Emily Faye Design Co.

Emily Faye Design Co.

Emily Faye Design Co. Handmade in NYC.

- From a beloved family tradition to an artisan business.


If you are looking for a unique gift with a personal touch to give that special

someone in your life, then look no further than Emily Faye Design Co.

Emily is currently offering an intriguing array of hand-embroidered stationery, special occasion cards and notebooks, all of which are sure to impress.

Thoughtfully put together, Emily's products feature a variety of creative embroidery patterns and designs as well as color blends that literally pop off the page.

The lucky person to whom you are gifting one of Emily's cards or notebooks will, no doubt, excitedly exclaim that they've never seen anything like this before! These are the kind of gifts that the recipient will treasure for a long time to come.

The Emily Faye Design Co. is starting to create a genuine buzz throughout the city

at craft markets from Brooklyn and Queens to Manhattan. And her online shop is busier than ever. With good reason, we might add. Emily's products are not only a feast for the eyes, but they will also touch your soul.

With the Holidays on the horizon; there has never been a better time for you to get to know this talented craft-maker and her joyful brand.


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Made with pride and tender, loving care, each product that Emily crafts have its very own personality.

This writer recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Emily Faye Design Company's founder on a sunny afternoon in midtown Manhattan's scenic Bryant Park, which, appropriately enough, is just a couple of streets away from the city's iconic Garment District and world-famous Fashion Avenue.

Warm and down-to-earth, Emily is as real as it gets. This dedicated embroiderer derives tremendous satisfaction from bringing a smile to her customer's faces with products that they cannot find anywhere else.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Emily has lived in Astoria since the Summer of 2018. While Emily, quite naturally, misses her childhood home, she relishes every minute of her new life in the Big Apple.

"It was my husband's dream to move to NYC. My corporate job in the fashion industry gave us the opportunity to make the move up here. I came for the adventure but quickly fell in love with the city".

Only a few months after coming to the city Emily launched her brand, right around Thanksgiving.

Starting a business from the ground up is never easy. However, the unique qualities of what Emily had to offer attracted considerable attention, even in a rather crowded marketplace where it seems that just about everyone is doing some form of artisan crafting.

Emily was delighted to provide some insight into what makes Emily Faye Design Company's product line so very different.

"It's all about the concept of doing embroidery on paper. It's a modern twist on a

tradition that is as old as time. I start off by sketching my design, poking the appropriate holes in the paper and then I carefully stitch the design. It can be a painstaking process. But, it's a lot of fun. I absolutely love what color can bring to the finished product, so I do spend a bit of time choosing the right colors for the piece."


emily faye design 01


As far as Emily is concerned, every last detail has to be perfect. Nothing less

will do. After all, that's how Emily's grandmother Dorothy would want things done. It was by her grandma's side that Emily first started to become interested in embroidery.

But let's allow Emily to pick things up from there.

"My grandmother started to teach me to embroider when I was four years of age. She started out with simple, basic stitches and then, over time, taught me different techniques like the French Knot. Dorothy also taught me how to analyze color and what it could bring to a piece. Dorothy was well known for her ability to utilize colors in her quilts which also had embroidery. "

When you look over Emily Faye Design Company's website you will be captivated by her picturesque products. Emily has come up with various cards for any occasion, not just Holidays and birthdays.

Each stationary card has its own individual hand-stitched design and saying. Words mean a lot to Emily. Some of her sayings are funny and clever while others are serious. But, every word comes from the heart.

So far, the feedback has been more than positive from customers who are seeking an alternative to the generic greeting cards that can be found in your local big-box pharmacy.


emily faye design 02


We asked Emily to name some of her best-sellers.

"My romantic puns have always been a favorite, like the I-A-Door -You card. Most of my birthday cards are quite popular as is the Subway Map Wall Art card. And, let's not forget the fits in your pocket Empire State notebook."

There's a lot to look forward to, as far as new products that are ready to come out.

"I'm really excited about my Fall Collections and also my Christmas and Hanukkah cards. I've also got planners and stickers in the pipeline, too! Be sure to follow me on IG and, of course, Aplez.com for new product announcements and upcoming craft market appearances."

Among her new products are a beautiful hand-stitched butterfly sticker, a Happy Fall Acorn sticker and a cute pumpkin sticker.

Attention new or expecting MOMS out there! Emily has crafted a wonderful Maternity Notebook. The cover contains a carefully detailed hand-stitched image of a mom.


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You'll have plenty of use for this notebook, which can function as your diary as you jot down your thoughts on motherhood.

Emily loves custom orders. If you have an idea for a card or notebook in mind, just describe what you would like to see and Emily will make it happen.

"For those who want to do a custom order, please give me at least a couple of weeks to work on the design itself and to create a prototype, if need be."

Now that Covid appears to be on the decline, with more people getting vaccinated, pop-up craft markets have made a big return to the scene throughout the Boroughs. And that has been wonderful news for Emily.

"It's great to, once again, be able to interact face to face with my customers, once again. This past summer I participated in a couple of FAD Markets at Industry City and Governor's Island, a week-long pop-up over in Williamsburg and, to top things off, a weekend with the Queen's Collaborative in Greenpoint."

It sounds as if this craft maven has been keeping more than busy!

We wondered, though, what's the routine like in doing one of these markets. We

asked Emily to take Aplez.com behind the scenes.

"Thankfully, I now have a little routine down pat that starts the week leading up to the market so I am no longer staying up until 2 AM the night before. But, I do still have to rise pretty early around 6 or 7 and go through my checklist to make sure that everything is packaged up and ready to go."

Continuing on, Emily added; " Once I arrive at the venue I start setting up my tables, displays and signage. And, of course, arrange my products so that they attract the eye of passers-by. I also like to introduce myself to the people at the neighboring booths and offer to keep an eye on their booth if they need to take a break during the day. It's one way that we can look out for and support each other. "

Aside from how Covid and its ramifications have affected most people's everyday

life; small business owners also have to deal with their own set of challenges.

"The biggest challenges or obstacles that I face are inventory and time." stated

Emily without missing a beat.


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"I am about to take a huge step by custom ordering a large volume of notebooks and planners, specifically made for my brand. Finding the right printer with the right quality and price has definitely been one of my greatest challenges. I also work a corporate job. So balancing that, life in general and running a business entirely on my own has not been easy. "

In creating her eye-catching products, Emily derives inspiration, not just from grandmother, who was the best mentor one could ever ask for, but from friends, everyday scenes from around the city, (especially Bryant Park where Emily frequently spends her lunch hour), in addition to her home neighborhood of Astoria.

We then asked Emily to consider the following; if a friend or family member from out of town was thinking about moving to NYC, why would you recommend Astoria? What makes this residential, hip community so special in your mind?

"You really see and feel the community here in Astoria. From local shops and coffee cafes to the neighbors you pass on the street; you find those special connections that make the neighborhood yours. You won't find this in just every neighborhood in the city. And, of course, the food. The dining options here are so diverse and delicious you can't go

wrong !"

It stands to reason, then, that Emily was not shy about giving a shout-out to some of her favorite spots in the community.

"Eat Well With Danielle's new cafe located inside Earth and Me's space is an absolute must. Everything is amazing but the peanut butter chocolate chip b; ones are my favorite. Coffee Plus Cake is also an incredible space in which to relax and chill out. Mom's is an Astoria classic. The poutine over at Oliver's on Broadway is one of the best versions of this dish I have found in a while. Alida's lemon potatoes and BZ Grill's Greek Fries are my go-to comfort food. "

We could have kept chatting for another hour, at least, Emily is such an interesting young entrepreneur. But, she had to get back to her business designing even more goodies for you and your loved ones to treasure.

To close out our conversation, this writer asked Emily what the future held for herself and Emily Faye Design Co?

"Right now, I want to continue to sell at local markets and build up my online shop. I have thought about eventually opening a brick-and-mortar shop. But that would be a few years down the road. My corporate job is in textiles and I have been blessed with a job that I really enjoy. So, we shall see."

"My goal for Emily Faye Design Co. is to keep my grandmother's legacy and art alive and to share the joy she had with others. One stitch at a time."

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