Gastropubs in Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Gastropubs in Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Gastropubs in Midtown Manhattan, not only feature updated and inventive menus. They pay great attention to adding trend-setting fruit and herb-based cocktails to accompany their beer and spirits.

The Pig n' Whistle - Midtown

Serving classic Irish pub comfort food, with an imaginative twist, the Pig n' Whistle has been a beacon of warm hospitality in the Midtown neighborhood since 1969.
It was then that a couple of old friends from the Emerald Isle, John Mahon and Peter McGee opened their first restaurant in an old townhouse, near Rockefeller Center, that was once the home of President Taft.

The delicious food, generous pours and friendly service that was on offer created a big-time buzz and the Pig n' Whistle became a favorite of, not only Irish expatriates but New York's business community, as well. Actors, musicians and writers, including journalists from the city's daily newspapers, made this welcoming pub their home away from home.

The Pig n' Whistle group has grown to encompass fourteen pubs and restaurants, from Manhattan to Dublin.

But, while the decor and menu have changed somewhat to keep up with trends and times, the owners have never lost sight of their mission in life; to provide an inviting place where people can go to wash their troubles away and simply enjoy life.

The name of the pub derived from the staff bar that was on board the legendary Queen Mary, a ship where many Irish worked over the years, before settling down to a new life in New York. Memories of the Queen Mary and those many nights spent relaxing at the ship's bar were the inspiration behind the kind of establishment that John and Peter wanted to create.

It goes without saying, but we'll state it plainly, anyway, that the Pig n' Whistle has an absolutely stellar line-up of beer and spirits. You'll not go thirsty here.

The bar's cocktail list is short and sweet but every choice is a good one. Their signature drink, The Piglet, is comprised of Jose Silver, Chambord, Cointreau, Rose's lime juice and cranberry juice. Tito's vodka, lemon juice, Pomegranate and Cointreau are the ingredients that make the Pomegranate Pig Martini such a refreshing elixir.

Their food menu is a nice mix of traditional Irish specialties along with a few dishes that you would not normally expect to find in such an environment.

There's no Irish accent discernible at all in the Tequila and Lime Mussels. These succulent morsels from the sea are dressed with chunks of chorizo, jalapenos, salsa verde
and cilantro. And, don't worry, your server will give you a nice chunk of garlic bread to dunk in the fabulous broth.

You can, nowadays, probably find crab cakes on the menu of most gastropubs. Made from scratch, the Pig n' Whistle's crab cakes, though, come with, not only tartare sauce but a roasted corn and black bean salsa.

In a true sign of changing times, the kitchen even has a house-made Edamame veggie burger on the menu. It's quite tasty, too!


the pig

It's the luscious gravy and choice cuts of meat that makes the Shepherd's Pie here, one of the best that you can find in the entire city. In fact, this succulent dish would have a place of pride on any menu in Ireland!

The kitchen also does a wonderfully flaky and tender fish and chips platter that features beer-battered cod.

Located on the edge of Times Square, it's no wonder that this fine drinking establishment has become a New York tradition for both locals and tourists, alike.

Location and Hours

144 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
(917) 639-3864
Monday to Sunday 11:30 AM to 4 AM

Cock and Bull - Midtown

Opened in the Summer of 2012, the Cock and Bull has consistently been voted, by visiting Brits, no less, as the most authentic and the very best English pub in New York.

The ambiance is charming. let's get that straight right away. While being authentic in terms of the atmosphere can sometimes mean being dark and a little gloomy, the decor at Cock and Bull strikes the right balance between rainy day London and sexy, hip New York.
In short, this gastropub is a great setting for your next big date. Ladies and gents, as well, just adore their happy hour and elevated bar bites.

Chef George Rodriguez and his sous-chefs have created a menu that focuses on comfort cuisine with a distinct British accent.

Cock and Bull won't let you down, either, when it comes to wet your whistle. They have a fully-stocked bar that serves the finest Ales, Stouts, Lagers and Ciders, both on tap and in the bottle, along with a skillfully crafted cocktail program.

A rotating selection of twelve beers is available in three sizes. So, depending on how thirsty you are, (or if you want to leave room to try a few different varieties), order up a 10oz.,16 or 20-ounce glass.

Of course, you can get imported British ales at the bar here, but, the Cock and Bull are also proud to support local craft breweries. The Bronx Brewery, Doc's apple and pear ciders from Warwick and Ommegang Brewery out of Cooperstown N.Y. are all represented on the drink list.

Their wine selection is not as extensive as are your options for beer and cider. However, don't pass the Cock and Bull by, if it's a glass of red or white that you prefer.

The bar manager works with small,family-owned vineyards in order to bring you the highest quality wine at the best possible price.

Now, let's take a look at their menu. Get ready to have your mouth start watering.

On a hot Summer day, nothing goes down better than a cold, refreshing salad.

Reasonably priced between $ 16 and $18, chef Rodriguez's entree salads include Salmon with chickpeas, field greens and Kalamata olives, a grilled chicken bowl with avocado, mango and grape tomatoes as well as his signature Banger salad.

One of his most popular dishes, this bountiful salad consists of grilled bangers (pork sausages), roasted mushrooms, baby carrots, farmhouse cheddar cheese and honey almond dressing.

The menu also has an every day special which is a combo meal soup and sandwich for $ 16.95. Served with a big bowl of the day's soup, the chef's signature sandwich is a flavorful blend of Brie cheese, plum tomatoes, spinach and pesto mayonnaise on multi-grain bread. It definitely hits the spot!

On the menu, you'll find delights like bangers and mashed potatoes, NY strip steak with truffle butter and bacon-wrapped meatloaf.

The unequivocal must-try here, though, is The British Bulldog. A large with a capital L grilled sausage is served piping hot on a fresh, aromatic baguette and is topped with whole grain mustard.

What really makes this dish unique to the American palate is that it comes with bubble and squeak. An all-time British breakfast or lunch favorite, bubble and squeak are made with cabbage and boiled potatoes.
This dish goes all the way back to the 19th century. All you need to do is take the previous evening's leftover sides from a roast beef dinner and fry them up in a pan, pair them up with some bacon or sausages and you've got a splendid meal.

The dish is so named because the cabbage makes a bubbling and squeaking sound during the cooking process when it's frying inside the pan.

Cock and Bull's kitchen is known throughout foodie circles for their chicken pot pie with root veggies and sage that is topped up with a Melted Stilton cheese crust and biscuit.
Their Beef and English Ale Pie, with Porcini mushrooms, pearl onions and herbs, is also very popular.

Ground beef, cauliflower, celery, garlic, bell peppers, a touch of red wine and Rosemary are the delectable ingredients that make up the hearty Cottage Pie. It is accompanied by mushy peas and, for a bit of meat overkill, a side of bacon. But, come on, who's going to complain about that?


cock and bull midtown

A huge part of the gastropub's success can be attributed to the fact that this is a family run business.
Your hosts, Kevin and Rasa Hynes want you to feel as comfortable dining here as you would in their living room or kitchen. From beginning to end, you will savor every minute that you spend here.

Location and Hours

23 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 819-1900

Sunday and Monday................. .11 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday.......................................11 AM to 1 AM
Wednesday to Saturday.............. 11 AM to 3 AM

The Long Room - Midtown

In terms of both food and ambiance, The Long Room is so much more than simply a quintessential Irish pub. With warm wood paneling and shelves filled with books along the wall in the bar area, you'll feel as though you have inadvertently wandered into the library of a private club or university.

It's no shocker then to find out that the theme and decor celebrate the famed Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin.
We don't think, however, that the professors and rectors over at Trinity have access to the sterling selection of whiskeys, single malts and beer that are yours for the asking at the Long Room gastropub.

They've got an unbelievable 44 domestic and imported draught brews including craft beers and cask-conditioned suds. Not to mention 40 varieties by the bottle. Impressed? We would hope so!

At the rear of the pub,(and it is a very, very long space) is an intimate lounge with plenty of couch and easy chair seating. Connect with your friends here and take a load off your feet in very refined surroundings.

Starters that are made for sharing range from stuffed Mexican flatbread and a creamy spinach and artichoke dip to short rib empanadas.

All burgers come with your choice of freshly cut fries, baby greens or a Caesar salad. The signature Long Room burger has become a go-to for the pub's regulars, with toppings like maple bacon, white cheddar and a sunny-side-up egg.

They've also got a Quinoa and kale burger patty that is topped with Gruyere cheese and accompanied by sweet potato waffle fries. Who says that you can't drink and eat healthy at the same time? Certainly not the folks who run the Long Room!

Their take on traditional shepherd's pie utilizes chicken as the protein instead of beef. It works really well. The succulent chunks of chicken and root vegetables are crowned with Boursin mashed potatoes.

But, if you're hankering for beef, the kitchen's got you covered with a crock of oatmeal stout stew. Parsnips join a melange' of celery, carrots onions and potatoes to create a gravy that all but shouts" extra bread, please for dipping."

The protein that's used to make the Long Room's bangers is, of all things, Bison meat. It's a different taste, to be sure, but one that a meat-lover could get used to, fairly quickly.

If you're in the mood for a sandwich to go with your beer, then try The Day After Thanksgiving.
This flavorful feast on Ciabatta bread consists of real turkey (not the processed kind), onion-thyme stuffing, green apple chutney and cranberry mayo.

Whether you're stopping by for lunch or after work, be advised that they've got an all-day special that features dollar oysters at the bar.

Haven't made plans for the weekend, yet? Great, because there is nowhere you'd rather be than The Long Room on Saturday night. Starting at 10 PM, you'll be treated to live Irish folk music as well as contemporary sounds.

Location and Hours

120 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 997-3933


Monday........................11:30 AM to 2 AM
Tuesday to Friday.........11:30 AM to 4 AM
Saturday.......................11 AM to 12 AM
Sunday...........................12 PM to 2 AM

District Tap House - Midtown

Fuel up with great food and drinks for a fun evening at District Tap House, while making new friends or cheering your favorite sports team to victory.

Their beautiful bar space is the cool, new gathering spot for local office workers who want to mix and mingle while enjoying a cocktail or the Tap House's extensive list of domestic and international craft beers.

The folks at District Tap House make having a great time very easy with their Monday through Sunday happy hour.
Yes, you heard that right. While most bars and pubs restrict their happy hour specials to weekdays only, Saturday and Sunday rocks at the District!

From 4 to 7 PM, every day of the week, you can enjoy $4 drafts of Bud Light, $5 drafts of Stella or Shock Top, well drinks for a mere six bucks along with a $7 glass of house wine or Prosecco.
Select cocktails are also available for $8, including a Cucumber Gimlet and Manzarita.

Aside from Happy Hour, you will definitely wish to explore the well-curated cocktail list. The Basil Gin Rickey is comprised of The Botanist Gin, fresh basil, lime juice, agave syrup and seltzer water.
One of the bar's more creative potions is the Spiced Paloma. made with Herradura Silver Tequila, grapefruit and lime juice as well as Jarrito's grapefruit soda, this is one drink that is both super refreshing and packs quite a punch.

Sexy is the only word to describe the District French 75 cocktail, a blend of Copper and Kings American brandy, lemon juice, sugar and Prosecco.

Chef Harrison Mosher has put together a locally-sourced menu that is packed with smart choices and beautifully prepared surprises. Chef Mosher has, over the past few years, achieved quite a cult following at restaurants in NYC and the District Tap House is proud to have him on board.

Wings are a staple at the city's bars and pubs. Virtually every chef has chicken wings on his or her menu. But, chef Mosher's stupendous Pomegranate-Ginger wings are something else again! Scallions, a touch of honey and sesame seeds add just the right amount of sweetness to every bite.

At this gastropub, you won't find Shepherd's Pie or similar fare. But, no worries; expand your palate with a plate of Bucheron Gnocchi with ricotta and goat cheese, asparagus and a Porcini mushroom cream sauce.

They've also got a succulently grilled hanger steak plate that comes with eggplant, cherry tomatoes, a parsley coulis and feta-yogurt sauce. That cool, creamy sauce just makes everything taste better.

On the lighter side is the chef's juicy roasted chicken which is enveloped with a trio of baby potatoes, roasted tomatoes and Maitake mushrooms. It's the delectable ramp puree, though, that truly elevates this dish to fine dining "pub grub" status.

Maple Miso Dijon striped bass, duck breast with frisee and a fantastic bowl of macaroni and cheese topped with toasted breadcrumbs are other note-worthy menu items.

By the way, they've got a really nice signature hamburger that's made with grass-fed beef, topped with bacon and fontina cheese and accompanied by chef Mosher's incredible duck fat fries that are coated with oregano and Parmesan cheese.

One traditional pub plate that you will find here are deviled eggs. order a few for the table, to share with friends, while you kick off the evening with a round of beers. Dressed with capers and cornichon mayo, these eggs are to die for.

Location and Hours

246 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
(212) 221-1822


Monday and Tuesday....................11:30 AM to 2 AM
Wednesday...................................11:30 AM to 3 AM
Thursday and Friday..................... 11:30 AM to 4 AM
Saturday.......................................11:30 AM to 3 AM
Sunday.........................................12 PM to 1 AM

D.J. Reynolds - Midtown

A family owned and operated Irish pub, D.J. Reynolds has the feel of a warm and friendly neighborhood local, despite its' location in the heart of Manhattan. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of your day and enjoy a stopover with the Reynolds family.

Founded in 1969 by Denis Reynolds and his wife Eileen, the pub quickly established a following that couldn't get enough of the amazing variety of beer, delicious Irish specialties and the kick back and stay awhile atmosphere.

Now under the watchful eye of Reynold's son Denis and their daughter Mary, both the kitchen and bar have upped their game with a new menu and a rotating selection of craft beers and imported brews on tap.

One thing that, thankfully, hasn't changed over the years is their delightful cup of Irish Coffee. Most regulars who dine here always make sure to end their meal with a cup or two of this mood-changing coffee drink.

The prices here are fairly reasonable, particularly considering the location. Yes, nothing in Midtown Manhattan is cheap, but, at D.J.Reynolds you get your money's worth. They don't stint on the portions and you will never have to put up with a watered down drink in these premises.

Appetizers include Jalapeno poppers, fried calamari, potato skins stuffed with bacon and cheese and a meaty, satisfying bowl of chili that's topped with onions and cheddar cheese.
However, the starter that you really should try is the Oak-smoked Irish salmon. This dish consists of imported Irish salmon served with greens, a chopped egg, onions, capers and pumpernickel bread.

The kitchen is famous for their burgers with half a dozen options being offered. The one that is calling your name, though, is the Gaelic Burger, a juicy patty of ground top-quality sirloin that is topped with Irish bacon, imported cheddar and onions. it's a real mouthful.

All entrees come with your choice of potato and vegetable. They do a wonderful shrimp scampi with just the right amount of garlic in the sauce. The sauteed chicken cutlets with spinach and roasted tomatoes make for a light but filling dinner.

For lunch, the most popular sandwich item, by far, is the succulent French Dip. Thinly-sliced rare roast beef with gravy and caramelized onions are served on perfectly toasted bread.
This sandwich will keep you going all afternoon.

Beef stew, Dublin-style fish and chips and chicken pot pie are among the menu's Irish specialties. But, for something that's a tad out of the box and quite scrumptious, order the Irish BLT. You get a nice helping of Irish smoked salmon and bacon atop sliced tomatoes and a wedge of lettuce.

The desserts here are fairly simple and straightforward, but there's not a bad choice in the bunch. You can't go wrong with either the chocolate mousse cake or the home-style apple pie a la mode. team a warm slice of apple pie up with Bailey's Irish Cream and you've got one heck of a sweet ending for your night out at D.J.Reynolds.

Location and Hours

351 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 245-2912


Monday to Sunday..................11 AM to 4 AM

Jasper's Tap House and Kitchen - Midtown

Any time of the day or night is the perfect time to celebrate good friends or the love of your life at jasper's Tap House and Kitchen.

With a full brunch menu on the weekends and a kitchen that stays open until the wee hours, you can always satisfy those spontaneous cravings at Jasper's.

First and foremost, the crew at Jasper's take pride in being a craft beer pub that has few, if any, rivals when it comes to an outstanding selection of seasonal brews, in addition to the canned and bottled variety.

Not sure what kind of beer you want to spend your evening with? Then order one of Jasper's beer flights and sample a few different options.
With more than twenty craft beers on the menu, there's sure to be one that tickles your tongue and your fancy. The bartenders here constantly engage with local breweries in an effort to keep things hopping. Get it, hops as in beer? So, you'll never become bored when you drink here.

No matter how much you love your beer,(don't we all?), variety is the spice of life. Every once in a while it's good to change things up. You've come to the right place since Jasper's has a fantastic cocktail list and a back bar filled with bottle after bottle of quality bourbon, whiskey and rye.
One of their most delectable drinks is Things Are Just peachy, a refreshing blend of Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon, Peach Schnapps and peach sweet tea.



The She-Devil is one temptress of a cocktail. Its' mix of Jalapeno-infused Don Julio Tequila, cucumber juice, Elderflower and apple juice will weave a seductive spell around you.

You have probably enjoyed a few glasses of white or red sangria at your favorite watering hole or brunch spot. But when was the last time that you enjoyed a glass of Pina Colada sangria?
You will adore this delicious mix of Sauvignon Blanc, pineapple juice, coconut milk and coconut rum. This cocktail is a quick trip to the tropics!

A real Summertime fave here is their version of the Frose. Icy-cold, this drink is comprised of Rose' wine, vodka and organic frozen Frose mix.

Bring your buddies from work and order one of Jasper's huge platters for the table.

The Big Crispy Wings Platter contains 20 classic or boneless wings with a choice of two dipping sauces. Get saucy and spicy with options like BBQ, Holy Mole, Dead Red or the very flavorful Habanero Lime.

You'll have a friend for life when you order the gang a platter of the Big Tailgate Special, which showcases the kitchen's wings, fried chicken sliders, smokehouse BBQ sliders and jasper's signature fries.

Other shares and starters range from Baja fish tacos and crispy fried green tomatoes with a cornmeal crust to Texas Poutine.
Originally a Canadian dish, they do Poutine in a big way down in Texas and the chef at Jasper's brings you an authentic and tasty plate that doesn't disappoint. Fresh, never frozen, hand-cut fries are smothered in smoked beef brisket, red-eye gravy and tons of melted cheese curds.
The food here is a load of fun to eat, especially the build your own burger option. Get creative and decorate your custom blend beef patty or creole-spiced organic turkey burger with
a wide array of toppings.

The bright lights of Broadway are only a short stroll away. Make plans to have a drink and a quick bit at Jasper's before heading to the theater or, better yet, cap off the night with a couple of rounds and a satisfying meal here.

Location and Hours

761 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10019
(212) 957-1000


Monday to Friday.................11 AM to 4 AM
Saturday and Sunday..........10 AM to 4 AM

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