Best Yoga Studios - Soho, NYC

Best Yoga Studios - Soho, NYC

Check out these Yoga, Pilates and wellness studios that have popped up in Soho over the last few years.

Y7 Studio - Soho

A boutique studio, Y7 is changing the way that Soho residents look at the practice of yoga. Whatever preconceived notions you may have, just toss them aside and get ready for an eye-opening experience.

At Y7, it's all about having fun and challenging yourself. All you need is an open mind Leave behind any expectations that you have of yourself and realize that your potential is unlimited.

A typical class is an hour long vacation for both your mind and body. At this warm and cozy yoga space, the basics are anything but! Let the good vibes flow freely.

Each class has some great music playing in the background that will get you right in the mood to elevate your yoga game. The playlists are curated by the individual instructors. But you can expect beats that range from Stevie Wonder to hip-hop. And feedback is always appreciated if there are any particular sounds that you would like to hear.

The signature classes at Y7 are the We Flow hard Slow Burn and We Flow Hard Express.

Slower paced than a typical Vinyasa class, Slow Burn's instructors guide the student through a carefully selected series of postures.

Charge up your batteries with the Express version of their classic Slow Burn class.Your yoga sequence encompasses two intense flows, all choreographed to beat bumping music.

 aplez best yoga studios soho new york y7 studio 

Y7 has a bunch of amenities that serve to enhance your overall experience here. They have a beautiful shower and changing area as well as a refresh station.

During the evening, you will go through your yoga movements and poses by the soft glow of candlelight. Hey, why not take a class with your significant other and then head on over to one of Soho's wonderful restaurants or wine bars?

There is always something fresh and vibrant happening within these welcoming walls.

Be sure to check out Y7's enlightening workshops. The Sound Surrender Workshop, taught by Melissa Genovese, will calm your busy mind and nourish your heart.

This workshop starts with twenty minutes of meditation and intention setting. Things kick up a notch with one hour of vigorous vinyasa. You'll wind down with guided meditation and restorative forward folds specifically designed to re-program the subconscious mind towards clarity and relaxation.

If you have never taken a yoga class before, then there is no better place to start than Y7!

Right now, new students can get three classes for only $45. What are you waiting for?

Location and Contact Info

430 Broome Street, 2nd floor

New York, NY 10013


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Kula - Soho

Fifteen years ago, founder Schuyler Grant opened her first yoga studio in Tribeca. Kula was part of the neighborhood's amazing and inspiring come back story after the devastation and tragic events of 9/11.

It was a time of anxiety and uncertainty when the streets of lower Manhattan were still filled with boarded-up storefronts and no one knew for certain what the future would hold.

A fighter all her life, Schuyler felt that a yoga studio was just what the rebuilding community needed.

You can still find the Tribeca studio, that started it all, on the fourth floor of one of the neighborhood's last walk-ups.

Kula Soho, though, is Schuyler's newest studio and it may very well be her most beautiful and serene.

All of their classes are drop-in. They do have packages available for purchase, but it's not necessary to reserve a spot in advance. It's more than okay to be a little spontaneous and practice yoga when it's convenient for you and you feel that the time is right.

You won't find any of we know better than you attitude that some yoga studios have. There's nothing uptight at all about the ambiance here. The mood is chill.

In fact, Schuyler has often said that opening Kula was her way of bringing some of that laid back California vibe to the crowded, stress-filled streets of New York.

No matter what level of experience you have with yoga, Kula has a class for you.

If you think that yoga is too hard and that it's not right for you, then you have to try a class with Schuyler or one of her talented instructors. You won't be able to wait until your next visit to Kula.

Schuyler knows where you're coming from. She thought the same way too, once. Kula's founder has come a long way from her junior high school days when she thought that yoga was a little too different and difficult; that it was something her mom and dad did to "embarrass" her in front of her friends.

Schuyler actually re-discovered yoga twenty years ago while recovering from a serious back injury. Yoga became a vital part of Schuyler's rehab, both from a mental and physical standpoint. Over just a few week's time, Schuyler knew just why her parents had embraced the practice of yoga, all those years ago.

During her time as a teacher, this dynamic and innovative yogi has developed her very own signature style. Schuyler's class integrates the breath-based flow of Ashtanga and the precision of Iyengar into a deep, challenging the transformative mind and body experience.

The word "Kula" means intentional community. It is also one of the coolest places in the city to get your yoga on.

The standard rate for single drop-in classes is $22, which is a bargain, especially considering how expensive a neighborhood Soho is. You can also purchase a Monthly pass, for $195, that can be used at their Soho, Tribeca and Williamsburg, Brooklyn locations.

Schuyler has been leading retreats to the gorgeous countryside and beaches of Costa Rica for two decades.

This year's retreat is called "Slaves to the Waves"and your oasis is located at One Peninsula in Costa Rica. Open to all levels the retreat offers two yoga classes, daily as well as a slew of fun activities including hiking, paddling, surfing, bodywork and, of course, chillin' in a hammock.

Start your morning off at Kula and make your day the best that it can possibly be.

Location and Contact Info

481 Broadway

New York, NY 10013

(917) 472-7499


Big Toe Yoga - Soho

"The most difficult thing in life is the decision to act; the rest is merely tenacity."

That quote, which appears on Big Toe Yoga's home page, is from none other than the legendary aviatrix Amelia Earhart.

Those words sum up the philosophy behind this inviting yoga studio, where your life can change for the better, one class and one yoga pose, at a time.

In the heart of Soho, Big Toe is conveniently located near most of the major subway lines including the R, W and N trains as well as stations that will give you access to the B, D, F and M trains.

The studio has well-appointed rooms in which you can change from your office attire into a comfortable yoga outfit. There is lots of room for your stuff. And, they offer complimentary tea and snacks. Really, is there any better or more soothing way to ease into your yoga class, than with a calming cup of green tea? Didn't think so.

An elegant but peaceful ambiance, the studio's wooden floors, and whitewashed walls are framed by large picture windows. Potted plants are scattered around the space, adding to the Zen-like atmosphere.


aplez best yoga studios soho new york big toe yoga


Their Rookie Yoga Class is a specially designed Vinyasa flow sequence that is not overly difficult yet provides just enough challenge to those who have never practiced yoga before or are easing back into it after taking a break.

The Big Toe Flow signature class consists of open level Vinyasa flow sequences characterized by sun salutations and a series of standing and seated postures.

Staff instructor Jo Hall offers workshops every Sunday that focus on everything from yoga and meditation to music and Reiki.

Attention all moms-to-be! Prenatal yoga is on the schedule. These classes are a healthy way for expecting mothers to stay fit and keep active throughout their pregnancy. It is also a very cool way to meet other moms and build a social network.

They also have a resident dietician on staff.

At Big Toe, the team strongly believes that yoga can dramatically improve people's lives and that everyone, regardless of income and economic background should have access to high-quality yoga.

All classes include free tea, free mats and, best of all, free smiles!

And, when the Big Toe team says affordable, they mean exactly what they say! A mere $15 will buy you entry into one class while you can get five classes for just $60.

From the friendly, warm greeting you get at the reception desk to the caring, nurturing style of their instructors, Big Toe Yoga will touch your life in so many different ways.

Location and Contact Info

580 Broadway

New York, NY 10012

(917) 727-9384


Zaanti Yoga - Soho

Step beyond your perceived limitations and into a life of unlimited possibilities at Zaanti.

Founder Will Schneider has developed a very personal way to practice yoga and get the most of your time on the mat.

Instead of holding large classes, where the room is packed to stifling capacity with students, Will offers personal yoga instruction. Will limits his practice to individual students or couples. However, when Will does host a class, you can expect that it will be small and intimate. Zaanti is all about building a bond between teacher and student.

In Sanskrit, Zaanti is a word that means interruption. What exactly does Will want to interrupt or shake up? Old, bad habits that do not serve you well during challenging moments in your life. As far as Will is concerned, in order to take the next step to realize one's full potential, it is imperative to open one's mind and not be afraid to explore what's out there.

Yoga can be the key that unlocks happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

At Zaanti, yoga will help you become more connected to yourself as you embrace living in the moment. Will teaches yoga that's accessible, practical and meets you where you are. Will can come to your apartment or office if that is more convenient.

An athlete all of his life, Will Schneider excelled at sports in both high school and college. From basketball, high-jump and cross country running to football; you name the sport, Will gave it a go.

After graduating, Will worked for many years in the corporate sector in Philadelphia. But on the weekends, Will ventured out into the gorgeous Pennsylvania countryside to test himself in a variety of outdoor activities including snowboarding, hiking and kayaking.

But despite all the activity between work and play, Will felt that there was something lacking in his life that he just couldn't quite put his finger on.

After making the move to New York, however, Will was introduced to yoga and, from that moment on, he knew that he had found his calling.

In 2010, Will opened Zaanti after years of practicing yoga and achieving his teacher certification from the Yoga Alliance. He hasn't looked back since.

Will's goal as an instructor is simple and straightforward. He wants to help people who want to learn yoga but might be intimidated by being in a class with others. There are no judgments here at Zaanti. Just motivation and compassion.

Energize your soul at Zaanti.

Location and Contact Info

192 Spring Street

New York, NY 10012

(917) 767-1761

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sweat Yoga - Soho

The team at Sweat Yoga offers a supportive and warm environment in which men and women of all levels and abilities can practice yoga.

Having fun while you sweat is a major part of the equation here. There's no reason why you can't have a great time while getting your yoga groove on.

They want you to have a seriously satisfying yoga class but, at the same time, the instructors don't take themselves too seriously.

Building full body strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular health, Sweat's classes will give you a real workout but without the feeling that you are in some sort of a regimented boot camp.

Here, students are encouraged to be who they are, not some ideal or stereotype of what a yogi should think or act like.

You get to be your own guru at Sweat... with a timely assistance when needed from your instructor. Encouraging and nurturing, the studio's teachers park their ego at the door. It's all about you!

The Sweat philosophy is rooted in founder Tommy Schey's own experiences as a student, many years ago.


aplez best yoga studios soho new york sweat yoga


When Tommy opened his first Sweat Yoga studio in Santa Monica California, he was determined to do everything from a student's perspective in order to create the perfect yoga experience.

If you could run a yoga studio, Sweat would be your vision come to life. In addition to spacious locker rooms, showers, clean mats and freshly laundered towels, Sweat also provides organic toiletries.

We all have busy lives and are always on the go with jam-packed schedules. That's one reason why Sweat's hot yoga classes are shorter than most other studios. You can also pre-book your class and have your mats stored for future use.

Whether you are going back to work, off running an errand or have to pick up your child at daycare, Sweat has your back. In New York time is always at a premium.

Since the studio specializes in hot yoga, you are going to sweat a lot here. Well, heated rooms are a part of the deal. But, one thing you won't have to put up with is that sour, off-putting hot yoga room smell.

At all of his studios, Tommy has installed the same state of the art air scrubbers that NASA uses. Each room is ventilated frequently and the spaces are cleaned thoroughly at the end of every day.

Currently, Sweat has a very attractive introductory special going on which gives new members 14 days of unlimited classes for only $49. Drop-in classes are priced at $28.

Location and Contact Info

404-406 Broadway

New York, NY 10011

(917) 470-9599


Exhale - Soho

A full-service yoga studio and spa, Exhale offers everything you need, from Barre and cardio workouts to acupuncture and massage therapies, to help you reach new heights of wellness.

With locations all around town, Exhale has, over the past few years, been very active in introducing the residents of Soho to a better way to achieve their personal best goals.

Why go to two or three different places, if you want to do yoga, get a kick-ass cardio workout and get a facial or a soothing massage when Exhale has it all under one roof?

Filled with natural light and positive vibes, this welcoming studio is your personal refuge that allows you to escape, for an hour or two, from the cares of your day.

There's no better time to try them out and see if Exhale is right for you. Right now, the studio is offering a sensational 2 for 1 class deal. The cost is just $ 37!

Ignite your internal flame with Exhale's Power Yoga class. Set to dynamic playlists that will get your blood pumping, Power yoga is designed to bring out your inner yogi warrior. These classes are both physically and mentally challenging, but also quite enjoyable.

Worth every drop of sweat and those tired, aching muscles, you will leave the class feeling refreshed and refocused. Power Yoga is a mind-clearing experience. Each time that you walk through the door and meet the challenge, you'll discover more about yourself.

Exhale's Barre classes are a full body work out that is second to none. If you have become bored with your regular routine at the gym, then this is something you have to look into.

During the course of your Barre classes, you will engage with light weights and planks as you do push-ups, ab/mid-section work and thigh-strengthening exercises together with various ballet-inspired moves.

These workouts will not only sculpt your arms, tone up your legs and give you some highly chiseled abs, but the classes will also help to improve your posture and lower your stress levels.

Oh, and by the way, these classes do not require any artistic dance moves. So, don't worry if you've never taken a ballet class. The instructors will show you just what to do as you work with the Barre.


aplez best yoga studios soho new york exhale spa


Barre Plus Cardio gives you the best of both worlds. Blending Barre with cardio intervals, your calories will be torched as you sweat and power your way through a series of boxing punches, twists, jumps and even a little "mountain climbing". If you are into Cross Fit, then you'll embrace these classes with a passion.

With a sterling selection of spa therapies to choose from you will find the inner peace that lasts a lot longer than just your lunch hour. Just sit back, exhale and discover what feeling Zen is really all about.

Exhale's carefully curated menu of delightful treatments for the body and mind includes Reflexology, which is an ancient healing technique, organic facials, massages and waxing.

Acupuncture is a time-tested tool that helps to reduce pain while also increasing function. It is ideal for the treatment of sciatica, migraines and sports injuries. Exhale has some of the finest acupuncturists in Manhattan on staff, so you are in very safe and gentle hands.

Flow massage is much gentler on your body than a deep tissue massage. Exhale's signature massage treatment, Flow, is just the answer for those tired, stiff and aching muscles and joints.

Expertly choreographed waves of kneading will open locked muscles, free energy blockages and relieve built-up tension.

You work hard all week. Not to mention your endless stream of duties and errands at home. You deserve a break from your everyday routine. Take some much-needed me-time at Exhale. You'll love the results.

Location and Contact Info

40 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 561-7400

The Living Room - Soho

When you walk through the doors of the Living Room, you really feel like you are a guest in a good friend's Soho loft. Sarah Jessica Parker, who knows a thing or two about New York style, would feel right at home here.

Founder Angeliki Karamina, who was born and raised in Athens, Greece, describes the look of her trendy Soho wellness studio as being "shabby chic".

Upon entering, you will be enveloped in the warmest and friendliest ambiance that you can imagine. Everyone on staff keeps things very real here. While waiting for your class, you can recline on a vintage couch or chair and just soak it all in.

There's a gorgeous 19th-century fireplace in the background as well as antique picture frames. In the actual work out space, you'll find a typical Soho industrial chic touch or two. But that only serves to make the overall décor even more interesting.

The staff at The Living Room has a holistic approach to wellness and they are here to support you inside and out. All that they ask is for you to "leave your shoes. judgments and expectations at the door."

A former ballet dancer who holds a BA in Physical education and sports science, Angeliki's areas of expertise include anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy and sports psychology.

In addition to running the studio, Angeliki is a certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor.

Angeliki's motivation in founding The Living Room is to share her belief that you don't have to strive for perfection in order to get the most out of working out. Just be comfortable in your own skin.

The Living Room offers clients the space they need to grow as well as to relax their bodies and their expectations of themselves.


aplez best yoga studios soho new york living room soho


FYI, Gyrotonics is a training method that incorporates the various movement principles of yoga, dance, tai chi and swimming, all done on a unique piece of handcrafted wooden equipment that was originally created by Juliu Horvath.

A gymnast, swimmer, dancer with the Romanian National ballet and yoga teacher, Juliu created Gyrotonics after he settled in New York. He was looking for a way to combine what he loved best about dancing, swimming and yoga into something that would be totally ground-breaking.

Synchronizing a regimen of various physical movements with yoga breathing, Gyrotonics builds core strength, balance, coordination and agility.

Angeliki discovered Gyrotonics when she was a professional ballet dancer. It changed the world for her. And it can do so for you, too.

Besides a complete line-up of Gyrotonics classes, the studio also offers yoga instruction, Thai yoga massage, table shiatsu, ortho-bionomy bodywork and so much more.

You also have the opportunity to receive Reiki healing treatment with a certified professional Reiki master and life coach.

There is so much to explore here at The Living Room, you will not want to limit yourself in any way. It's the perfect place to live life to the fullest.

Location and Contact Info

552-556 Broadway
suite #4, Third Floor
New York NY 10012
(917) 261-7289

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