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Who amongst us, at one time or another, hasn't turned up the volume on our iPad in our apartment's living room or car radio and sang along to an all-time favorite song. No one is around and we feel free to sing our hearts out. It's easy to imagine that we're on stage with the audience in the palm of our hand!

Well, stop dreaming and start doing! Take your singing to another level courtesy of vocal coach extraordinaire Lindsay Wolgel.

Whether you have professional aspirations or simply want to sound better on a Karaoke night out with your friends, Lindsay will have you " singing in the rain " with Gene Kelly before you know it!

Bring out your inner Lady GaGa or Hugh Jackman and let it shine. As Journey once sang "Don't stop believing."

No stranger to the spotlight, Ms. Wolgel is a seasoned performer who has been there and done that.

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It seems as though Lindsay was destined to be an entertainer from a very young age. You could say that Lindsay's love of performing and making audiences happy is part of her DNA.

While growing up on Long Island, there was always music playing in the Wolgel household. Her mom was, and still is, a huge Broadway buff.

A big fan of Celine Dion, Lindsay's parents treated their daughter to a trip to Las Vegas to watch her perform. They did everything imaginable to support their daughter's dreams.

Both Lindsay's mom and sister also sing and dance. In fact, the trio sometimes performs together at special shows for senior groups as well as at other community events.

"I started taking voice lessons in 4th grade and ballet lessons from the time that I was two." imparted Lindsay.

"A bit later on. I was lucky enough to train with Harolyn Blackwell, a Metropolitan Opera and Broadway star. She gave me the confidence to pursue performing and singing on a professional level. Being exposed to the many years of experience she had in show business was a true blessing. " added Lindsay.

Despite her young age, Ms. Wolgel has amassed quite an impressive resume having performed in a variety of genres from musical theater to theme parks and off-Broadway.

When Aplez.com asked Lindsay to name one of her all-time favorite roles, she didn't hesitate a second.

"Playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with Plaza Theatrical, a touring theater company, was a very special time in my life." recounted Lindsay.

"I actually performed in quite a few libraries and schools in Queens during one leg of the tour. I loved meeting the children who came to the show and seeing the awe on their faces as they watched the story unfold."


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Even during the pandemic, Lindsay was lucky enough to have been presented with several opportunities to perform and entertain audiences, albeit virtually. Barely missing a beat, Lindsay was hired to do a number of online immersive shows, as well as virtual corporate events and Holiday parties.

"I have a feeling that my life will always include both teaching and being a performer," said Ms. Wolgel. Entertaining audiences fuels my teaching and keeps my own skills current."

This leads us to Lindsay's brand, Voice Magic Studio. A relatively new company, Voice Magic Studio has been in existence for a little over a year. But Lindsay has been teaching students for much longer than that.

Lindsay began working with students in 2010, as the dance and drama specialist at a Summer camp on Long Island. Since then, she has taught in many after-school programs, choreographed various children's musicals, been the head counselor at theater camp and so much more.

A little ahead of her time, Ms.Wolgel began incorporating online classes into her curriculum in 2018, well before Covid hit.

"When quarantine started," explained Lindsay," I knew that it was time to expand my business since, unlike others, I had so much experience working with students virtually.

That's when Voice Magic Vocal Studio was born. My student roster grew as the pandemic left people with more free time and a chance to pursue a hobby they had always wanted to explore."




"I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to continue teaching throughout the pandemic. It was so rewarding to have my community of students and connect with them through what was an isolating time for so many people."

Aplez.com wondered just what advice Lindsay would give to prospective students who want to learn how to sing but are somewhat shy and that is what is holding them back?

Ms. Wolgel's answer revealed how compassionate and nurturing Voice Magic Studio's founder is.

"Many of my students feel nervous during the first lesson or so, but over time they get much more comfortable singing in front of me. One of my biggest pieces of advice, especially for adults, is - don't judge yourself! Everyone starts somewhere and so much progress can be made whether you're a beginner or a pro."

Lindsay went on to say that; " There are so many physical and emotional benefits to singing. Voice lessons can be a wonderful time to focus on yourself and your body. I like to begin all my lessons with stretching, breathing and other practices to alleviate tension before we sing."

One of the things that Lindsay enjoys most about her business is meeting new people.

Her roster of students is quite diverse to say the very least. In fact, it spans the globe! Thanks to the magic of Zoom, Lindsay has taught students as far afield as California, Kentucky and even Poland. Not to mention, considerably closer to home, Long Island, Brooklyn and Astoria, Queens.


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With Covid restrictions loosening up, Lindsay is open, in the future, to in-person instruction, for local students.

"My students currently range from middle school-aged children who love to perform to adults in their 60's who have always enjoyed singing but never received any formal training. I have also worked with professional dancers and actors as well as students who are preparing for their New York State School Music association evaluations."

All Lindsay asks is that you bring an open heart and mind to the classes and you will have a ton of fun.

"Parents have recently started to reach out, asking me to help their children prepare for their upcoming bar and bat mitzvah service. Many young people tend to experience stress, stage fright and anxiety about the service, especially if it's streamed online. My extensive background with Jewish music has helped me to coach numerous pre-teens to feel confident and at ease on their big day."

Lindsay's classes range in length from 60 to 90 minutes. Most students meet with their teacher on a weekly basis and Lindsay offers an array of attractive packages that are designed to fit almost every budget and lifestyle, no matter how busy you may be!

Don't put off doing something that you've always dreamed about.

You can kick things off with a phone call during which Lindsay will get to know you, chat about your goals and then find a time for your first lesson. It's an easy, stress-free process.

Lindsay has resided in Astoria since the Spring of 2019 and hasn't looked back since.

"To me, Astoria feels like home. I enjoy the neighborhood feel and getting to know the owners of all the local businesses. I love the diversity here and how many different cultures converge in the area. And, I can't leave out how amazing the food scene is in Astoria. "

Some of her favorite places include Luna Cafe, a beautiful rooftop sushi restaurant on Steinway Street and Birria NYC which has incredible tacos.

We asked Lindsay to imagine, for a moment, that she was hosting a dinner party in her Astoria apartment. If she could pick four guests, (contemporary or from the past ) to sit down and break bread with, who would they be?

"I would absolutely love to meet Dolly Parton ! " enthusiastically replied Lindsay. " The story of how she grew up in the backcountry of Tennessee is so fascinating to me. Dolly is such an interesting person and a philanthropist to boot. Lori Greiner from Shark Tank I'm sure would have fantastic business advice. It would have been such an honor to get to meet Ruth Bader Ginsberg and ask her about life in general. "

Lindsay's final dinner guest would be none other than the legendary Julie Andrews.

"She has played many of the roles in musical theater that I aspire to and I admire how Julie overcame the adversity of losing her voice."

We couldn't end the interview without asking Lindsay what the inspiration was behind the name of her brand Voice Magic Studio.

Articulate and sincere as ever, Ms. Wolgel's answer was thoughtful and illuminating.

"I had actually been searching for and thinking about a name for my business for a really long time. Then, finally, right after the Covid shutdown was announced, it came to me! I knew that I wanted the word "magic" involved because I often see the magic happen with my students during their lessons."

Smiling, Lindsay said that, "I feel like magic has occurred when a student discovers something new about their voice, is able to sing a song in a totally new way or leaves the lesson refreshed and in a much happier state than when they started. Of course, the real "magic" is vocal technique, meditation, physical warm-ups as well as the joy I try to infuse in every lesson. I believe that singing more often and going down the road of finding your unique voice truly can make life more magical".

Come on and get happy. If you've been secretly yearning to sing, there's no time like now to get started. Carpe Diem!

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