Best Restaurants in SOHO, NYC

Best Restaurants in SOHO, NYC

Must-have tastes and flavors at these SOHO restaurants and their creative chefs.

12 Chairs Cafe - Soho

A little over ten years ago, this homey and cozy cafe started off as a very small spot that did mostly take-out. Seating for twelve people was all that they had at the time, hence the name.

Things have changed over the years, in terms of decor and a slightly expanded space. But the quality of the food and friendliness of the wait staff remains the same.

12 Chairs Cafe has the feel of one of those old-time quintessential New York coffee shops.Except, the vibe here is a little more hip and contemporary.

Here, you can rely on the consistency of the food. Everything is made fresh to order and the ingredients are sourced from local purveyors and farmer's markets.

The menu has a distinct Israeli culinary influence, but you'll also find a delicious array of traditional coffee shop comfort food favorites.

You'll have trouble deciding on just what to order, so we will make it as easy peasy as we can for you. Go for what's popular, the stuff that steady customers can always count on.

That signature dish would be Hamin. This hearty and savory stew consists of various slow-simmered meats, succulent bone marrow, potatoes, chickpeas, beans and barley. It's all topped with a hard-boiled egg! This feast will warm you up just right!

On weekends only, you can order Jachnun, another signature plate. This dish has been well loved for centuries, not just at 12 Chairs, but with Israeli families the world over.

Jachnun is rolled Yemenite dough with dates and a touch of honey. It's served with crushed tomatoes and a hard-boiled egg.

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, the one dish that no amount of willpower can resist are the 12 Chairs Blintzes.

Made with tender, loving care and a respect for tradition, these blintzes are served with fresh fruit, homemade whipped cream, chocolate and roasted pecans.

Location and Contact Info

56 Macdougal Street

New York, NY 10012

(212) 254-8640


Pera Soho - Soho

The amazing ambiance at Pera Soho is something out of a romantic movie. Throughout every room and space in this charming restaurant, you are transported to the streets of Istanbul, particularly the lively and vibrant Rue de Pera.

This historic neighborhood is home to turn of the century trolley cars and cafes that blend Turkish fare with French influences.

Bring your date to Pera Soho's main dining room, the Eastbound Tram, for an experience of upscale dining that your significant other won't soon forget.

Who says that, on a gorgeous New York day, you can't brunch under the sun or dine beneath a star-lit sky, even in Winter? No one at Pera, that's for sure!

All you have to do, in order to enjoy the best of both worlds. no matter what the weather is like outside is reserve a table in the restaurant's Winter Terrace. Well covered and heated throughout, this beautiful, garden-like space will burnish your evening with romantic flair.

At Pera, in true Mediterranean fashion, there's always a good excuse to enjoy a meal and some wine outdoors.

The culinary team at Pera has created an outstanding menu that infuses seasonal ingredients with recipes from Istanbul and the Eastern Mediterranean region.Now, there is so much to like on the menu, it's almost a bit unfair to single out just one dish.

So, with that in mind, let's look at a dish or two, from each section of their diverse menu; plates that are definitely can't miss.

Istanbul's cafes are justly famous for their fabulous dips and chips. The chefs at Pera pride themselves on their "you cannot resist this plate of warm Hummus with cured beef Pastirma."

Moving along from the dips and chips portion of the menu we come to the salads. Super refreshing and surprisingly filling is their signature watermelon and feta cheese salad with fresh radishes, mint and a white balsamic dressing.


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As you already know if you are any kind of a global foodie, no one does meze like the Greeks. Pera's superb meze menu combines Hellenic and Middle Eastern ingredients and flavors for a taste that's quite unique.

The signature meze here is Enginar, a dish that consists of grilled artichokes, a pea puree, fava beans, fresh dill, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

You will also enjoy the Levantine salmon tartar with green olives, parsley, preserved lemon and roasted red peppers.

Dinner plates here are well portioned. You get your money's worth, not just in volume but taste and innovation. rest assured that it will be exceedingly difficult for you to re-create at home many of the dishes that you'll find in this portion of the menu.

If you're a seafood lover then go for the grape leaf wrapped Branzino that comes in a sauce of roasted tomatoes and fennel and is served with a side of Greek-style sauteed gigante beans. That is one of Pera's most acclaimed dishes.

Also vying in popularity is their signature stuffed eggplant dolma with Turkish Baldo rice, chili flakes, tomatoes, dried mint, garlic, evoo in a delicate but delicious Pomegranate reduction.

For New Yorkers, time is precious. There's never, ever enough of it. When you go out to eat and relax; you want to make every second count. You will treasure every moment that you spend at Pera.

Location and Contact Info

54 Thompson Street

New York, NY 10012

(212) 878-6305


San Carlo Osteria Piemonte - Soho

When one is thinking about going out for Italian food, a typical New Yorkers thoughts usually turn to a scrumptious plate of Lasagna, ravioli or that all-time favorite spaghetti and meatballs, covered in red sauce and grated cheese.

The lighter, more delicate cuisine of the north-west province of Piemonte does not immediately come to mind. But it should. With ingredients such as mushrooms, truffles and various cream and wine-based sauces, the Piedmontese cuisine has a distinct French influence as well as a personality that is all its' own.

San Carlo Osteria Piemonte is one of the very few restaurants in the city where you can enjoy authentic dishes from this relatively little-known part of Italy.

Piedmont, by the way, is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites including the Barolo and Barbaresco vineyards as well as the University of Gastronomic Sciences. This well-respected institution focuses on the organic relationships between food and culture.

The setting is warm and rustic. When you glance out the window, while enjoying your meal, you might very well expect to see the snow-capped peaks of the Italian Alps, rather than the crowded streets of Soho.

The kitchen at San Carlo Osteria offers a tempting array of traditional Piedmontese recipes with a modern twist.

While most of the ingredients that go into the magnificent dishes served here are locally sourced, a variety of different cured meats and artisanal cheeses together with truffles and herbs are flown in from Piemonte every week.

The ownership team of Carlo Rolle, Moreno Cerutti and Davide Ferrari have spared no expense in making sure that your dining experience at San Carlo Osteria will be second to none.

Mondays through Fridays, from 11;30 AM until 4 PM, the house offers a very special $15 two course lunch, which features many delicious items from their main menu.

When you dine here, you will want to have a taste of just about everything. Just reading the descriptions on the menu of their signature dishes will make your mouth water.

Locals from the neighborhood rave about the La Panissa Di San Carlo, an Acquarello red wine based risotto that has chunks of Piedmontese salumi, beans and kale mixed in.

The Bolliti Misto consists of mixed boiled meats Piemontese-style. This hearty dish is to die for if you love expertly prepared meat. Another signature creation is the creamy polenta with rabbit sausage.

Over in Turin or Biella, the locals even enjoy leftover polenta for breakfast. They fry it up and top the polenta cakes with cheese or butter.

The chef also does a beautiful made from scratch Tagliatelle pasta with wild mushrooms.

San Carlo's signature dessert (and it is so worthy of that description) is Bonet, which is a traditional Piedmontese pudding, consisting of chocolate, caramel and amaretto.

Their refined cocktail list has two signature libations that you will want to try.

Autumn in Turin mixes Bulleit bourbon, lemon juice and cinnamon syrup with red wine.

Zacapa 23, lime juice, simple syrup and cardamom bitters make up the Cavour Daiquiri, which is named after the first Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy.

Location and Contact Info

90 Thompson Street

New York, NY 10012

(212) 625-1212


David Burke Kitchen - Soho

The neighborhood of Soho is famed for its' artistic vibe. This cozy community is home to art galleries, fashion boutiques as well as lofts and condos that are owned by scores of musicians, actors and designers.

The decor and ambiance at David Burke Kitchen blend in perfectly with the surrounding neighborhood. Imagination and a cool factor that is off the chart's rules at this trendy yet casual restaurant.

Blending the chic industrial simplicity of an airy loft with the rustic warmth of a country barn, the main dining room features a blackened steel top bar along with denim banquettes.

At the entrance, a staircase leads up to the visually striking, glass-enclosed Treehouse bar, which is also available for private dinners.

An open kitchen showcases the culinary talents of Executive Chef Raoul Whitaker. His magnificent dishes are as picturesque as the space that you will dine in.

Enclosed entirely by glass, the wine cave contains one of the best collections of premium reds and whites anywhere in Manhattan.

During the Summer months, Soho's after-work crowd descends on the Kitchen's fabulously inviting outdoor garden. With its' own bar and seating for more than one hundred people, The garden has become a go-to spot for singles and groups of office workers looking to unwind from their day.

The Table Shares portion of the menu contains several dishes that deserve to be called "signature".


aplez best restaurants soho nyc david burke kitchen


First and foremost would be the Funky Cheese Fondue that is accompanied by fresh house ham, cornichons and a grilled baguette. Also popular is the lobster toast with celery seed aioli on toasted brioche.

Charred octopus is dressed with a spicy avocado salsa and flavorful citrus juices. It's so fresh tasting and the Mediterranean, your mouth will feel like it's on vacation.

One dish that regulars here can never get enough of is chef Whitaker's lobster ravioli. The flavors of fennel, golden raisins, tarragon and saffron accentuate but never overpower the melt in your mouth pillows of pasta.

When you dine with David Burke, expect to find only the finest cuts of succulent meat. Here at the Kitchen, you may choose between a 28-day dry aged rib eye, a 30 day aged T-Bone or a cut of sirloin that has been aged for 60 days.

There is also a Bison strip loin available for those who wish to be a little adventurous in their meat selection for the evening. Not as gamey as you might think, the Bison steak's distinctive flavor and texture will reward you for your daring!

Chef's loaded baked potato topped with beer cheese is quite nice, indeed, but the signature side dish that you can't leave without sampling are the roasted mushrooms and scallions.

Location and Contact Info

23 Grand Street

New York, NY 10013

(212) 201-9119


Sadelle's - Soho

A New York institution, Sadelle's celebrates the food and traditions of the Lower East Side's Eastern European Jewish community.

This elegant restaurant's roots might be in the old-time bagel shops that dotted the landscape here for over one hundred years, but the atmosphere here is thoroughly contemporary. You will enjoy your meal here in an updated, fun ambiance.

Sadelle's was, in fact, voted as being one of the city's best brunch spots by none other than the Cosmopolitan magazine. Hey, with candelabras on every table how can you go wrong?

This charming establishment is the scene of many a power breakfast hosted by luminaries in the world of business art and cinema.

What do New York's movers and shakers order when they come here?

As far as breakfast sandwiches are concerned, it's a tie between the classic egg sandwich, whose fried eggs and bacon are covered in gooey Muenster cheese, instead of the same old American and their Healthy Egg offering. This better for you sandwich is filled with fluffy egg whites, arugula and green chili.

Specialties of the house include Sadelle's famous house-made bagels and sticky buns, which often sell out by 8 AM. CEO's and Movie stars have been known to order two or three of these sweet delights to go, for a quick afternoon snack or to bring to a favorite client or their agent.

The signature offering here, though, is their smoked fish plates. Elegantly served on a three-tiered platter, choices include salmon, sable, sturgeon and whitefish salad. Caviar service is also available. Hey, we told you that Sadelle's is first class, all the way.

All signature platters come with a bagel, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and capers.

During the evening, Sadelle's transitions from breakfast and brunch to a very cool date night spot.

Signature suppers include Roumanian steak with shallots, roasted salmon and potato confit and spicy fried chicken accompanied by truffle honey and some of the best cole slaw you will ever eat.

Location and Contact Info

463 West Broadway

New York, NY 10012

(212) 776-4926


Galli - Soho

Situated on a quaint, cobblestoned street in the heart of Soho, Galli has been winning over the hearts of neighborhood foodies, from the day it opened, with exceptional food, a sophisticated ambiance and killer cocktails.

You will enjoy old-school Sicilian recipes that, in their own way, are as iconic as the Soho Historic District itself.

A narrow dining and bar area opens up into a spacious room, complete with a skylight and candlelit tables. There is no better place to make a great impression on a first date. The soft glow of candles reflecting on the exposed brick walls will really set the mood.

Just take a deep breath, gently exhale and enjoy the moment. Tuesday is a perfect night to treat your love to dinner and drinks at Galli. On Due Per Due Tuesdays, couples receive a complimentary glass of wine.

Start your week off right by gathering together a group of friends for Galli's Wine Down Mondays. Parties of four or more will receive a complimentary bottle of wine.

And while we're on the subject of adult beverages, you might want to look into Galli's sparkling cocktail list.

At the ornate marbled bar, Galli's mixologists have come up with a trio of signature cocktails in addition to all your usual favorites.

A nice pour of vodka, St.Germain, lemon juice and fresh raspberries make up the elixir known as the Berry Serio.

The very sexy and refreshing Ciao Rye consists of rye, blackberries, Earl Grey syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Last, but by no means, least is the Cherry Runner, a delightful blend of rum, Grenadine, maraschino liqueur and pineapple juice.

The signature brunch dish here is the Dolce Mozzarella Carrozza. The kitchen can barely keep up with the demand for this dish, whose ingredients are brioche toast, fresh mozzarella, Asian pears, honey and caramelized pecans.

On the dinner menu, the chef's most popular appetizers are the breaded Mozz Chips with Pomodoro dipping sauce, the baby rice balls, made with green peas, chopped meat and fresh mozzarella and a tasty little item known as the magic mushrooms.

Baked oreganata style, these succulent shrooms are filled with a tantalizing vegetable stuffing.


aplez best restaurants soho galli


The signature dish here, though, is the calamari, which you can order three different ways. All of the delicious options are can't miss.

You can order your calamari grilled with arugula and tomatoes or go the fritto Misto route where the chef tosses a generous portion of calamari with shrimp in a very special sauce.

The happy hour crowd goes crazy for the Mad Calamari which really turns up the heat. Fried calamari are covered in a spicy ( and we do mean spicy) Marinara sauce that is so good, you'll want to have a chunk of warm bread on hand to sop up what's left.

As far as pasta goes, the Gnocchi D'Autunno is highly recommended by customers who have been coming here for years. The soft, light gnocchi pasta is mixed with butternut squash, green peas and asparagus. The dish is finished with a heavenly roasted garlic and butter sauce.

Their other marquee pasta is the Salsiccia, which pairs al dente rigatoni, broccoli rabe and caramelized onions with spicy Italian sausage and pepperoncini.

Location and Contact Info

45 Mercer Street

New York, NY 10013

(212) 966-9288


Felix - Soho

It's no secret that Manhattan is home to some of the best French restaurants outside of Paris. Many of France's finest chefs have come to New York in search of new culinary challenges and to see if they can make it in one of the most competitive restaurant markets in the world.

French chefs are certainly not lacking when it comes to self-confidence. And, in most cases, they have no trouble at all backing up their bravado in the kitchen.

For over twenty-five years, Felix Brasserie has been giving Soho residents a true taste of Gallic cuisine, served in a convivial atmosphere.

A bit more casual and less stuffy than most French restaurants can be, Felix's secret weapon is none other than their beloved chef, Pierre, who joined the restaurant in 2012, after an incredibly successful career in his native France as well as in the kitchens of some of Manhattan's most exclusive French restaurants.

A native of Toulouse, Pierre began cooking as a teenager and served an apprenticeship at several local restaurants and cafes, before joining the army.

The young man's cooking was good enough that he served as the chef for one of the French army's top Generals, for several years.

After leaving the military, Pierre moved to Paris and worked in the kitchens of Michelin starred restaurants under chefs such as Jean-Michel Diot. Here, Pierre immersed himself in the lighter, more Mediterranean style of cooking that was more popular.

Coming to New York in 1993, Pierre embarked on a journey that took him from stints at the Barbizon Hotel and Cercle Rouge in Tribeca to a six-year run as a private chef for the Wildenstein family, who made their fortune as International art dealers.

Pierre enjoyed cooking for the family as well as planning their lavish parties, but his heart was in the restaurant business.

At Felix, Chef Pierre cooks for his customers as though they were friends who he invited to a private dinner party at his home.

As an honored guest at his restaurant, you will delight in eating some of Pierre's most celebrated signature dishes such as breast of duck moulard with green pepper sauce and potato gratin or braised lamb shank with vegetable couscous.

Chef's sauteed salmon du Puy, with lentils, carrots and onions are outrageously good as is the Bouillabaisse, a traditional Provencal fish stew. Pierre's signature cassoulet has been voted the best in the city in both 2016 and 2017!

If you are planning a date here or wish to celebrate a romantic anniversary, call ahead and reserve chef Pierre's very special Dinner for two.

This delicious meal consists of a 40 ounce serving of dry-aged Prime Rib along with some very elevated French fries, mixed vegetables of the day and a trio of delectable sauces.

Location and Contact Info

340 West Broadway

New York, NY 10013

(212) 431-0021


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