The Gansevoort Market - Chelsea, NYC

The Gansevoort Market - Chelsea, NYC

The Gansevoort Market in Chelsea Offers foodies the highest quality of foods from local and international vendors.

The Gansevoort Market - Meatpacking District

Located in one of Manhattan's most historic neighborhoods, The Gansevoort Market blends the nostalgia of vintage New York with a very contemporary selection of trend-setting dishes from some of the city's best up and coming chefs.

The industrial, turn of the century architecture calls to mind a time and a place when farmers from both upstates, the Bronx and Staten Island brought their produce to this colorful neighborhood in order to sell their wares at the local open-air market.

Back then, the vendors used paper flyers created on huge printing presses and town criers to announce the opening of the farmer's market. Now, The Gansevoort market relies on the internet to get the word out.

Times have, indeed, changed. But, one very important thing that remains the same is the fact that veggies, meats and fruits, from local farms, play an important role in the market's popularity.

Dating all the way back to 1884, the first Gansevoort Market was located on the site that was once occupied by Fort Gansevoort. The market was, in fact, named in honor of the Revolutionary war hero Peter Gansevoort.

Taking up a huge open-air space, the market hosted scores of farmers and craftsmen and women. The farmer's wagons, filled with all manner of produce, would begin arriving in the wee hours of the morning, tying up "traffic" for blocks around.

Once the market was declared open for business, throngs of New Yorkers would converge on the premises, looking to stock up on great deals.

Shopping and eating here, though, is far from being just a trip back in time. One taste of the food, from young, hip chefs and purveyors like Mission Ceviche, Gotham Poke and Two Dough Boyz, is all you'll need to know that there is something very special going on here.


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The team at Mission Ceviche celebrates Peruvian culture and community while also dishing up food that is fresh, vibrant and healthy. The emphasis here is on seafood, seasonings and crisp produce.

The chef offers a modern interpretation of traditional Peruvian cuisine which blends the very best of that Nation's Spanish and Asian communities.

At Burger Inc., all of their succulent meat is sourced from RFM Specialty Cut Meats which is located right here in the meat Packing neighborhood. Yes, there are still a few meat purveyors left amidst the plethora of nightclubs, lounges and restaurants.

Burger Inc's signature patties are all antibiotic and hormone-free. Their most popular item is The Don, which consists of a juicy Angus beef hamburger patty, topped with bone marrow and American cheese on a freshly toasted Brioche bun.

Another vendor that's well worth looking into is Dana's Bakery, which features an artisanal line of macarons.

At Dana's Bakery, they believe that "Life should be exciting and so should your dessert". There's excitement in every delicious morsel of their tasty Macarons. Tempting flavors include chocolate molten, Red Velvet, S'Mores and Fruity Cereal.

You can also satisfy that sweet tooth with a signature chocolate chip cookie or slice of oatmeal-apple pie from Chips NYC.

Luzzo's Neapolitan Pizza offers an authentic taste of pizza that comes out of a specially constructed oven that was brought over from Italy... At Gotham Poke, you can take a break from your usual lunchtime meal and discover what this Hawaiian treat is all about.

Some of the vendors have their own seating areas, but, not to worry. There are plenty of long communal tables scattered throughout the premises.

Location and Hours

353 West 14th Street

New York, NY 10014

(646) 678-3231



Monday through Sunday 8 AM to 9 PM

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