodies from New York's five Boroughs, have fallen in love with these popular bars and restaurants in New York's West Village.

Hudson Hound - West Village

A very contemporary Irish bar and restaurant, Hudson Hound still has that warm and welcoming, old-school ambiance that pubs have been famous for, the world over, from Dublin and London to New York City.

There is nothing more cozy or romantic than sitting down at a table with the one you love and enjoying a pint of Guinness or a delicious cocktail, right beside their glowing fireplace. Except, perhaps, enjoying a tall frosty beer outdoors, on a warm Summer's evening, at the Hound's sidewalk cafe!

Exposed brick, solid wooden floors, as well as empty kegs and barrels of Jameson whiskey, lend a traditional atmosphere to the proceedings.

In addition to the best brand names in the beer and spirits business, Hudson Hound also offers quality suds from local small craft brewers. The management loves to support small businesses, which is a very good thing.

This philosophy is all part of the friendly and hospitable approach that has made Hudson Hound a neighborhood favorite.

In addition to one of the best selection of beers on Hudson Street, the Hound offers some tasty ciders that will warm you up throughout the Fall and Winter. One of the most delicious of their ciders is Kopparberg Pear flavored cider, which is imported from Sweden.

By far, the bar's most coveted cocktail is the Champagne Sangria, which is served on the rocks. Red wine, Brandy, orange juice as well as apple and peach Schnapps are topped with some very nice bubbly.

Cool and refreshing is the Sugar Plum Mule, which is a blend of Tito's Vodka, fresh plum puree. lime juice and ginger beer. this delicious concoction is served in a gorgeous copper mug.

Start your meal with a soothing and satisfying bowl of their classic French onion soup or the savory Irish spring rolls which are filled with bacon, cabbage and potato and accompanied by a tangy honey-mustard dipping sauce.

Mains include the Hound Burger, which comes with hand cut potato chips, dill pickle spears and a delightful red onion chutney and an organic half-chicken with an Adobo spice rub and chimichurri gravy.

The old favorites portion of the menu contains Shepherd's Pie, pub-style fish and chips as well as the kitchen's signature dish, Coddle.

Coddle is a traditional stew that has been served in Dublin's homes and pubs for generations. Once you taste this melange of boiled bacon, sausage, onions and red bliss potatoes, you'll know why the Irish swear by this dish. It is served with fresh baked Irish soda bread and Kerry Gold butter.

Location and Contact Info

575 Hudson Street

New York, NY 10014

(212) 796-6213


Philip Marie Restaurant - West Village

One of the West Village's true neighborhood gems, Philip Marie showcases chef and owner John Greco's delicious take on good old American comfort food.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, John Greco III has traveled around the globe, honing his talents in the kitchens of cities as diverse as Rome, Milan, Frankfurt and Rio De Janiero.

In New York, Chef Greco is a veteran of celebrated establishments like Le Cirque, Cipriani and Torre Di Pisa. the chef combines his classical training with a genuine affection for American comfort food. The results are truly amazing.

Who doesn't crave a nice, juicy slab of succulent, rare prime rib? If you do, then be sure to reserve a table on Wednesday because that is prime rib night at Philip Marie.

For only $25.95, you can score a thick slice of prime rib in Cognac sauce together with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables.

On Thursdays, there is a very special $42.95 food and wine pairing. You will be treated to samples of Chef Greco's New American cuisine paired with four different wines from around the world.

If you are looking for something different to do on Sunday; make a change from your usual brunch and check out Philip Marie's Sunday night BBQ. $25.95 gets you a choice of BBQ Chicken, baby back ribs or blackened catfish together with corn on the cob and cornbread. You cannot pass up this incredible deal.

Romance is definitely in the air at Philip Marie's. The dining room is absolutely beautiful with a personality and ambiance all of its' own.

But, the real attraction here is the Wine Room. This private wine cellar is something out of a show like The Bachelor. This intimate and unique room brings couples an incredible dining experience.

The New York Times has called the Wine Room one of the most romantic dining spaces in the entire city. It has an intriguing, secret past. Back in the day, the building housed a speakeasy where New York's high society would cavort with gangsters and Movie stars.

A trap door inside the cellar area once led to a series of subterranean tunnels. These passageways were a quick and easy escape route when the police showed up to raid the joint.

When you book the Wine Room for you and your sweetheart, the evening begins with a glass of champagne and an assortment of Hors d'oeuvres. And then, it's time to dig into your personalized three-course menu and sip from a selection of premium wines.

The restaurant's a la carte menu contains a jewel box of tantalizing dishes.

The organic asparagus soup is livened up by Gorgonzola crumbles while the roasted butternut squash soup is topped with toasted pumpkin seeds.

One of chef Greco's most popular starters is his baked brie cheese, which is dressed with pesto, a fresh fruit compote and comes with an endive and asparagus salad. Also enormously popular are the crispy Portobello fries with a creamy avocado dipping sauce.

When it comes to comfort food, chef Greco has few equals. His dishes bring back old, familiar flavors and memories but are never, ever boring.

A perfect example is the overstuffed chicken pot pie topped with a delicate puff pastry crust. Chef's double-cut pork chop has a delightful molasses glaze and is served with wild mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Your tummy will also be comforted no end by the artichoke and spinach stuffed chicken breast in an orange citrus glaze.

Food. Wine. Love. Those three simple words sum up the grand evening that awaits you at Philip Marie Restaurant.

Location and Contact Info

569 Hudson Street

New York, NY 10014

(212) 242-6200


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Voted one of the most romantic restaurants in New York, Philip Marie, has been serving their take on American Cuisine for more than 16 years. Standard fare such as ...

High Street on Hudson - West Village

From the outside, there doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary about this cute cafe, which is situated on the border of Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District.

However, once you are inside, it's an entirely different story. The aroma of freshly baked bread and pastry emanates from the kitchen. The ambiance is that of a Pennsylvania farmhouse with just a touch of New York industrial chic. Everything about this place is fresh and vibrant.

The cafe is a spin-off of chef Eli Kulp's successful Philadelphia restaurant, High Street on Market. Known for their endless varieties of fresh baked bread and sandwiches, Eli and his business partner Ellen Yin have brought over the best of their Philly location, yet, have allowed Gotham to make its own culinary imprint on their winning concept. This is a culinary marriage made in Heaven.

Located near the Highline and Whitney Museum of Art, High Street on Hudson is a wonderful place in which to hit the pause button on your day, while you shop and do the tourist thing.

Delectable options abound for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Basically, you can eat to your heart's content around the clock here.


aplez best bars and restaurants west village high street on hudson


A modern-day version of the classic, small-town diner or coffee shop, High Street offers a variety of scones ( try the cherry), croissants, cookies (ginger and chocolate chip), as well as their signature, toasted almond pound cake. Part of the fun is watching the bakers at work in the open kitchen.

They've also got one heck of a sausage and biscuit sandwich.

Lunchtime offers an endless array of soups, salads and sandwiches. The Roast Pork comes on a sesame-semolina roll and is topped with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone.

The spicy Italian has all the delish cold cuts you have loved since childhood plus pickled peppers and a veritable salad of olives. They've also got a very tasty roast turkey on a kaiser roll, that comes with all the trimmings.

Once you've tasted the sandwiches here, you will never want to ride the "Subway" again when you're hit with a craving for a hearty sandwich.

Now, it's time to talk dinner. This is a great spot for a date. It's casual but has more than enough atmosphere to make for a cozy evening. And, the menu is quite creative; perhaps unexpectedly so.

You can get a plate of gnocchi in hundreds of restaurants that are scattered around town. But, how many places serve their fluffy dumplings with scallops and creme' fraiche?

The chicken in the woods platter consists of half a chicken, hen of the woods mushrooms and sauteed Tuscan kale.

Other notable dishes include the Cauliflower steak with pistachios and spiced yogurt and the superb grilled swordfish with pickled pepper relish.

You should look into the cafe's $50 per person Hudson Street Pre-Fixe. It includes any " to start" appetizer, a small plate of pasta and an entree.

Location and Contact Info

637 Hudson Street

New York, NY10014



EN Japanese Brasserie - West Village

This is one spectacular restaurant. EN has so much going for it, one hardly knows where to start. If you've eaten there already, you'll know, right off the bat, what we mean. if you haven't; get ready for the culinary experience of a lifetime.

Usually, when you are in the mood for some really good Sushi or Sashimi, it's only natural that you make plans to go to a Japanese restaurant. EN, however, offers a thoroughly modern approach to the rich traditions of Japanese cooking.

Many of the chefs who are in EN's West Village kitchen have also worked at one of the restaurant's sister restaurants in Japan. The staff at all EN locations freely exchange recipes and innovative ideas, making for a transportive dining experience.

Their mission is to expand guest's perception of Japanese cuisine. And, the kitchen crew here does it so well. Put your preconceived notions aside and just place yourself in the chef's talented hands. You'll want for nothing as you enjoy a sensational meal.

You can even participate in their monthly "Abe's Kitchen" event where executive chef Abe Hiroki guides guests through a multi-course dinner featuring anecdotes about life in the kitchen as well as dishes that have the very best seasonal ingredients.

When you recommend EN Japanese Brasserie to your friends and business associates (as you most certainly will), you won't be able to decide whether or not to rave about the food or decor, first.

The dining area is highly dramatic, to say the least.High ceilings and arched windows complement the antique Japanese panels and wood furnishings. Beautiful floral arrangements take center stage in the main dining room.

A trio of Imperial Meiji-styled apartment rooms is situated on the mezzanine level. They are ideal for private celebrations and corporate dinners. Everything that you see in the restaurant, from the colorful block printed fabrics and furniture to the ornate table-top accessories was custom designed for EN and imported from Japan.

Take a vacation from the same old after work drinks and beers while you explore the tastes and flavors of Japan. EN 's bar offers specially curated flights of sake, shochu and whiskey, that allow you to sample the pride of Japan's distillers.

Both draught and bottled beer imported from Tokyo are also available.


aplez best bars and restaurants west village en japanese brasserie


Elevate your cocktail experience with one of their premium elixirs such as the Sparkling Strawberry, which is made with Mio sparkling sake, strawberry infused Jougo shochu, Kitaya Junmai sake, strawberry juice and mint.

O-Banzi is small Kyoto style dishes, something akin to Spanish tapas.You can order these delicious Japanese tapas for six dollars apiece or three for sixteen.

The Shira are purple and yellow cauliflower and broccoli in tofu sauce. The enticing Hijiki consists of seaweed, snow peas, green beans and soybeans in shayu.

One of the highlights of the small plates menu is the Truffle Mousse with dashi gelee' and Summer Truffles.

The rest of EN's delectable menu is divided up into categories that range from veggie-centric dishes, creative salads, seafood and poultry to rice, noodles and soup.

Signature seafood entrees include the Salmon Clay Rice Pot, a Saikyo Miso Black Alaskan Cod dish and Lobster Ishiyaki, which is stone grilled lobster in a butter miso sauce.

The Mochi Croquettes are to die for. Diced potatoes and Hudson Valley Duck are rolled in Mochi rice cakes and fried. The cakes are served in a light dashi broth.

All of their Wagyu beef is imported from Miyazaki, Japan. The menu also contains premium beef dishes that are made with Black Angus beef out of Lindsay Ranch in Oregon.

You can order your chicken a couple of ways; fried and dressed with aromatic rock salt or stone grilled and seasoned with Wasabi salt and garlic soy.

There is so much to look forward to when you dine at EN Japanese Brasserie.

Location and Contact Info

435 Hudson Street

New York, NY 10014

(212) 647-9196


Hudson Clearwater Restaurant - West Village

New York is a city full of surprises; some pleasant, others not so welcome. It's how we handle the unexpected things in life that come our way, that counts. But, confronting the unexpected keeps us on our toes. It's all a part of the unique energy that powers the city that never sleeps.

The same philosophy about surprises applies to the city's restaurant scene. Sometimes the best food that you will ever eat can be served inside of a tiny, relatively nondescript cafe.

Take Hudson Clearwater, for example. When you arrive at the presumed address of this charming restaurant, you will be confronted with what appears to be an abandoned storefront. But, looks can be deceiving.

Just enter through a side door on Morton Street and you will find yourself inside of a small garden. Walk past the tables, walk through another door and you will find yourself in a breathtakingly beautiful dining space.

The bi-level dining area is split into two cozy sections. The alcove is situated next to an open chef's station. Proceed down a few steps and you will be in a sunken, candle-lit space that was just made for date night.

The management here has taken as much care with their menus as they have with the incredible decor and ambiance.

For dinner, you can expect to dine on an intriguing selection of dishes that are prepared with local ingredients from the area's best purveyors and farms.

You will savor every bite of the succulent braised beef short ribs with a heavenly smoked date puree. Another signature doesn't leave without trying this item, is the house-made linguine that is mixed with fresh clams, herbed bread crumbs and spinach.

Brunch is served on weekends, from 9 AM to 3 PM. The kitchen even makes its' own ginger, walnut and pumpkin seed granola, which comes with seasonal fruit and choice of milk.

On the sweet side, you can indulge in the cornflake crusted French Toast that is accompanied by caramelized apples and whipped cinnamon cream.


aplez best bars and restaurants west village hudson clearwater


A hint of Madeira cream adds amazing flavor to the poached eggs and wild mushrooms atop fresh country bread.

Two very hearty dishes include the duck hash and sunny-side-up eggs and the Hudson Scramble, a blend of, what else but, scrambled eggs, cheese, avocado, tomato, chives and mushrooms.

Finding this place may be a bit of a fun mystery. you've got to know just where to look. But finding reasons why you'll want to return again and again will be no mystery at all.

Location and Contact Info

447 Hudson Street

New York, NY 10014

(212) 989-3255


Lela Bar - West Village

With well over 150 wines to choose from, plus an appealing array of bar bites, you are sure to find something that will elevate your night at this small, but high-impact, wine bar.

Elegant yet supremely casual, Lela Bar has character and personality to spare. The Space is anchored by an imposing oval, wrap around bar that's wood topped with a frosted glass base.At this outpost of refinement and artistry, patrons gather to enjoy fine wine and convivial conversation.

The lighting is appropriately low and atmospheric, creating a soft glow against the vintage tin ceiling and custom ironwork. A vase of red roses customarily decorates the far end of the bar.

At Lela Bar, it's the little touches that count. The chalkboard that proclaims the evenings happy hour and food specials are ensconced inside of an antique picture frame.

This careful attention to detail is carried over to both their wine list and food menu.

The stellar wine-producing regions of France, Italy and Spain are all represented on the bar's list of reds and whites. You'll find names that you know and love as well as smaller,family-owned boutique vineyards. The joy of discovery, of finding a delicious wine that literally stirs the senses, is the reason why you seek out wine bars like Lela.

It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned wine expert or a novice, do yourself a huge favor and check out the bars' Sommelier tasting series.

This occasional event is not to be missed. For the price of seventy-five dollars a person, you will be able to taste six different wines as well as a selection of small bites. The food and wine offerings are paired up by one of the establishment's expert Sommeliers, who will also be your host for the evening.

Enhance your pleasure every Wednesday and Saturday evening by taking advantage of the market oyster special. Those tasty, succulent little morsels can be had for just $1.50 apiece.

As is the case with most quality wine bars, the kitchen offers some very tempting meat and cheese boards. The portions are generous and you will find many rare kinds of cheese in addition to items like Hungarian salami, Louisiana style Tasso ham and Felino, a fennel-spiced salumi that is made in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy.

Their tapas menu ranges from truffle polenta and quail eggs with chorizo to Spanish sardines and chickpeas that are marinated in EVOO, lemon juice and paprika.

Spending an hour or two at Lela Bar to unwind from your day at work is a sure-fire mood lifter. Let your night aspire to new heights of enjoyment at this most inviting wine bar.

Location and Contact Info

422 Hudson Street

New York, NY 10014

(212) 206-0594


Adoro Lei - West Village

In Italian, Adoro Lei means " I adore her". A charming expression of love; those few, simple words can tug at your heartstrings.

But, beware; no matter how much you may be in control of your emotions, you are destined to fall in love with the food and ambiance here.

When you are craving great pizza or Italian food and nothing else will do, rest assured that you will always be able to count on the love of your life, Adoro Lei.

Adoro Lei is an exciting restaurant and lounge that is transforming the traditional pizza eating experience. Here, enjoying a pie is not just about having a bite to eat. If you think pizza is merely fast food no more, no less, then it's time to take another look at just WHERE you've been having your pizza. Clearly, it hasn't been here.

At Adoro Lei, everything, from the vivid artwork displayed on the walls, streaming videos, cool furniture and signature beats that comprise the Adoro playlist, has been carefully curated to create the ultimate upscale pizza party. And, with craft cocktails, to boot! That, my friend, is as good as it gets.


aplez best bars and restaurants west village adoro lei


The team behind this establishment is Rick Froio, Joseph Primiano and Michael DiBugnara. This trio of talented, personable guys has worked overtime to give you a place to hang out that's worth the trip from anywhere in the city.

A multifunctional space, Adoro Lei is the type of place that Valentino or Dolce and Gabbana would design......if they happened to be interior decorators! No doubt, though, these fashion icons would admire artist Dessie Jackson's fabulous portraits that literally pop off the restaurant's walls.

The pizza maestros here utilize both a brick and a wood-burning oven. For an additional charge, you can get any pizza on the menu, gluten-free. There are 18 varieties of pies to choose from and, you will want to try them all.

Absolutely addicting is the Boozy Bettina, a pie that blends fresh mozzarella, basil and various other seasonings with a made from scratch vodka sauce.

The Paula tops your pizza pie with ricotta cheese, ham, zucchini and mozzarella. One of their most unique and tasty pies is the Simonetta, which is made with an array of exotic mushrooms, caramelized Sherry onions Stracciatella and herbed goat cheese.

Equally out of the box and molto delicioso is the Cesare. The prosciutto, brie cheese and smoked mozzarella blend are outrageous enough. But, what happens when you add a roasted walnut puree to the mix? Pure culinary bliss!

If you have not really been watching what you eat during a typically hectic work week, then go on a Veggie Vacanza courtesy of Adoro Lei. A cauliflower pie crust is loaded with fresh tomatoes, red peppers, garlic, mozzarella and caramelized onions. Now that's what we call veggie overdrive!

Executive Chef Mario Gentile and his team may excel at pizza, but that's certainly not all that they do. It's really only the tip of the iceberg. You will enjoy a wide range of innovative small plates and entrees when you dine here.

Cast iron entrees include an anything but boring Lasagna, stuffed with ground veal and pork, Eggplant Parm Sicilian style and one of the best chicken Parmigiana dishes on the planet. And that includes Italy!

From the wood-burning oven, you have got to try their skewered shrimp in a Porcini Cognac sauce and the asparagus with poached egg, nutmeg and artisanal, grated cheese.

Adoro Lei, a love affair for all of your senses.

Location and Contact Info

287 Hudson Street

New York, NY10013

(646) 666-5096


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