Artisan Florists in Manhattan

Artisan Florists in Manhattan

Just as you seek out artisan chefs and mixologists for date night, brunch and Happy Hour, do yourself a huge favor and discover just what the artisan floral designer has to offer, the next time you are in the flower-sending mode.

Ode a' la Rose - Chelsea

The French certainly know a thing or two about the fine art of romance. In fact, they might very well have written the book on it!

Since practically the beginning of time, flowers have always played a part in expressing one's feelings. Nothing says " I love you" like a beautiful bouquet of roses.

So, it comes as no surprise that one of the premier floral design shops in the city was founded by a pair of dashing and personable Frenchmen, Louis and Olivier.

Having moved to NYC many years ago to pursue a career in, of all things, banking, Louis and Olivier noticed, very quickly, that the flowers they ordered from various shops seemed to be lacking a certain something in terms of style and elan.

Thus was born Ode a' la Rose, a floral shop with a difference. Their style is flowers a' la Parisienne or, to put it more simply, flowers that are createethyingd with panache'.

As Louis explains it; "In France, flowers are not just something pretty that you send; they tell a story on your behalf. From the variety and number of stems to the choice of colors and composition, a bouquet carries meaning, heart and passion."

The duo launched Ode a' la Rose in 2012 to share this part of their culture with their adopted city and to celebrate their deep appreciation for beauty, elegance and life's everyday pleasures.

The floral team here is all about attention to detail and customer service. They are true artistes in every sense of the word. No order is too big or too small.


ode a la rose


Too busy to stop by the store? Not a problem. You can order online or by phone. Convenience can be sexy in its own way.

Going above and beyond to give their customers the most personal of experiences, Ode a' la Rose will upload a photo of your bouquet or arrangement to your phone BEFORE it goes out, for your approval.

At Ode a' la Rose, everything starts with a passion for nature.

No matter what the particular occasion may be; a birthday, anniversary, new baby, first date, they will design a visually captivating floral arrangement that perfectly conveys the sentiments you wish to express.

And, of course, being the romantic type of guys that they unashamedly are, Louis and Olivier you just know that Ode a' la Rose specializes in weddings.

They will sit down with you and carefully custom design a floral service for your big day, from the bridal bouquet and boutonnieres to a centerpiece that will have your guests sending photo after photo to their Instagram page.

Carefully sourcing their flowers from only the best eco-friendly farms around the world, Louis and Olivier work with growers in Ecuador and Colombia to give you the most beautiful roses that money can buy.

With greenhouses located at elevations of 8,000 feet above sea level, your roses are grown in optimal conditions with increased sunlight, longer days and perfect temperatures.

The roses are then shipped out to the shop, every day, at the peak of freshness. Because of the care and love that is put into nurturing them, your roses will last longer. Won't your love appreciate that?

The owners will happily tell anyone who'll listen that they have the best job in the world!

" We get to help people express their feelings through flowers, come to work in the most beautiful of surroundings and, maybe best of all " adds Louis with a nod and a wink, "we no longer have to wear suits."

The shop is not hard to find at all. Ode a' la Rose is in the middle of everything that the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea has to offer including appealing restaurants, upscale bars and fashionable boutiques.

Just look for their colorful sign and logo which depicts a cute little dog holding a bouquet of flowers.

Location and Hours

120 West 28th Street

New York, N.Y. 10001

(646) 660-5281



Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM

Sunday Closed

Starbright Floral Design - Chelsea

You won't know what to look at first when you enter Starbright Floral Design, a flower and plant emporium with almost seven thousand square feet of nature on display at its' absolute finest.

In business since September 14th, 1994 founders Eva and Nic have, to this day, remained true to the core values that formed the foundation for their store.

Everything revolves around YOU, the customer. The design team at Starbright will listen carefully and craft a bouquet or floral arrangement that speaks volumes to the person it is intended for.

In a very real sense, they are your floral ambassadors!

Nic will be happy to give you a tour of the premises. Starbright is his baby if you will and what proud parent doesn't like to show his or her little one-off, now and then?

In the workshop area, you'll see the floral artisans cheerfully toiling away

like Santa's elves up in the North Pole. Every last stem is arranged with love, from their heart to yours.

Nic feels that Starbright is all about smiles. You can feel the good vibes that abound throughout the shop and the person who receives flowers from Starbright will definitely be grinning from ear to ear.

Starbright is on the higher end of the scale, for sure, but that doesn't mean that they are not affordable. Nic wants EVERY one of fellow New Yorkers to be able to shop here and not feel left out. There is a price point for all.


starbright floral design


One of their most convenient and budget-friendly options is the weekly flower delivery subscription.

Starbright's flower concierge will arrange to have a gorgeous, blooming bouquet of flowers delivered to your apartment or office. Just let them know what your favorite colors are and they'll do the rest.

And, you can discontinue the subscription anytime you like. You have the refreshing flexibility of NOT being obligated to a long-term contract.

As long as you love the creations that they bring you each week, Starbright will be delighted to return again and again.

When you email, call or stop by the shop, be sure to ask about the frequent flowers program. It's the best blossom rewards program in the business and one that actually not only saves you money but GIVES you cash to spend.

It's easy, peasy as 1,2,3! Each time that your account with Starbright reaches $200, in purchases you will be emailed a $20 coupon that can be used towards a future floral work of art. Now, that's as cool as cool can be!

If you own a business, Nick and his crew make it uber-convenient to transform your office space, restaurant, yoga studio or boutique into a soothing, all-enveloping oasis that will instantly transform the mood of everyone who enters.

Under their much-applauded plant and orchid maintenance program, Starbright will send a floral care expert to your space, every week.

They will water, clean, prune and fertilize your plants so you don't have to. You've got better things to do during your day. Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

You can also take advantage of Starbright's very special green guarantee. Should any plant or orchid that you bought from them starts looking a bit worse for wear, they will bring you a flourishing replacement at no charge.

Celebrate the people who mean the most to you with a touch of nature designed by the good folks at Starbright. And, get ready to show the love!

Location and Hours

140 West 26th Street

New York, N.Y. 10001

(212) 229-1610



Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM

Sunday 9:30 AM to 4 PM

Roses and Blooms - Midtown East

Located just steps from fashionable Park Avenue and well within walking distance of the luxury shops and boutiques that line Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center, Roses and Blooms is a florist for the ages.

A family-owned business, Roses and Blooms have twenty-five sterling years of tradition and excellence behind it. The owner, Jan, has worked as a florist for an amazing forty years. So, there's little doubt that these people know what they're doing.....and then some.

Shopping for flowers here is a refreshing change from dealing with those 1 (800) florists where you never really know who you're dealing with.

Even if you are pressed for time, ( and what New York resident isn't ? ), try and go out of your way to visit Roses and Blooms. It's a wonderland filled with all manner of succulents, Tulips, Lilies, Dahlias, Lilacs, Roses and Hydrangeas.

Behind the counter, you'll find caring florists who want to send you out the door 100% delighted with your purchase.

Well respected within the industry, Jan and his team have been featured in the New York Times as well as on CNN, NPR and several local morning news shows.

The Roses and Blooms personal touch extends to how they source their flowers. They refuse to deal with any middlemen or those humongous flower warehouses in Miami that many of the 1 (800) shops use.

Jan and his head floral designers scour the globe, visiting farms in such far-flung places as New Zealand, Ecuador and Kenya to ensure that the flowers that they buy are grown according to the highest of industry standards.

Every bouquet or arrangement purchased represents the person giving it, so nothing can be left to chance.

At Roses and Blooms, everything commences with a conversation. Your floral artisan will ask you a multitude of questions about your upcoming wedding, christening, birthday bash, corporate event; even what your date's, (or spouses), favorite flowers and colors are).


roses and blooms


Feel free to mix up every color on the rainbow, from white, red, green and burgundy to lavender, pastel, purple, peach and yellow.

The finished product is limited only by your imagination, as well as the dexterous, talented hands and eyes of Rose and Bloom's artisan designers.

Popular bouquets include the multi-hued Love at First Sight, Magenta Mystery, Mellow Yellow and the fabulous Window Box Vase. This stunning collection of green Cymbidium orchids and Echeveria's is perfect for apartment dwellers. It will liven up things, no end!

Great news... The shop can accommodate last-minute orders with same-day delivery. And they will gladly deliver to all Boroughs.

Roses and Blooms; where convenience meets a one-of-a-kind flower buying experience.

Location and Hours

599 Lexington Avenue

New York, N.Y. 10022

(212) 758-7673



Monday to Friday 8 AM to 7 PM

Saturday 11 AM to 6 PM

Sunday Closed

Elan Flowers - Soho

This charming, bespoke floral shop has been dazzling New Yorkers with bouquet after colorful bouquet since they opened their doors in 1983.

Whether your tastes run to the traditional or you prefer more of a contemporary approach, the artisans at Elan will craft just the right bouquet for you.

Quality and integrity are the words that owners Patrick and Christine live by and put into practice every day. Your satisfaction is their number one priority.

Using only the finest seasonal flowers, the Elan design team blends a classic floral aesthetic with a quirky, modern twist.

"Be Kind" is their motto. Patrick and Christine are forever inspired by their customers, whose daily acts of kindness are reflected in the precious gift of flowers, creating memories that will be treasured forever by the recipient.

Patrick and Christine's diverse backgrounds contribute to the unique vibe at Elan as well as the personality of their floral arrangements.

A much-acclaimed visual and performing artist, with an MFA from New York University, Patrick received Event Solutions Magazine's Spotlight Award for Event Designer of the Year, in 2009.

Patrick and his colleagues will "set the stage" with incredible floral displays, for your wedding or corporate event.

A former dancer and choreographer, Christine brings her love of beauty and style to Elan. As the manager, Christine co-ordinates client connections and is responsible for the daily upkeep of the shop.

The decor changes with the Holidays and the seasons, so Christine is always working on something new at Elan.

Elan's Signature collection features color and petal blends that will captivate your heart, ranging from Pink Peony Perfection, Tres' Chic, Sweet Orange and Peach Blossom to Vintage Pinks.

You can now complement the fresh flowers that are delivered to your apartment with finely crafted products from Elan's Home Collection.

The Elan Home Goods product line features both imported items as well as items that have been made exclusively for the shop.

Choose from items such as stunning Georgian wooden candlesticks, Taper and Tatine candles, dried Lavender from the South of France and a beautifully designed Hurricane Vase.

For the home gardener, they also have available indoor and outdoor garden and floral tools as well as some very stylish watering cans.

As you can see, you'll want for nothing when you visit Elan Florals.

For nature-lovers, this is the best kind of one-stop shopping there can be.

Getting back to Patrick and Christine's endearing motto, why not "Be Kind" to yourself and buy a plant or bouquet of flowers, bring them home and change up the vibe, just a little.

You'll be so glad that you did, as you sit back on your comfy sofa and enjoy a steaming cup of herbal tea while gazing upon that gorgeous new addition to your living room.

Location and Hours

26 Grand Street

New York, N.Y. 10013

(212) 240-9033



Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM

Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM

Sunday Closed

Julia Testa - Soho

At only 32 years of age, floral designer Julia Testa has already made quite a name for herself in the industry.

With a penchant for hard work and an eye for detail and color schemes, Julia weaves together bouquets and arrangements that are so artistic they are like a painting come to life.

Not long after opening her first storefront in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, Julia brought her brand to Soho, where she designs magical bouquets for everyone from celebrities and corporate CEO's to everyday people who wish to express themselves through flowers.

Julia and her team are now branching out from flowers to home interiors as well as event production. In demand all over town, you might just have caught some of Julia's florals enhancing the background of a scene in one of your favorite NYC-based TV series.

But, despite going from success to success, Julia is determined to always remain true to her "roots" , if you'll pardon the pun.

Julia does not concern herself with keeping on-trend. She has always marched to the beat of a different drummer and is something of an out of the box innovator in the floral industry.


julia testa


This enterprising woman was the first florist to design and execute a floral beauty product PR Mailer. The magazine editors and influencers who received this striking package could not stop raving about the overall design and wow factor. And, of course, the flowers themselves.

Aside from her signature PR Media mailers, Julia can do customized florals for pitch meetings, point of sale displays and product launch events.

When Julia Testa Florals creates synergy with your brand there's no telling how far you can soar.

Attention all amateur gardeners! Join the fun at the shop's Wine and Design Floral Class. No experience needed!

Julia invites you to come and "snip while you sip", every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM at their Soho location.

Immerse yourself in the unrivaled beauty of flowers as you learn the basics of crafting an unforgettable bouquet. All while enjoying the bouquet of a glass of fine wine.

Julia will provide all the tools you need and, best of all, you will get to take your arrangement home to enjoy all week long.

Another creative and fun hands-on option is the Botanical and Terrarium classes.

Held at the Soho store, these classes will impart to you the basics of terrarium building as well as succulent and Cacti design, tips on potting and so much more.

One of Julia's specialties is designing live vertical gardens for your home or office. Yes, you heard that right! With team Julia's expertise, you can actually turn a nondescript wall in your apartment or shop into a lush green garden.

They will even install an irrigation system that will refresh and renew your vertical garden.

When it comes to weddings, Julia has more than got you covered.

When most couples are planning a wedding, arranging for flowers is usually not at the top of their list of priorities.

But, it should be. Flowers set the tone for everything from the actual ceremony to the reception. When the arrangements are not done right, something is visually lacking and a ton of Instagram-worthy moments go right out the window.

Julia will sit down with the engaged couple and go over their personal style so that the flowers reflect who you are.

They can provide extra touches like aisle decor, ceremonial floral arches, chandeliers crafted out of flowers as well as centerpieces for the tables at your reception venue.

No matter what the event is, make the ambiance cozy and comforting with curated floral designs from Julia Testa.

Location and Hours

111 Thompson Street

New York, N.Y. 10012

(347) 573-1728



Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM

Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM

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