Best  Desserts - Astoria Restaurants and Cafes

Best Desserts - Astoria Restaurants and Cafes

Astoria's cafes and restaurants have an almost endless array of tantalizing dessert menus that feature everything from hand-crafted ice cream and sorbet to imaginative cakes, pies and cupcakes, as well as ethnic sweet treats like Baklava and Affogato.

Vesta - Astoria

With a very relaxed and casual atmosphere, Vesta is the perfect spot for you and your love to unwind and celebrate life. Particularly if you are into sweet endings. All of the restaurant's delectable desserts have that signature flair and style that the Italians are so famous for.

Your genial hosts are Leo Sacco and Giuseppe Falco, two life-long friends who grew up right here in Astoria and continue to call this family-oriented neighborhood home.

Leo and Giuseppe have created a seasonally-driven menu that showcases familiar Italian dishes that you will never, ever get tired of as well as little-known but absolutely delicious regional favorites.

Vesta has a hip vibe that is worlds apart from your grandparent's go-to Italian hang-out. The decor sets a romantic scene without being dated. You won't feel like your an extra in one of the Godfather movies, that's for sure.

There's a cute little bar tucked away in the far corner of the restaurant. Paintings and abstract art from local artists adorn the exposed brick walls. The lighting is soft and intimately low.

Advising customers to please, please leave room for dessert is something of a cliche in the restaurant industry. But, when Leo and Giuseppe ask their customers to do this, those words ring very true.

Their dessert menu is compact but in no way is it limited. You can choose to play it safe and order their house-made gelato bowl. You can't go wrong with gelato, right? And the ice cream that they make here is better than what you'll find even at the fanciest Italian restaurants.

But, your adventurous spirit will more than pay dividends if you order Vesta's signature Chocolate bread pudding which has been specifically designed for chocoholics and is topped with an off the wall but divine Bourbon and caramel sauce with hazelnuts.

Affogato is becoming increasingly popular on restaurant menus throughout the city. But, at Vesta, the chef whips up a creamy Affogato of a different sort. A generous shot of espresso is poured over, get this, cinnamon gelato and Ameretti cookies.

Location and Contact Info

21-02 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 545-5550

Igloo Cafe - Astoria

Family-owned, Igloo is a very modern take on the classic New York diner or coffee shop. The thing is, though, that even the old-school diners don't have the endless selection of desserts that Igloo offers.

With a contemporary cafe vibe, Igloo also just happens to have one of the nicest, backyard patios in Astoria.

Once you enter the patio, through the gorgeous floor to ceiling doors, you'll feel as though you are far, far away from the crowds that stroll along 31st street. You will barely hear the rumble of the N and W trains.

Quaint umbrella-topped tables and potted plants are surrounded by walls, giving the patio a cozy, secluded feel. One of the walls is decorated with a beautiful mural that depicts " A View From Astoria Park", taking in the bridge, East River and the sweeping skyline of Manhattan.


aplez best desserts at astoria restaurants and cafes igloo cafe


The desserts here are quite the visual treat, as well. You already love their breakfast, lunch and dinner items, so get ready to spoil yourself with one of Igloo's fabulous desserts.

The main event is luscious ice cream sundaes and shakes that are made with premium Sedutto Ice Cream. Feel the chill, now! Yes, there's a reason why they call this inviting place, Igloo!

The menu offers a classic banana split that is enough for two to share. Scoop after scoop of banana and vanilla ice cream is topped with all the traditional fixings including fresh bananas, whipped cream chocolate sauce, nuts and cherries.

You don't have to hail from the Windy City to appreciate the Chicago Sunday, a sinfully decadent concoction that consists of a scoop each of chocolate, coffee mud pie and espresso ice cream along with reams of hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles and Maraschino cherries.

Another big-time taste winner is the Strawberry Dream. Three scoops of strawberry and vanilla ice cream are the delectable foundation for Igloo's famous house-made whipped cream, fresh strawberries, strawberry syrup and of course, sprinkles.

Aside from their sundaes, Igloo's frozen yogurt is a popular favorite with the neighborhood. All natural and fat-free, you can enjoy your cup of yogurt with a variety of toppings. The Greek style serving of frozen yogurt comes topped with honey and nuts.

There's plenty to choose from even if you're not in the mood for Fro-Yo or ice cream on that particular day.

The carrot cake and chocolate Oreo cheesecake are best-sellers as is the Baklava. It is so good and authentic-tasting, Igloo's Baklava just might make your Yia-Yia a little jealous!

Location and Contact Info

22-26 31st Street

Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 726-7700

Martha's Country Bakery - Astoria

On a typical Summer's day, you'll find local residents from couples and foodies to families with toddlers in tow, sitting at one of the outdoor cafe-style tables, sipping an iced frappe or latte while enjoying a cupcake or a nice, thick slice of pie.

This rustic, welcoming spot has become a part of the Astoria landscape. An old-fashioned bakery, ice cream shop and espresso bar all rolled into one, Martha's Country Bakery is named after current owner George Stertsios' mother.

The family started baking back in 1969 after purchasing a German bakery in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. Soon after, the Stertsios clan moved their wholesale and retail operation to Astoria and haven't looked back since.

The bakers here are always experimenting with new flavor combinations and textures.

George and his team utilize many of his dad's recipes, some of which go back for several generations. But there's always room for a few modern twists and turns like the refreshingly light but satisfying chocolate raspberry cheesecake which is topped with a scoop of raspberry sorbet.

Gaze into the bright,glass-enclosed display cases and your senses will be seduced by row after row of pastries, cupcakes, parfaits, pies and so much more. Not to mention cake pops and ice cream!

Cakes are available whole or by the slice. Choose from Red Velvet, Black Forest, Strawberry Shortcake, Oreo Mousse and Chocolate Layer, just to name a few.

When it comes to pies; if you can dream it, they have it. Selections include triple berry, banana cream, key lime, cherry and apple.

Cupcakes have become all the rage over the past few years, as an indulgent snack or for birthday celebrations. The bakers at Martha's excel at crafting a cupcake that is well above average. From Tiramisu and cappuccino to a delicious peanut butter cupcake, Martha's has got the cupcake that you've been looking for.

Their ice cream station features ten rotating flavors of gelato every hot Summer's day. So plan to come into Martha's, as often as you can and cool off.

At the espresso bar, one of the talented baristas will be happy to make you a luscious frozen drink to help you beat the heat.

Frappe delights include chocolate-banana blend and a frozen white chocolate drink that is outrageous. Frozen hot chocolate and Mochaccino is also on the menu.

Martha's Country Bakery is a place that brings out the kid in you. Willy Wonka would have adored this little slice of pastry heaven on Ditmars Blvd.

Location and Contact Info

36-21 Ditmars Blvd.

Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 545-9737

Trestle - Astoria

If you're a typical New Yorker, the less time that you spend in the subway, the better. It's definitely not one of our favorite places to hang out in.

But, strange as it may be, there is something very appealing and trendy about the decor at Trestle, a neighborhood watering hole that celebrates the city's bridges and subways.

Brought to you by Joe Brown, a proud fourth generation Astoria resident whose family also owns the legendary Rocky McBride's bar in Ditmars, Trestle's ceiling is literally made up of steel beams that resemble the actual structure of a bridge.

But wait, there's more! Vintage subway platform wall tiles and station signs can be found throughout the premises and the cobblestone floors are dotted with "manhole" covers that showcase the Trestle logo, which depicts one of the city's venerable bridges.

The walls act as a canvas for noted photographer Peter Manaridis' work, which focuses on New York's skyline, bridges and trains.

Somehow, it all works. Trestle is a great spot for a date or getting together with friends. The best location in the place are the brown leather booths towards the back. The ambiance is chill and, dare we say, more than a little cozy and romantic.

There's sidewalk cafe seating during the warmer months and chef Shawn Hewitt's menu changes with the seasons.


aplez best desserts at astoria restaurants and cafes trestle


Chef Shawn has put in a lot of work towards creating a menu of elevated yet accessible pub food.

Locals can't get enough of his pulled pork and Jack cheese dumplings, blue corn tortilla crusted salmon and six-hour braised chicken that's stuffed with tangy, creamy goat cheese.

However, it's the Trestle Treats section of the menu that will captivate your sweet tooth's cravings.

Selections run the gamut from a classic New York cheesecake and an exceptional pecan and cherry bread pudding to key lime pie with a Graham cracker crust that is covered with mixed berries and cream.

Always a hit with the happy hour crowd are chef Shawn's moist and chewy warm chocolate chip and pecan cookies, accompanied by a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

A fun, do it yourself option are the Camp Fire S'Mores. You can have the kitchen make them for you or roast the marshmallows yourself at your table. This is a great party-starter for a group of friends or family.

Trestle's S'Mores are made with Graham crackers and only the best Hershey's chocolate. You are in for a treat and a half!

Trestle also has a sterling line-up of "Endless Summer" specialty drinks. Two outstanding options come to mind. Bubba Brown's Root Beer Float consists of spiced liquor, Bourbon cream, vanilla ice cream and Abita root beer.

Another can't miss drink is Living La Vida Coco, a head-turning blend of Patron XO, Bailey's, coconut milk, iced coffee, topped with whipped cream and shredded coconut.

Location and Contact Info

34-02 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106
(347) 808-0290

Sugar Freak - Astoria

A little bit of N'Awlins located smack dab in the heart of Astoria, Sugar Freak is famous for Big Easy favorites like hearty gumbo and Po'Boy and Muffuletta sandwiches.

They are also known for their endearingly eccentric decor which includes stuffed alligators and shelves lined with all manner of curiosities including Voodoo dolls. The chandeliers and vintage mirrors are a sight to behold. You will not be bored here. The surroundings are just as entertaining as what's on your plate.

Now, with a name like Sugar Freak, you would expect the kitchen to turn out an enticing menu of sweet treats. Your expectations will not only be met, they'll be exceeded.

Puddings are a big thing down in New Orleans. The folks at Sugar Freak have several varieties on offer including a deep-fried banana pudding as well as a sweet and savory praline and bacon bread pudding.

But, you can't call your evening complete unless you end your meal with some of their signature authentic Louisiana Beignets. Served with a Bananas Foster cream dipping sauce, these awesome Beignets are the genuine article.

At brunch, if you're so inclined, you can even order a Beignet waffle. There's just no end to the sweet delights that are available here.

We've all heard of Beignets, but, just in case you were wondering just what the story is behind these luscious morsels of dough, we'll clue you in.

Basically, beignet is the French word for fritter or doughnut. But, they are like no doughnut you've seen before at your local coffee shop or Dunkin Donuts.

Deep fried dough that is covered with powdered sugar, Beignets have come to be synonymous with the celebration of Mardi Gras.

This French celebration of the senses dates back centuries. Prior to the start of the austere season of Lent, when Catholics fasted, the French would indulge in all forms of merriment and feasting.

When France colonized Louisiana in the 18th century, the settlers brought along their traditions like Mardis Gras and delicious dishes including the Beignet.

New Orleans style doughnuts are raised with yeast instead of steam, which gives them their unique texture and flavor.

Served hot out of the fryer, Beignets are made with lukewarm water, granulated sugar, shortening, evaporated milk, bread flour and oil or lard.

The bar has a quite an intriguing cocktail list, one that's designed to get your mind off things, but in a very good way.

The Sazerac is the official cocktail of the city of New Orleans. Sugar Freak keeps it simple with a classic blend of whiskey, simple syrup, absinthe and bitters.

On the sweet side is the Sugar Honey Iced Tea which is a mix of vodka, lemonade and sweet tea. It can be a little much for some tastes, but, as a thirst quencher, this drink gets the job done.

Location and Contact Info

37-11 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 606-1900

T-Swirl Crepe - Astoria

In the mood for something totally different? Then head on over to T-Swirl Crepe and give their Japanese style crepes a try. Once you taste them, you'll be back for more.

Perfect for eating on the go, Japanese crepes are a flavor-packed fusion of the French crepe as we know it and some very tasty and artistic Asian influences.

With a ton of sweet and savory options, T-Swirl's crepes are made with 100% rice flour. The batter is all natural and gluten-free.

All crepes are made to order. Once the batter has been poured, the crepe is cooked for just the right amount of time and comes out super thin and chewy. It is then formed into the shape of a cone and filled with every kind of decadent ingredient that you can imagine.

There are so many inviting choices on the menu that it's easy to become somewhat overwhelmed. But, fear not, T-Swirl's helpful staff will guide you through all the options, so that you will leave feeling satisfied and happy.

The crepes come out looking so beautiful and artistic looking you'll want to snap a photo or two before digging in.

Summertime is when the fruit harvest is at it's best so there's no better time to enjoy T-Swirl's Mango-Raspberry crepe. It is filled to the brim with juicy mangoes and raspberries, custard cream, whipped yogurt, chocolate pearls, chocolate sauce and sliced almonds.


aplez best desserts at astoria restaurants and cafes t swirl crepe 01


The blueberry NY Cheesecake crepe is made with a bevy of blueberries, blueberry reduction, whipped cream cheese, custard, yogurt, vanilla gelato and chocolate poky sticks.

T-Swirl Crepe started off in Japan and, one of their most popular creations, both in Tokyo and Astoria is the Matcha Azuki Red Bean crepe. The texture of the Matcha ice cream and custard together with the fresh, vibrant flavor of ripe strawberries and chocolate is absolutely incredible.

You will also enjoy the Caramel Fuji Apple crepe. They put just the right amount of caramel sauce over caramelized apples, raisins, whipped yogurt and crunchy granola.

Location and Contact Info

36-16 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11103
(917) 832-6815

Maizal - Astoria

This contemporary Mexican restaurant is located on a quiet, tree-lined residential street on 34th Avenue in Astoria. But there is nothing understated about the flavors that come out of the kitchen at Maizal. It's an all-out party, or should we say, Fiesta, in your mouth!

Since 2014, Maizal has achieved a large fan following, attracting foodies from as far afield as Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Everyone comes here to sample Maizal's signature Guacamole. This traditional dish is made to order right at your table, using a volcanic stone. The avocados are as fresh as can be and the Guac is accompanied by house-made chips and salsa fresca.

Another dish that Maizal's loyal customers can't get enough of is the stuffed sweet plantains that are topped with melted Jack cheese and three-alarm hot sauce.

The bar has a fantastic selection of premium tequila and Mezcal. Weekend brunch is also becoming increasingly popular here.

Maizal's ambiance is not as festive and colorful as what you will usually find in a Mexican or South Western-themed restaurant. But, that's not to say that it lacks character.

The dining room has a lovely fireplace and chic decor. Exposed brick lends an intimate and warm touch.

One of the wonderful benefits of living in such a diverse city as New York is discovering the desserts and sweet treats of different cultures.

Maizal certainly does not disappoint on that front. A traditional favorite in Mexico, Pastel Tres leches is a three milk cake. Made with evaporated, condensed and whole milk, the dessert is not as heavy as one might think. The chef adds a secret ingredient here and there that completely transforms a tasty but basic cake into something quite special.

The chef's mango mousse cake is light and delicious with notes of citrus that will envelop and cleanse your palate.

Equally as compelling is Maizal's take on an American comfort dessert, chocolate lava cake. It's so good, you'll polish the whole thing off in a matter of minutes.

At one time or another, you've probably bought churros from a vendor on the street. We bet that you've thought to yourself, "It can't get any better than this", as you snack away. Well, think again and elevate your Churros game at Maizal.

In Mexico and Spain, Churros can be eaten plain at any time of the day or, for breakfast, dipped in Dulce de Leche, cafe con leche or hot chocolate. At Maizal, they are served with vanilla ice cream.

Although associated with Mexico, the Churro originated in Portugal and was, eventually adopted by Spanish shepherds as a staple in their diet. The conquistadors introduced the delectable Churro to Mexico.

A fried dough pastry, Churros can be made in two forms; long, straight and rather thick, similar to the texture of a cookie or very thin and formed in the shape of a large knot.

The perfect way to end brunch or dinner would be to order a plate of Churros for the table together with a round of Mexican hot chocolate. The blend of spiced dark chocolate, steamed milk and hint of hot pepper will hit your sweet spot.

Location and Contact Info

32-07 34th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11106
(718) 406-9431

FLO Urban Kitchen and Bar - Astoria

A mainstay on Astoria's thriving nightlife scene for many years, Flo Urban Kitchen and bar has recently kicked the wow factor up a couple of notches with some new brunch dishes as well as a re-imagined dessert menu.

Come here to enjoy the very best sips and bites plus, soccer viewing parties that are second to none. A cool cafe and lounge, Flo still has one of the best vibes in the neighborhood.

On the weekends, Astoria's premier DJs host dance parties that will have you moving and grooving well into the wee hours.

When the weather's nice, the staff throws open the huge picture windows, turning the entire lounge into an "outdoor" cafe!

The ambiance is super sleek and modern with polished wood and colorful and eclectic decor accents. You truly feel as though you're dining in the living space of an upscale condo or loft in Soho or Tribeca.

With a beautiful private party space at the back of the dining area, make plans to celebrate life's special occasions right here. Your friends and family will thank you. Flo is way bigger and far sexier than your apartment.

Flo's dynamic menu mixes both Mediterranean and Asian influences with American comfort food.

All of their desserts are made in-house. Nothing is brought in or frozen.

When your server hands you the dessert menu, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store. You won't know what to choose first. But, if you are a sweet and salty fan then go for the exquisite banana tart that's topped with salty caramel ice cream. The cheesecake tart isn't bad, either.

If you watch shows like Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen, you'll know that souffles are one of the hardest desserts to execute, even for a professional chef. Chef Gordon Ramsay has eliminated more than one promising young contestant when they failed to meet the souffle challenge.

That, however, is not a problem for the pastry chef at Flo. The double chocolate souffle is to die for. And it comes with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Their out of bounds bread pudding is topped up with chocolate chips and rum raisin ice cream. Reward yourself for that new account you just closed with a flute of sparkling wine and this indulgent dish.

Also available is Greece's national dessert, Loukoumades (with a nod to Baklava, of course). These perfectly done doughnuts are drizzled with herb syrup.

Should you be craving something sweet at brunch, Flo's got the dish that has your name on it, French Toast with caramelized bananas and ice cream.

Location and Contact Info

37-20 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 204-6096

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