Best Bars and Restaurants - Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Best Bars and Restaurants - Barclays Center, Brooklyn

You already know that the Barclays Center, in a few short years, has become THE destination spot for sports and entertainment.

No matter what you're into, whether it's Disney on Ice, UFC, World Wrestling Entertainment, basketball, ice hockey, Post Malone in concert or former first lady Michelle Obama on her global speaking tour, the Barclays Center has your jam coming up on its schedule.

But, maybe what you didn't realize was that this magnificent arena in the heart of Brooklyn also has some really enticing options when it comes to fantastic food and drink.

In fact, there are sixteen sensational sip and bite options scattered throughout the arena.

You can order up a juicy all-beef burger that is made with meat from one of Brooklyn's finest artisan butchers at the Paisanos Burger stand. Some of the best hot wings and nuggets in the city are available at Buffalo Boss as is the ultimate slice of pizza over at table 87 in the food and café concourse area.

There is even a wine bar on the premises! Palm Bay International Wine bar provides a cozy date night atmosphere as well as a surprisingly diverse selection of wine.

So, when you present your ticket to the attendant in the Barclays Center lobby, get ready for an evening of excitement and an unforgettable culinary experience.

PARM - Park Slope

NYC foodies have, over the years, come to know and love Parm, a classic Italian restaurant with numerous locations throughout town, including Mulberry Street and Battery Park City.

The good news is that, now, Brooklyn residents can share in the joy since Parm has opened an outpost at the Barclays Center.

Planning to attend a concert or Brooklyn Nets or Islanders game at Barclays and wondering how you're going to squeeze in a quick dinner after you get off work? Well, Parm has your problem solved.

Located one level up from the venue's main entrance on Barclay's suite level, Parm has everything that you want in a restaurant; amazing food, a fantastic ambiance and some good old-fashioned Italian charm.

And, did we mention the spectacular view? Parm overlooks the soaring Geico Atrium and sprawling arena floor. It's an incredible backdrop for a meal that can only be described as molto bene.

Brought to you by Major Food Group, the talented team behind restaurants such as Carbone, Sadelle's and Dirty French, Parm prides itself on staying true to Nonna's traditional recipes while also adding a touch of innovation to the proceedings.

It's a good thing that Parm is perched high up and not too close to the arena floor, because the seductive aromas that waft out of the kitchen would certainly be a distraction for the players on the basketball court.

With the arrival of Parm, the Barclays Center becomes the first arena to feature a full-service restaurant that was created by a team composed of James Beard award nominees and Michelin-starred chefs.

Parm is open to all ticketed guests approximately ninety minutes before the scheduled show or game starts. They do take reservations. Just give them a call at (917) 618-6340.

However, if you would rather enjoy your Rigatoni Fra Diavolo or Chicken Parm at your seat, then simply whip out your phone and order Parm-To-Go.

Just go to the Barclays Center APP, connect with Parm's customer service rep and place your order. They will let you know when your meal is ready and you can pick it up at a Parm To Go station inside the arena. How convenient is that?

All Parm dinner platters are served with a side of their signature spicy Rotini pasta. Selections include chicken, eggplant or meatball Parm.

You can get those items in a hero, of course, as well as options like Chicken Caprese, their house-roasted turkey and the always popular Italian cold-cut and cheese combo.

Nothing goes better with a hero or pasta than a nice salad. Parm has two real standouts on their menu; a cheesy Caesar salad and a bowl of Arugula that is topped with figs, almonds and Parmesan.


parm park slope02


You can get your snack on with small plates such as the fried calamari with long, hot Italian peppers, lightly-fried crispy zucchini or seasoned fries that are dusted with cheese. And, let's not forget their sensational crusty fresh-baked garlic bread that is topped with parsley butter.

For dessert or dolci, as they say in Italy, you can indulge in a hefty slice of their bodacious ice-cream cake, classic Tiramisu flavor or S'mores.

Parm is definitely not only one of the better food options throughout the entire Barclays Center, but it is also one of the best restaurants in the Park Slope neighborhood.

Brooklyn Bangers and Dogs - Park Slope

An offshoot of chef Saul Bolton's gastropub, The Vanderbilt, which is located only a few short blocks from the Barclays Center, Brooklyn Bangers and Dogs is, as you might have guessed, all about savory sausages and artisan frankfurters.

A go-to staple with the Barclays' concert and sports crowd, ( you should see the lines at the counter when the World Wrestling Entertainment crew or UFC comes to town), Brooklyn Bangers and Dogs satisfies that primal craving for meat that just won't go away.

Chef Bolton believes that there are no short-cuts to creating a juicy sausage or hot dog that will impress your palate and leave you wanting more.

" In order to make a great sausage, the meat has to be spot-on or it's just not going to happen".

That's why Saul sources his meat from some of the finest butchers in the Borough. And, you can be assured of the fact that every sausage and dog is hand-crafted in the kitchen by Saul and his sous-chefs.

Just gaze upon this star-filled line-up and let your mouth water.

The menu features hot and sweet Italian sausages, knockwurst, weisswurst, a smoked white cheddar brat, kielbasa that is as authentic as you can get outside of Brooklyn's Polish Greenpoint neighborhood, a beef brisket hot dog, a spicy Asian dog and an anything but plain tasting classic hot dog.

This is a dog that is sure to make the folks over at Nathans stay up at night, worrying!

By the way, when you're grabbing a couple of brats or dogs before tip-off or at intermission, add some cottage fries to your order. Even if you are not a French fries fan, you will love these potatoes.

A master at the not as easy as it looks art of sausage-making, Saul has years of experience in the kitchen, earning a Michelin star along the way. Chef Saul, who is forever thinking outside the box, was also one of the early pioneers of the gastropub scene in Brooklyn.

At Saul's critically acclaimed gastropub The Vanderbilt, the menu encompasses so much more than the delectable sausages that are available at Barclays Center.

You can enjoy starters such as butternut squash soup and creative dishes that will kick your taste buds into overdrive like honey-garlic salmon accompanied by a veggie stir-fry, eggplant lasagna and straight from the heart chicken pot pie, topped with a cheddar-dill biscuit, that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Make plans to do brunch or dinner within the cozy environs of The Vanderbilt and experience what sausage love is all about the next time you're at The Barclays Center.

You'll have it made as you enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Vanderbilt is located at 570 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn New York and their phone# is (718) 623-0570.

You can obtain more information at www.thevanderbiltnyc.com

Habana - Park Slope

Every time that you dine at Habana you can expect a hearty and sincere" Bienvenidos !" from the friendly staff. They know a thing or two when it comes to making one and all feel welcome.

After all, that's what the Habana brand is all about; love for the community, a talent for bringing people together and a passion for introducing Brooklyn locals to the delights of Latin cuisine.

This warm philosophy starts at the very top with Habana's founder, entrepreneur and philanthropist Sean Meenan.

Sean's love of authentic Cuban and Latin-fusion food led him to found the Cafe Habana chain several years ago. Habana's amazing success led Sean to invest in the local Brooklyn community with his charitable Habana Works organization, which is doing some incredible things.

Sean is also celebrated as a local hero, as it were, for his renovation of an abandoned structure straight out of the Borough's gritty industrial past, which is now known as the Brooklyn Love building.

If you live in Brooklyn, you're most likely already familiar with Cafe Habana's flagship location at 690 Fulton Street.

At the Barclays Center, though, there are two Habana outposts; on the main concourse outside section 25 and in the upper pavilion, next to section 209.

Even though the menu is a slightly condensed version of what you'll find at their main location on Fulton Street, you won't be shortchanged in any way. There's still plenty of variety.

Most Habana fans go for the Mojo Chicken Bowl or the Cuban Pork Bowl. Just be careful not to knock the bowl over, if you stand up and cheer when the Nets score a three-point basket!

It could get a little messy!

Another popular item at Barclays Center is their signature house specialty, grilled Mexican street corn. This unique version of the All-American corn on the cob is slathered with chili seasoning and Cotija cheese along with a splash of fresh lime juice. You'll want more than one, that's for sure!

You'll also relish Habana's tasty burritos and tortas, which are Mexican-style sandwiches.

The Cuban Sandwich will keep you energized throughout the evening. It's packed with delicious, citrus-marinated pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles, all served on toasty hero bread with chipotle mayo.

The Sloppy Jose is a savory take on the classic Sloppy Joe BBQ favorite. Your sandwich roll is chock full of mounds of spicy pulled pork that is swimming in the kitchen's signature BBQ sauce. This totally fab sandwich is served with black beans, jalapenos, lettuce and tomato.

There's also a nice selection of soft corn tacos and Quesadillas to choose from.

The Barclays Center's concessions, food court and restaurants are known for their diverse menu options with an International flavor. If you've never tried Latin-fusion cooking before, then there is no better place to start than Habana.

The 40/40 Club by Tanduay Rum - Park Slope

A sports bar with a decidedly upscale ambiance, the 40/40 club was created by none other than hip-hop mogul Jay Z.

The 40/40 Club opened its' doors in Manhattan, back in 2003. jay Z wanted to give New York sports fans a place where they could wine, dine, socialize and watch their team play in a cool and casual plush atmosphere.

It's a well-known fact that Jay Z will not settle for anything but the absolute best when it comes to an inviting ambiance as well as premium options for food and drink.

And Jay Z sets the exact same standards for the patrons of the original 40/40 Club as well as his newest spin-off which is located in the heart of the Barclays Center.

The 40/40 Club by Tanduay Rum features many if the same decor accents that the Manhattan club boasts including a spectacular illuminated amber resin bar.

In order to watch the game, you don't even need to venture down to the ice rink or basketball court. 40/40 has, count 'em, 36 TV's including eight 80 inch screens.

As far as beer, wine and spirits go, you can wet your whistle with options from a seemingly endless list of adult beverages.

But, the bar's sweet spot is their signature cocktails. One of the most refreshing options

is the Ambrosia, a sexy blend of champagne and peach puree.

Celebrate everything that this hard-working Borough stands for with Brooklyn Nights, a cocktail comprised of D'usse cognac, Grand Mariner and Coke.

Cherry vodka gives a boost to the Morning Sunrise, whose other delicious ingredients are a peach liqueur, pineapple juice and Grenadine.

At 40/40's Barclays' outpost, the menu consists of mostly finger food that's, to coin a phrase, finger-licking good!

They've got great chicken fingers here, but, for a different kind of taste, why not try their Southern-fried catfish bites. Both come with house dip.

Other options range from house-made crab cakes, grilled garlic shrimp and a huge plate of everything but the kitchen sink nachos to a warm sauteed shrimp, artichoke and spinach dip that is served with herb-toasted French crostinis.

In case you were wondering, there's an interesting story behind the club's name.

The 40/40 Club pays homage to one of baseball's most prestigious achievements. A benchmark for both power and speed on the baseball diamond, the MLB 40/40 club is reserved only for those players who hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in one season. Not an easy thing to do!

This very select group includes players like Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Canseco and Alfonso Soriano.

Celebrity sightings are par for the course at the Manhattan 40/40 Club. But, you never know just who you'll see at the Barclays Center club.


the 40 40 club


When the lights come back on, after a thrilling game or concert and the crowds have started to depart, performers and players have been known to venture upstairs for a bite to eat, a cocktail or beer and a chance to unwind in the company of friends.

However, even without a celebrity sighting, there is more than enough fun and charisma at the 40/40 Club by Tanduay Rum, to ensure that you will have an unforgettable evening!

The club is located on suite level A. If you get lost amidst all of the goodies, restaurants and concessions that Barclays Center has to offer, just ask one of the ushers for directions and you'll be good to go.

The Sugar Factory - Park Slope

Making the world a sweeter place, one designer lollipop at a time, The Sugar Factory has now opened its' doors in Brooklyn, with a store at the Barclays Center.

With a prime location on the main concourse, this 4,000 square foot retail shop features all of the Sugar Factory's most sought-after confections.

Beloved by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Gerard Butler, Rihanna, Drake and Britney Spears, just to name a few, The Sugar factory is all about candy couture that, after one lick, causes a taste explosion in your mouth.

Ever since opening their doors in Los Angeles, the Sugar Factory has grabbed International media attention with their line-up of creative, eye-catching sparkly lollipops.

Couture confections include the captivating 12-inch Unicorn Pop, a veritable swirl of just about every color of the rainbow.

There's also fruit-flavored pieces of candy in the shape of pieces of Lego. Choose from the I Love New York designer container or the smiling Emoji take-out box!

Aside from pre-packaged candy, you also have the option of browsing the store and picking out whatever captures your fancy from chocolate-covered gummy bears, cherry sours, dark chocolate almonds and energy gummy bears

to chocolate sunflower seeds.

At the Sugar Factory, the possibilities for the ultimate sugar rush are limitless.

The next time that you are attending an event at the Barclays Center come to see and taste for yourself, what candy lovers in LA, Miami, Chicago and Las Vegas are raving about.

Location and Contact Info

620 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217
(917) 618-6100

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