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Scrubbed Spotless - Cleaning Services

Scrubbed Spotless

- Cutting edge cleaning services for your home or business.

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic health crisis has wreaked havoc over the past three months, we are more mindful than ever before about keeping our surroundings as clean as humanly possible.

But, it's not just about making sure that our premises are germ-free, as vitally important as that is. There's a real sense of pride involved, as well.

No matter how tiny and cramped your NYC apartment maybe, you want your crib to look its' absolute best.

After all, when friends or the in-laws come over, the overall vibe should be bright, fresh and welcoming.


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Nothing says " I care" as much as a dust-free living room and bedroom, an airy, fresh-smelling bathroom and a kitchen whose floor is so shiny and clean, you could almost eat off it.

Not to mention the counters, stove and fridge! No matter how old your trusty fridge may be, it has served you well. So, return the favor and keep it looking tidy.

However, with our busy, busy lives, it's simply not always possible to give our apartment the time and attention that it deserves when it comes to keeping things squeaky clean.

That's where a company by the name of Scrubbed Spotless comes in.

Owned and operated by Amela, a long-time Astoria resident, Scrubbed Spotless will take your home or businesses' cleanliness to a whole new level.

Guaranteed, you have not seen anything like the results that Amela will give you, no matter how great a job you think you did, cleaning your home.

Scrubbed Spotless will make your abode POP and then some!

The team at Scrubbed Spotless is literally obsessed with perfection. They provide their clients with that brand new condo or apartment scent and sheen.

And, that mission statement of a perfect clean is not just a typical business tagline, either. Soon, this promise will become YOUR reality.

Ever since she was a child, Amela has enjoyed cleaning her surroundings.


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" Growing up, I would do household chores while my mom cooked," Amela told Aplez.com during a virtual interview.

" I always found this to be fun. Whether it was something as simple as dusting the furniture and window sills or scrubbing down the bathroom, I got immense satisfaction at seeing and smelling the finished product." continued Amela.

" From these basic tasks, I went on to more involved things like re-organizing my closet and dresser as well as cleaning the kitchen cabinets. It was all very serene and calming!"

Upon moving to Astoria at the age of ten, Amela's obsession with cleanliness continued to grow, even though her high school years as well as her time at Hunter College, where she received a BA degree.

Although Scrubbed Spotless may be a relatively new company on the scene, Amela has many years of experience in the home cleaning industry.

This hard-working business-owner knows just what it takes to make your home, office, or store shine its' brightest.

The decision to found her own company was inspired by Amela's desire to spread the sheer joy that she felt after cleaning her own apartment.

Scrubbed Spotless may best be described as a boutique cleaning service, whose team goes the extra mile for their clients.


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"I would say that my best qualities are determination and passion," stated Amela.

"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. I want to bring that vibe to each and every one of my clients. If I feel amazed and inspired to live in a super-clean and organized space, why wouldn't others feel the same? A clean home is a clean mind."

Although the majority of her clients live in Astoria, Amela and her eager team are available to do a top to bottom cleaning for residents and business owners in communities

from Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside to Glendale, Middle Village and Flushing.

Soon, Scrubbed Spotless hopes to expand and serve neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

In addition to being an entrepreneur and businesswoman, Amela also has another full-time job; one that she is particularly proud of, that of being a mother!

Aplez.com wanted to know how Amela balanced running a business with the endless hours involved in being a mom.


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"Honestly, it's all about prioritization and being well organized," explained Amela, sharing her thoughts that most Moms perform equally well under pressure.

"I get up two hours before my child so that I can catch up on emails, set up my daily plan and connect with clients over the phone, through Skype or Zoom".

Amela went on to say that, " The time that I go out and do my cleaning is usually when my daughter is in school. Although, as all parents out there know; with the Covid-19 stay at home orders, that schedule has changed for sure."

But, it will come as no surprise to you that Scrubbed Spotless Cleanings' founder is

no stranger to finding ways to work around life's challenges.

" With the support of my loving husband, we manage to carve out more than enough time to do things as a family."

Some of Amela's favorite places to go and chill out with her husband and daughter are Astoria Park and Athena Park, which is an oasis that's located just off of 30th Avenue.

Amela is extremely concerned with our environment. Whenever possible she utilizes

products that are natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Some of the products that Amela recommends include Better Life, Puracy, Babyganics and Seventh Generation.

However, when all is said and done, Amela will give your home a brand new look with whatever products the client prefers.

And here's some really good news. Scrubbed Spotless Cleanings is always offering different discounts and promotions for first-time clients. All you need to do is check out the company's website or, better yet, speak with Amela over the phone.

Amela is totally confident that, once you use her services, you'll be more than happy and will want her to return again and again.


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Aplez.com asked the owner what can clients expect when they hire Scrubbed Spotless to rejuvenate their apartment or office. It all starts with a complimentary consultation.

"First off, it's so important that I understand what the client wants. As every home is different, so are the clients' needs." enthusiastically stated Amela.

"I will do a job assessment and walk through the place, taking notes and making suggestions to the client. Quite often, I can point out things that need to be done that the client did not think of."

Amela takes considerable pride in focusing on areas that most companies don't, such as corners, baseboards as well as under and behind the furniture.

The company offers several different packages. You are certain to find one that fits right in with your goals and budget.

Amela and the Scrubbed Spotless team do everything from mopping your floors,

wiping down mirrors, door handles and light fixtures to cleaning and sanitizing the toilet, shower and sink to making your bed and taking out the trash and recyclables.

One of the brand's premium options is steam cleaning, which, especially during these turbulent times, is definitely something that's worth looking into.

Steam cleaning turns the tap water that comes out of your kitchen or bathroom faucet

into something akin to "gold" in terms of obtaining the deepest clean imaginable.

Steam sanitizes and disinfects an incredible variety of surfaces. Utilizing a combination of heat and high pressure, steam penetrates deep into surface pores thereby eliminating dirt, grease, residue,mold bacteria and germs.

There are a lot of cleaning services throughout Queens. We wanted to know just what qualities make Scrubbed Spotless stand out from the competition.

Understandably, Amela wasn't shy about answering!

" We are a woman-owned business and are proud to hire within the local community.

In fact, some of our team members are Moms who share my obsession with cleanliness."

" First and foremost is the happiness and satisfaction of our customers," added Amela.

" Being diligent and transparent are the hallmarks of Scrubbed Spotless Cleanings.


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For example, if a customer requests a deep cleaning of their oven, but I see that all that is really needed is a less expensive wipe down, I will tell them immediately."

Amela's goals for her brand's future involve becoming more directly involved in various causes and charitable work.

Within the next year, Amela hopes to shine a spotlight on a different local school and community organization. By promoting them on her website and making a donation,

Amela hopes to encourage Scrubbed Spotless Cleanings' clients to follow suit.

Sometimes, Amela encounters people, (even friends and family members), who are reluctant to call in a cleaning service, because they feel that their place isn't quite as pristine as it should be.

There is absolutely no need to feel this way. The first step to solving a problem is to find a solution.

And there is no better way to address getting rid of dust, dirt and grime than Scrubbed Spotless Cleanings.

Amela and her team will take as good care of YOUR home as they do their own!

Scrubbed Spotless Cleanings........"..LET US DO THE DIRTY WORK."

Contact Info :

(914) 236-8625


email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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