Best Bars - Astoria, NY

Best Bars - Astoria, NY

No matter where you live in the wonderful community of Astoria, Queens, check out some of the bars in this article, call your friends and make plans to explore!

The Ditty - Astoria

It didn't take very long for this cozy pub to win over the hearts of the Ditmar's after work crowd and hungry weekend brunch-goers.

Like a tasty onion, there are a lot of layers to The Ditty. And, you'll enjoy peeling each layer back as you discover new things to fall in love with.

For some, The Ditty works as a romantic date spot and cocktail bar. For others, though, it is the quintessential neighborhood Cheers type of bar; a place where you can catch up with old friends, while also making new ones.

Everyone, though, agrees that the food here is well above what you might expect to find in a quoteunquote bar.

There's also some awesome entertainment going on here. Every Tuesday ( weather permitting) you can check out classic flicks in their comfy, heated backyard. If the weather gets too troublesome then movie night is moved indoors, simple as that. It's a great atmosphere to view a movie, one way or another.

On Fridays, from Nine PM until three in the morning, The Ditty is transformed into a cool, but totally unpretentious lounge, where you can dance to the beats spun by DJ Super Turbo Airness.

Now, before you do any drinking and dancing you'll want to fuel up with some good eats. The kitchen has just what you need.

Who doesn't love a nice and toasty old school pretzel Especially when it's served with Jinny's beer and cheese sauce and whole grain mustard.

The cauliflower steak dressed in Buffalo sauce will really spice up your night as will the grilled Shishito Peppers that come with a ginger and soy dipping sauce.

Braised lamb and pork smashed meatball sliders and a vegan carrot chorizo taco are other menu highlights. The vegan sausage is made with chickpeas and carrots with traditional Mexican chorizo seasonings. The taco is topped up with pickled fennel and radish.

Brunch selections range from vegan pancakes with apple butter and avocado toast to The Ditty's signature breakfast burger and tater totshort rib hash.

On tap is an amazing selection of craft beers as well as a multitude of canned and bottled varieties. The bar's wine list contains a delicious Pinot Grigio from California and a Cabernet Sauvignon that's also from out Cali way.

Two of their premier cocktails are the amusingly named Leaky Faucet (Vodka, lavender, dry curacao and Royal Ginger Kombucha) and the fruity and refreshing Blue Steel which pairs fresh blueberries and rum with Elderflower and lemon juice.

At The Ditty, the night is forever young.

Location and Contact Info

35-03 Ditmars Blvd.

Astoria, NY 11105

(347) 617-1747


The Irish Rover - Astoria

Every day is Saint Patrick's Day at this welcoming bar. feel free to come here and celebrate anything you like from the end of the workday to the fact that it's finally Friday night and the weekend is on the horizon.

The Irish Rover is a traditional bar and they are very proud of it. The owner can be found behind the bar most nights and is both funny and charming. But, this engaging fellow is not to be outdone by his staff, who have worked hard to achieve their reputation as the friendliest bar keeps in Astoria.

A legit pub in every way, the Rover has an unrivaled line-up of both domestic and imported beer as well as a nifty collection of spirits.

Whether you are a fan of the English Premier League or are into the NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB, they are sure to have your game going, on one of the many TV's that are strategically perched around the pub.

From time to time, you can also enjoy some smoking live bands here. Recently the Rover hosted Dreams Freedom, playing their own brand of Irish folk and rebel music. The crowd could not stop tapping their toes and be singing along.

Want to have a chance to score some quick cash while also having a beer or two Then head over to the Rover on Thursday night at 730 PM. Enter the Pub Quiz for just ten bucks, have a roaring great time and you may win the entire pot!

You don't have to be into sports to have a shot at winning, either. The quiz encompasses current events, science, movies, music, TV shows and the entire spectrum of pop culture.

When you are at a bar, it doesn't get any better than if they happen to have an old-school jukebox on the premises.

Well, the Rover has one in great condition and they refresh the songs on it. So, while you can groove to some classic hits from the eighties, you will also find many contemporary hits on it, as well. Be a Juke Box Hero, as Foreigner once sang and treat your friends from the office to a round of music.

The Irish Rover is all about laughter, good times and great pours at affordable prices.

Location and Contact Info

37-18 28th Avenue

Astoria, NY 11103

(718) 278-9372


Dominie's Hoek - Astoria

Astoria and Long Island City may be two different neighborhoods according to the U.S.Post Office, but they share many things in common such as a fantastic bar scene and some of the best food in Queens.

And, oh yes, locals in both communities are super lucky because they each have a Dominie's Hoek to hang out in. The first Dominie's opened on Vernon Blvd. around fifteen years ago. It doesn't seem like it, but times do tend to fly by.

The Astoria location joined the never-ending party in 2012. Despite the fierce competition on 30th Avenue, it did not take long for Dominie's to establish it's own devoted clientele.

The vibe is something between a dive bar and casual pub, which makes it perfect for those who are seeking quality liquid refreshment while also enjoying a date, an after-work pick-me-up or a night out with friends. Unlike so many bars, nowadays, you can still have an actual conversation here, without having to scream over blaring music.

But, that's not to say that the place isn't lively. They've got a jukebox and offer live music on selected evenings. Dominie's also happens to have one of the best Happy Hours on 30th Avenue.

It takes place every day from 4 to 8 PM and features all well drinks and selected beers for only five dollars. During this happiest of times, you can also get a personal pizza for the aforementioned $5. And they have quite a substantial array of tasty toppings for just a buck apiece. So don't be afraid to pile it on that pie!


aplez best bars in astoria dominie hoek


Dominie's all night special comes in at $6. For that extremely reasonable price, you can pair up a can of beer with a shot of any well booze.

Their cocktail list is not very long but it's inventive and quite potent. The bartenders here don't even know what a watered down drink is. So, don't fret about that. They've got a reputation to uphold.

And honor their rep, they do with concoctions like the London Mule, which consists of Beefeater gin, ginger liqueur and fresh lime juice. Another blast in a glass is the Paper Plane which is a blend of bourbon, amaro nonino, Aperol and lemon juice.

During the nice weather, you can do your night time or, for that matter, daytime drinking, in their cute little backyard patio.

Just for your information, Dominie Hoek is not the name of the owner or even that of an obscure jazz musician. The moniker, though, does have some historical significance to it.

Legend has it that, back in the 1600's, a small parcel of land in what is now Hunter's Point, Queens, was awarded in a treaty with the local Indian population, to a Dutch Reformed Church minister.

The plot of land was hook-shaped (or hoek, in Dutch) and ministers were referred to as Dominie's over in the Netherlands. So, the neighborhood came to be known as Dominie's Hoek. Makes all the sense in the world, right

One does have to wonder though, if the rather stern and puritanical early settlers of Astoria and LIC would approve of the fact that, in modern-day Queens, Dominie's Hoek has once again become celebrated, but, this time, as the name of a tavern!

But, when you're here, having the time of your life, that thought will be the furthest thing from your mind.

Location and Contact Info

34-07 30th Avenue

Astoria, NY 11103

(718) 706-6531


The Shillelagh Tavern - Astoria

This inviting old-school, but never old-fashioned tavern lays claim to being one of the oldest bars in the neighborhood. Dating all the way back to 1925, The Shillelagh Tavern is a true Astoria treasure.

Generations of local residents have found a friendly refuge here from the grind of their daily lives. The Shillelagh is a safe place where folks can just come in for a drink, engage in lively banter with their neighbors at the bar and forget the cares of the day.

Whether your taste in beer runs to Miller High Life, Bud Light, Sam Adams or craft brews such as Angry Orchard, Little Sumpin' Ale or Magners, they've got a brew ready that will make your day.

The bar also offers everything you could wish for when it comes to the finest of spirits including vodka, tequila, rum and gin, as well as imported Irish whiskey.

Specialty libations like a classic hot toddy and Irish coffee are also available.

The bartenders here have a real knack for coming up with cocktails that will captivate you.The Bloody Shill is their version of a Bloody mary that is simply outrageous. This powerful drink is made with Guinness, tomato juice, lime juice, Old Bay, Worcestershire and Frank's hot sauce. But the undeniable star of the show is bacon-infused vodka.

The Astoria Elixer consists of Beefeater gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, brandy cherries and Stella Artois. Your taste buds will love how the barkeeps mix traditional ingredients with contemporary twists and turns. There are unexpected but welcome flavors and delights to be found in each and every glass.

Everything old is brand new again with the Prohibition Giggle Juice cocktail. Cinnamon syrup adds just the right amount of sweetness to a mixture of Sazerac straight rye, Angostura, apple juice and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

During the week, the Shillelagh offers a variety of different specials and deals. You just know that you'll want to be in on all of them. Why miss out

It's hard to get through a typical Monday, especially if you've had a blast of a weekend. We know the feeling.Manic Mondays, though, is the perfect antidote to those starts the work week blues.

Every Monday, between five and eight PM, all glasses of wine are half price and all IPAs,(bottles, cans and drafts) can be had for 12 off regular cost, as well.

Whiskey most likely won't be the cure-all for your problems but it's worth a shot. So, take advantage of Shillelagh's Whiskey Wednesdays! Jack shots come in at only $5, while a mere six bucks will buy you shots of Jameson and Tullamore.

Sunday is definitely fun day at the Shillelagh. Mixed drinks go for $6 while all draft beers come in at $5.

You get the idea. The fun never stops here!

Tuesdays bring you the Shillelagh's new and improved open mic night, where you can catch Astoria's rising stars in comedy.


aplez best bars in astoria the shillelagh tavern


Catch some exciting new bands on the move with their N.E.X.T. series which stands for New, emerging, extraordinary talent. All of the musical action takes place in the tavern's spacious back room.

After a change of ownership in 2017, the new Shillelagh Tavern is poised to be the center of the action in Astoria. If you haven't already checked them out, give this place a try. You'll be so glad that you did!

Location and Contact Info

47-22 30th Avenue

Astoria, NY 11103

(718) 728-9028


Zbar - Astoria

Zbar may not win any awards for being the trendiest or coolest place in town, but it doesn't need to. Super expensive cocktails with esoteric ingredients and disengaged bar hoppers who are too cool for school is not why you come to a place like Zbar.

You're here for the great suds, strong pours and bartenders who make you feel as though you're drinking in the living room of one of your neighbors. Not to mention a crowd of fellow Astoria residents who will become your new drinking buddies in no time at all.

And, of course, it doesn't hurt that Zbar has one of the best collection of board games going, including darts, as well as a pool table that, though a bit well-worn, is a conversation-starting magnet for neighborhood singles.

Speaking of breaking the ice, Zbar is known throughout Astoria for having a fun karaoke night. Get a beer or two in you and you'll soon find yourself up on their stage belting out tunes as though you were Adele, Taylor Swift or Celine Dion. And let's not forget Bruno Mars!

Zbar is the culmination of years of dreaming and planning by the owner, Wiz.

A veteran of Desert Storm, Wiz always had a love for the sense of community that a great, not just an okay, bar is capable of fostering.

With the help of family and friends, Wiz eventually found a space for rent and, putting his nose to the grindstone, went to work building the bar, from the ground up. Wiz put his heart and soul, along with gallons of sweat, into creating an environment where everyone can feel welcome.

Beer, beer and more beer is the name of the game here. but, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the food holds its' own here.

Brunch at Zbar is becoming increasingly popular and their evening bites and snacks menu contain quite a few delicious items.

The signature dish here is the Z grilled cheese. Gobs of gooey melted cheddar or Swiss (your call) and sauteed, thick cut tomatoes are sandwiched between fresh Sour Dough bread for an exquisite taste sensation. This grilled delight is served with fries or a house salad.

The seared salmon salad will make your taste buds do cartwheels. Succulent chunks of the pan-seared salmon top a bountiful salad that consists of baby spinach, avocados, sliced oranges and fennel with a delicious honey balsamic dressing.

You will also enjoy the juicy Z burger sliders and chicken wings that come with a choice of BBQ, spicy buffalo or Thai chili sauce.

Make the most of your free time and own the night at Zbar Astoria.

Location and Contact Info

26-12 Hoyt Avenue South

Astoria, NY 11102

(347) 612-4715


The Beer Garden at Bohemian Hall - Astoria

If you've lived in the Ditmars neighborhood of Astoria, for even a relatively short amount of time, the odds are that you are more than familiar with the quaint, comfortable environs of Bohemian Hall.

A part of the neighborhood since 1919, Bohemian Hall carries on the proud tradition of the beer garden as a social meeting place where patrons can enjoy a vast selection of beers and some authentic Eastern European cuisine together with music, laughter and great times.

The story of how the Bohemian Hall came to be and what it represents is a fascinating part of Americana.

In the late nineteenth century, thousands of Czechs and Slovaks emigrated from the Austrian Empire and made their way to New York. While many settled on the lower east side, a sizable number put down roots in Astoria.

The year 1892 saw the formation of the Bohemian Citizen's Benevolent Society, an organization which manages the hall to this day. They raised funds to commence building a place where the traditions of the Czech and Slovak people could be nourished and maintained.

The cornerstone of Bohemian Hall was laid on October 1st, 1910 and within years, the vast main hall and outdoor beer garden and park were added to, what originally, was a tract of farmland.

Now, everyone from hipsters and young professionals to the older generation of Czech and Slovak-Americans comes together at Bohemian Hall.

The outdoor space, with its trees and flowerbeds, provides a beautiful spot in the Spring and Summer for a wonderful date night experience. Families love to gather here on weekend afternoons for a delicious lunch.

No matter what time of the day your belly is rumbling, the kitchen at Bohemian Hall has all the hearty Czech food that you're craving. And, if you've never had this type of cuisine you don't know what you are missing.

Specialties of the house include grilled country kielbasa with sauerkraut, pork or beef goulash and dumplings, Fried Muenster cheese Smazak with french fries and salad as well as that classic Eastern European favorite, potato pierogies. Bohemian Hall's chef serves them with sour cream and red cabbage.


aplez best bars in astoria bohemian hall and beer garden


Don't sleep on the Chicken Schnitzel. The potato salad that comes with this dish is out of bounds. there's no other way to put it. Best potato salad ever!

There's always something happening at Bohemian Hall. The beer garden hosts concerts that run the musical gamut from traditional polka and brass bands to folk and independent rock. During the summer, the outdoor garden hosts DJ and dance parties that have become popular throughout Queens.

The main hall is also home to a variety of craft fairs and food markets where you can shop and support local chefs and artisans.

And, of course, you won't want to miss Oktoberfest. If you think that the beer flows freely on a typical Saturday night here, well, you haven't seen anything until you attend this exciting festival.

Besides being one of the largest outdoor drinking venues in the city, The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden makes a colorful and romantic backdrop for a wedding. Catering is one of the things that they do best here.

During the week, plan to make a stop here on your way home from work. Happy hour takes place Monday through Friday from 5 till 7 PM.

You can get a very refreshing glass of wine for $5 and a mug of craft beer for only four bucks.

The Czech and Slovak people are all about hospitality and good times. You will feel very welcome at Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden.

Location and Contact Info

29-19 24th Avenue

Astoria, NY 11102

(718) 274-4925


Break Bar and Billiards - Astoria

A mainstay on the Astoria nightlife scene, Break bar has been called an adult playground and that's a very accurate description of the fun times that await you here.

With 16 HD TVs showing every game imaginable plus a 55-foot long bar that serves delicious cocktails and a rotating selection of 18 beers on tap, Break is your new go-to destination for living the high life on a limited budget.

Their prices are very reasonable and there are always special offers going on like their Wednesday-Friendsday deals. Be sure to check Break's Facebook page for updates.

Located just a couple of blocks from the N and W 31st street station, Break is in the heart of Astoria. You can get here from anywhere in the neighborhood in just a few minutes.

Rather than make the trek into Manhattan on your Saturday night, stay close to home and enjoy all the perks that this fabulous watering hole has to offer.

They have a bunch of pool tables as well as ping-pong, foosball, darts, hoops and a ton of vintage arcade games. And we're not talking about guy's night out either. This is a great spot for a date and for the girls to get together (leave the husbands and boyfriends home) and cuts loose in a fun way. No matter what the occasion is, you won't be bored for a second here.

The ambiance at Break is more upscale and cozy than you might expect. The lighting is just right and the blend of exposed brick and couches in their lounge area sets an intimate tone.

Huge picture windows provide a nice view of Broadway, especially when the streets are lit up at night.

Sit on a sofa or a high top table by the windows and enjoy a beer or one of their tasty cocktails like the Hallet's Cove, made with spiced black rum, lemon simple syrup and sparkling craft ginger beer.

You'll definitely want to order a second round of the Vivien Leigh, a cocktail that is as glamorous as the legendary actress it's named after. The ingredients are Bulldog gin, St. Germain, Elderflower liqueur, lemon juice and grapefruit juice.

The menu isn't really huge, but they've got some interesting choices for lite bites. A couple of standouts are the buttermilk fried chicken fingers and beer battered jalapeno slices that come with cheese sauce and ranch dressing.

Do you like burgers Then you've come to the right place because Break's kitchen has got meaty, juicy oh so succulent burgers galore!

We are talking Break's famous Barcelona Burger which tops an all beef patty with a mound of jalapeno peppers, fried onions and pepper jack cheese.

Their classic cheeseburger is anything but basic and the menu also features a well seasoned black bean veggie burger.

Sides include freshly prepared, jumbo onion rings and a variety of potato options including French fries, sweet potato fries, curly and waffle fries.

Location and Contact Info

32-04 Broadway

Astoria, NY 11103

(718) 777-5400

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