The South Street Seaport Dining & Bar Scene

The South Street Seaport Dining & Bar Scene

Every year seems to bring exciting new additions to the ever-growing bar and restaurant scene in the South Street Seaport neighborhood.

Between a struggling economy and a devastating hurricane, this community has, in recent years, suffered more than its' fair share of setbacks. But the residents and business owners here are resilient and you can't keep them down for long.

Young chefs and restaurateurs have joined forces with the owners of long-established businesses in an effort to build the community back up again. They are succeeding beyond their wildest imagination.

The South Street Seaport and its' surrounding environs are once again a prime tourist and nightlife destination.

Let's take a look at some of the eateries and bars that have brought "sexy" back to the Seaport!

Clinton Hall - Lower Manhattan

Fulton Street is one of the most historic walkways in Manhattan. Home to the famous Fulton Street Fish Market for many years, the nearby piers hosted all manner of seagoing craft, from fishing schooners to huge sailing ships that made their way here from exotic locations like Asia and the Caribbean.

An important part of the revitalization of the South Street Seaport neighborhood, Fulton Street is now home to the latest hot spot in entrepreneur Aristotle Hatzigeorgiou's restaurant and lounge empire, Clinton Hall.

Aristotle has spent the last thirty years creating some of the city's most fun places to hang out.

Known to friends, family and long-time customers as Telly, this enterprising nightlife promoter and restaurateur began his career in hospitality when he opened Slate over 20 years ago. Originally a pool hall, located in Queens, Telly transformed this establishment into a trendy lounge.

Slate's resounding success was soon followed by another location in Manhattan and by the launch of Beekman Beer Garden, West End Hall as well as Ambrose Beer and Lobster.

Clinton Hall at the Seaport offers extensive outdoor seating and a bright, inviting indoor space that has a spacious room dedicated to old-school but timeless arcade and video games, foosball, ping pong, giant Jenga, Connect 4 and so much more.

You could get lost here for hours. There's no better place to blow off steam, after a long day cooped up in the office than right here, testing your gaming skills with an ice cold beer in hand.

A modern beer garden, Clinton Hall is home to a totally exciting and unique craft ale adventure known as Supercraft. Telly trademarked this name so you just know that it has to stand for something really good.

The beer menu features 20 draft brews on rotation, including keg-conditioned lagers ranging from Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and Scandinavia to the good old USA.

All Supercraft beers are served precisely to each brew master's specifications, thanks to an on-site Flux Capacitor. Now, that may sound like a piece of advanced technology that you would find on the Enterprise space ship in the Star Trek Movies, but it is a lot more down to earth than that.

All you need to be concerned about is that this advanced beer technology makes your glass of suds taste great!

The secret is that the Flux capacitor calibrates nitrogen and carbon dioxide, thereby adjusting the compression of each individual beer. By controlling the exact gas blend for each beer recipe through this system, the glass of beer that you order is served at its' scientifically engineered best. Who says that science doesn't have its'uses?

The three pillars that make up Clinton Hall's DNA are craft beer, great food and fun. We've talked about the other two dynamics, so it's time to get to the food offerings.

Each and every month the chefs at Clinton Hall come up with some extremely creative and hunger-satisfying dishes. Available for a limited time only, creations like the Vietnamese style crispy Brussels Sprouts and the Oaxaca hot dog with bacon, avocado and pickled jalapenos add
spice and variety to the menu.

A couple of items that were permanently added to the menu, due to popular demand, are the avocado hummus topped with smoked paprika oil and the pan-seared cauliflower tossed in home-made Buffalo Sauce and crumbled Blue Cheese.

Juicy and tantalizing craft burgers include the Fondue burger, a spicy duck and chorizo patty, the black bean and jalapeno popper hamburger and Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, which is a patty made with a 50/50 bacon and beef blend topped with Vermont Cheddar and a dollop of spicy grain mustard.

Our sweet tooth can give us some real trouble, from time to time, when we over-indulge, but having an awesome dessert, every once in awhile,won't hurt. Just remember to floss and brush when you get home.

That having been said, your sweet tooth will absolutely adore you when you treat it to one of Clinton Hall's craft waffles. Yes, you heard that right. They do put a lot of thought into everything here.

The Peanut Butter Dream is a waffle topped with delicious delights such as banana ice cream, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Pieces, Nutella and a slice of Reese's Peanut Butter Pie.

Another great choice is the Red Velvet waffle. Vanilla ice cream takes centre-stage on this one along with the raspberry sauce, cocoa powder, crumbled Oreo cookies, cream cheese whipped cream and, to put this dessert completely over the top, a slice of red velvet cake.

If you spend even just a few minutes with owner Telly Hatzigeorgiou, you'll discover that he has a warm, fun-loving personality. telly's restaurants and lounges are a reflection of who the man is. he is all about hospitality and making his customers feel welcome.

Location and Hours

19 Fulton Street
New York, NY 10038
(212) 233-0305


Monday to Friday.................11:30 AM to 2 AM
Saturday and Sunday...........11 AM to 2 AM

V Bar Seaport - Lower Manhattan

At a time when everyone in the hospitality industry is obsessed with too cute for school culinary concepts and demographics, it's refreshing to find a business where their calling card is nothing more than delicious, locally sourced food and the only statistics that matter are happy, satisfied customers.

It's no wonder that at V Bar Seaport, the owners feel that their biggest asset is the people who work for them. No matter what corner of the world you hail from, you will be made to feel welcome here.

And, if you are a local resident who counts on brunch or an intimate, cosy dinner to make you feel like yourself, again, then you can count on V Bar's servers to offer up a warm smile and

a few soothing, heartfelt words as they take your order.

Located in one of New York's oldest and most charming neighborhoods, V Bar offers patrons a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of what the city was like hundreds of years ago.

Housed inside a venerable building that was home to Carmine's for over 100 years, the rooms and structure have been painstakingly restored to their early nineteenth century origins.

The ambience is romantic with candles on the tables and a vintage saloon-type bar that defies description.

When it's time to celebrate the moment at hand, you will never run out of options here. V Bar Seaport offers a rotating list of around forty boutique label wines, many of which are organic. There are twenty-five beers to choose from including an excellent selection of micro-brews, together with seasonal cocktails and spirits.


v bar seaport lower manhattan


Lift your spirits to their highest with the Downtown Gin and Juice, made with premium Gin, apple cider, ginger, lemon juice, honey and basil.

A little more on the exotic side is the East River Channel. The ingredients are East India Solera Sherry, gin, cranberry juice, orange juice and a lemon wedge garnish.

Take a quick and thirst-quenching trip to the tropics with the Passion Mojito, which is comprised of vodka, mango and passion fruit juice, mint and lime.

The menu pays homage to the neighborhood's seafaring early days. Noshes and apps include baked clams, fish and chips, grilled octopus and calamari with your choice of either aioli or a tomato garlic dipping sauce.

Succulent chunks of crab meat pair well with Fontina and Parmesan cheese in the creamy and filling Seaport Mac and Cheese.

Pasta-lovers will also delight in the Farmer's style Tortellini that blends sausage, mushrooms and spinach in a light cream sauce as well as the Gnocchi and Pesto dish.

The chef's chicken schnitzel, which is infused with lemon and thyme is also quite good as is the meatloaf that comes in an unusual but very tasty red wine sauce.

Location and Hours

212 Front Street
New York, NY 10038
(212) 732-7600

Monday to Sunday.....................11 AM to 11 PM

Cafe Patoro - Lower Manhattan

A flaky croissant, toasted corn muffin or buttered roll along with a cup of steaming, hot coffee is the traditional go-to's for busy New York commuters on their way to work or when they are craving a late morning snack.

That's all fine and dandy, but, when you eat the same thing, day after day, breakfast on the run can get old fast, no matter how good it may be.

You live in the most diverse city on earth with access to the amazing food and culture of dozens of nations. So, why not take advantage of all the delicious options that are available? Fuel up your day a different way!

When you're in the South Street Seaport neighborhood, a great place to kick off your culinary explorations is Cafe Patoro.

Owner and chief baker Ahla and her husband Eugene have brought to the community a delectable array of Brazilian pastries and sandwiches, along with some of the best coffee you'll ever drink, in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

It's just a real pleasure to walk into Cafe Patoro and be greeted by the owners and their friendly staff. No matter how busy it gets, they always have time to say hello and give customers a radiant smile.

And, if you have any questions about the exotic menu of breakfast and lunch items, they will be more than happy to answer them.

Everyone who stops by, though, has one thing on their mind that they've got to try; the Pao de Queijo. Affectionately nicknamed PDQ by the staff, this delectable delicacy is a small cheese bread roll that originated in the province of Minas Gerais in Southeast Brazil.

PDQ's have become one of the most popular breakfasts and any time of the day snack foods in Brazil. And, now, Cafe Patoro's artisan bakers have brought them to the Seaport so that New Yorkers can see what all the fuss is about.

The best way to have a cheese roll is piping hot, right out of the oven. That's the way that they serve them at Cafe Patoro! You can smell the aroma of fresh bread and a hint of cheese, from the second that you walk through the door.

PDQ's come in many sizes, although the shape always tends to be round. Ahla and her team, though, bake up PDQ's that are not huge, yet are big enough to give you the perfect bite of a crumb, crust and cheese with every bite.

Guaranteed, one of these cheesy rolls won't be enough to satisfy your cravings. You'll want to grab two or three and save one for the office if you get hungry later on and can't hold out until lunch.

Baked fresh all day long, PDQ's are gluten-free and are priced to move at 99 cents each. You can purchase a sack of twelve for only $10.




The bakers here have actually improved upon the traditional roll and have added a variety of seasonings and ingredients so that you'll never get bored.

Choices range from black olive, pepperoni, jalapeno and pesto flavor to roasted garlic. The team isn't going to stop there, so look for new ingredients to be added to their already tantalizing bread menu.

For a light lunch or afternoon pick-me-up, look into their mini PDQ sandwiches.

The Pesto PDQ contains Prosciutto, arugula and fig spread. Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and Brie cheese are the stars of the Roasted Garlic PDQ.

A generous smear of their addicting apricot mustard tops ham and Swiss cheese in the Black Olive mini sandwich.

If you want to amp things up on your original PDQ, then check out the cafe's made fresh daily spreads. For a very reasonable additional charge of only 50 to 75 cents, you can enjoy a smear of guava jam, dulce de leche, Brazilian cream cheese, flavored butter or bacon jam on your roll.

Bigger bites include a Salpicao salad which contains a very nice portion of chicken, mixed greens, black olives and a boiled egg. They also do a wonderful and flavorful Quiche. Varieties include bacon and peas, broccoli and cheddar or their signature creation, hearts of palm with sundried tomatoes.

Besides their heartier fare, Cafe Patoro has a small but tempting menu of sweets such as Brazilian-style Flan, chocolate chip cookies packed with, what else, but Brazil nuts and Guava cheesecake.

Grab a box of Brazilian Truffles while you're here. Go for either the chocolate, black and white blend, coconut or pistachio.

Location and Hours

223 Front Street
New York, NY 10038
(917) 262-0031

Monday to Friday................7 AM to 6 PM
Saturday and Sunday.........8 AM to 6 PM

PIER 17 - South Street Seaport

After undergoing a top to bottom rebuild that took more than two years, Pier 17 has, once again, reclaimed its' place as the crown jewel of the historic South Street Seaport neighborhood.

Extending out into the East River, Pier 17 has a gleaming new look to it with gorgeous retractable glass doors on each side of the four-story building.

When the weather permits, you will be able to feel the sea breeze at your table as you dine at one of the first floor's many restaurants and bars including an exciting and vibrant concept by Momofuku's owner, Michelin-starred chef David Chang.

Adding to the excitement factor is a 1.5-acre rooftop space that will host concerts throughout the Summer, along with incredible views of the waterfront and Brooklyn Bridge.

Even though it's been open only a few months, Pier 17 has contributed a great deal to the ongoing revitalization of the South Street Seaport District which is really only now starting to recover from Super Storm Sandy.

The folks at the Howard Hughes Corporation have done a magnificent job so far and the best is yet to come. There are some big plans for the Fall and Winter that include an outdoor ice skating rink on the pier's roof, so stay tuned!

Hashtag#Movies are better with a view sums up what you have to look forward to at the Pier 17 Cinema Club.

Every Wednesday, the Rooftop will host a classic or contemporary movie screening that the entire family can enjoy. Genres' range from date night flicks and action movies to comedies and children's favorites.

Tickets are free to go to Pier 17's website and be sure to RSVP as capacity is limited. In addition to the breath-taking views, which are so good they might just distract your attention away from the movie, you'll enjoy old-school movie snacks, speciality drinks at the bar and some very special giveaways.

Recently, the Pier celebrated the diversity of New York with a spectacular and fun Family Day. From morning until night the first floor and outdoor deck were alive with music, clowns, face-painters and balloon artists doing their thing.

Kids and their parents were able to learn about sustainable farming practices and how to whip up a great tasting farm to table meal at the pop-up farmer's market. This event featured workshops and Q and A sessions with local farmers, artisanal purveyors and celebrity chefs.


pier 17


Earlier in the article, we alluded to the Pier's rooftop concert series. Now in full swing, the line-up features a who's who in the realm of pop, soul, rock, jazz and comedy.

We are talking about some of the biggest names in entertainment like Trevor Noah, Amy Schumer, Kings of Leon, Jon Batiste and the Dap-Kings, Gladys Knight and the legendary Sting!

Throughout the Summer and Fall, you can challenge yourself to be the best that you can be at Seaport Fit.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Seaport Square at Pier 17 will host free fitness classes, taught by trainers and experts right from the community. Classes include yoga, circuit training and a special boot camp experience.

A big part of the nightlife (as well as brunch) scene here at Pier 17 are the exciting places to eat. You won't go hungry or thirsty anytime soon at the Pier.

MARKET HALL has something for just about everyone. You can indulge in a glass of Chardonnay, Chianti Classico or sparkling Champagne.

Signature drinks like the Orange Starfish, with mango, chipotle and agave will elevate your evening. On a hot and humid night, the Yellow Submarine, with its' refreshing blend of ginger, honey, turmeric and lemonade never fails to impress.

For just seven bucks you can have the bartender add a little fun to your beverage with a shot of Bacardi White, Jim Beam Bourbon, Sipsmith Gin or Grey Goose Vodka.

The compact but far from a listless menu at Market Hall contains bread and bowl as well as greens and veggies options. You've got healthy choices like white and bluefish salad, a crab meat Arepa with avocado relish and the incredible Bikini Sandwich to satisfy your appetite.

One of the best noshes you will ever have, the Bikini Sandwich is composed of imported Jamon Iberico, Manchego cheese and Black Truffles.

The kale salad with cucumbers and ginger dressing does its' job but is nothing to write home about. On the other hand, few restaurants in the area can offer anything like Market Hall's beet Tartare bowl or the spicy sesame string beans with Tahini and Za'atar.

Chill by the water's edge at RIVER LOUNGE, located on Pier 17's first floor.

Veteran mixologist Mark Murphy has compiled an enticing drink list in a laid-back lounge setting that is fast catching on as THE place to be after work.

The cocktails here are by no means, cheap, with a price range between $14 and $17 dollars, but the flavors will tickle your tongue and the pours are generous.

Sparkling wine is the foundation of the lively Jungle Bird Spritz, whose other ingredients include Campari, Pamplemousse, pineapple and lime juice.

Whether you are drinking solo, on a date or partying with friends, The Bourbon Punch, ( Jim Beam Bourbon, Tropical citrus fruits and Angostura bitters), hits all the right notes.

As far as solid food goes, snacks are the operative word to describe the River Lounge's extremely limited options.

Aside from the house-made pickled vegetables, the standout dish is the truly fabulous chickpea and garlic mash with Foccacia bread. When you drink here, order that and you will be a very happy camper.

Wherever you hang your hat in the Tri-State area, there's no excuse not to come by and check out the happenings at Pier 17.

The South Street Seaport is easily accessible by subway. Just grab a ride on the A, C, J, E or the 2, 3, 4 or 5 trains.

If you live in New Jersey, simply take the PATH to the World Trade Center station and then walk southeast down Fulton Street towards the water.

Should you be driving in, you'll be happy to know that there is a parking lot, not too far away from Pier 17, over at Pearl Street.

By the way, if, like many of your fellow New Yorker's, you love riding around the city on your bike, Pier 17 has safe and secure bicycle storage on the ground floor level, next to the box office.

Pier 17.............Discover diverse dining and endless entertainment at the city's new hub for cutting-edge food experiences.

Location and Contact Info

89 South Street
New York, NY 10038
(212) 732-8257

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