Shop Local Shop Smart  Shop Online in Astoria,NY

Shop Local Shop Smart Shop Online in Astoria,NY

There has never been a better time to support your local neighborhood small businesses.

With all of the mandated closures for non-essential businesses, Astoria's artisans and entrepreneurs need you now more than ever.

And, when it comes to boutiques, pet shops, liquor stores, jewelry stores and the like, be sure to check out their websites and Facebook pages for information about how to shop online.

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

In Casa - Astoria

Apartments in Astoria are, as in most of the city, notoriously small. Describing some of them as extended "closets" would be right on the mark.

Organizing one's living space to make the most of what you have and paying extra attention to decor are two very important ways whereby you can make your apartment more livable.

There's a store located just off of Broadway and 37th street that can help you do just that!

In Casa is a contemporary lifestyle shop with a decor perspective that is fresh and vibrant.

The brand's mission is to make home styling and quality decor products accessible to everyone.

"Our goal is to help you find special decor pieces that will add visual interest to your home or office, bring you joy and comfort while also inspiring you to live well."

Those words, on In Casa's website, sum up what the brand is all about.

They carry everything from tableware and pillows to lighting fixtures and furniture.

in casa

Expert craftsmanship and an eye for the unique are the hallmarks of each and every product that you will find at In Casa.

You most definitely won't find similar kinds of furnishings or decor items in your friend's apartments. In Casa allows YOUR personality to shine through when it comes to decorating your space.

Their tableware collection includes beautiful glassware that is carefully crafted from recycled glass, hand-blown by talented artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Serve ware ranges from a white marble and wood Mortar and Pestle set to white and gold flatware, which comes in sets of five.

Pillow styles include velvet, linen, pattern and nomad. In Casa also has sofas, sectionals and chairs that will enhance anyone's living room.

Among In Casa's best-sellers are their lighting fixtures. The pendant, table lamp and floor lamp collection is a sight to behold. The designs are edgy, a little bit out of the box yet more than approachable.

While In Casa's showroom has been closed temporarily, you can shop to your hearts' content at their online store.

You might want to think about ordering an In Casa gift card for yourself or to give to someone you care about to brighten their day. They are available in increments of $25 and up.

The team at In Casa is currently doing virtual design consultations. Expert advice on how to decorate your home is just a Face time session away.

Location and Hours

31-88 37th Street

Astoria, N.Y. 11103

(646) 464-4669


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The showroom is temporarily Closed

Grand Wine and Liquor - Astoria

During this health crisis that we are all living through, just about everyone is taking a break from cooking and they are ordering, at least a few meals a week, from their local neighborhood pizzerias, restaurants and cafes.

Very few things, however, go better with a nice Italian meal, ( whether it's delivered or cooked over your kitchen stove), than a glass of vino. Come to think of it, wine goes great with just about any kind of food!

With that thought in mind; the friendly folks over at Grand Wine and Liquor have got you covered with a fantastic selection of reds, whites and Rose' as well as any type of spirit that tickles your fancy, from bourbon and cognac to gin, rum, vodka, scotch and tequila.

As far as both large and small vineyards go, Grand's shelves are fully stocked with bottles from all over the USA, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany and New Zealand.

They probably have the best selection of Greek wines and spirits outside of any liquor store in Athens.

Family owned and operated, Grand Wine and Liquor is the store of choice for Astoria residents going back generations.

Founded way, way back in 1933, Grand Wine and Liquor became a neighborhood institution under the leadership of Jack Battipaglia, the son of the original owner.

A real character, Jack WAS the business. He had a huge heart, treated people well and had a larger than life personality.

Jack's family has carried on the tradition and values that Jack established.

Whenever it's time to celebrate a birthday, engagement, promotion at work or just to find that perfect bottle of wine for a Netflix date-night at home, Grand always has what you are looking for.

Whether you are visiting the store in-person or choose to shop online, the selection is absolutely the same.

Please remember to take advantage of Grand's special Under $10 Gems. You'll find wines and spirits from small, artisan crafters, all at a price that is friendly to anybody's wallet or credit card.

For LOCAL ASTORIA DELIVERY, call for more information or simply download the grand Wine and Liquor App on the App store.

Location and Hours

30-05 31st Street

Astoria, N.Y. 11102

(718) 728-2520



Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 10 PM

Sunday 12 PM to 8 PM

The Brass Owl - Astoria

In just a few short years, founder and owner Nicole Panettieri have made the Brass Owl into one of the coolest and most popular brands in all of Queens.

Nicole knows just what her customers are looking for. And, that's no surprise, considering the experience and expertise Nicole has in the field of fashion.

Prior to opening her own business, Nicole worked as a buyer for various department stores and fashion outlets including Macy's K & G Fashion Superstore in Atlanta and Manhattan's Ross Dress For Less.

A leader in every sense of the word Ms. Panettieri has become one of the most respected movers and shakers in Astoria's small business community.

You could say that being an entrepreneur and a small business owner is in her DNA.

Nicole's great-grandfather started things off selling and repairing shoes, way back in 1928, at a store in Teaneck New Jersey.

The shop was then passed down to Nicole's granddad, father and uncle. As if all that wasn't enough, her mom and dad ran a boutique called Flip-Flop Alley, in Boca Raton Florida, for many years.

The selection of items available for purchase at The Brass Owl is both intriguing and approachable.

Featured items include stylish women's shoes, handbags, apparel, and accessories.


the brass owl


You can also purchase a wide array of unique gift items such as candles, all-natural facial bars, bath salts, mugs, drinkware, incense and stationary.

One of their newest items is a specially designed for-the-store Astoria Strong key chain.

One dollar from the purchase of every key chain goes to Queens Feeds Hospitals, a community-based initiative whose mission is to collect money that will go towards buying lunch for shift workers in our local hospitals.

As you already probably know, the brick and mortar location for the Brass Owl has been temporarily closed due to the coronavirus emergency.

The GREAT news, though, is that you can SHOP ONLINE. Here's how it works.....

Nicole will ship your order on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Orders received before 12 PM will ship the same day.

Any orders that are received AFTER 12 PM on those days will be sent out on the NEXT shipping day.

It's so easy. Just go to www.thebrassowl.com and get started!

Cheer up your apartment-bound best friend, co-worker or your sister, mom or cousin by sending them a specially made Brass Owl Care Package.

Available in six price options, these care packages are eminently affordable. Nicole will work with you to get as much information as possible about the recipient so that she can make helpful suggestions as to which items would be best for your Care Package.

There is so much to choose from at the Brass Owl's online shop, you will never run out of options!

Spread the cheer around NYC one Brass Owl care package at a time!


36-19 Ditmars Blvd.

Astoria N.Y. 11105

(347) 848-0905


Hours: Online shop 24/7

Tom's Pet Supply - Astoria

Spacious and welcoming, Tom's Pet Supply is one of the cleanest stores, of any type of business, that you'll ever walk into.

Tom's Pet Supply has become THE place to go to for all of your pet's needs. They cater to pets of all types, from cats and dogs to fish, reptiles, birds and small animals as well as exotic species.

You will always find the owner Tom on the premises, eager to help you in any way that he can. There is probably no question that he can't answer when it comes to finding the right kind of food for your pet.

Other members of the team include Andy, the general manager and Tom's loyal companion Duck who is not only a great "employee" but a super-friendly dog.

At Tom's, they carry a diverse array of healthy foods including holistic,grain-free and raw products.

Some of the premium brands that you will find on the shelves here include Blue Buffalo Co., Stella & Chewy's, Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Foods, Earth Born Holistic and Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods.

They also carry various toys and treats for cats and dogs, food and water bowls, leashes, pet beds; well, you get the picture. In addition, you will find everything you need to build and maintain a beautiful aquarium.

Looking to add a new member to your family during this crisis who will help to make sheltering in place just a little bit easier?


toms pet supply


The store has a nice selection of birds (Parakeets, Canaries and Cockatiels), plus both fresh and saltwater fish for sale.

For awhile now, Tom has been holding pet education classes at the store, where you will learn tips about how to care for your cat, dog, turtle, fish, etc.

Because of the Coronavirus restrictions, these classes have switched over from in-person to Instagram Live. Log on to the Instagram page for Tom's Pet Supply, every Saturday from noon to 1 PM.

Currently, Tom is offering FREE delivery to customers in Astoria. There are no fees attached and there's no minimum purchase required.

Deliveries start every day from closing time until 8:30 PM.

You can order by calling the store or going to the store's website and filling in the form on their contact us page.

By the way, Tom's Pet Supply is located in the mini-mall right next to the City Fresh Supermarket. So, why not stop by and stock up on stuff for your little fur baby and then head on over to City Fresh and get what YOU need !

Location and Hours

21-11 Broadway

Astoria, N.Y. 11106

(917) 396-4408


New Temporary Hours

Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM

Sunday 9:30 AM to 6 PM

The Rivercrest - Astoria

We would certainly be remiss if we did not include at least ONE restaurant in this article which encourages you to support local businesses.

A welcome addition to the Ditmars Blvd. bar and restaurant scene, the Rivercrest occupies the entire bottom floor underneath the venerable Acropolis apartments.

The establishment is named after a sanitarium that was on the grounds of what is now St. John's Prep, from 1896 to 1961.

The Rivercrest actually has artifacts and old newspaper clippings about the sanitarium decorating their premises. And, let's be clear about this; both the food menu and beer and cocktail list are CRAZY good.

The Rivercrest team is now offering pick-up and delivery seven days a week, from 12 until 7 PM. You can place your orders by calling (347) 808-7887 or by stopping by the designated pick-up window.

For delivery straight to your apartment door, please contact Grub Hub or Seamless.

Right now, the Rivercrest is giving customers a very nice 20% off all pick-up drink orders. And, keep in mind that they have a fantastic selection of craft beer and cocktails.

The kitchen's To-Go menu has a great deal of variety and most dishes are priced between $8 and $16, which isn't bad. No price-gouging going on here.




Delectable Apps include their signature Parmesan and truffle tater tots or fries as well as succulent and meaty chicken wings. The wings are available with either Buffalo or sweet chili seasoning and come with blue cheese dipping sauce.

The Rivercrest Burger is a mound of beef that will satisfy any appetite.

Cooked up on the griddle, this "smashed" burger is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese, pickles and a thoroughly delicious house sauce. It is accompanied by your choice of tots or fries.

Another dish that's worth looking into is the Vegan Chili. Even if you are a confirmed meat-lover you'll adore this bowl of goodness for your goodness.

Plated with a side of corn bread, the chili is made with fire-roasted corn, chopped tomatoes, red beans, black beans, bell peppers, carrots and a variety of spices.

Location and Contact Info

33-15 Ditmars Blvd.

Astoria, N.Y. 11105

(347) 808-7887


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