Fitness in Astoria - Online Yoga, Dance and Gym Classes

Fitness in Astoria - Online Yoga, Dance and Gym Classes

For hundreds upon hundreds of years, the teachings and practice of yoga and meditation have soothed the mind and healed our souls.

From the villages of ancient Greece to the Buddhist temples throughout Asia, the community would gather to participate in the mindful exercise as they cleansed their spiritual selves and got right with their bodies.

It was a very special way to connect with others.

For the time being, though, due to Covid-19 we cannot come together in Astoria's myriad yoga studios, gyms and dance centers.

However, through the magic that is the internet, our neighborhood's best and brightest teachers and yogis can come to you.

No in-person workouts? No problem. Join a new kind of community online and make the most of every day as you sweat to achieve your personal best.

Salsa in Queens - Astoria

Dancer and choreographer Jean Franco Vergaray has poured years of professional experience into creating a dance studio that is second to none.

The ambiance here is cozy and comfortable, yet full of energy A no-judgment zone, Salsa in Queens encourages their students to just be themselves and go with the flow; and we mean that quite literally!

Jean Franco's studio is the perfect place for people who think that they have two left feet to discover the joy of dance. And there's no better way to express yourself than through the sensual movements of Salsa and Bachata.

With Jean Franco and his colleagues guiding you every step of the way, you'll feel like a pro in no time.

For the studio's charismatic, young founder, Salsa in Queens is more than just a dance studio. It is the realization of the American Dream.

At the tender age of only 13, Jean Franco accompanied his family to the United States. Hard-working and not afraid to dream big, the Vergarays did whatever it took to put food on the table and build a new life for themselves.

A few years after coming to America, Jean Franco took his first Salsa class and was immediately hooked. The young man had discovered his passion in life.

Salsa in Queens nurtures respect and kindness through the art of dance.

Taking a class here is not just about learning some moves that you can show off at your favorite club.

Through Salsa, in Queens, your self-confidence will grow and you will learn how to better communicate and interact with others.

And, as we all know, dancing makes for a fantastic fitness workout.


salsa in queens


Right now, SIQ is offering a "Social Distancing Pass" for only $29.95. This great value entitles you to unlimited monthly virtual classes.

For further information, all you have to do is log onto SIQ's website or give them a call at the number provided below.

Their online schedule of classes includes............

Beginner's Salsa on Wednesdays, 6 to 7 PM and Fridays, from 7:30 until 8:30 PM.

Intermediate Salsa, which takes place Wednesdays from 7:30 to 8:30 PM

Bachata for Beginners, on Tuesdays from 7:30 PM till 8:30.

Intermediate Bachata, on Thursday 7:30 to 8:30.

And that's just the beginning!

Salsa in Queens.........."Life keeps moving and we keep dancing !"

Location and Contact Info

34-27 Steinway Street

suite # 117

Astoria, N.Y. 11101

(347) 669-3589


Breathe Strength Yoga and Wellness - Astoria

As are all yoga studios and gyms, Breathe Strength is closed, temporarily, due to the current health emergency.

But, the absolutely great news is that founder Charlotte Muller and her staff of instructors are still available to guide and motivate you through a series of intriguing classes online.

Virtual community yoga classes are only $10. The Breathe Strength virtual studio is up and running, ready to provide you with an escape from the feeling of being cooped up in your apartment.

Breathe Strength is the ray of sunshine that you've been looking for!

Virtual classes range from meditation, hatha yoga, sunrise and sunset vinyasa to power flow and slow flow/restore yoga.

They are also offering Pilates as well as full moon ritual and oracle card readings. All from the instructor's living room to yours.

Have you been thinking about joining a yoga studio but haven't made the move yet? Then take advantage of Breathe and Strength's New Student Special. $45 gives you 30 days of unlimited classes.

Call Charlotte or contact her by email to discuss purchasing a special package to use when the studio re-opens, after the coronavirus emergency.

Breathe Strength is a wellness studio that is rooted in love, health and community.

Charlotte's dedicated health journey began in 2010 when she was hit hard by the unexpected passing of her mother and her own diagnosis of familial hypercholesterolemia.

This was a wake-up call that spurred Charlotte to completely re-evaluate her lifestyle.

She had always had an interest in wellness. While attending college, Charlotte transformed her Dad's barn into a fitness studio where she taught boot camp classes.

But, it while Charlotte was working in a corporate office job that she decided to do a career-180 and devote her life to helping others reach their potential in both a physical and spiritual sense.

On the studio's website, Charlotte says that " We cannot wait for you to feel the energy shift as soon as you walk through the doors of our beautiful space."

Well, right now, you may not PHYSICALLY be able to do that. But, when you take an online class, you WILL feel the positive vibes that emanate from Charlotte and her team.

Location and Contact Info

31-16 36th Avenue

Astoria, N.Y. 11106

(631) 707-2942


Tailored Fitness - Astoria

Founder Brooke Taylor is one of the city's brightest young personal trainers.

A proud mother of two, adorable kids, Brooke has juggled her career and family life to the max while also building Taylored Fitness into a well-respected and much sought-after brand.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina, with a dual major and BFA in dance and choreography as well as a BA in psychology, Brooke has spent a lifetime meeting challenges. When times get tough, that's when Brooke Taylor is at her best, inspiring others to RISE ABOVE!

Upon moving to NYC, back in 2003, Brooke fell in love with the neighborhood of Astoria. She gained a ton of valuable experience while working in various gyms, all over Manhattan and locally.

For several years, Brooke was the lead trainer and nutritionist at Life Health and Fitness, over at the Kaufman-Astoria Studio complex.

It was during this time that Brooke planted the seeds of her own business, Taylored Fitness.

Going to her client's home or office, Brooke worked with everyone from attorneys and corporate CEOs to working Moms, models, actors and firefighters.


taylored fitness


Tailored Fitness' services include functional training, weight management and nutritional counseling, Pilates instruction, bridal shape-up, marathon/running training as well as pre and postnatal coaching, where you will learn to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy and after the birth of your child.

Brooke also teaches a wide array of workshops and one to one counseling on anatomy, postural analysis, kinesiology and corrective exercise training.

As is the case with all of us, the recent stay-at-home mandate, related to the coronavirus, turned her world upside down.

Brooke's client list went from an average of forty to almost zero. But, ever resourceful, Brooke spent a couple of days re-inventing herself as an online business.

Brooke's mission in life is crystal clear, as you will see from the words that have been recently posted on Taylored Fitness' Facebook page.

"Your health is the most important thing. With everything that is going on in the world around us, it is vital that we maintain and sustain a positive mindset and keep our health functioning at an optimal level."

"Together we will get stronger and as a community, we will rise again."

This message of hope cannot help but inspire anyone who reads it. THAT, in a nutshell, is who Brooke Taylor is.

Brooke and her team of trainers will keep you on your toes with live streaming classes such as TF Core Hit, Abs and Booty Bands, Total Sculpt and Pilates.

For further information and to sign-up for an online class, all you have to do is log onto the Taylored Fitness website or check out Brooke's Facebook and Instagram pages.

As far as Brooke Taylor is concerned..."It's not just fitness. It's a way of life."

Location and Contact Info

30-16 Steinway Street

Astoria, N.Y. 11103

(716) 812-4400


The Happie House - Astoria

When you first meet Lisa Samuels, one of the first things that you'll notice is her smile and how genuine and friendly she is. You kind of feel as though you are re-connecting with an old friend.

That sincerity and natural warmth resound throughout the welcoming space that is the Happie House.

The founder and lead yoga instructor at the studio, Lisa is both a yogi and a registered dietitian.

Lisa fervently believes that healing one's body naturally leads to healing one's mind and achieving self-love and self-acceptance. It's all about helping her clients to get in touch with themselves while connecting with and understanding the world around them.

The Happie House is a beginner-friendly yoga studio and community wellness center with the aim of making the world a happier place.

"It is our goal, to create a more peaceful society by starting the work on an individual level. and bring out the best in our members."

The Happie House is now offering a select schedule of classes on Zoom. You can sign up simply by using the Mind-Body portal on the Happie House's website.

After taking just a few easy steps, you are good to go. You will then receive a link to join the class via email, 15 to 20 minutes prior to the class' start time.


the happie house


Options include beginner's yoga as well as vinyasa. Days and times vary as does the line-up of instructors.

However, every Sunday evening, you can join Lisa and her team for some amazing and relaxing virtual stay at home classes.

Upcoming Sunday online classes include Art for Relaxation with Marie Ragona, a Journaling and sharing workshop that will be taught by Sabrina Moscola and Yoga Nidra with Jaime Ormont.

If you currently have an active membership and would like to freeze it until

better days are upon us and the Happie House re-opens, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Location and Hours

30-05 35th Avenue

Astoria, N.Y. 11103

(917) 745-0607


The Fitness Lounge - Astoria

Even though we can't work out in-person at their state-of-the-art studio, there is nothing to stop you from getting your burn on with the Fitness Lounge's online classes.

Take full advantage of their free consultation offer and $5 at-home workout promotion! You'll be so glad that you did.

All you have to do is log onto the Fitness lounge's website and answer a few questions about your fitness goals.

One of their dedicated, independent personal trainers will get back to you, chat and then write out a custom-designed exercise routine that you can do right in your apartment.

This game-plan will include specific exercises that focus on the body parts that you want to work on.

We know that things can get a little boring, not to mention depressing, being cooped up in your flat, day after day. A Fitness Lounge workout is just what you need to get motivated and stay that way.

Live online training classes range from half an hour in length to 55 minutes. Many of the sessions are free, donation-based, or are priced at only $15. So, there's really no reason, not to give them a try.

The lead trainer is Vangelis, popularly known as Angelo, by his long-time clients in Astoria.


fitness lounge


Hailing from the beautiful and historic island of Cyprus, Angelo served in the military and enjoyed a successful career as a soccer player before a serious injury cut things short.

The rehabilitation process ignited a new-found passion for training. Angelo discovered that his calling was helping others tune-up their bodies and come back from injury.

Angelo's specialties include muscle gain, athletic training and, of course, injury prevention and recovery.

Online options include virtual Pilates, Core Blast with co-lead trainer Josh, Butt and Gut with Solange as well as live Arms and Core, which is taught by Dinae.

In addition to the live sessions, you will also have access to a library of VIDEO's that you can watch for free on the Fitness Lounge's website. How cool is that?

Location and Contact Info

30-77 Steinway Street

Astoria, N.Y. 11103

(347) 813-4200


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