Tauri-Gum's New Product Line

Tauri-Gum's New Product Line

Tauri-Gum - At the forefront of CBD innovation

Tauri-Gum, a successful, cutting-edge brand from parent company Tauriga Sciences, has done a great job in bringing CBD-infused products to the attention of mainstream America.

You can find their products literally all over the map, from your neighborhood's corner bodega to big box stores like Walmart, Quick Chek, Hannaford Supermarkets and Stop & Shop.

Tauri-Gum's tagline, "Be One With Nature" isn't just a nice marketing slogan. These words describe the essence of the products that they offer. Vegan and plant-based, their CBD chewing gum is non-GMO, allergen, and gluten-free as well as being certified Kosher by Star K.

Having said all that, rest assured that, no matter what flavor you choose, Tauri-Gum tastes GREAT!

And, oh, by the way, your dentist will absolutely LOVE the fact that this chewing gum is sugar-free. How much better can it get than this?


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Well, how about the fact that even though Tauri-Gum DOES contain some CBD, it is compliance certified and drug test safe. How can that be, you might ask? Simple; there's NO THC involved here.

As you're probably well aware, THC is the chemical responsible for that feeling of "getting high". That's certainly NOT going to happen when you pop some Tauri-Gum in your mouth and start chewing away. You can feel free to go about your business at the office or pick your kids up from school.

However, a huge plus is that CBD is known to help to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, making you feel more calm and relaxed. You might even find yourself sleeping better, too.

Tauriga Sciences is committed to innovation that addresses personal wellness and also improves our environment. It is their mission to sell only the purest, ethically and sustainably produced CBD products.

There are no shortcuts here. The attention to detail is exact. CEO Seth M. Shaw would not have it any other way.


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Seth heads a team of experts who are dedicated to bringing you the best possible CBD experience. Their products comply with rigorous standards in a dedicated laboratory environment.

Working closely with Seth is Tauriga Sciences chief Medical Officer Keith Aqua M.D. Your wellness is forever at the forefront of Tauriga Sciences' philosophy.

You're probably already familiar with Tauri-Gum's enticing variety of flavors including Blood Orange, bright Mint, inviting Pomegranate and the flavor-bomb that is the Pear-Bellini.

Relatively new to the market are Vitamin C and D3 chewing gums as well as the perfectly outrageous Cherry Lime-Rickey Caffeine variety. Now, that'll put a jolt of energy into your day!


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Their attractive line-up of CBD-infused chewing gum, gummies, chocolate coins and pet treats is now being enhanced by a variety of new products that you have just got to try!

The "sweet" treats line-up has been expanded to give the customer more selection than ever before. The delights that are available now include an artisanal chocolate pack, CBD-infused immunity boost chocolate which also happens to be sugar-free, (a more than welcome recurring theme here, don't you think!), CBD coconut milk chocolate and CBD lavender chocolate with Melatonin.

Talk about a restful night's sleep.

Another fresh and new option is CBD-infused honey. Why not order a jar or two and give a lift to your cup of tea? You can also spread their delectable honey on toast or jazz up an English muffin. Fill every nook and cranny of a Thomas' Muffin with the good stuff.

Show yourself more than a little love when you treat your skin to one of Tauri-Gum's nourishing and oh-so-soothing all-natural CBD beauty products.


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Their topical CBD beauty products will help to ease those aching joints and muscles while also soothing dry, irritated skin. Remember; as is the case with the company's chewing gum and other products ,Tauri's skin care line is THC-free.

Feel confident when you incorporate Tauri's CBD facial products into your self-care routine. The odds are that you're already using stuff such as lotions, face masks and moisturizers ,anyway. Look at Tauri's CBD-infused beauty line as a total UPGRADE.

Make the Island Breeze CBD face Moisturizer a part of your daily routine.Containing 100mg of CBD oil, it will keep your skin deeply hydrated.


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Revitalize, hydrate and tighten your skin with the Rose Gold Face mask. This gotta-have-it product is made with Moroccan Rosewater, has 4.20 mg of CBD oil and gives off a lovely Mandarin floral scent.

Also available is the signature Tauri CBD Restorative Salve and a CBD Anti-Wrinkle Cream, the effects of which have to be SEEN to be believed!

During these stressful times we live in, the thought of a nice, relaxing massage is the stuff that dreams are made of. Carve out some me-time during your busy day and indulge in a soothing massage with Tauri's Massage and Body oil, which is infused with aromatic coconut and, of course, CBD oil.


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With the cold weather fast approaching it's soon going to be time to deal with dry patches on your hands caused by the freezing temps. Your solution is now at hand with Tauri's exciting new Hand and Foot Cream. With a very pleasant citrus mint scent, this CBD cream will do the job and then some.

But, you don't need to use it only in Winter. This magical product works wonders on your hands and feet any time of the year.

Tauri-Gum strives to make CBD accessible to everyone. Their products fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle and any dietary restrictions that you may have.

No matter how stressful a day you may be having, wash all that anxiety away with

a CBD-infused bath bomb. Put away your iPad and cell phone and get ready to pamper yourself while you soak in the tub.


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Tauri-Gum's sensational bath bombs will alleviate muscle aches while also soothing those creaky joints. Crafted in small batches, these bath bombs come in a variety of scents including black currant, peach-lemon, mint and golden raspberry.

Go ahead and shake things up on spa night with a bath bomb that you won't find in your local bed and bath store. Be sure to try them all for a new experience every time.

As the company grows, expect to discover new options all the time. If you like, you can order directly from Taurigum or Amazon Prime. Be sure to check on their website for ongoing money-saving promotions.

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