Best Restaurants - Radio City Music Hall

Best Restaurants - Radio City Music Hall

Having opened its doors on December 27th, 1932, Radio City Music hall has, over time, earned its place in entertainment history as the "showplace of the nation."

A larger than life venue, Radio City Music Hall is the largest indoor theater in the world.

The Music Hall's spectacular marquee is a full city block long while the auditorium stretches well over 160 feet from the last row to the stage. And, if you're afraid of heights, don't purchase a ticket for a balcony seat because the ceiling reaches an awe-inspiring height of 84 feet !

The stage itself may not be considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world, but it's pretty close. This amazing showcase is made up of three sections that are mounted on hydraulic powered elevators. A fourth elevator raises and lowers the entire orchestra pit. It's all crowned by a huge, shimmering gold curtain.

Special effects options are all computer controlled and include mechanisms that will, at the click of a mouse, create swirling fog, floating clouds, fountains of dancing water streams as well as torrents of rainfall.

Designed by architect Edward Durell and noted interior designer Donald Deskey, the Music Hall still maintains its' unique Art-Deco style.

One of Rockefeller Center's first tenants, Radio City Music Hall was christened by none other than David Sarnoff.

A protege of the inventor of wireless radio, Gugliemo Marconi, Sarnoff was chairman of Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and would go on to become the president of NBC.

Today, Radio City Music hall is known around the world as the home of the Rockettes as well as a venue that hosts major concerts and events such as the Grammys and the NFL Football Draft,

The venue has a vast array of snack options and there are concession stands scattered all around the building.

Satisfy your hunger with gourmet cookies, popcorn and hot dogs that are a cut above the average. you may quench your thirst with soda, hot chocolate, fresh-brewed coffee as well as wine and specialty frozen drinks.

However, should you be looking for something a little more substantial, the neighborhood around the Music Hall provides a diverse selection of restaurants and trendy bars.

Radio City Music Hall Location and Hours

1260 Avenue of the Americas
New York, N.Y. 10020

Box Office Hours
Monday to Saturday10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday Closed unless an event is taking place.

Johnny Utah's - Midtown

Who among us hasn't watched the classic John Travolta flick "Urban Cowboy" and wished that they could live that kind of life, if only for a day? The role of Bud Davis was tailor-made made for an actor like Travolta, who looked so effortlessly cool decked out in a stetson, jeans and spurs...

The good news is that, now, thanks to the good folks at Johnny Utah's, even guys and gals who have never been to Texas or anywhere west of Westchester County for that matter, can channel their inner urban cowboy for one heck of a good time!

Located inside of a converted bank vault in the basement of a not-so-typical NYC office building, Johnny Utah's transports you to another world; a place where country music is king

and the tall drinks and menu portions are out-sized because everything's bigger in Texas. That's just the way things are.

The wonderful thing about Johnny Utah's is that the ambiance truly captures the magic of the Urban Cowboy experience without being in any way cheesy or hokey. It's all about putting your cares of the day away in a drawer and just cutting loose.

A great place to start "riding the range" as it were, is to hop on Buck, New York City's only mechanical bull. He looks scary but, rest assured, Buck doesn't bite.

Attention Cowboys and Cowgirls; step right up and see if you've got what it takes to tame Buck who, as previous riders can attest, is quite a handful.

But, if you can't stay in the saddle, don't fret. Your landing will be soft, (the area around Buck is well-cushioned), and there's always another day to test your mettle!

Situated right by the bar, Buck is encircled by a very imposing ring of fire. Okay, full disclosure; the" fire" is actually a ring of candles, but it still looks very impressive and the glow only adds to the overall atmosphere.

A6,000 square foot subterranean saloon, Johnny Utah's is your new party-hearty after-work destination.

Since it's only a few steps away from Radio City Music Hall, head on over to Johnny Utah's after a concert and keep your night alive and kicking.

There's plenty of thirst-quenching options at the bar that will provide thrill-seekers with all the liquid courage they need to get up close and personal with Buck the mechanical bull.

Do you like beer? They've got a bountiful selection. Into spirits? The Bourbon and Whiskey list are one of the best in town. Some of America's finest distilleries are represented here.

Specialty cocktails abound here and one of the best is the Georgia Mule. This delightful brew is made with Peach vodka, ginger beer, peach bitters and a splash of lemon juice.

Another good bet is the Cherry Pop, a blend of Junior Johnson's Cherry moonshine, coca-cola, and get this, moonshine-infused cherries.

You'll also love the Verry Merry Bourbon Alexander which consists of premium Bulleit Bourbon, creme de cacao, a dollop of cream and an egg white.

Happy Hour is a blast at Johnny's! The good times take place from 3 until 6 PM Monday through Friday. here's the deal; you get $2 off select draft beers, $3 off any mixed drinks and you'll save a buck on appetizers.

Be on the lookout for some very special events such as private craft bourbon tastings hosted by boutique distilleries.

The kitchen specializes in, what else, but Tex-Mex cuisine and they do it so well. Menu standouts range from Quesadillas and loaded nacho platters to their famous slow and low Baby Back Ribs that are slathered with house-made BBQ sauce.

If you order the sizzling fajitas, you can choose from chicken, steak or shrimp. Every option is accompanied by grilled Spanish onions, red and green peppers, guacamole and stewed green tomato sauce which is a hoot in itself.

Weekend brunch has become increasingly popular at Johnny's thanks to menu items such as the Southwestern omelet that is filled with avocados, salsa verde, pico de gallo and tortilla strips.

The Cowboy Sandwich is worthy of its' name. This hearty brunch dish comes with a mound of home fries. Scrambled eggs, bacon strips and chipotle mayo are layered on hero bread.

The wild and ever so slightly crazy spirit of the American Southwest meets the heart of sophistication in Midtown Manhattan at Johnny Utah's.

Location and Hours

25 West 51st Street
New York, N.Y. 10019
(212) 265-8824

Monday to Thursday11:30 AM to 3 AM
Friday and Saturday11:30 AM to 4 AM
Sunday 11:30 AM to 12 AM

Hurley's Saloon - Midtown

There is no shortage of Irish pubs in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood. In fact, there seems to be, at least, one or two on every block. And that's a good thing! Who doesn't love the celebratory spirit that seems to be infused in the DNA of your everyday Irish publican?

But, with all this competition to contend with, it is all the more impressive that Hurley's Saloon has withstood the test of time and is charming today's hipsters, craft beer lovers and foodies much the way it did with their parents and grandparents.

You could say that Hurley's has become part of the city's mosiac; a genuine New York tradition.

Spacious, with three inviting floors, Hurley's Saloon has a trend-defying but always welcome Victorian vintage vibe going for it.

One of the dining areas is enveloped in dark wood, antique lights and an actual working fireplace. You can also host your birthday celebration in a room that is decorated like a Victorian gentleman's study, replete with a small library nook.

The main dining room is a sight and a half. There is an abundance of table seating together with cozy and comfy booths that are semi-enclosed in an alcove-like setting. Romance is definitely in the air at Hurley's!

And, let's not forget to mention the fact that, located at the rear of the restaurant is a small but beautiful outdoor patio/beer garden.

When darkness falls, picturesque nineteenth-century street lanterns illuminate the lush green shrubbery and planters that are filled with colorful flowers.


aplez best restaurants in radio city music hall hurleys


Any pub or saloon worthy of its' name should have on hand an expansive collection of beer and spirits. Hurley's does NOT disappoint.

The old-school pubs were not exactly known for their cocktails. The credo was usually simple is better. But, today's barkeeps, particularly at Hurley's, enjoy the creative license that their job affords them.
You can see and taste their ingenuity when you order from Hurley's extensive cocktail list.

The Pink Lady is as sensual a cocktail as you will ever sip. The ingredients of Stoli Razberi, cranberry juice and lemon-lime soda are both simple and refreshing; packing one awesome punch.

Another must-order drink is their version of the classic Manhattan, which consists of Woodford Reserve, sweet vermouth and bitters.

Right up there at the top of the list is the Sidecar, an adult beverage that blends Remy Martin 1738 Cointreau and lemon juice.

The menu here showcases quite a few innovative bar bites and appetizers. The mac and cheese wedges are crispy on the outside and oh-so-creamy and cheesy on the inside. But, that's not the real story.

This dishes' wow factor is the totally addicting bourbon whiskey BBQ dipping sauce.

Also worthy of note are the Irish cheese fries. Perfectly cooked wedges of potato are topped with jack and cheddar cheese, bacon crumbles, scallions for that always welcome touch of green and a generous pour of succulent gravy.

Entree selections are just as satisfying. Sure, you can enjoy traditional pub grub like fish and chips or beef stew.

As far as the chicken pot pie goes, the flaky and buttery crust alone is worth the price of the dish. However, they don't skimp on the tender chunks of chicken and veggies that make a pot pie one of the ultimate comfort dishes of all time.

Hurley's chefs, though, really showcase their ingenuity and penchant for the unexpected in dishes such as Jerk shrimp over Quinoa and superb mango chutney.

The signature Penne Aurora features grilled, well-seasoned chicken and sauteed peas inside a vodka sauce the likes of which you have never tasted before.

Prior to going to a Broadway show or a Rockettes Dance spectacular at Radio City, be sure to look into Hurley's enthralling $37 Pre-Theater prix-fixe menu.

Including choice of an appetizer, entree and dessert, the Prix-Fixe will satisfy the most ravenous appetite. Get into the spirit of things at Hurley's Saloon!

Location and Hours

232 West 48th Street
New York, N.Y. 10036

Monday to Saturday 11:30 AM to 4 AM
Sunday11:30 AM to 3 AM

Hurley's Saloon-Midtown

Located within one of the trendiest and most tourist-friendly neighborhoods in the city, Sean's Bar and Kitchen isn't trying to re-invent the wheel. The crew at Sean's takes pride in what they do.

That is exactly why their resounding recipe for success, pairing up delicious pub favorites with down to earth Irish hospitality and beer, beer and MORE beer, shows no signs of slowing down.

In short, if it ain't broke, don't even try to fix it.

With friendly staff on hand, you feel as though you are being welcomed into a house over in Dublin or the Cork County countryside. You cannot put a price on that kind of sincere warmth, especially if you're feeling exhausted from doing the tourist thing all day and are in need of some hot food and an adult beverage or two. Sustenance, as we all know takes on many forms.

A fantastic date spot with its' cozy, intimate interior, Sean's bar and Kitchen is also a great setting for a business lunch. Locals find Sean's to be a welcome lunch hour retreat from their never-ending day at the office.

Pubs just kind of have that effect on people. That's why they are so popular, the world over!

The bar features, count 'em, 54 imported and domestic brews including some very delicious artisanal beers that are just waiting for you to discover them.

There's also a wide variety of refreshing ciders available including the celebrated " Official beverage of Ireland, Magner's Original Irish Cider.

You can also grab some very intriguing draft cocktails like The Irish Mule. The ingredients of Tullamore Dew Whiskey, fresh ginger juice and nectar from a fresh-squeezed lime will tempt anyone's palate.

The Pear Fizz is one of their better house cocktails. This well-crafted elixir pairs Nolet's gin and pear juice with agave, lemon juice and seltzer.

For something, a little different give the Cranberry Margarita a shot. The blend of cranberry juice, Altos Silver Tequila and Orange Liqueur is something quite extraordinary.

The menu is quite extensive but, thankfully, doesn't travel all over the place. The chef keeps his focus on small plates that go very well with the liquor and beer being offered.

We are talking warmly baked pretzels that are accompanied by a delightful ale cheese sauce and Guinness mustard and roasted Brussels Sprouts that are dressed with bacon, tomatoes and Sriracha aioli.

Zesty and tasty do not even begin to describe the pork belly sliders on brioche with boom-boom slaw and chipotle BBQ sauce.

Traditional fare ranges from a beef and lamb Shepherd's Pie, Bangers and mashes with mushy peas to the menu's showstopper, Meg's Curry. Be prepared for this innovative take on Irish Curry to become your new favorite dish. The curry is lively but not over the top spicy, while the chicken is tender and the rice fluffy. Very light on the tummy.

Location and Hours

42 West 48thStreet
New York, N.Y. 10036
(212) 764-9090

Monday to Sunday 7 AM to 4 AM

Melt Shop-Midtown

Throughout the year, Radio City Music Hall hosts a wide variety of family-friendly shows,

Parents make plans months in advance so that they can take their kids to the Rockettes Holiday show, which features dancing elves, reindeer, larger than life snow globes and an appearance by Santa Claus!

Whatever time of the year, though, you are taking in a show at Radio City with your children, the eternal question that moms and dads have is, "Where are we going to eat?"

The answer to that perplexing question is the Melt Shop.

Located within easy walking distance to Radio City Music Hall, this fast-casual eatery has everything that stressed-out parents and their kids are looking for; convenience, a lively, fun atmosphere, fast efficient service and food that appeals to children of ALL ages!

Even the fussiest eater in your family will love what's on the menu at Melt Shop.

The owners, Spencer Rubin and Josh Morgan, founded Melt Shop with one goal in mind; to make the best grilled cheese sandwich on the planet. getting hungry? We know you are!

Sandwich enthusiasts, Josh and Spencer set out to re-define just what the definition of comfort food really is.

Comfort food is a term that is totally over-used nowadays. However, the founders of Melt Shop feel that a true comfort dish is the kind of food that you would rather eat over anything else. It's a dish that conjures up visions of home, of those weekend lunch-time favorites that Mom used to make with tender, loving care.


aplez best restaurants in radio city music hall melt shop


And that is just what's waiting for you at this fun food palace.

Cheerful and bright with a very clean, contemporary decor look, melt Shop has enough space to accommodate even the largest of families.

This place is all about, you guessed it, melty cheese blends and combinations. Yet, that having been said, there's also a surprising amount of variety on the menu.

Grilled cheese sandwiches go from the time-honored basics, The Classic, which features both American and NY Cheddar on fresh-baked country white bread to the esoteric but delectable Truffle Melt with Muenster cheese, arugula salad, black pepper and truffle oil.

You might also wish to try the savory and sweet Maple Bacon Melt. The stars of this Sammie are slices of crisp maple-glazed bacon, cheddar cheese and sharp brick spread.

The menu contains some very intriguing chicken melts including one with slices of fried chicken, red cabbage slaw, pepper jack cheese and their signature Melt sauce.

The roast beef at Melt is done just right. It's never dry and overcooked or so rare that it's a bloody turn-off. So, don't be afraid to order their outrageous French Onion Beef Melt. This sandwich is a meat-lovers dream on a plate with tons of succulent roast beef, caramelized onions and muenster cheese dressed with a Sherry Vinaigrette.

If you're not a carnivore fear not, Josh and Spencer have got your back.

One of the most requested items is the Roasted Veggie Melt which is comprised of roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, arugula, Goat and muenster cheeses and a parsley-pesto spread on multi-grain bread. it is SO very healthy and delicious.

Sides includeHerbed-Parmesan fries, a made from scratch roasted tomato soup that calls home and hearth to mind and cheesy tater tots that will leave you and your kids speechless. They're that good!

And, of course, there is a tempting line-up of thick, creamy milkshakes, ranging from vanilla and strawberry to chocolate and Nutella.

Take the family to Melt Shop and re-discover the joy of food. You won't be able to wipe the smile off your face!

Location and Hours

135 West 50th Street
new York, N.Y. 10019
(212) 974-3423

Monday to Sunday11 AM to 11 PM

Ted's Montana Grill-Midtown

Media mogul Ted Turner's love for the American West has been well-documented, as is his concern for our environment.

As the owner of one of the largest ranches in his adopted state of Montana, Ted has put into practice sustainable agricultural methods and deserves credit for re-introducing the Bison into the culinary marketplace.

Large herds of these majestic creatures, who were on the verge of extinction, now roam Ted's sprawling ranch.

Ted's Montana Grill, which is located in the Time-Life Building, directly across the street from Radio City Music Hall, is inspired by the classic saloons of the old west. It was here that cowboys, ranch hands, cattlemen and land barons relaxed and unwound over a shot of whiskey and a hearty meal.

Back in the day, ranchers dined on locally sourced meat, fruits and vegetables. They didn't really have any other choice. that's just how folks lived in the West, far away from the eastern cities where mass-production and industrialization were starting to take over.

Ted's Montana Grill continues this tradition of sustainability today with ingredients that are as fresh as they can possibly be!

The chicken and bison that you dine on here are antibiotic and hormone-free. In an effort to prevent waste and ensure quality, side dishes are made in small batches, several times throughout the day.

And, FYI, bison meat is rich in protein and nutrient-dense. If you've never tried it before, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

Nothing is more American than the warm welcome that ranches and stagecoach inns offered their guests, weary from days spent traveling the dusty roads and trails in the Western plains.

Ted's Montana Grill is all about delivering " Big Sky Moments" of hospitality. The staff wants you to leave the restaurant feeling BETTER than you did when you walked in.

Burgers may not have been a staple in the Western Badlands, but for more than 100 years, the hamburger has been the go-to meal of Americans on the go.

At Ted's, they have an incredible selection of burgers and you can choose either an Angus beef patty or a Bison burger.

The Canyon Creek is a juicy burger that's topped with cheddar, bacon, a fried egg and blackberry jam.


aplez best restaurants in radio city music hall teds montana grill midtown


Very appropriately named, The Green and Hot has an unusual topping combination of pepper jack cheese, jalapenos and guacamole with Sriracha aioli.

The Skinny Dip is bunless and perfect for those who want to indulge but are also mindful of eating healthier. A juicy turkey patty is added to your meat options. Your patty is topped with vine-ripened tomatoes and slices of avocado together with a kale salad.

There are some very inviting poultry selections on the menu. The Springer Mountain Roasted chicken platter consists of an all-natural, Sam Adams-infused half chicken with cranberries, garlic and Rosemary. The chicken is sided with Parmesan roasted broccoli and mashed potatoes.

All perfectly-aged steak cuts are hand-trimmed in Ted's on-premises butcher shop and are finished with lemon butter. Options include ted's signature 8 oz. filet, a delicious NY Strip and a Delmonico Rib Eye.

If you're in an adventurous frame of mind, let your eyes dance over the Bison Specialties section of the menu. You'll be glad that you did!

Both the bison meatloaf and slow-braised pot roast are excellent as is the chopped steak with grilled onions and mushrooms.

The kitchen offers a fabulous Vegetable Plate that is specially designed for those who have eliminated the word meat from their vocabulary.

Put together your very own custom dish with four selections from the side dish menu including roasted asparagus, buttered carrots, sauteed cauliflower, seasoned green beans, baked sweet potato and so much more.

When it's time to wind up your meal, you won't want to miss out on the menu's sweet endings offerings.

They've got warm, fresh-baked cookies on hand as well as a creamy slice of cheesecake surrounded by a harvest of wild berries. The mouth-blasting blend of creamy, sweet and slightly tart is outrageous.

Kudos also go to the pastry chef's Apple Pecan Crisp. made with Granny Smith Apples and an oatmeal pecan crust, this sensational crisp is covered with caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Location and Hours

110 West 51st Street
New York, N.Y. 10020

Monday to Saturday11 AM to 10 PM
Sundays Closed except for private events.

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