Eataly - Flatiron District, NYC

Eataly - Flatiron District, NYC

What better place can there be to recharge those batteries and rejuvenate your outlook on life than Eataly? Particularly if you are any kind of a foodie or fan of Italian culture in general. It's an "all-in" way of life that leaves us precious little time to spend with friends and family.

As the classic rock anthem goes, everybody's working for the weekend. At least then, in between running errands, checking our emails and going to yoga class or the gym, we can squeeze in a few hours of quality me time.

More than just a market or food hall, Eataly is a one-stop shop for everything from fresh produce and imported Italian wines, pasta, sauces and condiments that you can't get anywhere else, to wine-tastings, cooking workshops and so much more.

Want to learn how to shape fresh Mozzarella or make gnocchi from scratch? They have a class for that. A variety of other hands-on classes involve everything from creating pesto and other sauces to how to make a picture-perfect Cannoli shell.

Now with locations in cities as far apart as Tokyo, Rome, Turin, Chicago and, of course, New York, it's hard to believe that this global culinary empire started off with an idea sketched on a simple piece of paper by founder Oscar Farinetti.


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A successful business magnate from Torino, who just so happened to be an enthusiastic foodie, Oscar wanted to create a place where one could eat, shop and learn.

Over time, Oscar teamed with Mario Batali, legendary TV chef and cookbook author, Lidia Bastianich and her son Joe, star of Fox-TV's hit series Master Chef to bring the amazing Eataly concept to the Big Apple.

Joe and Lidia Bastianich, together with their Flatiron location management team know just what the weekend means to you. So, they've made weekends extra-special at Eataly!

Every Sabato and Domenica you can look forward to enjoying a delicious and entertaining series of events, ranging from hands-on classes and fun activities for the family to limited-time only specially curated menus and pop-up events.

When it comes to celebrating Italian culture, you never know when dancing and music will also be part of the equation!

There are a couple of restaurants within Eataly's vast borders that host a variety of intriguing events on the weekend. And, they are also quite popular during the week as after-work spots for the cocktail and dinner crowd.

MANZO's BUTCHER ROOM celebrates all things meat. How could it not when In Italian the restaurant's very name means beef.

Tucked away from the throngs, cafes and kiosks that make up the main food hall area, Manzo's Butcher Room has more of a refined ambiance than you might expect.

The butchering is done inside of a pristine, high-tech looking glass-enclosed space off to the side of the recently renovated dining room.

This inviting space works for either a business lunch or date night.

Despite being proudly meat-centric, Manzo's compact menu does offer a surprising array of dishes that are rich in veggies, pasta and seasonal herbs and spices.

But, there's a good reason why this establishment is known as one of the best places to enjoy well-prepared meat dishes that are on par with some of Manhattan's premier steakhouses.

Manzo's Chef De Cuisine, Adam Hill, carefully sources his meat from different ranches and local farms, ensuring that you will cut into only the finest cuts of steak, poultry and game.

Be sure to look into either the roasted lamb with pistachio pesto or the slow-roasted Diamond Creek Ranch beef short ribs with polenta.

The bar showcases an extensive vermouth program and on Saturdays and Sundays, Manzo's transforms itself into an Enoteca Regionale, a wine bar that celebrates reds and whites from all over Italy.

At this pop-up event (weekends only), you will enjoy $8 glasses of wine from small, family-owned boutique vineyards. You'll relish the joy of discovery here. If you find something that you really like, take a bottle home for your next dinner party or quiet evening home with your sweetheart.


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While you are sipping your wine, one of Eataly's resident experts will guide you on a delectable journey through the Italian vino-sphere and answer any questions that you may have.

Eataly's wine professionals will share their knowledge of the vineyard's unique history, soil, climate and, above all, grapes and wine-making process.

This fun, casual event is not stuffy at all or the least bit intimidating. Enoteca Regionale plays an important role in Eataly's mission to make food and, of course, wine accessible to everyone.

La PIZZA and La PASTA is a casual dining cafe that is a collaboration between Eataly and Rossopomodoro, an Italian company that is known for providing customers with an elevated pizza and pasta experience.

There's a very cool La Dolce Vita vibe going on at La Pizza and La Pasta. This is how life is meant to be enjoyed.

Are you ready to make your upcoming weekend extra-special? Then join the celebration at Eataly's Pranzo Della Domenica or as we call it in America, Sunday lunch.

In Italy, this traditional gathering is all about relishing a great meal in the company of family. The wine flows freely and the antipasto, meats and pasta keep coming out of the kitchen. It's a feast like no other.

Eataly in concert with the culinary team at La Pizza and La Pasta is proud to bring this time-honored and delicious tradition to you.

Every Saturday and Sunday, from 11 AM to 4 PM, you can enjoy a family-style lunch complete with shareable appetizers, pasta and dessert. Plus, in staying true to the convivial Italian spirit, optional wine pairings are available.

Il Pranzo is a fantastic alternative to your usual weekend brunch routine. Forget the same old eggs Benedict and pancakes and savor the experience of what it's like to be Italian; at least for a few hours!

The cost is an extremely reasonable $38 per person. And you won't leave the table hungry. That goes without saying. Isn't making your tummy happy what Sunday lunch, Italia-style is all about?

Your first course starts off with a choice of two delectable antipasti platters. Go with the Bruschetta of the day or the chef's daily selection of farm-fresh vegetables. Other options include Mozzarella that is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and Maldon salt or the Insalata with arugula, Parmesan cheese and lemon vinaigrette.


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The entrees are all pasta and the recipes span different regions of Italy. Choose from a filling Lasagna with Bolognese sauce, ricotta and spinach filled ravioli in a lemon-butter sauce or Penne con Pomodoro.

Their signature Sunday lunch pasta, though, is the meat-stuffed Agnolotti Del Plin in a beef reduction with parsley.

Put the finishing touch on your family celebration with Tiramisu Della Nonna. The pastry chef's blend of sweet Mascarpone and cacao powder on a coffee-soaked rice sponge cake just might be better than the one your grandma used to make. Yes, it is that good!

During the week, La Pizza and La Pasta have a deal going on that is most definitely molto bene!

From Monday through Thursday make all of your pasta dreams come true with Pasta Giro.

For $35 dollars, you will have the opportunity to try as many varieties of pasta and sauces as you can.

The formula is as simple as it gets. Once you've polished off one plate of pasta, just summon your server and they will put in the order for your next round. In between courses, pass the time engaged in conversation with your date or friends from work, over a bottle of Spumanti.

Their pasta is made fresh daily, so all you have to do is choose from the chef's selections of the day. But, if you really want to eat like an Italian, La Pizza and La Pasta feature imported air-dried and bronze extruded pasta, direct from Campania.

Another Eataly favorite is RISO and RISOTTO, a restaurant dedicated to the rich, creamy, rice-based dishes of the Northern Italian regions of Piemonte' and Lombardy.

Riso and Risotto are brought to you by Le Verdure, one of Eataly's perennial go-to restaurants. The kitchen pairs premium Carnaroli, the king of Italian rice, with impeccable fresh produce from the Hudson Valley as well as ingredients imported from Italy.

At one time or another, most of us have eaten Risotto and probably wondered why this particular style of rice comes out with such a delicious, creamy consistency.

Well, this method of harvesting and cooking rice dates all the way back to the Renaissance. Farmers began to experiment growing their rice crop in risaie or paddy fields that were formerly marshlands.

The actual cooking technique involves coaxing starch from the rice with frequent stirring together with properly regulating the temperature of the broth that the rice is cooked in. Part of the unique texture and flavor of risotto comes from the fact that the rice is cooked in chicken stock and is seasoned with saffron.

The result is a smooth, velvety dish that is unforgettable. Once you have tried Risotto, you'll never go back to plain old white or brown rice again. Even if you mix veggies in. Nothing compares to Risotto!

One of Riso and Risotto's most requested dishes is the risotto alla Zucca. Carnaroli rice is blended with roasted honey nut squash from Lani's farm, sage and Parmesan cheese.

The kitchen also does some very tasty rice-based appetizers like Arancini. Sure, you've most likely had these savory fried rice balls at the San Gennaro festival or your local neighborhood street fair.

But, Riso and Risotto's Arancini are a cut above the rest. They mix their risotto balls with Porcini mushrooms and Raclette cheese for a truly different taste.

They do have some nifty pasta and veggie dishes on the menu here, but, come on, let's be real. If you have never sampled risotto before, this is the perfect place to get acquainted with one of Italy's most famous culinary creations.

IL GELATO ARTIGIANALE believes that any time of the day or year is the right time to enjoy a smooth, luscious scoop of gelato or sorbetto.

These frozen treats are the perfect pick-me-up during your work day or when you are out shopping. You might also consider treating yourself to a light, fruity sorbetto after a session at the gym.

Whatever the excuse, just head on over to Il Gelato Artigianale for a taste treat that is beyond comparison.

Made in small batches, these delightful frozen treats are, by the way, the ONLY items that you'll ever find frozen at Eataly. That speaks to the quality and freshness of the food being offered here.

The gelato and sorbetto artists use only the finest ingredients including whole milk from local New York dairies, pistachios from Sicily, imported hazelnuts and unbelievably decadent Venchi chocolate from Torino.

Satisfy your gelato cravings with a cup or cone or get it to go in a take-out container. If you're feeling especially indulgent then go for the four scoop gigante waffle cone. That will keep your sweet tooth happy for a couple of days.

Together with Lavazza Coffee, the folks at Il Gelato Artigianale have created an indescribably delicious affogato menu.

In the language of Dante, the word affogato literally means drowned. You'll see why this sweet treat is so appropriately named, in a moment.

An affogato brings together two of Italy's most beloved indulgences, gelato and espresso.

Do a classic affogato the Eataly way with a couple of scoops of your favorite gelato doused with two espresso shots. The gelato is completely covered in Lavazza espresso. That is so good!

Top your treat with house-made whipped cream and a cannoli crumble or some sweet Amarena cherries. It's up to you.

There is even a kid-friendly affogato option on the menu which consists of a single scoop of gelato that is blanketed with hot chocolate.

Just so you know; moms and dads, you can take advantage of this creamy, chocolatey option, as well. But, please, upgrade your experience with, at least, two scoops. This is not the time to be conservative.

CANNOLI and BOMBOLONI is one of the newest and most buzzed-about cafes and counters within Eataly.

Conveniently located just steps from the food hall's Fifth Avenue entrance, Cannoli and Bomboloni specialize in a wide variety of the aforementioned Italian pastries.

Almost everyone is familiar with the iconic Cannoli, especially if you have lived in New York for any length of time.

Not so well known, however, is the Bomboloni. The Sicilian answer to the all-American doughnut, these pastries are "big bombs" of dessert. Fluffy pillows of sweet, fried dough, a typical Bomboloni is rolled in powdered sugar and then filled to order to a variety of custards and jams.

The pastry artisans here hand-shape their cannoli shells with tender, loving care. The shells are made with farm fresh eggs, stone-ground flour, butter, sugar, cocoa and just a drop or two of Marsala wine.

These perfectly crunchy shells are filled with cow's milk ricotta. Filling choices range from traditional and Tiramisu to dark chocolate flakes, toasted Pistachios and candied orange peel. You can even opt for a chocolate cannoli shell if you like.

Can't decide which flavor and filling tempt you the most? Then purchase a flight of all seven varieties for just eight dollars and change.

In Sicily, the popular tradition at the cafes and wine bars are to pair up a cannoli or two with a glass of wine.

Cannoli and Bomboloni has a special offer that is designed to tantalize your taste buds and go easy on your wallet.

For only $9.90 you can enjoy a classic Cannoli along with a relaxing glass of Moscato Di Pantelleria wine.

SERRA ON THE ROOF is the flagship restaurant, as it were, here at Eataly.

Step into the Italian countryside for a genuine farm to table experience. Decorated like a huge greenhouse, with small trees, beds of flowers and lush plants scattered around the dining room, the restaurant has a retractable roof.

No matter what the weather's like outside, the ambiance at Serra on the Roof is guaranteed to be "chill".

How romantic would it be, though, to dine with your love, under the glistening stars, on nights when the roof is open? You'll feel as though the entire city is your oyster.

Serra celebrates the people, traditions and vibrant foods of rural Italy. The term " it's all in the ingredients" may be something of a culinary cliche, but not at Serra. Every single ingredient that goes into your dish originates from local farms and Italian specialty purveyors.

Chef de cuisine, Jackie Jeong proudly lets the ingredients speak for themselves. And their words speak volumes to your palate.

Check out the "from the garden" section of their diverse menu. You will be able to enjoy wonders from Mother Nature such as grilled Spring Cipollatti onions, pomodori Verdi (fried green tomatoes), Burrata cheese and broccoli rabe dressed with pesto and evoo, as well as lightly fried zucchini blossoms accompanied by ricotta cheese.

Serra's menu also contains quite a few traditional dishes that have been favorites of Italian farm families for generations.


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The Pollo Cacciatore is one that comes to mind. You won't be able to stop eating this wonderful dish which consists of Cascun farms chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and onions in a delectable tomato sauce.

Of course, the great things that are in store for you at Serra, go far beyond what's on your plate.

The cocktails here are out of this world. Every libation tastes fresh and vibrant like the Sorrento Spritz which blends sparkling wine, cucumber, mint and lemon juice.

You'll see the world in a whole other light after you take a few sips of the Sole Italiano. The seductive ingredients include Vermouth Bianco, ginger simple syrup, pineapple juice and passion fruit puree.

Just for the Summer, Serra's bar has on hand some very special popsicles. These treasured childhood treats are made with adult ingredients and they will surely make your day.

Refreshing and potent is the Negroni Popsicle, a frozen blend of sweet vermouth, gin, Campari, blood orange juice and simple syrup.

Gather up your friends and even a few of your more interesting frenemies.


In keeping with the rural, farm to table theme, on the first Sunday of every month, Serra hosts a pop-up farmer's market stand, from 11 AM till 2 PM.

You will be able to meet and chat with many of the farmers who supply Eataly with their produce, meats and herbs.

There is so much to see and do at Eataly that you will need, not on, but several visits to take it all in.

Better still, sign up for one of their official walking tours and you will get an inside, behind the scenes look at this incredible marketplace.

Location and Contact Info

200 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010
(212) 229-2560
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Monday through Sunday 9 AM to 11 PM

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