Boutique Hotels and Dining in Chelsea, NYC

Boutique Hotels and Dining in Chelsea, NYC

Filled to the brim with art galleries, fashion shops, publishing houses and tech start-ups, Chelsea is also home to a surprising number of boutique hotels and great dining hotspots offering daily deals and savings.

The Maritime Hotel - Chelsea

Every hotel worth its' name likes to claim that they are unique and one of a kind. And, truth be told, most boutique hotels do have at least one individual characteristic, that helps them to stand out from the crowd.

But, when it comes to having a personality all of its' own, from ambiance and amenities to in-house dining, few establishments on the NYC hospitality scene can hold a candle to The Maritime Hotel.

There is a refreshing and colorful nautical theme throughout the hotel. Be assured, this is no interior designer's cheesy, decorative gimmick gone haywire.

There is an understated elegance and authenticity to both the architecture and overall design that transports guests from the "mean streets" of the city to a luxury cruise ship sailing the South China Seas.

Come on; what better excuse can you have to book a room here for a weekend getaway?

First impressions mean a lot, especially when you are entering a hotel. You'll not be disappointed by The Maritime's lobby and common area. The wall by the reception desk is decorated with swirling murals that depict tropical islands, sailing boats and cruise ships.

The library-like sitting area contains artifacts and sculpture from the South Sea Islands as well as bookcases, atop which sit planters that are shaped like sleek sailing vessels.

Inspired by the cabins on board a cruise ship, the staterooms, or, we should say, the guest rooms have ocean blue drapes and matching carpet, as well as 5 foot round actual porthole windows.

Fear not, though. You won't become seasick on these premises. The hardwood floors are steady as she goes.

The Superior Room contains a Queen bed, an artisanal mini-bar and an extra-long work desk, which is a godsend to business travelers. You'll have no problem getting organized for that big client meeting in the morning.

Other amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi, free use of the hotel's fleet of bicycles with which to get around town and C.O. Bigelow Bath Products.

Now, the Superior guest rooms are very nicely sized with 275 square feet of space. But, as the colloquialism goes, "You ain't seen nothing, yet."

Step into The Maritime's incredible Rooftop Penthouse and prepare to be dazzled.

At just over 2,500 square feet of indulgent luxury, the Penthouse is the home away from home you only wish you had!

Snuggle up on a comfortable King sized bed while enjoying a drink from the wet bar as your favorite music plays in the background courtesy of a Bose Sound System.

You will also enjoy access to a private terrace and a real, working fireplace.

If you've ever been on a cruise, you'll know from first-hand experience, that while the grub's not bad, it is rarely anything to write home about either. That is most definitely not the case here.

The Maritime's in-house dining option is La Sirena. The name of the restaurant, by the way, is drawn from Homer's haunting tome, The Odyssey. That sea-faring theme just keeps popping up!

La Sirena offers two extremely attractive dining experiences. In the Bar Room, guests can enjoy cocktails as well as a small plates/tapas-style menu. There is also a charming and spacious outdoor terrace. This garden-like oasis is situated one story above street level, making for a very unique perch for people watching. You will feel so very far from the crowds below.

The restaurant's main dining room and the kitchen is helmed by Michelin-starred chef Anthony Sasso.

A twelve year veteran of Casa Mono, Chef Sasso has put together a menu that is comprised of modern Italian fare.

Chef Sasso's cooking is Italian comfort food taken to another stratosphere. Forget the usual beef sauce and dig into the savory Pappardelle noodles with a Heritage Pork Bolognese sauce.

Ravioli and plain Marinara sauce are so yesterday. Your palate will love you when you order chef Sasso's Ravioli Amatriciana. Soft as a pillow, these filled kinds of pasta are enveloped in a sauce of Spring onions and butter.

The kitchen turns out a flavorful Rigatoni Alla Norma, with ribbons of succulent eggplant, juicy tomatoes and Ricotta cheese as well as a Branzino Piccata that is topped with spicy cherry peppers and butter.

Lamb is not to everyone's taste. Depending on how it is cooked and seasoned, lamb can be just a bit gamey. However, the Lamb Chops Puttanesca, with olives, capers, tomatoes and anchovies, is one of La Sirena's most acclaimed dishes.

Chef Sasso takes just as much care with his Dolci delectables as he does with his antipasti and entree menu.

There is always a fine selection of gelato available. It's good, but why not go on a genuine Italian culinary adventure and try the olive oil cake with lime and hazelnut crema?

The chef adds his own twist to Tiramisu, with coffee mascarpone whip and a chocolate olive oil sauce. There's also an excellent ice-cream sandwich that's made with vanilla gelato and Pignoli cookies.

After your meal here, walk it all off with a stroll over to The nearby High Line or the Hudson River Esplanade, which is only two blocks away.

Then, return to The Maritime Hotel, settle in for the night and enjoy all of the perks and privileges that will come your way.

Location and Contact Information

363 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 242-4300


La Sirena
Hours Monday and Tuesday..........5:30 PM to 10 PM
Wednesday to Friday...............5:30 PM to 11 PM
Saturday.........................11 AM to 11 PM
Sunday...........................11 AM to 10 PM

The NoMad Hotel - Chelsea

The Nomad offers an upscale boutique hotel experience that is well worth every penny that you will spend here.

Once you're back home and you get your credit card bill in the mail, you'll look back with zero regrets. There's not many staycations or vacations that you can honestly say that about.

But, as any savvy traveler will tell you, the success or failure of any holiday or business trip, for that matter, all starts with your hotel.

Housed inside of a turn of the century Beaux-Arts building that has been restored to its' original grandeur, The NoMad is a fresh and vibrant, never staid, take on the grand hotels of Europe.

When you pull up to the imposing facade of The NoMad, you'll be surprised that you see yellow cabs and Ubers outside instead of elegant horse-drawn carriages standing by the curb.

This vintage hotel is a truly a trip back in time. But, in a very good way.

With 168 guest rooms and suites, the hotel underwent a top to bottom make-over at the talented hands of interior designer Jacques Garcia.

Each room has a residential feel to it, which is no real surprise as Jacques used the Parisian apartment that he lived in as a youth, for inspiration.

The attention to detail is incredible. The plush top mattress beds have down comforters and pillows (hypoallergenic, upon request). Every bed has an embossed leather headboard. Now, when was the last time that you saw that in any hotel room!

But wait, there's more! The rooms are graced with handmade Heriz rugs as well as curated works of art that include photographs from the Portraits De Villes collection.

You will feel so spoiled when the nightly turn-down service comes knocking at your door.




And, when you're ready to retire and call it a night; soothe the cares of your day away while soaking in one of the hotel's antique, free-standing claw foot bathtubs.

Throughout the year, The NoMad hosts a number of spectacular events and performances at various spaces within the hotel, including the bar and restaurant.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of their annual Masquerade ball. This is something not to be missed. It's a black-tie, masks-required affair that is straight out of a Fellini flick.

Tickets tend to sell out early, so head over to The NoMad's website for further details about this year's shindig.

The Magician is a show that is held, every weekend, in the intimate confines of the Johnston Room on the second floor of the hotel.

The star of the show is Dan White. Over the past twenty years, Dan has created magic and perfected the art of illusion on stages around the world.

His resume includes a stint working with none other than David Copperfield in Las Vegas. Dan was also featured on the Discovery Channel's special "The Supernaturalist" and " White Magic", which aired on The Travel Channel.

In 2014, Dan served as a creative consultant for Kanye West, creating the iconic magic and illusions for the Yeezus Tour.

You are definitely in for a real treat.

Prior to taking in the show, however, make sure that you don't miss the opportunity to dine at The NoMad Hotel's in-house restaurant, aptly named, NoMad. That's easy to remember!

This casual yet elegant spot is brought to you by chef Daniel Humm and celebrated restaurateur Will Guidara of the Make It Nice hospitality group and Eleven Madison Park fame.

The restaurant itself is comprised of a series of gorgeous rooms that are centered around a glass-enclosed atrium.

Chef Daniel's signature dishes live up to the amazing surroundings. These are dishes that you won't find anywhere else, for the most part.

Usually, when one finds gnocchi on a menu, it is covered in either a basic tomato or pesto sauce. Nothing wrong with that. But, how much tastier would it be if this dish were to be accompanied by feta cheese, arugula and fried artichokes, as it is at NoMad?

Chef's perfectly seared scallops come with cucumber slices, fregola and, get this, a dusting of coconut.

You can also order duck with apricots, fennel and jalapenos as well as a slow-cooked and succulent suckling pig with roasted peppers and dandelions.

Beef-lovers have reason to rejoice. No one does beef like chef Daniel His signature grilled beef dish is accented by a serving of pole beans and onions together with a delicious Bordelaise sauce.

Located in one of the city's trendiest neighborhoods, with tons of shopping, art galleries and boutiques, all around, The NoMad Hotel is at the center of it all.

Location and Contact Information

1170 Broadway at 28th Street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 796-1500

The Nomad Restaurant

Hours Monday to Thursday.......5:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Friday and Saturday.............5:30 PM to 11 PM
Sunday..........................5:30 PM to 10 PM

Hotel Henri - Chelsea

This charming boutique hotel may not be one of the biggest names on the scene, but it is a hidden gem that is well worth discovering.

Blending a trend-setting contemporary style with a unique theatrical twist, Hotel Henri proves that there is no business like show business even in the sometimes overly conformist hospitality industry.

Interior designer Marcello Pozzi is not shy about his intentions when it comes to creating an ambiance that rivals anything you might find at one of Broadway's venerable theaters.

"My aim is to, through design and atmosphere, make every guest feel like a star." You will really feel pampered and special here.

Marcello has achieved this goal and then some. And, it's not only the splashes of color and unusual design accents that impress here. The overall vibe makes one feel so alive.

The hotel's sleek black corridors emulate the backstage experience. Mirror lights in the stylish bathrooms call to mind the dressing rooms of the Great White Way's leading ladies and gents. On the walls of each guest room, you will find the inspiring words of French writer Charles Baudelaire, "Always Be a Poet".

Select rooms come with a private balcony where you can enjoy your morning coffee or a cocktail at sunset.

The highly professional team at reception is justly proud of their express check-in/ out service. This is great, not only for the busy business traveler who is rushing to and fro but also for moms and dads with kids in tow.

For those of you out there who are environmentally conscious, you'll love the fact that Hotel Henri is eco-friendly. The Henri believes that a cleaner, greener world begins right in the heart of New York City.

Eighteen floors above the streets of Gotham lies the hotel's marvelous penthouse lounge, Sir Henri.


hotel henri


An intimate sky top bar with a snazzy, theatrical mix of cozy lounge seating, nooks and crannies, low lighting and sexy flourishes, Sir Henri serves up an unforgettable evening with easy charm and aplomb.

The heartbeat of the hotel, the Sir Henri blends the soul and style of a Roaring Twenties speakeasy with modern amenities and the latest innovations in cutting-edge mixology.

Sir Henri's bartenders are re-writing the rules of what makes a great cocktail lounge.

Every libation within these fun-loving walls is worthy of being called a"signature" cocktail.

Come one, come all and come often, so that you can try every sip on the list including the Champs Elysee, which mixes Pierre Ferrando 140 cognac and green chartreuse with lemon juice and bitters.

Their expertly seasoned daiquiri is a blend of El Dorado white rum, Gifford's Banana Liqueur, bitters, pineapple and lime juice.

Another of head mixologist Gil Bouhana's artfully crafted cocktails is The Dominicana, made with aged, premium rum, coffee liqueur, whipped cream, angostura and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Not too many hotels can say that they have an authentic Greek Taverna on the premises. The Henri just so happens to have one of the premier Hellenic dining destinations in the city, in-house, Mykonos Blue Grill.

A dining experience that will awaken your senses, Mykonos Blue Grill transports you to the Greece of your imagination.

Just like in the movie Mama Mia, which was set in the Greek Islands, Mykonos Blue Grill gives you a delicious taste of what it's like to eat, play and live life like a true Greek.

But, that having been said, though the dishes may be rooted in time-honored tradition; they are served in anything but a traditional atmosphere. There's a tangible energy that you can feel, coursing through the place.

There's no need to hurry through your meal here. You are encouraged to savor every moment as you enjoy Mezes such as Kreatopita, a village meat pie with lamb and herbs or Feta Fournou, which is baked feta cheese with peppers, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

The menu is a balanced mix of meat, fish and casserole dishes like their divine Moussaka. This dish, which consists of layers of potatoes, eggplant and ground beef, topped with Bechamel sauce, would undoubtedly receive your Greek grandma's seal of approval.

The chicken Kontosouvli teams an organic lemon roasted chicken breast with feta and oregano fries. You will feel like licking the plate. But, we know that you're too polite to do so.

You might also enjoy the Solomos, which is simple char-grilled sustainable salmon. Lightly dressed with merely a hint of lemon, you will relish every morsel of this flaky fish.

Be advised, though, that when you finish up your meal and have drained every last drop of imported wine, you won't just walk out of the restaurant.

No, you'll step lightly and lively, ready, at any moment, to break into the Sirtaki dance, which was made popular in the timeless Anthony Quinn classic, Zorba The Greek.

Location and Contact Information

37 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 243-0800

Sir Henri Bar
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday..........5 PM to 11 PM
Thursday to Saturday................5 PM to 2 AM


Hours :

Monday to Sunday....................12 PM to 4 PM
Sunday to Thursday.................5 PM to 11 PM
Friday and Saturday.................5 PM to 12 AM

Kimpton Hotel Eventi - Chelsea

You may have stayed at the Kimpton before and enjoyed your time here, but trust us, after a major renovation that upped the wow factor considerably, you'll feel like you're stepping into a brand new hotel.

All of the action is centered around their gorgeous lobby which welcomes guests into a vibrant, custom-designed living room.

When the folks at Kimpton wanted to re-imagine the hotel, they went local and called on Brooklyn-based design firm Creme to mastermind the facelift.

The interior design crew went above and beyond in their relentless efforts, taking an artistic brush to all 292 guest rooms and conjuring up a stacked felt reception desk that pays homage to the nearby Garment District.

Other additions include a massive multimedia art screen in the hotel's spacious outdoor plaza and a fifth-floor veranda with panoramic, majestic views of the Empire State Building and the Chelsea neighborhood.

Having it all and living the high life just a few blocks from the High Line has never been easier.

Everything seems better when you've got a glass of wine in your hand. So, you will be delighted to know that there's a hosted wine hour every evening in the lobby living room.

You can even get an in-room blow-out with Blo Dry Bar On The Go!


kimpton hotel eventi


Looking for those headphones or that trusty charger only to remember that you left it at home or at the office? There's no cause for concern. Eventi's "Forgot it? We've got it!" service allows you to check out travel essentials like iPads, Minis and MacBooks from the front desk. That's convenience with a resounding capital C!

When you're traveling for business or pleasure it's only natural to feel stressed out, every once in a while. With every adrenalin rush eventually comes a bit of a letdown or, heaven forbids, a touch of anxiety.

That's why you'll be so happy when you find out that you don't have to go far to receive a soothing massage, facial or a signature exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap. These relaxing services and so much more are all available right here, right now at Hotel Eventi's in-house spa.

Revitalize your senses in the company of friends and family by booking a spa day to celebrate your birthday or for a bridal shower or girl's day out.

Chelsea is home to dozens upon dozens of art galleries. It's, therefore, only fitting that the Eventi is proud to present a rotating collection of art from both established local talent as well as young, on the come painters, sculptors and innovators.

Under the direction of renowned art consultant Kyle DeWoody and associate consultant Laura Dvorkin the Kimpton Collection showcases edgy and thought-provoking works such as Kwangho Lee's hanging light installation which is made entirely out of electrical wire and a Tony Matelli mirror, which is made to look vintage and dusty by way of a technique that utilizes layers of urethane.

You are certain to find a design or installation that catches your eye, just about anywhere in the lobby or at the hotel's bar and restaurant.

The Kimpton Hotel Eventi is honored to have chef Laurent Tourondel and his critically acclaimed restaurant L'Amico, feeding both guests as well as friends and neighbors from the surrounding community.

Featuring an American menu with Italian influences, the food at L'Amico is inspired by Chef Tourondel's memories of cozy Sunday suppers with his maternal Italian grandmother. Most of the meal's ingredients came from the family garden and nearby farms.

The dining room is charming and intimate with, not one, but two rather imposing,copper-clad wood-burning ovens and an open kitchen that can be seen throughout the space and is visible from the street, as well.

The menu changes with the seasons, so you are absolutely assured of enjoying the latest bounties from area farms.

Appetizers range from grilled zucchini, peekytoe crab crostini and veal and mortadella meatballs to an escarole salad with a delightful Sherry vinaigrette.

L'Amico is famous throughout the neighborhood for their wood-fired pizza. The signature pie here is the white mushroom, with truffle paste, Fontina cheese, Taleggio and sage.

On the spicy side is the Soppressata Piccante, topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and Sicilian oregano.

Artisan pizza isn't the only mouth-watering specialty that comes out of the oven. The kitchen turns out an outstanding juicy and tender roasted chicken with preserved lemon and charred broccoli rabe.

As far as pasta goes, there are several excellent selections on the menu including the Mafalda, which is mixed with razor clams, chilies and lemon breadcrumbs. Pecorino Sardo gives just the right amount of sharpness and bites to the Tortiglioni and sausage. The bitter greens could have been left out of this dish, but it's still and all a delicious bite.

The Vine is a tasteful oasis among Chelsea bars. You know that a hotel bar is a real deal when it is frequented by the locals.

If you're a guest at just about any hotel, you may be dog-tired from working or playing all day, so it's possible that you might not want to venture too far afield. You'll probably end up downstairs at your hotel's bar out of sheer convenience.

But, The Vine is a welcoming bar that Chelsea dwellers in the know actually flock to! The ambiance and friendly and professional bar staff are just a couple of reasons for its' widespread popularity.

Undeniably, though, it is those killer cocktails that make all the difference in the world.

Select cocktails, like the Rum Punch, (Plantation Five-Year Rum, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice and nutmeg) are also available by the carafe, which makes these libations a great choice for date night.

A very sophisticated sip is the Wet Gin Martini, made with Boodles Gin, Lillet Blanc, Michelberger Moutain and orange bitters.

The whimsically named Irish Shakerato is comprised of Jameson IPA, Varnelli Moka, espresso, cream, chocolate and a dash of nutmeg.

A New York original, The Kimpton Hotel Eventi is the perfect setting in which to set your style and always be Instagram ready.

Location and Contact Information

851 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
(212) 564-4567


Hours Monday to Sunday................11:30 AM to 10:30 PM

The High Line Hotel - Chelsea

A true original, The High Line Hotel evokes Victorian-era charm with the latest in technological innovation. It's really the best of both worlds.

Peace and tranquility are the watchwords here. Situated just off of 10th Avenue, the gated, Parisian-style courtyard holds the key to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lush gardens and gas-lit lamps invite guests to take a leisurely step back into another, more calming and certainly, more charming era.

The hotel and it's beautiful, lush, green grounds have quite an interesting history. At one time, a sprawling apple orchard, the estate was owned by iconic New Yorker Clement Clarke Moore, who actually wrote "Twas the Night Before Christmas" here.

The Nineteenth Century brought many changes to the grounds. In 1895, the building that now houses the High Line Hotel was constructed and used, for many years, as a theological seminary. That probably explains the calm energy that every guest claims to feel here.

Each of the hotel's sixty guest rooms evokes the decor and hospitality of a guest house, the likes of which could be found on Clement Clarke Moore's estate. In fact, one of the hotel's event spaces has been christened The Clement Clarke Moore Room.

With interesting Gothic moldings and accent details, the light-filled rooms feature hardwood floors and furniture that has been sourced from Brimfield Antiques and Stickley custom made Furnishings. It's an eclectic but overtly fascinating collection, to be sure. This is vintage Americana taken to the extreme.

You'll sleep on one of the most comfortable beds anywhere in Chelsea. The beds feature a Sealy Posturepedic cushion and Gel memory Foam Core Support along with luxe Harold Clarke 100% cotton linens.

Forget the boring bags of chips and pretzels that most hotel mini-bars are stocked with. At the High Line Hotel, you will revel in a menu of expertly-curated snacks and beverages like Chef's Cut Beef Jerky, Brooklyn Lager, Moet Chandon and Veuve Clicquot Brut NV.

There are also one or two unexpected surprises in the mini-bar that will definitely come in useful during your stay. We're talking 02 Spa Bar oxygen drops and Blowfish Hangover Remedy.


the high line hotel


The windows of every room provide bewitching views of the nearby High Line Park or the hotel's enclosed private gardens.

You might be interested to know that The High Line Hotel, despite its' Gothic trappings, was one of the first hotels in the city to institute paperless, tablet check-ins.

The soundtrack of your stay here is provided by a state of the art mini Jambox by Jawbone. Simply connect the edgy-looking Jambox to your Blue Tooth settings and you're in business.

It's no wonder that the High Line Hotel has won acclaim from the readers of both Conde Nast Traveler as well as Travel and Leisure Magazine!

The Golden Hour Restaurant is located outdoors in the hotel's magnificent gardens. Open throughout the Summer, the Golden Hour has become THE destination for Chelsea foodies and the after-work crowd.

The raw bar is a huge attraction, with everything from shrimp or lobster cocktail to seafood towers on offer.

You'll find delectable seafood options throughout the menu including Snapper Ceviche, a soft-shell crab sandwich and black bass with clams, asparagus and seaweed.

Even though the focus is on fish, the kitchen does a surprisingly savory, top-quality burger that is served with bacon jam and French fries.

The hanger steak has a mouth-watering cook on it and comes with Summer corn, Chanterelle and Chimichurri.

Inside the lobby, you'll find the Golden Hour Bar, which serves beer, wine, delicious cocktails and food, all year around.

One of their standout cocktails is the Rube Rickey, which is comprised of Zirkova Vodka, tarragon, Rhubarb and lemon juice.

Of course, in a hotel that used to be a seminary, you just know that there has to be a cocktail named The Vesper on the menu. And, it's a very good sip with Xoriguer Mahon Gin, Quina and Vodka. Make that strong, but good!

During the day, the hotel bar turns into a smart and sexy coffee cafe where you can obtain a nice hot ( or iced) cup of Joe and mouth-watering pastries.

However, if you are in a rush to get to your days' activities, you can grab a coffee to go just outside the hotel.

Parked in the front garden is a 1963 Citroen H-Van that has become a favorite among the guests and Chelsea residents who are on their way to work.

Like everything else that you'll find here, this Citroen H-Van has an intriguing history behind it. For over fifty years, this colorful vehicle was used as a furniture delivery van in Jouilat, in the South of France.

After making the long journey to the States, by sea, the van was outfitted with the latest in coffee-making technology and equipment and then painted in signature 1960'2-era British racing green.

That's the High Line Hotel for you! One interesting surprise after another!

Location and Contact Information

180 10th Avenue
New York, NY10011
(212) 929-3888

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