Barbara Rubin Wedding Concierge

Barbara Rubin Wedding Concierge

Barbara Rubin - By your side on your Wedding Day!

There are few things in life that are more joyful than planning a wedding.

Both a celebration of love and the ultimate party, your wedding day is also an opportunity to bring together friends and family. To re-connect with those you love and make new best friends forever, as well.

In a very real sense, a wedding is the blending of two different worlds. Each party brings something intriguing and different to the table.

But, creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime is not really as easy as it sounds.

Sure, the months leading up to the big day will be filled with fun and emotion. You'll feel as though you are on a roller coaster ride. You will be floating on cloud nine!

However, the undeniable fact is, that this will also be one of the most stressful times of your life.

There's a ton of hard work that goes into getting your wedding together. In many ways, it's almost like having a second job. And, you already don't have enough time as it is, between career demands, running endless errands, working out at the gym, (gotta look good on the big day), and family obligations.

A couple's wedding day is, without any doubt, a scene that is worthy of being in a classic romantic movie. As the two of you exchange vows, the guests in attendance will be hanging on your every word. And then it will be time to enter a beautifully decorated reception venue, feast and dance up a storm.

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This isn't Hollywood, though, where lavish wedding scenes are created by a support system of make-up artists, set designers, extras and fashion stylists. It's all so effortless for the actors who are portraying the married couple. All they have to do is stand there and look good.

You don't have that option. Real life is not so simple. On the other hand, the planning that leads up to your wedding doesn't have to be complicated and stress-inducing either.

Not when you have Wedding Concierge extraordinaire Barbara Rubin, waiting in the wings!

Just a phone call or email away, Barbara is ready, willing and able to come to the rescue. and turn your dream wedding into a reality!

A talented multi-tasker who has loved the romance, glamour and pomp that surrounds weddings, ever since she was a little girl, Barbara knows just what it takes to do all the so-called " little things " right, in order to pave the way for an unforgettable day!

Personable and engaging, Barb is the Fairy Godmother you didn't know you had!


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Hey, A-list movie stars, singers and athletes all have personal assistants who help them navigate a laundry list of day to day tasks. Why shouldn't you have an invaluable resource like Barbara Rubin to call on, particularly when planning something as important as your wedding?

Barb never met a challenge that she didn't embrace. When this wedding concierge is on the scene, don't be surprised if your daunting to-do list suddenly looks to be a lot more doable.

Recently, Barbara sat down with Aplez.com to lend some insight into the wide array of services that she offers brides and their families.

Meeting on a cold Winter's day at a cafe in the town of Montgomery, the delicious hot coffee and Barb's sunny smile immediately warmed things up.

Barb's enthusiasm for her profession is absolutely contagious. She is the type of person who puts one at ease, making you feel that just about anything is possible.

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Direct and no-nonsense, Barb is also one of the friendliest people you'll ever want to meet. Her advice to clients is both thoughtful and very down to earth.

"When we first meet or speak over the phone, I always tell clients that your wedding is a day that you should remember for the rest of your life. The stress of making that wedding happen should NOT be something that you carry forever with you."

Continuing on, Barb explained that " All too often brides tend to get so caught up in running one errand after another for their upcoming wedding that they forget to live in the moment. I want the bride and groom, as well as their parents, to savor everything there is about preparing for the big day."


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A wedding concierge can help the bride, together with her mom and dad, make magic without breaking the bank.

You CAN have a spectacular wedding that "pops" off your Instagram while also tugging at your guest's heartstrings. Splurging on 20K worth of flowers is totally unnecessary. There is a multitude of other ways to impress your guests. And this is one hard-working concierge who knows all the tricks of the trade.

Barb will show you how to get the job done in a way that will keep you on point and on budget while also allowing you to enjoy the experience instead of reaching for the Pepcid or Maalox.

" Yes, everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. That's understandable. And I can play a huge role in accomplishing that formidable task. You just have to approach things with the right mindset and you'll be fine." said Barb, leaning forward in her chair.

A natural-born problem-solver, Barb has a wealth of life experience in addition to her work for a long list of happy brides.

For most of her professional life, Barb taught Social Studies in the Newburgh city school district. She also spent some time coaching teachers at various schools. Barb has always had a knack for helping people through the various pitfalls and issues that life throws at us.


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She is someone who you can rely on to get you through the tough times. Think of Barbara as the "Mary Poppins" of wedding concierges. In no time at all, she will have you kicking your heels up in the air as you sing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

You'll feel just like Emily Blunt or the legendary Julie Andrews, with not a care in the world.

Pressure doesn't scare Barb; in fact, she embraces it. While working for the Newburgh School System, Barbara learned more about meeting deadlines than she can remember.

There were always parent-teacher conferences to attend, grades due, reports to be turned in on time and faculty presentations. Organizing things is second-nature to Barb.


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Happily married since 1990, Barb has enjoyed every moment of the time she has spent with her husband, raising two wonderful children and being a "Mimi" to a quartet of adorable grandchildren.

But, even when she was busy helping to improve the lives of her students, Barb's infatuation of weddings was never far off. So, it comes as no surprise that this wedding concierge's guilty pleasure is watching "Say Yes to the Dress".

Barb honed her skills, over the years, while assisting friends and relatives with their weddings. An organizer par excellence, Barb has got everything involved in the managing and prep of your big day down to a science.

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One of Barbara's first concierge clients was a neighbor who just happened to knock on her door one afternoon.

He asked Barb to help his fiancee with finding the right bridal salon as well as addressing a couple of other items on her endless pre-wedding list. Barb not only found a new client but formed a lifelong friendship with this bride.

There's nothing that Barb doesn't like about weddings. Her scrapbook is brimming with one fond memory after another. As we chatted, Barb fondly recounted a story about her cousin's nuptials.

"During the cutting of the cake, instead of the usual thing of smashing a slice of cake into the bride's face, my cousin grabbed the microphone from the DJ and said, "This is the most beautiful cake I ever saw, but it's not as beautiful as my wife! Just look at her! "


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"The guests exploded into cheers and applause," added Barb. "There wasn't a dry eye in the house".

Years and years ago, Author Richard Carlson set the self-help world on fire with his thought-provoking book "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff ".

However true that may be, sometimes it's the exception that proves the rule. When we are talking about making a postcard-perfect wedding happen, then the devil IS in the details. The "small" stuff may not be quite as tiny as you would like it to be.

Barbara will be right by your side as she turns her eagle eye and laser-like focus to the everyday tasks that can take up so much of your time. Not to mention, drain your energy.

As a wedding concierge, Barb provides a veritable rainbow of services. Unlike a wedding Planner, who designs the wedding from the top down and is only concerned with the big picture, Barb is there for you day in and day out. No task is too big or too small.

Won't it be a relief, when you are sitting in your office, at 6 PM on an unexpected conference call, knowing that, when your day is done, you can go straight home and enjoy dinner with your fiancee' instead of having to head over to the florist, dry-cleaner or go out of your way to pick up stationary?

Barbara's here to make your life as easy as possible.

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Here's a partial list of her myriad of services. But if you don't see something that you need on the list, fear not; The sky's the limit. Quick on her feet, Barb can even address last-minute emergencies.

A great resource, Barb can provide you with vendor referrals as well as assist you in doing price-comparisons between vendors which, to the uninitiated, can be more than a little overwhelming... Need to deliver the envelopes to your calligrapher? Check! Wondering why your old college room-mate hasn't yet RSVP'd? No worries. barb's on the beat.

Barb will get in touch with all of your guests to make sure that they've got every last detail sorted out, in terms of where the church and reception hall are located, down to double-checking hotel reservations, if you are planning a destination wedding.

The groom will absolutely fall in love with Barb after she saves him time and trouble by picking up the groomsmen's tuxedos! How cool is that?

An out of the box thinker, Barb has been known to assist stressed out brides in finding a great yoga instructor or meditation class to ensure the most Zen wedding possible. Namaste', Barbara!

More often than not, newly engaged couples are faced with the time-consuming and decidedly NOT sexy or romantic task of finding an apartment or house to live in. After all, you can't live in your honeymoon hotel forever, much as you might want to.

Barb can even point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a real estate professional who can help make that dream house or condo a reality.

One of the most challenging pre-wedding tasks is setting up the rehearsal dinner. Finding the best restaurant for the occasion, going through their menu and making sure that all parties show up, takes up a ton of the bride and groom's time that can be better spent elsewhere. It's Barb to the rescue, once again!


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Other tasks and issues that can and WILL be solved include payment to vendors, assembling gift bags and delivering them to the reception hall or hotel, confirmation calls to the event space and vendors, as well as assisting the bride in picking out her dress.

Barb will work with you on your wedding registry, helping to sort out all of the annoying details that drive brides and grooms crazy including duplicate gifts etc..

"I would also be honored to provide constructive feedback to the bride and her family in their dress selection," exclaimed Barb!

"My affinity for "Say Yes to the Dress" emanated from my own visits to Kleinfeld's Bridal Salon. As a wedding concierge, I have a professional and a personal interest in watching how styles have changed over the years. Over the years, I have become a "less is more" girl. "


what does concierge do


"Sometimes the most dazzling or spectacular dress isn't the most appropriate dress for that particular bride. I have this innate sense, looking at my clients, as to what looks good on them."

Sometimes, Barbara feels, there can be a bit too much drama going on when a bride, her mom and friends visit Kleinfeld's or any salon for that matter, to pick out a dress.

Everybody's got an opinion and the atmosphere can sometimes get somewhat tense. It's no wonder that the bride can feel as though she is caught in the middle.

Having someone like a wedding concierge on hand to offer an outside voice can defuse the tension. With a dry sense of humor, Barb is an expert at getting people to see the lighter side of things.

"Hey, it's all about the bride. It's her day so, when all is said and done, she's the one who has to be happy wearing the dress." offered Barb.

One thing that most brides don't anticipate is the work that has to be done post-wedding.

Barbara's got you covered on every post-wedding task that you can think of from making sure that scores of thank you notes/cards are appropriately addressed and sent in a timely manner to ensure that the bridal gown is cleaned and stored in a safe manner.

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The bridal gown is a keepsake that is now a part of your life; something that you'll treasure forever. So, let's make certain that this beautiful wedding gown isn't relegated to the back of a dusty closet. You deserve better than that.

Oh, and by the way, Barb will also see to it that the groomsman's tuxes are returned on time. The last thing you and your partner want is having to pay a late fee to the tuxedo shop.


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During our conversation, we asked Barbara what her favorite part of the wedding day is.

Without any hesitation, Barb replied that "I love the marriage ceremony itself. The sanctity of the vows. It's wonderful to just sit there and watch as the bride and groom declare their love for each other and exchange rings."

"Of course, the food and music, whether it's a DJ or live band have to be on-point. But, there's just something about the couple's first kiss after the priest, minister or rabbi has pronounced them to be husband and wife."

Barb considers herself to be one of the luckiest people in the world. Surrounded by a loving family, Barb's second act in life has allowed her to turn a passion and hobby into a profession. You can't ask for more than that.

Lighten your load by letting Barbara make sense of your hectic life leading up to (and after !), the big day!

Relax and exhale! Barb's got this!

Contact Information :

Hours By Appointment

320 Robinson Avenue

suite 201A

Newburgh, N.Y. 12550

(845) 202-1792

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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