Bringing you the Art of Makeup - Danielle Victoria Boyer

Bringing you the Art of Makeup - Danielle Victoria Boyer

The love of your life has asked for your hand in marriage and you've said YES!

Congratulations! It's time to exhale and enjoy the moment. This is what you've been waiting for.

No doubt, you'll be calling everyone you know as well as sharing all the excitement on Facebook. Life will truly never be the same again as you embark on what feels like a magic carpet ride.

Now, however, the hard work begins. Over the next few months or longer, you'll be busier than you ever imagined meeting with vendors and running what seems like a million and one errands.

After all, from the wedding ceremony itself and the choice of reception venue to the flowers, music, menu and celebration cake, you'll want everything to be perfect. Nothing less will do.

However, as any wedding planner will tell you; the foundation of any successful wedding is in the details. Some are quite obvious; others, not so much.

One very important item that you do NOT want to fall by the wayside is how you will LOOK on your wedding day. And we're not just talking about your wedding dress.

When the eyes of the world, (or so it seems), are watching as you walk down the aisle, your makeup has to be absolutely flawless.


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Your lips, eyes and skin tone will speak volumes to those who'll celebrate with you in person as well as the countless number of people that will view your wedding photos on social media.

On the day of your nuptials, you don't want just anybody, even a trusted friend or relative, to do your makeup. Too many things can go very, very wrong. And, you've only got one shot at getting this right.

Leave your look to a professional who knows what she's doing. Leave your face in the expert and gentle hands of stylist extraordinaire Danielle Victoria Boyer.

With years of experience tucked away in her cosmetic bag, Danielle has seen and done it all. Confident in her skill set, Danielle loves to put on a "happy face" for everyone from brides and models to young professionals.

Aplez.com spoke with Danielle a short while after she returned from a belated honeymoon trip to Bali and Thailand, with her husband Samuel.

Having been gone for almost three weeks, Danielle was busy catching up with clients. The wedding whirlwind never stops. Nevertheless, the charming makeup artist was still able to give Aplez.com a generous portion of her time.

Although Danielle now proudly calls Astoria her forever home, like so many of her neighbors, the makeup maven did not grow up locally. But, it was where she chose to be.

Attracted by the diversity and energy that is the hallmark of the Big Apple, Danielle found her adopted city to be a welcoming place where opportunity beckoned and she could chase her dreams.

However, prior to moving to NYC, Danielle was lucky enough to have enjoyed spending her formative years in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Made famous by the piano man himself, Billy Joel, as the lead track on his classic 1982 album, The Nylon Curtain, Allentown is a quintessential slice of Americana.


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The third-largest city in the state of PA., Allentown still retains something of a small-town feel according to Danielle.

You can hear the emotion in Danielle's voice as she talks about the place where she was born and raised. Much as Danielle loves Astoria and her life in NYC, Allentown will always be, in the immortal words of Bruce Springsteen, "My Hometown."

Danielle brings the blue-collar, hard-working ethic she learned in Allentown to everything she does in life.

"It was so nice there. I could walk to all of my friend's houses. Wherever you went in Allentown, you'd run into someone who you knew. People looked out for each other and there was a lot more to do than you might imagine."

As a young girl, Danielle never really gave much thought to leaving Allentown. She was quite comfortable there.

Until that is, Danielle visited New York City on a school field trip, when she was fourteen.

"I totally fell in love with the city from practically the minute my feet hit the pavement. The countless times that I'd seen New York in the movies or on TV didn't prepare me for the impact of seeing it in person. The more that we walked around, the more smitten I became. I kind of decided right there that, one day, New York would be my home!"

It would, though, turn out to be a few years, before that dream would become a reality.

In the meantime, Danielle started to lay the foundation for a career in makeup and wedding styling. That, along with acting, was her true passion in life.

"I started acting school at the age of twelve and the owner, Charlene, and I became very close," explained Danielle.

"Before opening up her talent agency and school in Pennsylvania, Charlene had worked as a makeup artist in New York and also did some singing and acting. She had actually done all of the things that her students aspired to. It was a joy learning from Charlene."


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Danielle's life would change forever on the day that she came into the school to take some headshots for an upcoming audition. Charlene told her eager young student that, prior to the photo shoot, she wanted to apply some makeup to Danielle's face and change things up a little bit.

"I was going through an acne phase at the time and, honestly, was not feeling my best," admitted Danielle.

"Charlene completely transformed my look. I could not believe the results. When I looked in the mirror I had that WOW moment."

To say that Danielle felt like a new person would be no exaggeration.

"I loved the photos so much, I kept them for years. The whole thing made me realize just how confident the right makeup could make a person feel. It was, as they say, a game-changer."

Danielle practiced on herself, friends and family; literally anyone who she could get her hands on. It was all very much trial and error. Even her Dad, good sport that he is, got into the act, albeit reluctantly.

"You've got to remember,  that this was before YouTube became popular and you could find thousands of how-to videos on the internet. The more that I practiced, the better I got at it. "

Within a relatively short amount of time, Danielle was asked by Charlene to assist her on makeup for headshots as well as on modeling photo shoots.

It was a dream come true for the aspiring makeup stylist, who was only sixteen.

During her time working at the acting school, Danielle freelanced whenever she could, doing makeup for fashion shows and the occasional wedding.

She also started making weekly trips to New York City, picking up the odd job here and there and laying the groundwork for an eventual move.

For a brief while, Danielle veered slightly off her career course by taking a job at a day spa.

"At the spa, I was able to do some makeup, but the majority of my time was spent doing waxing and facials. One of the things that I enjoyed the most was learning all the ins and outs of caring for your skin, which is huge when it comes to makeup application."

"I always remind my clients that it's of the utmost importance to prep and hydrate the skin. It not only determines how the makeup will look but also how long the application will last. An extra benefit of Danielle's spa days was that she realized that she had a knack for doing eyebrows and ended up growing a large clientele, both in Allentown and NYC.

"I absolutely LOVE doing brows. So, if I have a bride that needs a bit of trimming or cleaning up, I'm on it! You know, brows really do frame your entire face. You shouldn't neglect them."

Once Danielle felt that she had enough experience under her belt, she finally took the plunge right after her 23rd birthday and made the move to NYC.

However, Astoria was NOT her first stop in the big city.

"I actually lived in Brooklyn for a while. I never even heard of Astoria. But, as things turned out, I met someone who lived in the neighborhood, we became best friends and she introduced me to this amazing place."

When Aplez.com asked Danielle what she liked best about Astoria, she warned this reporter that we might be here for a while.

"It's so close to Manhattan and very convenient. Astoria's got the best food hands down. My husband Samuel and I love trying out all of the incredible restaurants on 30th Avenue, which is down the street from our apartment. Usually, after a wedding, I'll meet up with Sam, have dinner somewhere and just pig out. There's no time to eat, when you are busy with the bride and her bridesmaids, touching up makeup and shooting photos. So, I'm totally starving at the end of the day."

Danielle is as ecstatic about living in NYC now, as the day she first moved here.

"It is really a blessing to live in such an amazing place. You feel as though you're a part of something very special and unique. I love getting up early and walking my dog here. You can walk around the corner on 30th Avenue and find yourself on a quiet street. It's so peaceful. Astoria has everything you could want without all of the craziness."

In many ways, the community feeling that is so much a part of Astoria is reminiscent of Allentown.

Booking Danielle to get your face ready for the big day is easy and stress-free. One of the friendliest and most genuine people who you'd ever want to meet, Danielle puts the client first.

There's no diva at all in the down to earth Danielle.

She knows just how busy her brides are, juggling a full-time job or a couple of side gigs, with preparing for their wedding day.

During an initial phone chat, Danielle will find out how large your wedding party is going to be and where you would like the makeup and hairstyling to take place; your parent's house, the in-law's place or, perhaps, at your apartment.

Danielle and her trusted team of experts can work their magic just about anywhere. If you're comfortable then so are they!

"After that first call and follow-up emails, we will then set up an in-person trial session, where the client and I will go over, in detail, the kind of makeup she wants."


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Some clients bring a photo from a magazine to show Danielle the look that they want to achieve. She's totally fine with that.

You won't have to worry about having a look that's garish or over-the-top in any way. Danielle knows how to listen! The day isn't about Danielle. It's about YOU. But, she's there to offer expert advice when needed.

And that's exactly what Danielle Boyer's makeup artistry delivers; an enhanced version of who YOU are. Her team will put your natural beauty on display in a way that will create lasting memories.

If you have sensitive skin or your everyday style rocks little to no makeup, no worries!

Danielle uses products that are easy on the skin. Your face won't feel heavy after the makeup has been applied, no matter how hot it is outside or overheated the wedding venue may be.

One of Danielle's most popular applications utilizes the light as a feather airbrush method. You'll easily forget that you are wearing any makeup.

Subtle; beautiful and classic are three words that come to mind when describing Danielle Boyer's style.

Extremely organized, Danielle and her team will keep you up to speed, every step of the way.

After deciding on the look that the client wants, Danielle will put together a schedule for the bridal party so that everyone has a time-slot and the day runs smoothly.

"If the bride books for the entire day and wants hair and makeup touch-ups after the ceremony, this can involve a ton of location changes, from the church and the reception venue too, maybe, a park, where the photographer will be shooting the bride and groom."

"I will normally reach out to the wedding planner, well in advance, and create a plan for the best times and locations for any touch-ups. I am very good at collaborating with the bride's wedding concierge or planner. We all want only the best for our clients. So it's important that we're on the same page."

When your wedding day finally arrives, you can expect Danielle and her team to arrive on time and hit the ground running.

"First thing; we want to make sure that everyone in the bridal party is calm, having a great time and feeling beautiful. We follow a set schedule, but we can also accommodate

last-minute changes and make the necessary adjustments. The key factor is that someone is always in the makeup chair."

"Nowadays, with the matching robes, pajamas, hair and makeup as well as a little bubbly, it's a whole event before the wedding itself. It's always a blast!"

During the time that Danielle is with the bride, she'll also take some behind the scenes photos and will then email them to the bride afterward.

Looking back at her own wedding day, Danielle recalled that the photographer she hired wasn't present for the morning makeup ritual with her bridal party. It ended up that Danielle had no photos of that memorable morning to put in her scrapbook. She doesn't want that to happen to any of her clients.

Attention all brides out there! It might not be a bad idea to bring along your groom to the initial consultation with Danielle. She is now offering light grooming for guys.

Don't be shy gentlemen. Tag along, meet Danielle and see what she has in store for you. Who doesn't want to look good for the love of their life? Your bride-to-be will adore you even more, for it!

"For guys, I can do light makeup that involves a little concealer, a spray of airbrush foundation which looks just like skin and a very light dusting of powder."

"No one wants to look oily or sweaty in photos so this really comes in handy. And, guys, "added Danielle, "you can also have one of the talented hairstylists on my team do your hair as good or better as your own barber would. If needed, we can absolutely do a little brow trimming and grooming. It's your call."

Who doesn't feel a little nervous on their wedding day? You wouldn't be human if you didn't feel those butterflies fluttering around in your tummy.

The gentle, calming vibes that Danielle exudes, however, will go a long way to soothing those nerves. You'll feel as though a good friend is prepping your face for that long-awaited trip down the aisle!

Do keep in mind, though, that, even if you've been married for a while or don't have a wedding in your future, you can still avail yourself of Danielle's services.

When you are ready to post a new photo on your Facebook or Linkedin page, it might be a good idea to invest in a little me-time with Danielle.

She will give you a look that is totally cool yet professional, getting you the RIGHT kind of attention from prospective employers.

The same results can be achieved if you are heading out to an important job interview. Never, ever let them see you sweat, as the classic TV deodorant commercial once advised viewers.

And, if you are an actor or model who is looking for that perfect headshot, then, right after you book a photographer, contact Danielle Victoria Boyer and be ready for your shooting star to shine its' brightest.

There's no doubt about it; Danielle has come a long way from those days back in Junior High when she would catch grief from the nuns for wearing a little too much mascara and lip gloss. And got caught practicing her makeup craft on her friends!

Danielle found her cozy and comfortable style and now she'll help you to find yours!

Consultations are by appointment only. Danielle will, of course, be more than happy to accommodate your hectic schedule and is available for selected evening and weekend time slots.

The great news is that it all starts rolling with one quick email or phone call. There's no need to hesitate! You KNOW that you want this!

It's time to glow like never before!

Location and Contact Info :


(610) 462-9649

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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