Best Yoga Studios in Tribeca, NYC

Best Yoga Studios in Tribeca, NYC

Tribeca, long known for its creative community, certainly boasts more than its fair share of trend-setting trainers, gyms and Yoga studios.

Club Pilates - Tribeca

With seven creative signature class formats that are designed to accommodate just about any level of fitness Club Pilates Tribeca has a workout that will most definitely work for you.

A respected brand with over 300 locations across the country Club Pilates doesn't feel at all like an impersonal, one size fits all chain fitness studio.

Classes are organized according to each student's level of experience and no one steps onto the studio floor without undergoing a one on one consultation with a member of team Tribeca.

Every instructor who you will work with is certified and has over 500 hours of comprehensive Pilates training. They take your fitness goals and well-being very seriously here.

No matter how busy the studio is, you won't have to worry about not having access to their state of the art equipment.

There are a dozen workout stations on the premises. Each station has all of the equipment you'll need from Trigger Point Roller, EXO Chair, Ballet Barre and Springboard to TRX and Bosu balls.

Sometimes, when you join a gym, even a boutique studio, it can be difficult to achieve chemistry with the trainers and instructors.

At Club Pilates Tribeca, that won't be a problem. You won't find staff who are just going through the motions while they watch the clock.

The Club Pilates' mission statement lays out their goals as plain as day; "At Club Pilates, we uphold Joseph Pilates' vision. Our passion is to help the people who come to us feel great."

At Club Pilates, you will meet and interact with teachers like Sierra Felthousen. With a background in dance, modeling and fitness, Sierra holds a bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance performance and exercise science.

After spending a year performing with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Sierra re-located to Los Angeles, where she worked in the fitness industry for several years.

Through her classes, Sierra aims to inspire her clients to take the next step in order to achieve their personal best as well as commit to a happy and healthy lifestyle.


club pilates


The best way to see if Pilates is right for you, (and trust us, once you see what Club Pilates is all about, you will love it), is to take advantage of their sensational no pressure complimentary introductory class offer.

Come on; you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. You'll meet one-on-one with an instructor and then be treated to a thirty-minute class.

You'll love the atmosphere here, as well. All too often, some boutique fitness studios excuse dank, dark garage-like surroundings as "keeping it real".

But, how can you look forward to getting in your workout in an atmosphere that's less than welcoming?

Club Pilates Tribeca has a sleek, clean and modern industrial-chic vibe going for it. The locker rooms are spotless and you could practically eat off the floor. And, oh, by the way, that means that the Pilates machines are wiped down on a regular basis. Can't forget that!

The signature class here is Reformer Flow. This class will strengthen and lengthen your entire body.

Experience the benefits of old-school Pilates with an intriguing twist as you flow (under your instructor's guidance), from the reformer to the Springboard, EXO Chair, Barre and TRX, thus ensuring that you never have to take the exact same class twice in a row.

A forward-thinker if there ever was one, Joseph Pilates would, no doubt, approve of the various tweaks and innovations that the Club Pilates team has brought to his machines and workout style.

Other interesting class options include CP Cardio-Sculpt, which is designed to tone your body parts. A veritable Pilates party, this is one high energy class.

Experience the benefits of a Pilates "massage' with CP Restore which utilizes foam rolling and MyoFascial release in this one of a kind class.

This session will help reduce cellulite and muscle soreness as well as increase performance.

Location and Hours

47 Murray Street
New York, NY 10007
(646) 289-5099

Monday............7 AM to 8:30 PM
Tuesday........6:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Wednesday.........7 AM to 8:30 PM
Thursday.......6:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Friday............7 AM to 8 PM
Saturday.......8:30 AM to 1 PM
Sunday........... 9 AM to 12:30 PM

The Class By Taryn Toomey - Tribeca

Put aside everything that you thought you knew about boutique fitness and get ready to be transformed, both physically and spiritually when you take The Class by Taryn Toomey.

Developed by trainer and fitness expert Taryn Toomey, The Class is a journey of self-discovery that is both challenging and fun. You will become intimately familiar with your body and mind, learning what they are capable of doing through a series of physical conditioning exercises.

This music-driven, mat-based class will enable you to surpass your expectations.

Utilizing simple, repetitive calisthenics and Plyometrics, The Class will bring out the inner kid in you while you hit the grindstone for one heck of a workout.

Plyometrics, by the way, are a series of jump training exercises that are based around stuff that you used to do at the playground, like skipping rope, hopping and jumping around while you played with your friends. Remember how tired you used to feel after a day at the local park or playground?

The Class will boost your body strength, balance, and agility.

Taryn has put together a dedicated team of instructors who are laser-focused on your well-being. There are no judgments here and this isn't a competition. Taryn's unique teaching style is described as being," from the heart".

As we stated earlier, music plays a HUGE part in each class offering. And every teacher has his or her own favorite playlist. Taryn, who teaches many of the classes herself, has a rotation that includes the heart-pumping sounds of Rage Against the Machine, Florence, and Mumford and Sons.

The studio itself is visually stunning with a luxe resort spa type of vibe.

With a warm and soothing design that encompasses gorgeous marble slabs, flickering candles,pink-gray finishes, and colorful healing crystals, the studio embodies a finely-tuned balance of positive energy.

Each one of the rooms is adorned with calming, clear quartz lighting fixtures, museum-like metal lighting, and color wheel gems. Contemporary art, sculptures, and photographs, curated by Trove Art, are on display throughout the studio. You will never be at a loss for something interesting to look at and engage your mind.

There's a great deal of variety on the class schedule, as well. In addition to Taryn's signature class, you can sign up for The Class Cardio. A forty-five minute non-stop endorphin surge, this class combines toning, aerobics and anaerobic training, all set to curated beats that will get you moving.

The Class plus Restore is movement based and is meant to refresh both your mind and body. The first half of the class is filled with the fiery intensity that is a hallmark of Taryn's signature class. Things cool down considerably, though, in the latter portion of the class with deeply restorative yoga and meditation.

If you've recently gone through a break-up, an argument with a friend or family member or just had a bad day at work, then look into booking The Class Relieve.

A great way to hit the reset button in your life, The Class Relieve is a twenty-minute no-sweat option for those who are seeking to clear their mind and re-connect to self. Your instructor will help you to cleanse negative energy from your spirit through breath work and meditation.

Taryn and her team also offer a range of other wellness options such as retreats and cleanses. Rid your body of harmful toxins and feel like a new person with Taryn's ten-day seasonal cleanse.

Designed by Taryn in conjunction with culinary nutritionist Dana James and nutritional consultant Mikaela Reuben, this program centers around daily plans that are a blend of seasonal, anti-inflammatory foods and Ayurvedic practices.

The Retreatment takes you on a multi-day immersive experience that is held in elegant, unexpected surroundings that are filled with natural beauty.

Each day is filled with surprises and routines that are anything but!

Upcoming retreats include Malibu, Bear Creek Lodge in Vancouver British Columbia and the Dominican Republic.

A typical retreat day starts off with morning meditation and then two cathartic hours of The Class with Taryn, followed by a nourishing communal brunch where you are certain to make new friends.

Then it's time for a soothing, invigorating massage, quality time outdoors, in the woods or on the beach, chillin' to your hearts' content, evening yoga at sunset and another delicious farm to table meal.

If you are so over your usual, same old, been there and done that gym grind, The Class by Taryn Toomey offers a plethora of wellness alternatives that will take you to places you've never been before. It's one cool journey, indeed.

Location and Hours

Monday....................7 AM to 8:30 PM
Tuesday...................7 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday.................7 AM to 7 PM
Thursday..................7 AM to 7 PM
Friday....................7 AM to 7 PM
Saturday..................9 AM to 4 PM
Sunday.................8:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Trinity Boxing Club - Tribeca

At this no-frills, but the clean and welcoming gym, the Snow family invites members to change their perspective on life and embrace the physical and mental benefits that result from a solid workout centered around boxing.

The original Trinity Boxing Club was founded well over a century ago by the current owners' great-grandfather Lorenzo Snow.

Over the years, the actual physical location of the club may have changed a time or two, but their mission hasn't. The Snow clan are all about helping their clients meet life's challenges both in and outside of the ring.

Boxing changes your identity and how you see yourself. Everybody thinks that they know what they CAN'T do. At Trinity, Butch, John, Omar and Martin Snow are here to show you what you can accomplish with the proper training and motivation.

Hey, we're all human. It's only natural to feel overwhelmed at times or even be afraid of success. But nobody ever led a happy, fulfilled life by playing it safe.

Once you step inside the boxing ring you will gain a new-found confidence or as Martin Snow likes to say; "The other gyms give you a nice set of Abs. Here at Trinity, we give you the guts to go along with it."
Trinity's workouts are based on the routine that professional fighters undergo when training for about.

No workout is ever exactly the same because it is important to keep things fresh and the client engaged. But, your workout will involve a combination of a series of time-tested training methods and exercises.

You'll kick off each session with a warm-up. Students will jump rope in order to loosen up and get the blood flowing. After that, your trainer will teach you how to wrap your hands, just like the pros do. Then, it's time to shadow box. This is where you will build up your technique and endurance.

Once you have mastered the art of throwing punches at shadows, it's time to get in a little heavy bag work. During each three minute round, you'll punch for power and accuracy.

When you've got all that down, you'll put on some specially designed focus pads and go mano a mano with one of the Snows.

Without making human contact, you will be able to simulate what it's like to punch and respond to punches. And all the while, you'll be getting closer to your ultimate goal; participating in an actual sparring session.

This is what separates a real boxing gym from a make-believe one, the adrenaline rush of hand to hand combat.

Sparring is done under very strict guidelines, with your safety first and foremost in mind. Contact is limited and protective gear must be worn at all times. Under the eagle eye of a Trinity trainer, students who are on a similar level of competition will match up against each other in the ring.

Proper conditioning is emphasized throughout your entire time spent at Trinity.

The last thing that you want to do is get winded when you hit the heavy bag or focus pads and find that your workout is over before it really got started.

When your trainer calls out a series of push-ups or other calisthenics, he just might remind you of your old high school gym teacher. But, he has your best interests at heart. besides, throwing around that medicine ball can be a load of fun, if you approach it with the right frame of mind.

Very clean with a great vibe, the gym is a living tribute to the man who started it all, Lorenzo Snow.

The twelfth son of an Irish potato farmer, Lorenzo came to America to seek a better life and ended up bartending in lower Manhattans' notorious Five Points neighborhood.

During this time, the strong Irishman became enamored with boxing, eventually turning pro after some on the job training at his bar, breaking up fist fights between drunk customers.

Around this time, Lorenzo met and fell in love with a vaudeville performer, Margaret " Maggie" McEldowney, a beautiful woman who shared his fascination for the sweet science.

Over a six-year action-packed career, Lorenzo amassed an amazing record of 168-2 with 156 knockouts! But nothing lasts forever. Due to a near-fatal eye injury, Lorenzo retired at an early age.

Wanting to keep his hand in the game, Lorenzo and his wife opened a boxing speakeasy, a place that doubled as a nightclub and informal gym. The Snows named their speakeasy The Trinity Club, after their first-born daughter.

Over the next couple of decades, luminaries who frequented The Trinity Club included heavyweight champ John L. Sullivan, Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Lindberg, Al Capone and none other than Joseph Kennedy, a second cousin to the Snows and the father of future President John Kennedy.

After Lorenzo and Maggie passed away, Trinity Club closed its' doors for a period of time. Eventually, the family re-opened Trinity in another location as a gym where New Yorker's who loved boxing could connect and train.

The standard of excellence that Lorenzo and Maggie established, all those decades ago, has never wavered under the new generation of Snows.

Not sure if boxing is right for you? Trinity makes it a no-brainer by offering a very attractive trial offer for new students.

For only $65, you will receive a one-week trial package that includes group lessons as well as access to their showers and locker rooms as well as equipment like gloves, hand-wraps etc. The groups are kept very small so that every student gets personal attention from the instructor.

They also have a package that offers unlimited monthly training for just $300 a month. There is no long-term commitment. it's on a month to month basis.

Should you prefer, Trinity can also set up a series of private lessons for you. Please check their website or give them a call for further details.

Location and Hours

116 Duane Street
New York, NY 10007
(212) 374-9393


Monday to Friday...........6 AM to 9 PM
Saturday..................10 AM to 3 PM

ARC Athletics - Tribeca

Founded by trainer extraordinaire Gene Schafer in 2005, ARC Athletics is a boutique fitness and sports performance training facility.

No matter what your fitness goals may be, Gene and his caring, dedicated staff will help you meet them.

Not your usual run of the mill gym, ARC Athletics challenges you to embrace change. It's never too late to get back in shape. If you've been thinking about walking the walk, when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, then the trainers at ARC are all the motivation you will need.

They offer a wide variety of programs and services that will help you to tap into your potential. Both one on one in- gym and at-home personal training is available as is functional movement training, stretching, back stabilization and core training as well as Marathon prep. Runners, ARC Athletics has exactly what you are looking for.

With programs designed for all ages and fitness levels, ARC is proud to offer a Youth Training and Athletic Prep regimen that will get your child off their phone and computer and into a world of personal development and physical fitness.

Kids and teens will learn the fundamentals of strength training, cardio endurance, sports performance and so much more. This program is ideal for young people who just want to get active or, perhaps, have aspirations to compete in high school, college or professional sports.

ARC lays the foundation for what it takes to compete.


arc athletics tribeca


Had trouble got out of bed this morning? Or, maybe, you are feeling more sore than usual after your early morning run? That could be because you didn't have time to stretch or just don't know how to do it properly.

Problem solved at ARC! Their expert trainers will stretch you out and demonstrate the right way to do it.

Whether you are getting ready to run a marathon or simply want to become more flexible, you're in good hands at ARC Athletics.

One of the city's most qualified fitness professionals and a very nice, down to earth person, Gene Schafer likes to keep his rates affordable and within reach of all New Yorkers.

Gene believes that, with lower rates, the client will be able to work out more often. And, when you increase the frequency of your workouts, you see greater results. It's a winning formula that works for both parties.

Holding a Master's Degree, from Columbia University's Teachers College, in Physical Education, Gene is a NATA BOC certified athletic trainer with over twenty years experience.

Gene's impressive resume includes five years as a personal trainer for Plus One at Goldman Sachs as well as several years at Columbia University Athletics, as a trainer, where he worked with members of the men's basketball, track, volleyball and Lacrosse teams.

No stranger to the athletic arena, Gene has completed multiple marathons such as the ultra-competitive ING New York City event.

As if that wasn't enough, Gene has also had the honor of serving as an examiner on the Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers. This is one guy who definitely knows his stuff.

At ARC Athletics, lunchtime is crunch time!

Change up your lunch hour and, instead of heading over to a fast-food joint or talking about your favorite Netflix series in the office break room, make every minute count with a visit to ARC. When you do 15 With Gene, you work out harder, not longer! Hey, you won't have to starve yourself, either. Grab a salad to go after your workout!

These power-packed fifteen-minute sessions take place between 11 AM and 2 PM, Monday through Friday.

Choose to go fast and furious or slow and steady. It doesn't matter because of your 15.

With Gene is customized to your specific fitness goals. And, the best part about it is that you can arrive early or stay late after your workout and use Arc Athletics' top of the line cardio equipment or get in some stretching.

The cost is only $25 a session. Plan to make 15 With Gene an integral part of your day.

Think ahead and save by purchasing a package of ten sessions for $250, which entitles you to a free session.

While we're on the subject of budget-friendly offers, here's one that you simply have to take advantage of. ARC Athletics' referral program is straightforward as it gets; you will receive one complimentary workout of any kind or stretching session for every friend you refer, who purchases a workout or training session.

Open up a world of possibilities at Arc Athletics and get to know Gene Schafer, a trainer who checks his ego at the door and really, truly listens to his clients. At ARC, it's all about you!

Location and Hours

5 Harrison Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 281-6412


Monday to Friday..........6 AM to 8 PM
Saturday..................6 AM to 12 PM

Yoga Vida - Tribeca

Despite the calm, soothing ambiance that envelops one and all, you will feel energized and so very alive, every time you leave the studio after taking one of their amazing classes.

Yoga Vida's teachers present yoga in a way that encourages independent thinking so that you can incorporate what you learn here into your everyday life.

Using a highly developed curriculum that appeals to all the senses, the instructors here use the physical practice of yoga as an entry point to achieve a serene, steady and undisturbed mind.

This inventive approach to yoga should come as no surprise when you consider who the founders are.

You've seen Hilaria Baldwin discuss the joy of yoga on all the popular morning talk shows.

The wife of actor Alec Balwin, Hilaria was an established yogi and well-respected wellness expert years before becoming a media darling. One could even say that, when she opened Yoga Vida, back in 2009, Hilaria helped to revolutionize the way that the average New Yorker looked at Yoga.

At one time, yoga was considered to be something only for the "elite". Hilaria's philosophy was that yoga should be inclusive and accessible to all, without judgment, peer pressure or demands. Yoga Vida is truly yoga for everyone.

That approach is shared by the studio's co-founder Mike Patton, a Princeton University economics major and Ice-Hockey player turned Wall Street broker who, after a great deal of soul-searching, did a career 180 and became a yogi.

Setting an example every single day, Hilaria and Mike have forged a team of yogis who are united by the core values of accessibility, compassion, integrity, humility and teamwork.

Yoga Vida is currently featuring a very special offer for first-time students; $25 for two weeks of unlimited yoga plus a complimentary mat and towel.

They are also offering weekly community classes. These classes, which have a suggested one dollar minimum donation, are open level Vinyasa Flow, taught by advanced students who are ready to transition into instructors.

New to yoga or haven't practiced in a while? Don't worry, Yoga Vida has got your back, literally.


yoga vida tribeca


Their basic-level Vinyasa Flow class is geared toward the novitiate. Your instructor will pierce the veil of mystery that surrounds yoga, for some people, and break down the must-know fundamental postures and movements.

The intention of this class is to get you in the flow, so to speak, so that you can feel the effect of yoga, but at a slightly slower pace than you'll find in most of the other classes on the schedule.

As you probably already know, many things, from enjoying a glass of wine while listening to music to practicing meditation, are better in a dimly-lit room, aglow with candles.

Yoga is no exception.

Candlelit Flow transforms Yoga Vida's studio into the kind of world that you want to be in after a day spent dealing with your boss at work and family-related issues. Doesn't Mommy ( or Daddy) the problem solver deserve a little me-time, too?

Yoga by candlelight is the ultimate game-changer in terms of re-setting your mood and taking a step back to gently exhale and embrace the moment.

Good for students of all levels and abilities, the style, mood and pace of this enthralling class are set by your teacher.

For the really, really serious student, there a heated flow class. Full spectrum infrared panels are used to heat the room to a not unbearable but testing, 90 degrees in order to create a rejuvenating, detoxifying and de-stressing yoga experience.

At first glance, you may not think that this kind of class is for you. But give it a try. You just might be glad that you took up the challenge.

Unlike the more traditional Hot or Bikram yoga, the infrared panels heat the room and the students, gradually, from the inside out. As your core temperature rises, so does the room.

Other offerings range from pre and postnatal yoga to kids yoga, a playful and imaginative class that teaches yoga's history and moves through a series of games, storytelling and simple stretching.

Keep your life centered at Yoga Vida, where you're not just a member, but part of an ever-evolving community.

Location and Hours

416 Washington Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 343-7001


Monday...............6:45 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday..............5:30 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday............6:45 AM to 9 PM
Thursday.............5:30 AM to 9 PM
Friday...............6:45 AM to 7:45 PM
Saturday.............7:30 AM to 6 PM
Sunday...............7:30 AM to 7:30 PM

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