NYC Restaurant Week to go

NYC Restaurant Week to go

Get ready for NYC Restaurant Week to Go

-Savor some of the city's most delicious dishes while saving money. It's a deal you can't resist!

For almost thirty years, NYC Restaurant Week has been something that foodies

across the five Boroughs have looked forward to. This exciting event provides New Yorkers, across the entire economic spectrum, with the opportunity to sample different dishes from participating restaurants, at a price that is more than fair.

Restaurant Week gives us all a chance to try out a diverse array of food, expand our culinary horizons and, quite possibly, discover our NEW favorite restaurant. It's an enticement that can't be resisted.


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Over the past turbulent year, though, Covid-19 has understandably put a crimp in things with the Summer version of Restaurant Week being canceled. Now that was a real bummer, not only to New Yorkers' pallet but their wallet as well.

The great news, however, is that NYC Restaurant Week is back, re-imagined and as good as ever, considering the times we are living in.

From January 25th through the 30th, NYC Restaurant Week To Go will be the talk of the town.

With indoor dining not being an option for now and the cold temps wreaking havoc with outdoor alternatives on most days; you'll be happy to know that this particular Restaurant Week will focus on TO-GO and DELIVERY.

So, you can sit back in the warm and cozy comfort of your apartment or office and STILL enjoy both the delectable tastes on offer as well as the savings. Or simply phone ahead, place your order and pick up dinner on the way home from work.

At this writing, well over 150 restaurants across the city have signed up to participate, with many more on the horizon.


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This very special promotion will feature lunch or dinner, (an entree plus at least one side), for the can-you-believe-this price of only $ 20.21! Tax and gratuity are, of course, extra.

And if you thought that things could not get any better; NYC Restaurant Week has the option of being extended through February 7th, depending on the response.

Taking take-out to another stratosphere, NYC Restaurant Week To Go is brought to you by the good folks at NYC & Company which is the official tourism and marketing bureau for the Big Apple.

Fred Dixon, President and CEO of NYC & Company has marshaled the talents of his terrific team to organize the latest incarnation of the iconic Restaurant Week.

This buzz-worthy event was put together in consultation with luminaries such as Tim Zagat and renowned restaurant impresario Danny Meyer, who are driving forces behind the Coalition for NYC Hospitality and Tourism's Recovery.

In the face of adversity, New Yorkers never, ever give up. In many ways, this version of Restaurant Week is a tribute to the brave guys and gals who have kept feeding the city throughout Covid, from the delivery workers and servers to the kitchen brigade.

In a recent press release, Fred Dixon urged the city's residents to support Restaurant Week like never before.

"Even though we are still in the middle of a pandemic, it has never been more important to support the extraordinary restaurant industry that has long made NYC a dining capital and sustained the careers of countless families."

"Lifting up local restaurants and their workers as they navigate these challenging times is essential."


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One of the event's totally cool perks comes courtesy of Mastercard. They will extend to cardholders an additional $10 credit for each purchase of $20 or more at participating restaurants.

The organizers are, at this writing, talking with various food delivery services to see if fees during Restaurant Week can be either reduced or waived entirely. Be sure to check with the eatery you're ordering from and/or whichever delivery service you use.

During Restaurant Week To Go, you'll be able to choose among both upscale, fine dining establishments, where it is almost impossible to secure a reservation as well as neighborhood mom and pop restaurants, many of which have been in operation for generations.

Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe, Bar Boulud, Red Hook Lobster, Sweet Chili, Red Farm and Mercado Little Spain are just a few of the restaurants that have signed on.

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Wow, I really want to try this particular restaurant but it's too expensive ", now is your golden opportunity. Exotic cuisines that you've always wanted to try are now on the menu, too.

Be sure to check in at NYC & Company for the latest news on NYC Restaurant Week To Go. And while you're there, take your time and browse through the site.

There's a ton of useful information to be found here on museums and galleries, hotels, sporting events, ( whenever the time comes that we can attend a game in person),

nightlife and shopping.

NYC & Company also offers special discounts and attraction passes from time to time. They can even help you to personalize your NYC experience.

It's a great way to re-discover the city you grew up in or moved to recently.

But, right now, it's all about being ALL IN on Restaurant Week 2021. You have countless mouth-watering options to look forward to.

As the Italians say, BUON APPETITO.

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